Saturday, 18 July 2009

RAFM Zombies

RAFM are a company based in Canada who have been going for many years. This pack of four 30mm+ scale figures that I'm going to review come from set RAF02822 - Zombies. These figures have been available for a long time and come from the USX Modern Day Heroes range who can be found here -
I only got round to buying them two months ago and as it is my mission to review every undead figure I own I thought I'd feature them now in my latest review.
First in line is the only female of the group. She is dressed in a skimpy slip and is bare-footed. The first thing I noticed about her was she had an enormous backside ("Does my bum look big in this?" "Oh, yes!") and her boobs are threatening to spill out if she bends forward any more. She has more curves than a Formula One race track! She might have been a beautiful woman in life but not now. Her right eye appears to have popped out of its socket. A bite has been made to her left thigh and the flesh has been stripped from her right knee, revealing bone. She holds the arm of a victim in her left hand and is chewing away at the fingers. This could have been a very good figure but it is let down by the right arm, which appears to be too long and far too muscular. It is way out of proportion for the rest of the body.
Next to her, is what appears to be a constuction worker and he is huge! He measures 36mm from base of feet to the top of his head. This does not bother me as it seems fitting that he should be the tallest of the group and I don't like to see every miniature the same size, so I'm happy to mix and match scales as long as they are roughly equal in height. The way his head is bent at an angle hints that his neck has been broken. Likewise with his left arm, which isn't hanging naturally. A large piece of his lower right arm has been chewed off, revealing the radius and ulna bones. Look carefully at the fingers of his right hand and you can see that some have been bent out of place.
Shuffling along next to him is the old man of the group. I like the way his head protrudes from his body and his baseball cap has been knocked off centre, which is a nice touch. The left side of his face has been torn apart. Note the tongue sticking out of his mouth. His most obvious wound is the right arm, which has been pulled off at the shoulder and which he carries in his left hand. The right hand still grips a stop sign. The word "STOP" is actually sculpted onto the sign. He has been bitten in the calves of both legs. I really like this figure, although there is something dangling between his legs that I'm not sure of. Oi, you at the back, stop sniggering! It looks like a backpack or a bag of some sort but what is it doing there? And how is it there, as I can't see what's keeping it in place. Whatever it is, he isn't holding it in either of his hands and it doesn't appear to have a strap to attach it to his belt, for example. Curious!
The final figure of the group is the little boy zombie. I've noticed that a lot of sculptors don't depict many (or indeed, any) wounds on children. It's as if it is bad enough to have zombie kids but to show wounds on them is step too far. Well, not in this case. This poor lad has had his stomach ripped open and his intestines are dribbling down his left leg. In the fight with whoever killed him he lost his right shoe and sock. Because of his diminutive size he will fit in with any zombie horde. The sculptor has cleverly captured the vacant expression of his face. He's an absolute gem of figure.
There is an amazing amount of detail on these four figures and I'm very pleased to have them in my collection. From a size point of view, they'd fit in well alongside the Griffin Miniatures zombies and the slightly taller Horrorclix range. The pack of four figures costs $9.95 on the RAFM website. If you live outside of Canada it may pay you to look for a local distributor to buy them from. I wish I had, as I was unfortunate in that I had to pay customs charges for my set - the only time this has ever happened to me when ordering figures from abroad.

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