Thursday, 27 July 2017

Warlord Games Cybermen part 02

To accompany the Cybermen from the Exterminate! skirmish game and the Missy and the Cybermen expansion set, Warlord Games released the Nightmares in Silver boxed set, featuring 10 metal Cybermen variants from the Doctor Who TV series from 1966 to 2013. The Cybermen - originally humanoids from Earth's twin planet, Mondas - have been constant adversaries of the Doctor from his first incarnation to the present day. The Mondasians replaced parts of their dying bodies with cybernetic parts and thus were born the first Cybermen. Eventually, they added emotional inhibitor chips to suppress all feelings. Logical and resourceful, no other Doctor Who villain has changed appearance so often as the ever upgrading Cybermen. From their inaugural appearance in 1966 to their current form, they have evolved to reduce their weaknesses and enhance their strengths. The Cybermen are a formidable and persistent foe.
These four Cybermen variants all appeared on Doctor Who during the 1960's. At the far left is what I have termed the Mk.1 Cyberman, and he debuted in a 1966 episode called The Tenth Planet. Although the Doctor defeated them, in doing so he triggered his first regeneration.
A year later, the Cybermen returned to face the Second Doctor and his companions, Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield, in an episode called The Tomb of the Cybermen set on the planet Telos, where an archaeological team uncover the resting place of an army of Cybermen.
In the 1968 episode, The Wheel in Space, the Second Doctor and Jamie battle the Mk.3 Cybermen on a space station shaped like a wheel. The Doctor uses an X-ray laser to destroy the Cybermen's ship.
Later that year, in The Invasion, the Mk.4 Cybermen unleash a hypnotic beam that paralyses most of the Earth's population. The Second Doctor, with help from UNIT, the RAF and the Russians, destroys the Cybermen spaceship, thus preventing their invasion.
In 1975, in Revenge of the Cybermen, the Fourth Doctor and his companions, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan, arrive on Space Station Nerva orbiting Jupiter, where the Mk.5 Cybermen plan to destroy a new planet called Voga, which is nearby. Voga is rich in gold, which is harmful to Cybermen as it damages their breathing apparatus.
After a long absence, the Mk.6 Cybermen appeared in a 1982 episode called Earthshock, to destroy a peace conference on 26th Century Earth. In stopping them, the Fifth Doctor's boy genius companion, Adric, sacrifices himself.
Arriving in England in 1988 in the Silver Nemesis episode, the Seventh Doctor and Ace found the Mk.7 Cybermen, a 17th Century sorceress and the Nazis vying for control of a statue created by Rassilon. The Doctor tricked the Cybermen into thinking they had the artefact, but it was actually a bomb which destroyed their fleet.
Fast forward to 2006, and the Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith are trapped on a parallel Earth in a two part episode, called Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel. A mega-corporation called Cybus Industries, led by megalomaniac John Lumic, plans to convert the population of London into Mk.8 Cybermen with the help of emotional inhibitor sensors.
At the far left is a Mk.2 Cyber Controller, made by Black Tree Designs and gifted to me by Blaxkleric a good while ago. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to showcase him. Being 28mm scale he is clearly smaller than the Warlord Games figures, but that doesn't bother me in the least. Note how his head is very different to the normal Mk. 2 Cyberman. The "helmet" indicates his leadership status.
Next to him is another non-Warlord Games Cyberman. This Cyber Leader is an old plastic 30mm scale figure from the 2007 Doctor Who Micro Universe range of collectable miniatures produced by Character Options. The "C" on his chest identifies him as belonging the Cybus Industries and the black trim on his head indicates he is a Cyber Leader.
Returning back to the Warlord Games Nightmares in Silver set, second from the right is a Mk.9 Cyber Leader from the 2011 episode, Closing Time, in which the Eleventh Doctor and his companion Craig work together to repel another Cybermen invasion of Earth.
Finally, is the Mk.10 Cyber Leader from the appropriately named 2013 episode, Nightmare in Silver.
The Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald discover a whole new Cyber upgrade (a cross between the Cybus Industries Cybermen and the Mondas evolved Cybermen) on a military-controlled extraterrestrial theme park, Hedgewick's World of Wonders. It is this variant of Cybermen that appear in Warlord Games' Exterminate! skirmish game. That is why I have painted this figure as a Cyber Leader as denoted by the black trim on the sides and top of his head. And, no, it does not bother me that he appears to be running. You can see he has clearly been modelled on the Cyberman in this poster for the episode.

