Wednesday, 16 March 2011

EM4 Gangsta Thugz

EM4 are just one firm to sell this range of twelve 28mm scale Gangsta Thugz as sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I've seen this range reviewed on other blog-sites, most notably on Ancient Warriors by The Extraordinarii and by The Angry Lurker However, neither of them showed the complete range. That's not meant as a criticism of their reviews in any way, both of which are worth checking out. I've been itching to review these for a long time now, so here all twelve figures from the range. Note that unlike the Foundry figures I've been reviewing recently, these are not named. However, to aid in identification I've named them all. Feel free to steal any of my names if you like them.
Starting with the two photos above, at far left is Levi DeFreitas, a teenager in baggy T-shirt, shorts, trainers and a reversed baseball cap. I frequently wear a baseball cap but have never worn it back to front. I just don't see the point of it. To me, wearing a baseball cap back to front just looks silly. He is armed with what looks like a 9mm Beretta M92 pistol. As you'd expect to see on a group of L.A. gangstas, a lot of "bling" is being worn. This thug is showing off a gold medallion, gold bracelet, gold wristwatch and a few gold rings. Real gold or fake gold? You decide.
Next to him is the only gangsta out of the group to be armed with something more lethal than a pistol or machine pistol. This is Delroy Washington and his double-barrelled sawn-off shotgun. His only visible bling is his gold medallion. His hair has been styled into corn-rows.
Each of the three sets contains three males and one female. I have called the sassy female in this group Missy Maxwell. She carries a very small pistol, which shouldn't be under-estimated as they can pack a powerful punch. I'd guess it is a .38 AMT Back Up pistol. Her hair has been fitted with red extensions. She seems very aware of her sex appeal with her tight jeans and cropped vest showing off her shapely figure.
The final figure of this group is full of attitude. Actually, I think it's fair to say that every one of the twelve figures is full of attitude. I named this thug, Isaiah Delmont. Note how he's grabbing his crotch with one hand and how he has twisted his other hand to hold his "nine mil" in a sideways pose. It's a classic gangsta pose! The clothing and dollar sign medallion are just perfect and you have to admit that Bobby Jackson knows his subject matter very well.
The second batch of four figures is fronted by Spoonie Forbes with his 1970's style afro hairdo making him look like an extra from Shaft. His weapon is one that is very popular with gang members - a 9mm Intratec TEC9 "assault pistol." He looks like he has the shorter 20-round magazine fitted, rather than the normal 30-round magazine. His bling compromises the obligatory gold medallion, gold bracelet and gold wristwatch.
From loads of hair to no hair at all, meet bald-headed Ezekiel Taylor. He is also holding his 9mm Beretta pistol sideways on as he strikes a pose. This guy sure is a poser as he is bare-chested to better show off his toned body. His combat pants hang low to reveal his designer label underpants. You can guarantee that his Y-fronts will be designer label! For some reason he is wearing two wrist-watches. I painted one silver and the other gold. A large silver cross hangs around his neck.
The female of this set is a cracking good figure, whom I named Lulu Merrygold because she looks like a Lulu to me. She is the only figure of the group who is unarmed but just look at her. I'd hate to get on the wrong side of her. Pity the poor fool who calls her fat! My old mate Big Sil used to have a thing for "big black mommas" and she is just the sort of person he'd fall in lust with! All I'll say is it takes all sorts!
At the far right of this group is Leroy Watts. Come on, I had to have a Leroy in the group! Like many of this group, he is armed with a 9mm pistol. His bandana has been painted red and could be part of his gang colours. He wears mirrorshade glasses and once again, we see the gold medallion being worn around his neck. His clothing is typical urban streetwear.
Starting at the far left of this last pair of photos we have Marvin "Fat Boy" Williams. The huge hood of his coat practically obscures his face. He is armed with a pair of small sized pistols, which are too small for me to identify. To me, it looks like he has problems in finding the right sized clothes. His vest is too small, his shorts too long and his coat far too big. Still, he probably thinks he looks fashionable!
Next to him is a more athletic-looking figure, Alonzo Tate. He looks like he's ready for a game of basketball, assuming 9mm pistols are an essential tool for playing the game! I suppose it gives a new meaning to the phrase "shooting the hoops!" With sweatbands on his head and wrists, he's ready for a good workout.
Looking at the female in this set, my first thought was "I bet she's a single mother." This is Lakeesha Benjamin who has dropped out of high school to bring up her baby, whom she holds in her right arm. Rather unusually, she is not armed with a pistol, but a snub-nosed revolver, probably a .38 calibre. The small child has been beautifully sculpted, as have all the figures. I suspect that Lakeesha would fight like a tiger to protect her child.
Finally, we come to a guy who has been watching too many John Woo films. This is Floyd Hatton doing his best Chow Yun Fat impression by holding his twin nine mils in a sideways grip. Note that he is wearing a baseball cap (reversed, of course) over his red bandana. He also wears his baggy trousers hanging low to flash the waistband of his Calvin Klein Y-fronts. His obligatory gold bling is in place, so he fits in well with the others.
Verdict? Outstanding miniatures! The best way to describe them is to say that they are all full of attitude and character. There's not a bad sculpt amongst them and they are brilliantly posed. If you want an African-American street gang then these should be your number one choice. I've already used some of these gangstas in my ATZ campaign (they did not fare well against Team Vampifan!) and I'm certain to use them again. 
I bought my three sets of figures from the EM4 website quite a few years ago, which lists them as costing £8.15 per pack of four figures. However, when I checked on their prices today I noticed that two of the sets were out of stock. Fear not if you want them right now, as a few other companies sell them. I did a Google search for them (just type in Bobby Jackson's Thugz) and found that Armorcast in America advertises them.


