Saturday, 13 January 2018

Printed Hayland Terrain 3D Scenery Items 01

Late last year, I mentioned that my brother, Mikey, had been printing out some 28mm scale scenery items for me on his 3D printer. A few of you expressed an interest in seeing what he did for me and so in this post I'll show you my recent acquisitions, courtesy of my very talented brother. He is far more tech savvy than I'll ever be! Note that he printed them out in a lurid green colour. I didn't mind what colour he used because I knew I'd be painting them. The transformation from unpainted to painted is remarkable. Next time I do one of these posts I'll show you the printouts in their natural state.
These items are from the first Hayland Terrain Kickstarter set, which mainly concentrated on modern day furniture items. The basic pledge of £40.00 netted you over 230 different models, which works out at about 17 pence each. This particular set was an optional add-on - the sci-fi generators and powercells set. It was the first set that I asked my brother to print out for me. Note that I have only shown a few of the powercells he printed out. He printed four large cells and eight small cells. They are stackable.
The set came with two sizes of generator - large and small. I asked Mikey to print out one large one and two smaller ones. Note that to customise them further, I have added control panels to them, taken from my Battle Systems Sci-fi Terrain sets. If I hadn't told you, I doubt if you'd have noticed. To me, they really make them look a lot better and they blend in seamlessly.
As you can see, the two generators are identical in all respects except size. Whilst the set did come with the two variants of the generator, it should be noted that one of the cool features of a 3D printer is that you can rescale objects to print them out to whatever size you want, given the constraints of your printing area.
 I painted them in the three shades of Foundry Gunmetal 104 with a wash of Citadel Nuln Oil.
 To add a splash of colour to them, I painted the hexagonal lights in Foundry Vivid Blue 22
To give you a sense of scale to these items, in this photo I have added my 28mm scale figure of Vampifan. I have to admit that I am very happy with these. Once they are painted, they do look superb. Look out for these appearing in the engine room of The Ace of Spades on my WOIN blog and possibly in other sci-fi games.
From another Hayland Terrain Kickstarter (I have backed all of his terrain Kickstarters so far), I got a number of sets designed for Wild West games. This particular set was from the Forge. It consists of, from left to right, a tool cabinet, a water bucket, an anvil, a forge with fire and bellows, and a coal bucket. Once again, the paintwork really brings them to life. I'll be adding these to my Sarissa MDF Blacksmith's model, once I get it painted. Vampifan appears again just to show you how big these scenery items are.
I have a whole load of furniture items I want printing but I'm a patient person and I don't want to overwhelm Mikey with my wish list, so I send him a few files at a time for him to print out when he has a moment to spare. The hardest part for me is prioritising which items I want printing first, given that I have such a huge backlog of items. Regarding the painting of them, they painted really well. I under-coated them in matt black primer, then just painted them as normal. No problem!
3D printing hasn't taken off yet but I'm sure it will. This post just gives a small insight into what can be done, but really, the sky is the limit. From what I've seen so far, 3D printing excels at scenery items but is not so good for printing out miniature figures. Mikey has printed out a few 28mm scale figures for me, some which I will show you, but they are just okay. Unfortunately they lack detail on their faces, which can look very indistinct. But, it is still early days and I'm sure it won't be too long before that hurdle is surmounted and we can get crisp, finely detailed figures. Just look at the way plastic figures are produced nowadays compared to those of twenty years ago.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hondo City Judges 01

Up until now I have only showed you the Judges from Mega City One. Every large nation on Earth has their own forces of Judges and I do own a lot of them. My two largest forces after the MC1 Judges are those belonging to the East Meg and Brit City. They will be appearing in future posts as I still haven't finished painting all of them. However, I can show you my fourth largest judicial force and they are the Judges of Hondo City. Covering most of Japan, Hondo City is one of the most technologically advanced Mega-Cities on the planet, and it has Judges to match. Constantly battling corruption from within from Yakuza infiltrators, Hondo City Judges are exceptional law-keepers.
I start with two versions of Judge Inspector Aiko Inaba. The one at the far left was produced by Wargames Foundry and the one next to her, by Warlord Games. A female Judge from a city that ignores women, Aiko Inaba has proved herself the equal of any other in Hondo City. Recently accepted into the ranks as Judge-Inspector, Inaba has already hit the Yakuza crime syndicates hard, and has travelled to Mega City One to hunt down international contacts. She has worked with Judge Dredd both at home and abroad. In the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game she is a Level:4 Infantry Hero with the following Talents - Academy Star, Agile, Black Belt Martial Artist, Head-breaking, Martial Artist, Parry and Skilled and Deadly. Note that Hondo City Judges get the Martial Artist and Skilled and Deadly Talents for free. The Foundry version of her is armed with a Katana and a Tendo Stave, which resembles Nunchakus, whilst the Warlord Games version is armed with a Laser-Shuriken Launcher and a Tendo stave. She costs 260 Credits to hire.
At the right are two standard Hondo City Judges, both produced by Warlord Games. The one at the far right has been converted as I gently twisted his arms at the elbows into new positions. They are armed with a Laser-Shuriken Launcher and Tendo Stave. The Laser-Shuriken Launcher is a nasty weapon with the following stats - Range 12", Shooting Dice 3D, Damage 1, AP-5 and the Blast Special Rule. These are Level:1 Infantry Heroes and they cost 175 Credits to hire.
Unfortunately none of these figures are available for sale as they are all out of production. I do hope the Warlord Games versions reappear when they relaunch their 2000 AD figures range.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

