Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Coming soon - ATZ The Lazarus Project.

Wow, no sooner have Two Hours Wargames released their new version of All Things Zombie than they have just announced plans for a new supplement for it. Ed Texeira, head of THW, had this to say -
They were wrong.
It was called the Lazarus Project.
The government began testing for ways to reverse the effects of the zombie outbreak almost immediately. Initial tests were failures but on Day 15 a breakthrough was achieved.
With hope, work on the project was increased to round-the-clock testing. It soon became apparent that those exposed to the antidote within 24 hours of infection appeared to fully recover.
Production and development of a mass-delivery system became of the utmost importance. By Day 21, enough of the Lazarus agent had been produced, and the delivery system was readied. The plan was to fly over the major urban areas, now claimed by the zombies, discharging the Lazarus agent in a gas form that would coat all the inhabitants. Zombies would die, while the newly infected would recover. That was the plan...
On Day 22 the planes took off from various points around the country and discharged their payload. Now it was time to wait.
By Day 23 the effects of the Lazarus agent became evident over the areas that were sprayed. However, disturbing news emerged from the test facilities. Those that had shown reversal of the zombie disease had begun exhibiting signs of anger and rage. Instead of eliminating the infection... it instead mutated it.
The results were devastating. Ragers, as they became known, now ran amok through the very cities that the government had hoped to reclaim.
And the winds were spreading the agent to other parts of the globe."
The supplement is due for release in May 2009 and I'll be ordering my copy as soon as it goes on sale. A full review will, of course, follow.

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