Sunday, 5 September 2010

My ATZ Campiagn - Day 9 - Riot!

Having spent a day and a half holed up somewhere safe, (the floor beneath the top floor of a multi-storey car park) Vampifan decided it was time to move further away from the centre of Mayhem City and into the suburbs. With the damage he'd done to the Mayhem City Police Department's vehicle pool, he did not want to risk a run in with the cops. The National Guard were making more of an appearance but Vampifan thought it was too late for them to make a difference. It was clear that the zombies were winnining the war. Indeed, Mayhem City was starting to resemble a war zone. Shortly after leaving their safe zone on the morning of Day 9, Vampifan pulled into a petrol station to refuel his pick-up truck. Incredibly, it was still manned and it had petrol for sale. Just after he'd finished refueling he called his friends, Big Sil and Gap, to come and join him, as he stood by a portaloo, looking up the street. 
"We could be in trouble, guys," he exclaimed, as he pointed towards a mob of people marching towards him. "I definitely don't like the look of them!" he mused, as he clicked the safety off his semi-automatic rifle.

This scenario is based on the National Guard Riot scenario from the ATZ:Haven supplement and not the far easier Police Riot scenario that is also portrayed in the book. I wanted a decent challenge for Team Vampifan.
Here is the mob, shown in the photo above. This is an Aggressive Mob (Rep:4) made up of 40 Civilians. You can have fun trying to identify the figures but be warned, quite a few are ones that I made myself. It comprises Chavs (can you spot my Vicky Pollard of Little Britain fame?), Goths, Punks and Skinheads - a real friendly bunch!
I rolled 1d3 (the rules say to roll 1/2d6 but I actually have a few d3s in my collection of dice) to see how many Agitators would be in the group. I got lucky and rolled a 1. The Mob was made up of 16 Rep:3 Protestors, 22 Rep:4 Rioters and 2 Rep:5 Rioters. Of the 16 Rep:3 Protestors, 5 were unarmed, 9 had improvised weapons, which would count as Impact 1 in melee, and 2 were armed with Pistols. Of the 22 Rep:4 Rioters, 12 were unarmed, 7 had improvised weapons similar to the Protestors, 2 had Pistols and 1 had a BA Pistol. Of the 2 Rep:5 Rioters, 1 had an improvised weapon, similar to the Protestors and 1 had a Pistol. That gave the Mob a total of 6 ranged weapons. Those with a ranged weapon were placed in the front rank of the Mob. The Mob was lined up in four ranks of ten.

