Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Recreational Conflict SPRU Biohazard Containment Team

And so I come to the final review in my five-part look at Biohazard Troopers from various figure companies. This time I turn the spotlight on Recreational Conflict's range of 28mm scale Special Paranormal Reaction Unit (aka SPRU) Biohazard Containment Team, sculpted by Brian Cooke. There are eight figures in this range but looking at my two photos you can be forgiven for thinking there are only seven. Read on for the explanation.
The figure at the far left is actually two figures on one base. The group of three canisters sited on the base is a separate figure. You could keep the SPRU Device, as it is called on the RC website, as a separate figure, possibly using it as an objective marker, but I decided to include it on the base of the figure I chose as the Team Leader. I had to cut a small V-shape out of his base to get both figures to fit on a 25mm diameter slottabase. RC have named this guy Ike, and he is a two-piece casting. The geiger counter or scanning device is a separate component that slots into his left hand. Ike is armed with a pistol. To me, he seems the most obvious choice for the team leader.
Next to him, is Kyle, one of two troopers armed with a Machine Pistol or Sub-Machine Gun. The weapon looks a lot like an Ingram MAC-10 SMG but it isn't. What is very distinctive about the weapon is its huge ammo clip. I reckon that could easily hold 40 rounds. Kyle is in a static pose as he moves forward cautiously.
His buddy, Stan, carries an identical firearm but he holds his in a two-handed grip, no doubt to better control the recoil of the gun. He is slightly hunched forward but again, his pose is static. There is nothing wrong with static poses, I'm merely making an observation not a criticism.
In the centre of the group is Ken, the first of two troopers armed with a flamethrower. He points his weapon downwards as he stands at the ready, observing the area around him. I should point out that I copied the colour scheme for these figures from the RC website. I painted them with Citadel Macharius Solar Orange from the Foundation Paints set. Then I gave them a Citadel Baal Red inkwash and finished them off by drybrushing them with Citadel Blazing Orange to which I added a small amount of Citadel Golden Yellow.
The second flamethrower trooper is called Eric and he holding his weapon in a firing position. I painted the visors of these figures with Citadel Enchanted Blue with a reflected stripe of Citadel Ice Blue down the middle. I finished them off by gloss varnishing the visors.
Next in line is Butters, the group's pack-mule. He is an unusual figure but I like him a lot because of that. He is carrying two large holdalls, which are separate castings. You can have a lot of fun dreaming up just what is inside the bags - it could be anything. He appears to be unarmed but he could have all sorts of weapons in the holdalls.
Last in line is Craig, who is kneeling down to retrieve something from inside a smaller-looking holdall being carried by Butters. Craig is armed with a pistol, which is in a holster strapped to his right hip.
Numerically, these are the largest range of Biohazard Troopers currently available, which has to be a plus point in their favour. They are a good combination of figures with their choice of weaponry and poses, even if their poses are not as dynamic as some would like. Personally, I don't mind how they are posed.
One thing that bothered me about this range was that their heads seemed too small. I have rectified this by adding modelling putty to them to bulk up their headware. There is one more negative aspect to them and that crops up if you go for the multi-figure option of buying them. A pack of seven figures costs $18.00, which is better value than buying them individually. But, I have to ask why aren't they sold as a pack of eight, with one of each type in the set? I was missing Ike from my set and I had to order him separately after I'd received the other seven. I have no idea if the figures are supplied randomly or not. If they are and the SPRU Device is missing, then I doubt if you'd complain much. If you decide to buy them individually then each figure costs $2.50 apart from Butters, who costs $3.50, (which is fair enough as he uses a lot more metal than the others) and the SPRU Device, which only costs $1.50.
In my next post I'll show a size comparison photo of figures from all five ranges so that you can see how they measure up against one another.


  1. Never thought about this range for these types of figures but I like the poses as they give you more options, the comparison pictures will be very helpful, good work as always my friend.

  2. To be honest, Fran, these are not the best biohazard troopers available but even so, I like them. Apart from anything else, Recreational Conflict are a nice, friendly company to deal with.

