Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Blue Moon Zombies 04

Here's the second part of my review of the Blue Moon Manufacturing 28mm scale zombies from their boxed set BMM111B Box 8 "I Just Can't seem to Get a Good Night's Sleep." These are all unarmed male zombies.
I'll start by looking at the zombie at the far left of the two photos above. I painted his flesh tones as normal but gave him a couple of washes of Citadel Ogryn Flesh to indicate he was dark-skinned before he became infected. If you compare the figures from this boxed set with those from the first boxed set you can see that some of them are conversions. Some have had weapons removed, others have had limbs altered. This fellow held a wooden club and had hair on his head but now he's bald and unarmed. Altering figures like this is an easy option for the makers but not everyone approves of this tactic. It does not bother me and be honest, would you have known if I hadn't pointed it out? This zombie has been wounded in all four limbs and the stomach.
Next up is a zombie wearing nothing more than a badly torn baggy shirt, which I painted Citadel Warlock Purple. His wounds are numerous. Note the flesh torn off his left leg to reveal his kneecap and thighbone. He has had a big chunk of his face bitten off as well as minor wounds to his arms, right leg and torso.
In the centre of this group is another zombie whose shirt has been ruined beyond repair. Still, that's the least of his worries as he has been gutshot and had a large bite taken out of his right upper leg. His hands are smeared in blood, perhaps as a result of trying to stem his blood loss. His head is thrown back as if in mid moan. Methinks he has just smelt fresh blood!
Moving on, is a zombie staggering along with his head hanging down. His shirt and trousers have been ripped to shreds and his footwear has gone missing. He has two head wounds - a cut to his left temple and a bite taken out of his right cheek. His left leg has been very badly chewed up and once again, bone is visible around his knee.
Last in line with this group is a zombie wearing dungarees. He has a bloodied bandage around his head. He looks to have been shot in the stomach and left shoulder. The underside of his right arm has been severely cut and a chunk of flesh is missing from his right thigh. He's not fat but he is overweight.
This next batch of male zombies features four in suits and one in military uniform. At the far left in the two photos above is a guy with his head tilted back and his arms held high. His left arm has been mangled and he has a cut to the left side of his groin. I gave him a bright red tie to counter the drab colours of his suit.
To his left is a zombie with a skull-like face, revealing a huge mouth. He has a deep wound to his lower right arm and he appears to have been shot or stabbed in the stomach. He is striding with a purposeful gait and with his left arm stretched out.
The zombie in the centre of the group is in a similar pose. The left side of his face has been chewed off and his right arm has been severed just above the elbow. His right knee has been bloodied and he appears to have a stab wound to his lower back.
Next up is a very old-looking zombie whose hair is almost white. His tongue is protruding from his mouth and I covered it and his chin with blood. The right arm sleeve of his jacket has been torn and reveals a few minor cuts and bites. His body is stooped forward, further suggesting old age.
Last up is a bit of an oddity. This zombie is clearly a soldier, and I have no problem with that at all. However, his helmet and uniform suggest he's from anywhere between World War Two to the Vietnam War period. It does seem rather anachronistic, unless he's from a contemporary re-enactment group, which would explain the way he's dressed. His uniform has been torn on all four limbs and he has a gaping wound to the left side of his stomach. I'll get double use out of him as I can use him in my contemporary ATZ campaign and in my Weird World War Two games. So no complaints from me!
This boxed set costs$40.00 if you order it from the BMM website. However, as I told you when I reviewed the first boxed set, I ordered mine from UK-based company Old Glory and the set cost me £30.00.
This boxed set is probably going to have greater appeal than the first boxed set, due to it containing 20 contemporary style unarmed zombies. The 10 armed zombies in the first boxed set may put some folk off. It certainly put me off for many months. I praised the fact that the zombies in the first boxed set looked like they'd been dead for a long time and the same is true for this second set. You just have to look at the skull-like faces of many of the figures to realise these are not freshly created zombies. These zeds have been around for a long time. They are well sculpted and are a worthy addition to anyone's zombie horde.


  1. These aren't too bad,nice review and paintjobs.

  2. Very nice, Vampifan. Overall, this looks like a very useful set.

  3. TLA and LJ, many thanks for your comments. It's always nice to hear from you.

  4. I'm here because of the Angry Lurker (no angry relation) and I must say, very well done! You do fine work!

  5. Looking good Vt! More great work and thanks for sharing

  6. @ The Angry Vegetarian. Thanks for making yourself known and for pointing out that you're not related to The Angry Lurker.

    @Colin. Thanks, mate. Keep watching as I'm planning on doing something very different soon, although my next post will be another figure review as I look at the new Eolith 28mm scale zombies.

  7. Oooh you tease! I've not heard of Eolith before!

    [Ala Walt Disney] Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It's off to Google I go ....

  8. Colin, Google is your friend! But all will be revealed here tomorrow.

  9. I have the blue moon zombies sets as well... what has put me off is trying to grind down the edges of the bases so they fit better on the 28mm slotta bases I use for most of my other zombies. How many of the blue moon zombies have you modified Vampifan? Nice seeing your finished ones... there are not alot of photographs of finished blue moon zombies out there at the moment!