This scenario took place during daytime in an urban area of Mayhem City. The Mob was placed 6" in at the northern end of the board. Their objective was to exit the board at the opposite end. Vampifan's objective was to stop them. Sure, he could have run away as soon as he saw them, but where would the fun in that be? So Team Vampifan took the place of the National Guard in this scenario. Initially, there were no zombies placed on the board but they would be attracted by gunfire and loud noises.
I have been asked by one of my followers to give a detailed description of how ranged combat works in ATZ. I am only too happy to do so. I'll do the same for melee combat as well. All page number references in the batrep refer to the ATZ:BDTZ rulebook unless otherwise stated.
The photo above shows the board I played on. It measured 3' by 3'. The ground tiles are from the WWG Streets of Legend TLX set. Most of the buildings are ones you've seen before from my collection of WWG Mayhem City sets. However, there is one building that is new and surprisingly enough it is not a WWG model. In the top right hand corner is a black temple that I made from the Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Basilica Administratum and Sanctum Imperialis plastic model kits. This is not a ruin, it is a fully intact building. I decided to use it as it perfectly filled a 12" by 12" gap I had left on my board. I'll run a review of it soon, so that you can see it in all its glory.
TURN 1.   ACTIVATION - Vampifan = 6, Mob = 4
Vampifan, Big Sil and Gap could only stare in horror as they saw the crowd of angry citizens marching towards them. With a score of 6 they were unable to activate this turn.
The first thing I had to do was roll 2d6 to test for the Mob's movement (see p.15 of ATZ:Haven). I rolled a 4 and a 5 against the Mob's Rep of 4, meaning they passed 1d6. This was good news for Team Vampifan as it meant the Mob had to halt and fire its ranged weapons. Seeing as they were only firing Pistols or a BA Pistol, they were all well out of range of Vampifan and his friends. However, I still rolled for them to see if any of them ran out of ammo. None did.
With six people firing two shots each that gave me 12d6 to roll for zombie reinforcements. As this was an urban area, new zombies would appear on a d6 roll of 4, 5 or 6. I rolled 6 successes and 6 failures. In the photo above, you can see three zombies have appeared in front of the Mob and one behind them. There are two that you can't see in the alley between the temple and the apartment to the right.
Finally, I had to roll to determine the Rep of the Mob for the next turn. You start with 3d6 but this can be modified by circumstances. The only modifier that applied here was a +1d6 bonus for having a functioning Agitator in the Mob. I scored 2 successes, meaning the Mob's Rep remained the same.
TURN 2.   ACTIVATION - Vampifan = 4 (3), Mob = 4 (2), Zombies = 1
Despite Vampifan and the Mob rolling double 4 for Activation, no special event occured. That would only happen if double 1 or double 6 were rolled for Activation (see p.52).
With a range of 48" for his Semi-Automatic Rifle, Vampifan knew he could hit anyone in the Mob. He fired two shots at the Rioter with the BA Pistol and rolled a 6 and a 4, which were added to his Rep score of 4 to give him totals of 10 and 8. The Target Rating of the weapon determines how many shots you can fire. When shooting you always take the highest dice as your first shot and work down the numbers. The 10 was an obvious hit but the 8 missed because this was against a second or higher target. (This is all explained on p.18.) Next, I rolled 1d6 to determine what damage the shot caused. With a roll of 1 the Rioter was Obviously Dead (again, see p.18). I then rolled 1d6 to see if he was the Agitator (see p.13 of ATZ:Haven). On a score of 6 any casualty who was Obviously Dead or Out Of the Fight was an Agitator. I rolled a 4 so this punk rioter was not the Mob leader.
Gap fired next, with one shot from his BA Pistol at the female zombie who had just exited the apartment about 6" away from him. He rolled a 5, which added to his Rep of 3 gave him a total of 8. This was a hit because it was his first shot and no other circumstances applied. For damage he rolled a 3, which was higher than the Impact 2 of his BA Pistol. Normally, this would mean a Knockdown result but because he was shooting a zombie, the Easy to Hit rule applied (see p.34). This states that you can replace the weapon's Impact rating with your Rep to score an Obviously Dead result. As Gap was Rep:3 and had rolled a 3 the zombie was killed.
