Saturday, 6 June 2009

Vampifan's Views 02 My Immediate Plans

Something different this time. No reviews, just some rambling from me about what I'm doing and what I plan to do.
What has me most excited at the moment is a new scenario that I'll be running next weekend as I continue to playtest "The Zombie Game That Cannot Be Named Yet." I'll be playing a scenario that is called "Breakthrough" in the rulebook but I'll be giving it a new name that will hopefully draw the crowds in. Nope, I ain't saying what it'll be called until I'm ready to post the battle report here on my blog. There will be photos, lots of them, and it will take place in Mayhem City, which means more of my wonderful World Works Games scenery. Look out for the new stuff since I ran the zombie rescue mission. I was going to use the same group of survivors from that first mission in this new one but have decided to introduce a new group and it is they whom I think will attract a lot of attention. The zombie rescue mission that I ran before generated a lot of favourable comments on the TMP and WWG forums, so I'm hoping this new one will prove just as popular.
Most people in our hobby (gaming, figure painting and collecting) have a "mountain of lead" to paint. I try to keep on top of my lead mountain and paint any new figures as soon as possible and try not to get too snowed under with new figures. Thus far I've been quite successful. Mind you, my plastic mountain, i.e. horde of plastic figures (Citadel Orks and Space Marines) is getting out of hand! However, I've recently splashed out on a load of metal figures, the vast majority being zombies. This is my current list of metal figures awaiting paint, all of which arrived this past week - 65 Cold War 28mm zombies and 5 Cold War 28mm zombie hunters (I ordered the 70 figure horde set last Monday afternoon and received them on the Tuesday morning, less than 24 hours later! Much respect to Cold War for their ultra fast service), 7 Rezolution 30mm scale Toxic zombies, 3 Spinespur 30mm scale naked zombies, 2 Hasslefree 28mm scale zombies (mime and surfer zeds), 3 Hasslefree 28mm scale cyborgs (2 Jotun and a Druusch Stryker) and 6 Hasslefree 28mm scale male adventurers. Painting that little lot will keep me busy for weeks to come.
I should resist the urge to buy any more new figures but it isn't going to happen. I've decided that for the first time ever I'm going to enter the Diorama of Doom painting competition that is run by the four Forum of Doom companies. After posting pictures of my recent Hasslefree Matt Lord zombies on the FoD I was persuaded that I should take part. Thanks, Toosh! I have an idea for the diorama, which must consist of at least two figures from the four FoD companies (Black Scorpion, Eolith, Hasslefree and Heresy). Eolith make 54mm scale figures so it's going to be hard (but not impossible) to include one of their figures. I'm not even going to try. The other three figure companies will be represented. The centre piece of my diorama will be a figure of my favourite vampire - Vampirella. Hey, I'm not called Vampifan for nothing! She will be a conversion of one of Hasslefree's figures of Taxxis, a busty demon. Oh, and there will be zombies as well!
On the scenery front I'm busy making a skateboard park from the WWG Urban Grind set. It'll be roughly two feet square, which will fill one of my modular gaming boards. WWG offer two versions for their skateboard park - a clean version or one covered in graffiti. I'm going for the graffiti covered version.
Finally, I have just started reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I've held back on buying this set for far too long. I ordered the trilogy from Red House Books in England for just £7.99 - a fantastic saving as each book should cost £6.99. I know that there is a fourth book in this series but at the moment it is only available in hardback and I'm going to wait until the softback version appears before buying it.
Thanks for reading and a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment on my site. Look out for more reviews of zombie miniatures and especially look out for my next battle report.

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