Sunday, 29 November 2009

Spinespur Zombies 02

A few months ago I reviewed the Torn, a set of three 28mm scale naked zombies by Comfy Chair Games for their Spinespur game. See here for my review if you want a reminder -
Shortly after I had reviewed them Rogzombie reviewed them on his blog site. See here for his review -  At first I thought he'd reviewed the same three figures as I had but a close look revealed that his three figures were very different to my three. It was Roger himself who solved the mystery. The three figures he had bought were pre-production castings and were withdrawn from sale when the powers that be at Spinspur deemed them to be too thin. So the ones that I reviewed are the official Torn figures and the ones that appear on Spinespur's website. I was rather disappointed that the figures that Roger reviewed were no longer available as I would have dearly loved to have added them to my collection.
So, you can imagine my surprise and delight when Roger recently e-mailed me with news that he had a spare set for sale and he wondered if I'd be interested in buying them. Naturally I was very interested and the sale went ahead. My first reaction upon seeing them in the flesh was that they don't look that thin. They are just as good as the new figures.
Looking at the figures in the two photos above, you'll immediately see that I've painted them with a greenish tinge, which is how I paint my toxic zombies. At the far left is a partially bald male with a huge gaping hole in his stomach revealing his intestines. He is staring up to space as if to curse the gods for his predicament. Note that these three figures are heavily pock-marked, unlike the other three Torn figures. This is especially noticable when you look at the back of the figures.
The figure in the centre of the group epitomises the name of the Torn, as he tears the flesh from his chest to reveal his rib-cage. He is also partially bald but I've painted his hair grey rather than brown.
The last figure in line is totally bald. He is also in the process of tearing the skin from his body, only this time he is mutilating his face. In the original set there was another zombie pulling the skin off his face but this guy is in a far worse state as he also has a massive stomach wound, similar to zombie at the left of the group.
As someone who loves painting gore effects on zombies, these were an absolute joy to paint. Also because they are all naked they got painted very quickly. No worries about what colour to paint their clothes! I like these three as much as the first three that I reviewed and in my opinion they are definitely not too thin. I wish that Spinespur would sell both sets.
It is usually at this point when I tell you how much the figures are but as these are now out of production that is rather a moot point. Obviously there are still some available and Evil-Bay might be your best bet if you really want a set. I'd like to offer a huge thank you to Roger for thinking of me when he had a spare set for sale. Roger, you made my day, mate!


  1. I like how you painted these Bryan. The green looks great. I think these are still out there if someone is interested they should contact vendors who are selling the pack.

  2. Thanks, Roger. It's good to hear that there are still some vendors supplying them. I wonder how many got made in the initial casting.