Big Sil fired three shots from his Machine Pistol. Note that with a Target Rating of 3 he HAS to fire three shots every time he pulls the trigger. He fired once at the zombie closest to him on the road and twice at the zombie emerging from the general store. He rolled 5, 5 and 2, to give him totals of 9, 9 and 6 when added to his Rep of 4. The two 9s were hits but not the 6. For damage he rolled 3 and 4, both of which were higher than the Impact 1 of his Machine Pistol but equal to or less than his Rep, so thanks to the Easy to Hit rule, both zombies were Obviously Dead. I do think the Easy to Hit rule should be renamed the Easy to Kill rule as it does not make it any easier to hit a zombie but it does make it a lot easier to kill them if you do score a hit!
Now it was the Mob's turn to move. I rolled 2d6 on the Mob Movement table and this time I passed 2d6. This meant that they would advance 6", whilst firing their weapons. Of the five Rioters with Pistols, only three were within range of Team Vampifan (the 3 Chavs at the right side of the Mob). The other two still fired twice but neither ran out of ammo. Big Sil, Gap and Vampifan were targetted twice each. When the Mob is together you use its Rep for most situations rather than the Rep of individual members. That only applies if someone leaves the Mob. So when the Rioter shot at Big Sil and rolled a 6 and a 2, I added the Mob's Rep of 4 to give me totals of 10 and 6. The 10 hit but the 6 missed. I then rolled a 5 for damage. As a Pistol only has an Impact of 1 this counted as a Knockdown result. Big Sil had to take the Recover From Knockdown Test (see p.14). He passed 2d6 and was only Stunned. He'd have to spend his next turn doing nothing but regaining his feet.
Next to be shot at was Gap. The Rioter rolled 3 and 1 to hit, giving him results of 7 and 5, both misses. Gap had to take a Received Fire Test (see p.13). As he was standing slightly behind Vampifan, Vampifan could make a Leadership roll (score less than or equal to his Rep on 1d6) and if successful add one success to the test result. I rolled a 2 for Vampifan's Leadership - good news for Gap! Gap rolled a 3 and a 5 on the test, which would have meant only passing 1d6 but because he could add the bonus for Vampifan's Leadership, he passed 2d6 and was able to snapfire back. Gap was still a Civilian so he took all his tests on the Civilian QRS. If he'd been a Survivor that result would have let him fire back as normal. He fired once and rolled a 6 to give him a result of 9. Alas, because he was snapfiring this counted as a miss. But hold on, help is at hand! The Pitiful Shot rule (see p.19) states that when a Rep:3 character fires and rolls a 6 to hit his target but still misses, he is allowed to roll 1d6 again. If this roll is equal to or less than his Rep, he has hit. With a roll of 2 he hit the Rioter. For damage, Gap scored a 4, meaning the target was Knocked Down. Rolling on the Recover From Knockdown table, the Rioter passed 1d6 and was classed as being Out of the Fight. I rolled to see if he was the Agitator but he wasn't.
Finally, the Rioter shooting at Vampifan rolled 5 and 3 to hit, giving her results of 9 and 7. Both missed. The 9 missed because Vampifan was in cover, hiding behind the portaloo. Vampifan had to take the Received Fire test but because he was a Star, he was able to choose the result. Naturally he opted to pass 2d6 and was able to return fire. Unlike Gap, Vampifan rolled on the Survivor tables and his shot back was not classed as a snapfire. He fired once and rolled a 4, giving him a result of 8 - a hit. His damage roll was a 3. the same as the Impact rating of his weapon. So the female Chav Rioter was Out Of the Fight. I rolled 1d6 to see if she was the Agitator and scored a 6. She was the Agitator! What a result! This would prove very significant!
And finally, it was the zombies' turn to move. All three remaining zombies were in charge range, causing their targets to take a Being Charged test. I rolled a 6 and a 1 against the Mob's Rep of 4, passing 1d6. The two Rioters to the right of the Mob could melee normally but the Goth guy at the rear would suffer a -2d6 penalty to his Rep for being attacked in the rear. In melee both sides roll d6 equal to their Rep plus or minus certain modifiers. For melee purposes, zombies only roll 1d6. Any roll of 1,2 or 3 is a success. Both sides keep on rolling until one side scores zero successes (meaning the other side wins) or until both sides roll zero successes (meaning the fight ends in a draw for this turn). The first fight involved a female zombie nurse and a female Chav. The Chav scored 2 successes, whilst the zombie score none. Thus, the zombie nurse was Obviously Dead. The second fight involved another female Chav fighting a male zombie in a blue shirt. Both sides ended up scoring zero successes. It was a tie and could continue next turn. The third fight, at the back of the Mob, saw a green shirted zombie getting the drop on a Goth guy. The Goth failed to score any successes with his 2d6 but the zombie scored 1 success, putting the Goth Out Of the Fight. I rolled 1d6 to see how many turns the zombie would feast upon his victim and rolled a 5.