These highly detailed metal sculpts are a worthy addition to the plastic Cybermen made by Warlord Games. Whether you prefer old-style Doctor Who to the recent reincarnations, you're sure to find something in this set to suit your tastes. I make no apologies in stating that I much prefer the new series, but each to their own.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Warlord Games Daleks

The Daleks are without doubt, one of the most iconic race of bad guys in the sci-fi universe and one of the most enduring. They first appeared in the Doctor Who TV series in a December 1963 episode called simply, The Daleks. Like the Cybermen, the Daleks have evolved over time and whilst the basic shape and form of a Dalek remains constant there are subtle differences between the many variants. The Daleks shown here, produced by Warlord Games as part of their Exterminate! miniatures skirmish game, are known as the Time War Daleks, who first appeared in the 2005 episode of Doctor Who called Dalek. This is one of my all-time favourite episodes of Doctor Who as it showed the Daleks in a new and terrifying light, making them enemies to be truly afraid of.
Here are the four types of Dalek I have from the Warlord Games range. At the far left is Davros, the supreme leader and creator of the Dalek race. He is the only metal Dalek figure made by Warlord Games at the time of this posting, and he comes in three parts. He is available in the "Davros and the New Dalek Empire" boxed set, which contains him and 12 plastic Daleks.
The Dalek Leader is easily identified as being all black in colour. In the Exterminate! game he is a unique figure. Note that I painted the 52 sensor globes around his lower body and the two waistbands in gloss black paint. He is one of the plastic multi-part models and I gently bent his eyestalk, sucker arm and exterminator weapon to reposition them.
The black headed Dalek is a member of the elite Imperial Guard. Whilst they are also a unique choice in the Exterminate! game, you are allowed to field three of them as a single unit. As you will see below, this is what I have done.
Finally, we come to the standard patrol Dalek and the only limit to how many of them you can field is the points total you have decided on for your force. They are cheap, but very tough and hard to kill. I currently have 20 of them.
For those interested in how I painted them I first primed them with Foundry Black Shade 34A. I then painted the bodies in Citadel Skullcrusher Brass. When dry, I gave them a Citadel Agrax Earthshade ink wash. The 52 sensor globes around the lower body and the two waistbands were painted with Citadel Liberator Gold. The three appendages were painted with Foundry Spearpoint 35C. The two side lights on the head and the middle section of the eye stalk were painted with Foundry Arctic Grey Light 33C (basically, it's white by another name). I used Foundry Black Shade 34A to paint the bulbous end of the eyestalk, the three recessed rings of the head, the plunger end of the right arm, the tip of the exterminator weapon and the lower skirt. I painted the upper half of the skirt with Foundry Stone Shade 57A and finally, I painted the end of the eyestalk with Foundry Vivid Blue Shade 22A. It looks like a lot of work, but really, they were very easy to paint and I was able to plough through them very quickly.
Unlike most of the other figures in the Warlord Games Doctor Who range, the Daleks do not come with separate bases. To be honest, they don't need them but some gamers like to affix them to bases anyway. I haven't, but what I have done is glue a piece of thin card to their undersides, to hide the ugly hole there and to give them a perfectly flat base, which I cut to fit snugly. I painted the card black and as is custom with my figures, I stuck small adhesive stickers to them to identify each one.
Here are all 25 of my Warlord Games Daleks lined up in rank, with Davros and the black Dalek Leader in the front, just ahead of the 3 Imperial Guard Daleks. Behind them is the bulk of my horde, the standard patrol Daleks.
That is quite an impressive sight and a very formidable force. I have to admit to being a huge fan of the Daleks and they are without doubt, my favourite Doctor Who alien race. These figures are just superb, extremely well sculpted and fit together very easily.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Warlord Games Cybermen part 01