MC1 Assorted Judges 01

It has been a while since I posted anything for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game but that does not mean I have forgotten about it. A new batrep will be coming soon as I continue my campaign. I'm looking forward to using my new Battle Systems Sci-fi Terrain sets to recreate parts of Mega City One. In addition, I have been collecting some new figures for the game and painting more of my current collection of figures. In this post I want to showcase an assortment of MC1 Judges that I have acquired this past year. What they all have in common is that they are limited edition figures and I feel very lucky to own them all.
At the far left is Judge Harry Heston, an ape Judge who was part of an experiment wherein the Justice Department was looking for more diversity with its Street Judges. The project was short-lived and never really took off. Heston is an intelligent gorilla who only appeared very briefly in the comic series. The figure is a very limited edition casting sculpted by Dave Stone of Wargames Terrain Workshop. Dave very kindly gifted me this figure. The figure came with a choice of two right hands - one holding a Lawgiver Mk.2 Pistol, and the other a long Day-stick. I opted for the Lawgiver because he can do more damage with that than a Day-stick. I have to say, this is one of Dave's finest sculpts.
Next in line is Judge Dredd 04 by Wargames Foundry. Yes, this is the fourth version of Dredd that they made, and whilst not the best, he's not the worst either. Just before Foundry ceased production of their entire range of 2000AD figures they added a couple of new figures to the range. This version of Dredd was one of them and a rather spiffy Don Uggie Apelino was the other. I bought them both a couple of days before their sale ended, thus giving me their complete range of 2000AD figures. I will be using this figure as a generic Street Judge in my JDMG campaign. Note that he is armed with the Mk.1 Lawgiver Pistol. He is a good sculpt but his shoulder pads are far too big! Compare them to the next two figures who are more accurately portrayed.
The Judge with the Scattergun was produced by Warlord Games, available only if you bought the JDMG rulebook and Blood on the Streets supplement together. Also in this deal was a limited edition female ganger. When this offer was made I already had both books, so I figured I'd never get either figure. But, fortunately for me, the two figures came up for sale on eBay and I successfully bid for them. I can't tell you how delighted I was to scoop them. It is nice to have a Street Judge armed with something different to a Lawgiver Pistol, although he still has his Lawgiver in his boot holster.
Last in line is another rare figure. This one was produced by Mantic Games as a Kickstarter exclusive referee for their Dreadball game. Once again, I acquired mine from eBay but this time with the "Buy Now" option. He only cost me £3.50, which was an absolute bargain. Because he is so small and slim I have converted him into a Rookie Judge. He is, in fact, my only Rookie Judge. You can identify a Rookie Judge by his chest badge, which is cut in half down the middle. Oddly enough, in JDMG, the stats for a Cadet Judge and a Rookie Judge are identical. Whilst Warlord Games did produce figures for Cadet Judges they ignored Rookie Judges. I simply took a craft knife to the chest badge of this figure and cut it in half to convert the figure into a proper Rookie Judge.
All in all, these are great additions to my growing force of Mega City One Judges.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Dracula's America Skinwalkers Faction 01

When Dracula's America was first published last year, there was only one Skinwalker faction figure produced for it, which seemed like a gross oversight, as the other five starting factions were well catered for with figures. Now, thankfully, the balance has been restored and North Star Miniatures have added a range of Apache Indians to use as the Skinwalker faction.
At the far left is the official Skinwalker shape-shifter. I showed him in an earlier post, but have included him here as he now comes with the rest of this posse. A Skinwalker posse may have two shape-shifter figures in its group. They can transform into either a bear or a wolf, but after they transform for the first time, that choice cannot be changed. I go into a lot more detail about him in my previous post here -
The other three figures in this photo are normal Apache Indians. From left to right they are armed with a tomahawk and holstered pistol, a rifle and at the far right, with a pistol and knife.
Next up are four more standard Apache braves armed in a similar manner to three above - pistol and knife, pistol and tomahawk, another pistol and tomahawk and single rifle respectively.
Looking at these figures there is nothing about them that makes them stand out as being supernatural. This means they could very easily be used as Apache Indians in a "normal" Wild West game. This set of eight 28mm scale figures (they are true 28mm scale) can be purchased as set DRAC207 Skinwalker Posse for £22.50 from the North Star webstore. Coincidentally, there is a Plains Indian version of the Skinwalker faction coming out soon. Here's a sneak preview of them.
I'll definitely be buying them as soon as they go on sale. By the way, if anyone wants the original Skinwalker figure, drop me a line and I'll send him off to you free of charge. First come, first served.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Vampifans Views 100 - Monthly Musings 72

It's my end of the month musings and also my 100th Vampifan's Views post and 100th post of 2017. Yay! 😊 This month's Vampirella picture offering is by Tim Sale, who has done a lot of work for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. I don't have a lot to say about it other than I like it. Tim has certainly given Vampi a most impressive cleavage!