  1. Those are beautiful minis and you did an outstanding job painting them. I love the clean, crisp lines. The bling just jumps right out at you.

  2. Wow, my favorite figures youve done! Keep em coming!

  3. Ahhhhh Very nice Vampifan, some of my favorite minis, great paint jobs, I especially like the chick with the baby, yours turned out well, didnt bother painting mine though.

    Also Thanks for the mention and the link to my blog, thats good of you.

    Got any batreps planned ?

  4. They really are great figures and you have painted them far better than mine which were painted by Ray Rousell a fellow blogger who sometimes comments here (he owed me some painted figures and agreed to paint some figures from the range but not all of them and he also tells lies.LOL)

    Thanks for the mention, good post as always.

  5. Great post. I think Ezekiel is my favourite. Might have to pick some of these up myself.

  6. Well after a false start this is turning out to be a popular post. Thanks to you all for the kind comments.

    @The Extraordinarii. I mentioned that I did a Google search for these figures to see who else sold them. You may be interested to know that the posting for your blog that I highlighted appears on the first page of the Google search. So, well done to you!

    I have loads of scenarios planned but I'm not sure when I'll get to play them.

    @The Angry Lurker. I was only too happy to highlight your own review (and the Extra's). So Ray is to blame for the poor quality of your paintjobs. I'm sure he'll be delighted to hear that, LOL!

  7. What up homie? Okay....I am sure not from those parts. Still, paintjob looking good as always. Quite a big gang you can make now

  8. @Lord Siwoc. You don't know the half of it! My collection of contemporary gangers is huge. I've never counted them all and they probably don't match the figure for my zombie horde but I reckon 300+ easily!

  9. Very good, Lakeesha Benjamin is my preferred figure in this set.

  10. Hmmm, that's an interesting choice, Zerloon. She is a very nice figure.

  11. Poor quality my arse!! No free painting for the Lurker anymore!!LOL! Nicley done as usual Lulu looks like she'd eat the Z's herself, she don't need no weapon!

  12. @Ray. Fran clearly doesn't appreciate your talents, mate. As for Lulu, she is one fearsome looking woman - a real big bad momma!