Saturday, 23 May 2009

Fortress Figures Zombie Hunters

To complete my review of the range of 35mm scale Fortress Figures zombies I now present their zombie hunters. These come in two packs, containing two figures each - set ZZZ501 Chrissy Hotrod & Timmy and set ZZZ502 Chelsea & Scott. All are armed with melee weapons. None of them carries a firearm. An oversight? I'm not so sure. In a zombie apocalypse game set in the UK very few people would have access to firearms. Sure, we read about the prevalance of gun crime in the USA but I'm sure that the vast majority of citizens do not go around toting guns, so when the dead start rising most folk will just have to arm themselves with what they can find.
Chrissy Hotrod has armed herself with a hockey stick. A nice touch is the bite taken out of the end of the stick. Her friend, Timmy, has gone for that well-known sporting staple - the baseball bat. Cheerleader Chelsea carries a chainsaw. Where would zombie hunters be without the infamous chainsaw? Scott, who is probably dating Chelsea, is the muscular college jock and he totes a machete, probably the best weapon out of the four for killing zeds.
These are sculpted slightly better than the zombies, which isn't saying much. As a group they work well together. Scott is noticably taller than the other three, but given that he is a jock, that's not a bad thing. If you were to include them with survivors from other figure companies they will stand out due to their size. If that bothers you I'd steer clear of them. I could see this group working well in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer game as well as the more obvious zombie apocalypse games.
Let me tell you about the bases of this range. All figures come with integral circular bases, 18mm in diameter. Included with each figure is a 25mm square base made of resin with a hole cut out of the top so you can fit the figure snugly in the base. I've never seen this kind of basing anywhere else before. I chose not to use the square bases for two reasons. First, I base all of my contemporary figures on circular bases, usually 25mm in diameter. Secondly, it would have made what is a tall figure to begin with even taller. I stuck all of my Fortress Figures zombies and survivors onto a thin piece of card cut to a 25mm diameter circle. I filled in the edges with Milliput sculpting putty and then based them as usual with sand and gravel. This helped knock a couple of millimetres off their height, which makes them fit in better with other smaller sized ranges. However, they still remain the tallest figures in my collection.
Both sets retail at $6.00.

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