Sunday, 25 September 2011

WWG Fast Food Vans

When I reviewed the Microtactix Horseman's Deli and Dry cleaning store I mentioned that I'd make a couple of card vehicles next. Well, here they are - a pair of WWG 28mm scale fast food vans that come from their TLX Mayhem Under Construction set.
Here's a general view of them and you can immediately see that whilst both vans are identical in design, it's only the livery that has changed on them. This particular vehicle is very easy to make, being little more than a box on wheels. The simplicity of its construction was why I chose to make them, as it has been such a long time since I last made any WWG card vehicles and I wanted something easy to build.
Rather off-puttingly, one is called Filthy Fred's Snack Mobile, whilst the other belongs to the Whacky Snax franchise. You can also see that they sell a variety of fast food items, namely hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, fries and pop. I was disappointed to see that bacon sandwiches weren't on the menu! These Americans have no taste!
This side view of them shows the serving hatch and menu. Both vans share the same menu and their prices are identical. I love the fact that the menus are readable. The menu in full from top to bottom reads - hamburger, hot dog, ice cream, pop, fries, soup, pizza (by the slice) and tacos.
I was pleased to see that the two vans have different licence plates. The one for Whacky Snax reads W7 RSP, whilst Filthy Fred's reads W5 OXR.
 Looking at the clown face on the Whacky Snax van made me think that this would be an ideal mode of transport for a group of my killer clowns. Ever since reading about the Bozos gang of killer clowns in the original Cyberpunk 2020 role-playing game I've been fascinated by evil clowns. There is something downright creepy about clowns. I have a very large collection of circus figures, with probably half of them being clowns. I must review them sometime. Prior to collecting zombies once I learnt about ATZ, I spent a year collecting as many circus figures as I could. This was at the time that the Horrorclix Freakshow expansion set was on sale, and they really kick-started my collection.
The back views of the vans show off their witty slogans. For Whacky Snax we have " Food that's good enough to eat!" and for Filthy Fred's the slogan reads, "Cram it in your face hole!"
These are great additions to the rapidly expanding range of WWG vehicles. Fast food vans of all descriptions are a common site in any town or city, but more especially in places that have a captive audience, like a sporting arena. Mine will be appearing in my ATZ campaign and one of them will definitely appear in my next scenario (coming up soon, you'll be pleased to hear). If you find one early on your campaign they could be a good source for food supplies. Later on and they've either been stripped clean or their food has gone bad.
They were fun to make and just what I needed to get my card building mojo back into gear. I'm working on my Mayhem police station at present but I have so many projects that I want to complete. Whilst my miniature figure buying has thankfully come to a stand still (none bought at all this month) the same cannot be said about my purchasing of card models. I'll tell you more about that in my next editorial.


  1. Those look great. You did a beautiful job on them. I can never get paer vehicles so nice and straight. If you get a chance, would you mind posting a pic with a mini standing near it for scale?

  2. Thanks, Luckyjoe. If you don't mind waiting two weeks I'll be posting lots of pics of figures next to one of the vans in my next batrep.

  3. A really very interesting read! I hope you keep updating us with more info!

  4. Very nice as always Vampifan you are paper marvel. I still haven't plucked up the courage to have a go at those paper buildings you last did!

    Top work

  5. CRAM IT IN YOUR FACEHOLE! Brilliant warcry for some survivors!!! Mwahahahahah!!!

    Good job on these cars/vans.

  6. @Jason. Thanks and I fully intend on keeping you up to date on what I'm doing. It's the shole point of my blog.

    @Brummie. Card modelling can be a major challenge if you've never tried it before. There's no shame in admitting you're still waiting to pluck up the courage.

    @Johnny. I like your thinking!

  7. Nice job on the vans, the two I've tried never come out looking so good and I've since scrapped them both. It would be a good idea though when you take pictures of your vehicls to have a "standard" mini beside them and it gives you another chance to make us all jealous with your painting!

  8. Thanks, Joe. I'll consider the idea of including a figure alongside any vehicles I'll review in the future. If so, it'll probably be my figure of Vampifan. He's pretty "standard."

  9. cram it in your face hole, i like it, great job, im amazed how well the wheels look, mine allways look square lol

  10. Nice work as usual. I've been looking through your posts and plan on building some card models. I'm just getting all the stuff together. I have two questions though,
    What printer do you use? I need to get a new one and am looking at something like an Epsom printer scanner. Are there any settings you use when printing?
    I've heard of people using matt varnish spray on their card buildings to protect them. Have you tried this? Is it worth it?

  11. @Shintokamikaze. I'll let you into a secret about my wheels - I cut them out with a pair of scissors. It's much easier than using a craft knife.

    @Salacious Crumb. My printer is an Epson Stylus Photo R285, which I ordered from Amazon a few years ago. Epson, Canon and Hewlitt Packard all make good printers. I've stuck with Epson all my life. When printing out modelling material I only alter two settings. I use Photo quality for the Quality setting and Epson Matte for the Paper Type.

    I too, have heard of some modellers using spray varnish to protect their models. Apparently it does work but it's not something that I've ever tried or had a need for trying. My card models have seen a fair bit of use but they are standing up to all the handling very well.

  12. They have come up a treat.

    Are they hard to make? I have always perceived them as hard, so have been rather scared to attempt to make one.

  13. Thanks, Shelldrake. I've been making card models for many years now, so these were very easy to make for me. If you've never tried card modelling before then, yes, these could be a challenge. Some folk just never get the hang of it and some wonder what all the fuss was about.

  14. Very nice additions Vampifan, love the slogans mate "cram it in your face hole" ! and I look forward to seeing your killer clowns in action, can we expect them anytime soon ?

  15. @The Extraordinarii. It seems that slogan "Cram it in your face hole!" is quite a hit. As for your question about my killer clowns, I'd love to include them in a scenario but I can't say when we'll see them in action. I suppose I could always use some of them if ever a gangers result crops on a PEF encounter.

  16. Uhm, you are tempting me... I've tried some paper car, but with results not near so good, but I imagine is a question of pratice.

    Another BatRep!! Aye!! :D

    I'm looking for it!

  17. @Zerloon. As with all things, practice makes perfect.

    Yep, another batrep real soon. I'm hoping to play it in ten days time and it will be a scenario of my own devising.

  18. These are really nice. I bought a few that look like these but are die cast US postal trucks. They were like $5 at CVS stores. I am just about finished with a PA conversion of one and will post pictures soon.
    Also you might be interested in this podcast I listed it on TMP and Lead adventure not sure if you seen it but you would like it.

    Love your blog

  19. @Bandit66. I'd love to see your conversions. I often lurk on the TMP Horror forum so I did see your link before. Cool stuff!

  20. No bacon sarnies! I mean... really... no bacon butty! :)