    I'm sure the size comparison photos will go down well.

  3. I like these fellas a lot more, I can picture these guys in a zombie flick, and there range of weapons is good too, conventional but appropriate, you could have a lot of fun with a flame thrower in a zombie game I'm thinking, your choice of colours I really like, screams Hazard to me, lastly I have to mention the dude with the bags rocks !! OK ... I'll take a guess as to whats inside...... me thinks zombie head specimens !! (I think theres something wrong with my head),love your work mate.

  4. I think these guys are the best of the bio-hazard, figures you've been posting. They definitely look the part in the orange suits. Very well done that man!!

  5. I think the figures holding the 'extra stuff' is what makes this set stand out. The geiger counter, the kneeling figure and the 'baggage handler' are superb. Good stuff Bryan.

  6. I'll be honest; I didn't know what kind of reaction this range would receive but with nothing but good comments so far, I needn't have worried. Thank you one and all for such generous support.

    @The Extraordinarii. Given the size of Butters' holdalls, he could easily fit a whole zombie in each bag! Zombie heads? Not my first thought but it is a possibility. Clearly you need therapy... but then so do I, because I agree with you!

    @Ray. Wow, high praise indeed. Many thanks, my friend!

    @Adam. I totally agree with you. As I mentioned in my post, I really love the guy with the two holdalls - he's such an original figure. The others you mention are also worthy of praise.

  7. Hmm Bryan, the figures you got seem odd, the RC site shows all 7 guys plus the canisters int he pic for the Bio-containment Team set. I would contact them to see if this is correct or not.

    Even if it is only 6 guys plus the canisters its still not a bad set. These and the Hasslefree hazmats are on my list of figures to get (along with the RC SPRU team, complete set).

    As always great paint jobs, and cant wait to see what you show us next.

  8. @The Extraordinarii. You're doomed, LOL!

    @Doug. Sure, the picture on the website shows all eight figures together but it definitely states that you get seven figures in the deal. It just doesn't what seven figures. I'm not too bothered but I felt it needed pointing out. I'm going to be ordering the 16 figure SPRU set very shortly.

  9. Now for a nice batrep of all these teams going into a lab to exterminate some giant mutant cockroaches, or maybe a skunk.

  10. Now that would make for a very entertaining scenario, Willy!

  11. And what are they out on the hunt for?

  12. Those are very nice. I alway love seeing your color palette. Those guys will really stand out well on the tabletop, and in a good way. They remind how many dangerous poisonous creatures in nature are brightly colored. These guys don't try to blend, they don't need to.

  13. @Biff. We're hunting wabbits! Be vewy qwuiet! LOL!

    @Luckyjoe. I've seen Biohazard Troopers painted in camo patterns and they look very good. But really, they don't need to be. This is one case where you can get away with bright colours.

  14. Bryan, Doug is quite correct all eight pieces make up the Biohazard team. We owe you a figure remind us next time you order. I wouldn't mind hand delivering it next time we're in England.

  15. Like Richard said, I'm sorry about the missing figure. Not sure how it happened as we don't tend to sort that many packs at once.

    I also agree with you about the heads. It seems surprisingly common with some manufacturers. We are definitely trying to watch for that in future sculpts.

    Thanks for the review.

  16. @Richard and Ben. No apology necessary, guys, but it is appreciated. Hey, if you ever visit the North-East of England again, you'll be more than welcome here... with free figure or not. You guys have treated me with nothing but kindness and respect so for that reason I'll decline the offer of a free figure as that would take away from your profits. I am very happy with the quality of the service I've recieved from you and I genuinely like your range of horror figures. Expect an order for the rest of the SPRU troopers in the next day or two.

    Kind regards to you both from Bryan.

  17. I enjoyed your look at the Hazmat figures. I recently discovered these ones on WargamesFoundry and when I noticed they were not included in your post here I thought I'd pop you a link :D

    Hazmat Suits - SV506

    1. Very nice, Doug. Many thanks for the heads up on these. They've been added to my shopping list.