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I had bought the Exterminate! skirmish game by Warlord Games along with the "Missy and the Cybermen" and the "Davros and the Daleks" boxed sets to go with it. The Exterminate! games contains 12 plastic 32mm scale Cybermen and 12 plastic 32mm scale Daleks, as multi-part models, that can be snapped together or glued. Mine are all glued. The two expansion sets contain a further 12 Cybermen and Daleks along with their respective leaders, Davros and Missy, who are sculpted in metal. There have been numerous versions of the Cybermen over the years as they have evolved into more efficient machines. These models are the latest version, which first appeared in the 2013 episode of Doctor Who called Nightmares in Silver. The sculpting of them is top notch. I have really taken to the Warlord Games Doctor Who miniatures range and the Exterminate! game is a great little sci-fi skirmish game.
The sprue that the plastic Cybermen comes on contains six Cybermen bodies (two standing still, two advancing with right leg leading and two advancing with left leg leading), six right arms in three different poses, and seven tiny Cybermats (four on bases, three unbased). This gives you a lot of variety in the way you can pose them. On some of mine, I cut off their left arms and repositioned them to add even more variety to my horde.
Painting them was so simple and I was able to paint them all in just over a week. I first covered them with Foundry Gunmetal Light 104C, followed by a Citadel Nuln Oil ink-wash. Then I dry-brushed them with Foundry Gunmetal Light 104C and a second dry-brushing with Foundry Spearpoint 35C for that shiny silvery look. Eyes, mouths and joints were picked out with Foundry Black Shade 34A and the light in the centre of their chests was painted with Foundry Vivid Blue 22B.
Here is my horde of Cybermen and Cybermats. Please note that the Cyber Leader at the centre front is an old plastic 30mm scale figure from the 2007 Doctor Who Micro Universe range of collectable miniatures produced by Character Options. I cut him off his integral base and glued him to a 25mm diameter slottabase. He fits in so well with the Warlord Games figures that I decided to include him as my Cyber Leader.
For those who keep count of such things, there should be four more Cybermats in these two horde photos but I deliberately omitted them, because this formation looks aesthetically pleasing without them to me. If it bothers you, please don't come complaining to me!
I'll be posting my review of Missy in a separate post as well as reviewing the Warlord Games Nightmares in Silver boxed set of 10 versions of Cybermen through the ages. But next time, the spotlight will shine on the Daleks.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

JDMG MC1 Perps - Cyclos Street Gang 02

Having looked at the leaders and heavy weapons team of my Cyclos street gang last time, in this post I'm reviewing the rest of the gang - the grunts. These figures are also part of the Scotia Grendel 28mm scale set of Nexus humans from their Kryomek range.
At the far left is "Fixer" Hicks, a Level:1 Punk Infantry Hero. He is well armed with a Hand Cannon Pistol, an Electro Prod and a Knife. His two talents are Accurate and Skilled and Deadly. He costs 90 Credits.
To his left is "Killer" Kane, who is a Level:0 Punk Infantry Minion. He is also armed with a Hand Cannon Pistol and he costs 50 Credits.
In the centre of this group is "Mad Dog" Dallas, a Level:0 Punk Infantry Minion. He is armed with a Spit Pistol. He costs 50 Credits.
Second from the right is "Bitchin" Ripley, who is a Level:1 Punk Infantry Hero. She carries a Hand Cannon Pistol and an Electro Prod. Her starting talents are Accurate and Luck of Grud. She costs 85 Credits.
At the far right is "Woolly" Lambert, a Level:0 Punk Infantry Minion. Her only weapon is a Hand Cannon Pistol. She costs 50 Credits.
These final four figures are all cheap Level:0 Punk Infantry Minions. At the far left is "Bad Boy" Brett who is armed with a Handgun Pistol and an Electro Prod. He costs 40 Credits.
Standing next to him is "Jiz" Spunkmeyer, whose only weapon is a Handgun Pistol. He costs 30 Credits.
Next in line is "Fingers" Bishop, whose weapons are a Handgun Pistol and a Club. He costs 35 Credits.
Finally, crouching down, is "Azza" Newt, whose nickname was shortened from "pissed as a newt!" She is armed with a Handgun Pistol and a Knife and she costs 35 Credits.
This is a large gang, made up of 18 figures. They are extremely well armed but their total lack of armour means they'll suffer casualties very quickly. A small force of Judges, like Judge Scott's team, ought to be able to take them out relatively easily but not without picking up a few wounds. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Cyclos gang fares on the tabletop.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