This year, Christmas was a strange affair for me as it was the first time I have spent it on my own. My mother, whom I live with and care for, has been very ill this past year and has spent more time in hospital than at home. Sadly, she was kept in hospital over the festive period. I did spend a couple of hours with her on the afternoon of Christmas Day, which cheered us both up a lot. But it was not the same being all alone the rest of the time. I do think that if she survives 2018, it will be a miracle, but who knows what the future might bring?

My mum gave me a big cheque for me to buy whatever I wanted for my Christmas presents and I spent it on gaming stuff, paying for two Kickstarter projects I backed in December. With the recent release of Necromunda by Games Workshop, I am devoting a lot of my time to that game by building up a large collection of scenery. The official scenery by GW is very nice but far too expensive, so I've been looking for cheaper alternatives and the best deal, in my opinion, are the Industrial Hive Complex sets produced by TT Combat. Check these three sets out.
TT Combat Industrial Complex Set 1

TT Combat Industrial Complex Set 2

TT Combat Industrial Complex Set 3
They just scream Necromunda, don't they? These three sets cost £43.95, £40.95 and £38.95 respectively. You can pay as much as £70.00 for just one platform item (the Promethium Refinery set) from GW, so this is a considerable saving. I was going to wait until mid-December to order these in time for Christmas but ended up buying all three sets on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. The reason being, if you ordered them on that weekend you'd also receive an exclusive Escher ganger and Goliath ganger figure as well. These two figures are beautifully cast in resin and will be unbelievably rare. I'm busy painting them up right now so I'll showcase them very soon. My TT Combat sets were put away and I didn't open them until Christmas Day. I also ordered a few other official Necromunda scenery items from Wayland Games, because they offer them at 20% discount on most GW items. So I guess you could say I've had a Necromunda Christmas. Of course these scenery items will also see use in my Judge Dredd Miniatures Game and in my N.E.W. games.

Currently on my painting desk are the new Goliath gangers for Necromunda and some more Weird West figures. I have recently finished painting some figures for Judge Dredd, the Skinwalkers faction for Dracula's America and a lot of miniature starships as I build up my fleets for my The Ace of Spades Campaign using the N.E.W. role-playing rules. I think the reason that my painting output has increased so dramatically this past year is because I've spent so long at home on my own. Not having to care for my mother has given me a lot more free time to devote to my hobby.

Looking back on 2017, I'd say it has been a great year for me hobby-wise, possibly the best ever. There were a few highlights for me and the one I'm most proud of is that I posted more batreps in this year since I began blogging way back in 2009. I started off in January with my Judge Dredd Miniatures Game campaign, which used the Comic Life format to great effect. Expect to see more of this campaign in 2018. In June I spent a most enjoyable weekend in the company of Dave Stone of Wargames Terrain Workshop and he introduced me to his Death Match sci-fi gladiatorial game. Also in that month I took part in the Forgotten Heroes challenge. I originally planned on sculpting the two human characters from the Bug Hunters comic strip but surpassed my expectations by converting the four robots as well.
Kimberley Wells, the sexy and charismatic captain of The Ace of Spades.
In July I began a new blog devoted to the What's Old Is New role-playing games. This quickly became a labour of love for me as I created a unique sci-fi setting in which to set a long running campaign featuring the all female crew of The Ace of Spades independent scout ship. The first scenario of the campaign ran to 16 parts, which was a mammoth undertaking on my part but by far and away my favourite gaming experience of 2017. Indeed, I have to say that playing that scenario was my favourite gaming experience ever! Everything about it worked so well - the figures, the scenery and most of all, the story. It also introduced me to starship combat, something I had never done before. I enjoyed it so much that I am now building up a large collection of starships to use in future scenarios. Suffice to say, there will be a lot more stories to tell in this campaign throughout 2018, starting with the next chapter in January.

That was the past. So what of the future? What are my plans for 2018? Pretty much more of the same, which means more figure reviews and more batreps. As I said above, the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game campaign and The Ace of Spades Campaign will continue. I hope to do some batreps for Rumbleslam and Necromunda, although the latter will have to wait until I get the Escher and Goliath gangs painted as well as the scenery items. I also hope to be able to finally get some Weird West games played. I am slowly building up a collection of Wild West buildings, most of which are produced by 4Ground. By Easter, I should have enough made to run a small skirmish, either with the Dracula's America or High Moon rules.

All that remains is to wish you all a very happy New Year. I hope it's a good one for you.