There were just two things left to do this turn - roll for zombie reinforcements and roll for the Mob's Rep. With 18 shots being fired this turn, that was a lot of dice to roll for zombie reinforcements. I rolled 8 successes and 10 failures, which was not as bad as I feared it might be. Note the placement of the female zombie just a couple of inches behind Vampifan and Gap. She could be trouble!
As for the Current Mob Rep Test, they could no longer claim the +1d6 bonus for having a functioning Agitator in the Mob, since Vampifan had put her OOF. The Mob gained +1d6 for each result of OOF or OD it scored this turn. That would give them a +1d6 bonus as one of the female Chavs killed a zombie. However, the Mob suffered a -1d6 penalty for any OOF or OD result it received this turn. This gave it a -4d6 penalty. So they started with 3d6, got a +1d6 bonus and a -4d6 penalty to give them a total of 0d6. Since the Mob could not roll any dice it passed 0d6, meaning the Mob was broken and its members dispersed. What a result for Vampifan!
TURN 3.   ACTIVATION - Vampifan = 3, Mob =6, Zombies = 4
I rolled to see if the female zombie who had just appeared behind our heroes would attack Vampifan or Gap. Vampifan drew the short straw! Because he was being charged in the rear by a zombie and did not have Line of Sight on her, he was not allowed to take the Being Charged test (see p.33) and would suffer a -2d6 penalty in the fight. This could be very nasty... but it wasn't! I rolled 1d6 for the zombie and failed to score a success, whereas I rolled 2d6 for Vampifan (instead of his usual 4d6) and scored 1 success and 1 failure. The single success gave a result of Out Of the Fight, which is classed as Obviously Dead if the target is a zombie (see p.34). Lucky Vampifan, very lucky! The other four zombies close to Team Vampifan closed in but were unable to make contact this turn. Note that there is one hidden from view underneath the roof of the petrol station.
The two newly arrived zombies at the back of the Mob failed to make contact as well. The zombie who had knocked out the Goth guy began to consume his flesh. A zombie security guard emerged from the alley between the apartment and the temple and charged at a male Chav. As the Mob was no longer a solid entity but lots of individuals, I rolled for the Rep of the Chav being charged. He was just a Rep:3 and when I rolled on the Being Charged table for him he passed 0d6, meaning he would retire rather than fight. So, he ran screaming off the board, leaving the zombie security guard momentarily bewildered.
The zombie in the blue shirt was still locked in combat with a female Chav from last turn. If the Mob had activated first, the Chav would have had the option of withdrawing from the fight or carrying on (see p.22). But, as the zombie activated first, she was denied that option. I rolled for the Rep of the Chav and determined she was Rep:4. Despite rolling 4d6, she only scored 1 success. So did the zombie. So both sides rolled 1d6 and with the Chav rolling a 6 and the zombie rolling a 1, it was clear that the zombie had won by one success. The Chav was knocked Out Of the Fight. I rolled 1d6 to see how many turns the zombie would feed on her and rolled a 3.
Now it was Vampifan's turn. Big Sil spent the turn standing back up as he recovered from being stunned and knocked down. Gap moved to the driver's side of the pick-up truck and fired once with his BA Pistol at the closest zombie, who just happened to be carrying a meat cleaver. He rolled a 5 to hit, which gave him a result of 8 - a hit. For damage he rolled a 4, which was higher that the Impact of his weapon and his Rep, so he couldn't use the Easy to Hit rule. The zombie was just knocked down.
Vampifan also moved to the driver's side of his pick-up truck and he fired once with his Semi-Automatic Rifle at a zombie holding a severed leg, who was approaching Big Sil. He rolled a 3, which gave him a result of 7. It was a miss.
