Saturday, 25 April 2009

Crocodile Games Zombies

Crocodile Games are better known for their Warlords of Aegyptus wargaming figures but they also produce two sets of 28mm scale contemporary zombies. These are not new figures and have been available for a few years now, but I aim to showcase all of my painted undead figures so that inevitably means revisiting a few blasts from the pasts.
Set Z-01 Modern Zombies shown above contains three zombies all sculpted by Chris Fitzpatrick, one of my all-time favourite sculptors. I still have many of the figures he produced for Ral Partha and his Citadel Dark Elves, especially his Witch Elves are superb. However, back to his zombies and from left to right are a cop, a businesswomen and what could be a homeless guy, or perhaps he was just an ordinary bloke who only had time to put on a jacket and a pair of trousers before he became one of the shambling undead. I've painted him as a negro, as you don't see many non-Caucasian zombies. I had to lighten his skin tone with light grey to give him his deathly palour.

Set Z-02 is essentially the same three figures but all slightly modified by Chris to make them sufficiently different. So, the cop has lost his cap and had his arms repositioned. I painted him up as a small town sheriff to make him even more different. The businesswoman has lost her briefcase but gained a mobile phone. It's a testimony to Chris's sculpting skills that you can make out the buttons and screen on the phone! The other guy has had a head swap and his arms repositioned. All six figures are perfectly sculpted and will fit in well with most other 28mm scale zombies by other companies. They were a real joy to paint and I highly recommend them. Both sets retail at $12.00 each. I'm not aware of any UK company who stocks them but I had no trouble in ordering them direct from Crocodile Games, who are based in America.


  1. many choices, so limited funds...

    Excellent minis anyway!