JDMG MC1 Perps - Cyclos Street Gang 01

One thing that Mega City One is not short of is street gangs. Every sector and every citi-block has them. Here, I present another one of my many 28mm scale street gangs. This one is called the Cyclos Gang and all of these figures were produced by Scotia Grendel as part of the Nexus human faction of their Kryomek range of figures. They are still available on their webstore at £6.00 for three to four figures per pack of five packs that make up the set. There are 18 figures in total. This gang originally appeared in my old Gangs of Mega City One campaign, and was run by one of my players, Dave, who was a huge fan of the Alien and Aliens film franchises. It was he who came up with most of the names of the gang, basing them on names of characters from those two films. In this, the first of two posts, I'll review the leaders and the heavy hitters of the gang. The grunts will appear next time.
At the far left is the leader of the gang, "Yappy" Kotto. He is a Level:3 Punk Infantry Hero, armed with a Sawed-Off Stump Gun Rifle and an Electro Prod. In JDMG, if an Electro Prod hits a target, it does no damage but will automatically stun the target for one round. He has four Talents - Accurate, Brave, Luck of Grud and Voice of Command. He costs 140 Credits.
Standing next to "Yappy" is his second in command, "Ape" Apone, who is a Level:2 Punk Infantry Hero. He is armed with a Long Rifle, upon which he has written, "Rock and Roll". His three Talents are Accurate, Brave and Crackshot. He costs 115 Credits.
In the centre of this group is "Marlene" Dietrich, a Level:1 Punk Infantry Hero. She is also armed with a Long Rifle and she has scrawled "I aims ta please!" on it. Yes, she's a sniper. Unsurprisingly, her two talents are Accurate and Crackshot. She costs 90 Credits.
Second from the right is "Nosey" Parker and at the far right is "Giddy" Giger. Both are Level:1 Punk Infantry Heroes with identical stats. They are each armed with a Sawed-Off Stump Gun Rifle. They have the Accurate and Brave Talents. They cost 80 credits each.
 Next up is the heavy weapons team, who are all armed with Heavy Spit Guns. They are led by "Wetback" Vasquez, a Level:2 Punk Infantry Hero. She has the Talents - Guided Shot, Maximum Firepower and On Their Knees. She costs 170 Credits, making her the most expensive member of the gang.
Next in line is "Duck" Drake, a Level:1 Punk infantry Hero. His two talents are Brave and On Their Knees. He costs 145 Credits.
Second from the right is "Screamer" Hudson. He is also a Level:1 Punk infantry Hero and he has the Talents - On Their Knees and Swift and Deadly. He costs 145 Credits.
Finally, there is Jackie Frost, yet another Level:1 Punk Infantry Hero. She starts with the following two Talents - Luck of Grud and On their Knees. 
Note that they all have the On Their Knees Talent. This means that any Infantry model hit by their Heavy Spit Guns, must make a Will check or suffer Knockdown, in addition to any damage they might take.
I've had this gang a very long time now and I think they're a great set of figures. I particularly like the fact that they have an almost even split of males and females in it - 10 males and 8 females. They remind me of a gang of penal troops with explosive collars around their necks and neural cameras fitted to the tops of their heads. However, in my JDMG campaign, they are just another street gang, trying to make it big.