Losing the Agitator must have stunned the Mob as it remained in place this turn, unable to activate. All that was left to do was to dice for zombie reinforcements. With only 2 shots being fired this turn I rolled 2d6 and scored 1 success and 1 failure. The new arrival appeared at the south-east corner of the board close to the propane tank at the side of the petrol station.
TURN 4.   ACTIVATION - Vampifan = 1, Mob = 3, Zombies = 4.
This time the zombies activated first. The zombie holding the meat cleaver staggered back to his feet. Three zombies charged at Big Sil but only two were able to reach him - the two who had come from the general store across the road. The other ended up less than 2" away to the rear of Big Sil. Big Sil took the Being Charged test and passed 1d6, meaning he could melee normally with them but he couldn't fire at them.
Big Sil had to split his 4d6 against the two zombie assailants, so he naturally used 2d6 against each of them. It was a shame he didn't have time to draw his combat knife as that would have given him an extra 2d6 to use (+1 for having a higher impact weapon and + 1 for having the Knifeman Attribute). Against the legless zombie he scored one success, whilst it scored none. That zombie was toast! Against the zombie carrying the severed leg, neither side scored any successes, so the fight would continue.
Three zombies attacked the remnants of the Mob and another two zombies continued to feast upon their Mob victims. The two zombies at the rear of the Mob attacked an unarmed Rep:3 male Punk and a Rep:3 male Skinhead armed with a one handed improvised weapon (Impact Rating of 1). Both Protestors were not allowed to roll on the Being Charged table and would suffer a -2d6 penalty in the fight, thus making everyone involved equal with just 1d6 to roll each. The Punk and his attacker scored no successes and were locked in combat. The Skinhead lost his fight and was Out Of the Fight. I rolled a 3 on 1d6 to see how many turns the zombie would feed on him. This just left the zombie security guard and a Rep:3 male Chav armed with a rock (classed as an Impact Rating 1 one-handed improvised weapon). The Chav passed 1d6 on the Being Charged Test, allowing him to melee normally. He rolled two successes to the zombie's zero successes and promptly smashed the former security guard's skull, killing him instantly.
Now it was the Mob's turn to activate and having been soundly beaten, I decided they'd want to get as far away as quickly as possible. This meant taking a Fast Move test. I promptly rolled double 1, giving them a stunning pass 2d6 result. This was enough for them to turn tail and flee from the board. The male Punk locked in combat with the zombie broke off from the fight and scarpered off the board with his colleagues.
Finally, it was Team Vampifan's turn to activate. Big Sil drew his combat knife in order to silently take down his zombie opponent. Despite rolling 6d6, he only scored two successes. It was good enough to kill the zombie as the zed scored no successes and fell to the ground decapitated. Big Sil used his movement to get in the pick-up truck via the passenger door.
Gap fired once at the zombie with the meat cleaver. He rolled a 5 to hit, which meant a result of 8 - a hit. For damage he rolled a 3, which was equal to his Rep, so the zombie was killed thanks to the Easy To Hit rule. You've got to love that rule! Gap used his movement to get inside the pick-up truck.
Vampifan targetted the zombie who had tried to sneak up behind Big Sil. I rolled a 4 to hit for my Star, which gave a result of 8 when added to his Rep. For damage I rolled a 2, giving an Out Of the Fight result, which was upgraded to Obviously Dead because his target was a zombie - another rule you've got to love! Vampifan also used his movement to get inside the pick-up truck.
Dicing for zombie reinforcements I rolled 2d6 for the shots Gap and Vampifan had fired this turn. Only one new zombie was generated and he appeared in the alley between the general store and the garage across the road from the petrol station.
TURN 5.   ACTIVATION - Vampifan = 4, Zombies = 3
That zombie who had appeared close to the propane tank caused a slight problem for Vampifan. Because he was within 12" of the pick-up truck, he forced Vampifan to take The Car Won't Start! test (see p.24). This involved rolling 1d6 and if the score is 1,2 or 3 the car starts and can be driven away that turn. Otherwise, the driver must try again next time. Fortunately, Vampifan rolled a 2, so the vehicle started first time. He turned left out of the petrol station and exited the board.

