Sunday, 6 November 2011

Black Cat Bases Biker Gang

Black Cat Bases, a U.K.-based company, sell a nice range of 28mm scale Gangers, made by Obelisk Miniatures but sold by BCB under licence. I purchased all of the Ganger sets earlier this year and as they get painted I'll review them on my blog. First up are the Screaming Nighthawks biker gang.

One of the things that I particularly like about these gang sets is that each gang comes with its own canine mascot. It's a nice touch that I didn't expect to see. The Screaming Nighthawks have chosen an Alsatian or German Shepherd as their mascot and they have named him "Jaws Rowlf." Oddly enough, the dog is the only figure to be given a name on the BCB website. As befits a dog with such a fearsome reputation (unjustified, some would say) it is snarling aggressively.
Moving on to the humans, I have nicknamed the guy with the chain and huge revoler, "Nighthawk." I have also made him the leader of this biker gang. He wears leather cowboy "chaps" over his denim trousers, a denim waistcoat and a bandana. His grey hair, beard and moustache suggests that he's been around awhile. The handgun is most probably some kind of Magnum revolver but I'd class it as a BA Pistol in ATZ.
Next to him is "Belcher," a biker who's celebrating with a can of beer, which he holds aloft in his left hand. In his right hand he holds a BA Pistol, most likely a Desert Eagle. Note the beergut and bald patch on his head. He's another aging biker. He wears a leather waistcoat over his denim jacket. He has tied his scraggly hair back in a ponytail, never a good look for men, in my opinion.
Another biker with a ponytail is "Two Gun Tony," so named because he's armed with two guns - a Colt .45 pistol and a 9mm Mini Uzi machine pistol. He wears a pair of mirrorshade sunglasses, a T-shirt with the name and picture of some obscure rock band emblazoned on his chest, a denim waistcoat and jeans. Although he has very muscular arms, he does have the beginnings of a beergut as well.
The dude with the sawn-off pump-action shotgun is nicknamed "Slick." His hair and moustache is a silvery-grey colour, indicating another biker getting on in his years. Of course, this suggests that these guys have been around for a very long time, so it would be unwise to dismiss them as "old timers." "Slick" wears an AC/DC T-shirt, so he really is an old rocker.
Finally, we come to "Scuzz," who is also armed with a pump-action shotgun, although not sawn-off like "Slick's." I love the way he has been sculpted having an appreciative draw on his cigarette. Ah, get that nicotine down ya, man! He is dressed in leather trousers, a white vest, a denim waistcoat and a black bandana. He also totes a pair of mirrorshade sunglasses.
What I particularly like about this set is the way each figure has been sculpted. They are so full of character. I also like the fact that these are not teenage bikers but far older. I suppose you could paint them up as looking much younger than I have but with so many young biker types already available I say, why not give these guys an older appearance?
I should make a comment about their size. They are described as being 28mm scale, and this is certainly true... if you measure them from the sole of the feet to the top of the head. They will look rather small if placed alongside certain "heroically" scaled 28mm scale figures.
You can buy each figure separately at a cost of £3.00 each for the humans and £2.00 for the dog. Alternatively, you can buy all six figures for just £12.00, giving you a saving of £5.00.


  1. Nice review and are on my list to get at some point after Chrtistmas.

    Nice Work love the names you've chosen they really fit the miniatures character

  2. Thanks, Brummie. I like to name my figures whenever I can.

  3. Those look great, I need to start, and finish mine up here soon.

  4. Great set of figures, I'll get around to painting mine up eventually; stirling paint job on them too and they should look old!

  5. @Fantasy Fixtures. No excuse not to finish them now that I've provided you with colour schemes, LOL!

    @Joe. See comment above!
    As a 50+ oldie myself, it's nice to see our age group being catered for by figure companies. Much respect to the sculptor of these figures, whoever he is.

  6. I went to see ac/dc last time the had a concert in Denmark... So that makes me old?

    The one you call SLICK reminds me of SENIOR from AMERICAN CHOPPER.

    Last time you featured bikers, they went up against the Vampifan team. This time they may team up with them?

  7. HA! This time your nicely painted figures won't convince me to purchase these miniatures...because I already bought them awhile ago. Mine are still languishing unpainted but I'll get to them. Yours look great as usual, and I'll use it as a guide when painting mine.

  8. @Johnny. Yes, it makes you old if that concert was in the 1970's, LOL! Bear in mind, AC/DC have been going since 1973. My God, I was only 16 then!

    I've never seen "American Chopper" so I couldn't comment on the resemblance.

    As for the Screaming Nighthawks teaming up with Team Vampifan, who knows? It could happen. Bear in mind, Big Sil is a biker dude, and so was Angie.

    @Mike. Feel free to copy my colour schemes, mate. And names if you want. No copyright here, just the right to copy!

  9. This is a great set of miniatures, and as always you've painted them up nicely. I too enjoy the older appearence, as it seems to make sense for a rough and tumble biker game to have a few older gents as members.
    Jaws Rowlf is also a great mini to have.

  10. in 1973 i was..... no rechange that I don't think I was even a twinkle in my dads eye :oP

  11. @Adam. Thanks. They are nice figures... including the dog. Just wait until you see some of the other dogs in this range. There are a nice variety of breeds.

    @Brummie. 1973 was such a loooooooooooooooooong time ago!

  12. Now there's a gang my crew wouldn't like to come across in your world or mine. Nice work Vampi, there's a whole new adventure with those boys.

  13. Thanks, Irqan. Steer clear of the Screaming Nighthawks and underestimate then at your peril!

  14. Anoter great group of well painted minis. I agreewith Lord Siwoc. I imediately thoght American Chooper dad when I saw Slick. Very cool.

  15. Thanks, Luckyjoe. I can see that I'm going to have to watch this film.

  16. Not a film mate, it is a real life series about Senior and Junior making great looking bikes, and often fighting each other!

    Check youtube to see some of it.

  17. they look fantastic, i have so much lead to paint, its gonna take years lol

  18. @Johnny. Ah! That'll explain why I've never heard of this "film!" Thanks for putting me right.

    @Shintokamikaze. Join the clan, my friend! I too have a horde of figures to paint. I'm trying very hard to cut down on my figure buying but it's not easy!

  19. You are one prolific bloke! I likes em I does!
    Must have. Thanks for the heads up Brian, your reviews are indespensible

  20. I'm with Lord Siwoc, that's Senior all the way!

    You really have such a great knack for demin. Good job buddy!