At this point I would have loved to roll for Rep increases because all three deserved the chance. But because none of them found a resource in this scenario, I was unable to. Bummer! I did think about searching the four storey lawyers' offices across the road but, to be honest, that was just asking for trouble. Best to leave whilst the going was good. On the plus side, Gap was able to change his class from Civilian to Survivor, so at least someone gained something from the scenario. Now all three friends were Survivors.
This was a scenario that could have seen Team Vampifan get wiped out if the Mob got within melee range. By keeping their distance, shooting the ringleader and a few others, Team Vampifan were able to cope with the situation. Tactics worth noting if ever your heroes are faced with a similar encounter.


  1. Wow, what a crazy scenario. That initial volley from the mob looked like a Napoleonic firing line and before I realized they were out of range I thought you'd had it for sure. These by the book scenarios are wild. We just did a game this weekend and LTL Mom and Dad have become so proficient that we might retire them soon and start over. Maybe I will follow you're lead and try these scenarios.

  2. With the Mob all lined up as it was, I can see the analogy with a Napoleonic formation. This was a fun scenario to play as it let me use lots of my gangers all at once.

    Retire LTL Mom and Dad? Gulp! Say it ain't so! Joking aside, I can see your point that when your PCs get so powerful the game loses some of its fun. Playing a Rep:3 Star just starting out is a vicarious ride. Playing a Rep:7 Star ain't much of a challenge. Still, I'd wait to see what Ed has in store with the Ragers supplement for ATZ before retiring my favourite two killing machines.

  3. Nice AAR. I bought the tokens (2 movements sets and 4 status sets and others markers [explosions and smoke walls]) and they're so nice as small.

    I need civilians unarmed and armed.... sigh

  4. This was really great! And as an old THW jumky I got to say that it was a wise decision not to search for resources in the office building. In THW games trouble is always waiting around the nexr corner ;-)
    Even REP 7 won't help. I had a REP6 star killed in 5150 wearing an EXO armor with a regular BA Pistol (through hands of fate rule...).
    So hopefully LTL Mom and Dad rethink teir retireing.
    BTW, those new street tiles look fantastic!

  5. @Ulu. I like those Litko tokens a lot and they're a great aid for my batreps. Civilians are like zombies - you can never have too many!

    @Brutpaul. Ending the scenario when I did was a tough decision as I really felt Team Vampifan deserved the chance of a Rep increase but having read so many other batreps where the heroes stayed instead of leaving I knew that it was far better to run away and live to fight another day than stay and get cocky. Because that's the moment you get your ass handed to you on a plate!

    Those new street tiles certainly are cool and have I mentioned how versatile they are?

  6. Team Vampifan did a great performance. This was a very intimidating mob at first. This could have gotten ugly if you hadn't shot the agitator so early. Did Vicky made if off the table? She wasn't even supposed to be there...

    I bet you were pretty nervous in turn 3. A zed attacking from the rear is bad news.
    BTW, I think that team Vampifan deserves the chance for a Rep increase. The victory conditions in this scenario are not the same as in the standard scenarios. You stopped the mob without having a squad of national guards available. Sounds succesful to me.

    Great mob, great terrain and great batrep! Thank you!

    Whiteface / Oliver

  7. You make a very interesting point, Oliver, in that the victory conditions for this scenario are not the same as for a normal game. I should have rolled for Rep increases anyway. Ah well, too late now.

    Zombie attacks from the rear are never a good thing. Losing 2d6 doesn't sound much but it is if you're Rep:4 or heaven forbid, Rep:3! The dice gods were kind to me in that fight.

    Vicky Pollard did indeed survive. For those who haven't spotted her, she's second from the right in the second row on the group photo. So she'll carry on annoying the nation. Shame!

  8. A zombiefied version of Vicky Pollard would be nice. I like Little Britain, it showed me that these kind of people are not just a German occurence. It's your fault that my zeds will now moan Eh-eh-ehhh! instead of urrrgh! ;o)

    "live to fight another day than stay and get cocky. Because that's the moment you get your ass handed to you on a plate!" - The Whiteface's have this as their family motto now.

    @LTL Dad: I have to agree with Bryan. Don't retire LTL Dad & LTL Mom too early. With Ragers and Smart Zeds you will need all the luck you can get. Let those brain zeds attack your farm!

  9. Oliver, in ATZ, there is no better family motto to have. Just remember to follow it!

    If you have Chavs like Vicky in Germany then you have my sympathy! And here's me thinking they're a British phenomenon! Sheesh!

  10. Hey Vampifan

    Great Battlereport as usual, I love the scenes you create. Only recently stumbled upon your blog but catching up now and cant wait to see what happens next for our valiant heroes !

  11. Hey Tecian!
    Welcome aboard. It's always nice when new followers introduce themselves. There sure is a lot to catch up on. I hope you enjoy your stay as I have loads more to offer. Team Vampifan will be back soon in a new adventure.

  12. Getting another batrep from you is like Christmas! Thanks for another fun episode!

  13. Thanks, Pdoid! It won't be long before Christmas is coming again! Another batrep should appear soon.

  14. Hark, do I hear some sleigh bells?

    Waiting for christmas isn't half as hard as wainting for your next batrep.

  15. I think it's safe to say thay mt batreps are very popular. I wish I could play more games of ATZ but I'm grateful for the time that I do get to devote to the gaming side of the hobby.
    Oliver, it's really nice of you to say that waiting for Christmas isn't half as hard as waiting for my next batrep. Comments like that make everything I do on my blog worthwhile. Many thanks!

  16. So where's the next batrep!?!? C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
    Is it ready yet?
    Is it ready yet?
    Is it ready yet?
    Is it ready yet?

  17. I laughed my ass off when I read your comments, Willy! It's not quite ready for publicatiom as I'm still working on the photos. I've had to take a couple of extra photos for the batrep even though the scenario is finished and everything else is "in the can" so to speak. I'm at the editing stage now. You'll understand why I've took these additional photos once you read the batrep. Yes, I know I'm being cryptic here, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. I can tell you that the scenario is a bog standard Discovery scenario from the ATZ:BDTZ rulebook. For me it's getting back to basics but for Team Vampifan it's the first time they've played that scenario. If I can get it all typed up for this Sunday I will, otherwise it'll be next week when I post it.

  18. I had to stop my game yesterday, just because the camera was low on energy. Wasn't even a good cliffhanger.

  19. Well, that's annoying and no mistake. I learnt my lesson ages ago to always check my battery level on my camera before a gaming session. It only takes my camera battery 90 minutes at most to fully recharge, which isn't too long but It is a nuisance if it runs out during the middle of a game.

    Anyhow, a bit of good news, folks. I started typing in my next batrep and barring any cataclysmic mishaps, I'll be posting it this Sunday. Hang in there, people, not long to wait now!

  20. Always love reading your batreps and you building and figures are top notch!

  21. Thanks, Brendan. It's very kind of you to say so.

  22. Only one more day!

    As LTL Dad synchronizes his watch..

  23. hey vampifan gret batrep
    i see you under stand you get cocky you get dead
    thanks for the ranged tutorial it helps alot
    sorry for not reading sooner but my internet broke at home and was only fixed today im still vatching up whith the blogs

  24. Hey ZH, sorry to hear about you losing your internet connection. That must have been so frustrating!

    I'm glad you appreciated the tutorial - all part of the service!

  25. thanks vampifan it helped alot i played a game and ranged made alot more sense than it used to
    yes but i was to busy whith school to fix it for a while
    by the way in a game i killed 4 ganers rep 3,4,4,4 all whith 3smgs 1 BAP afterwards got whacked in melee whith 1 zed!
    i hate MELEEE!!!