Sunday, 31 July 2011

Foundry Bikini Babes 02

Following directly on from my last figure review I present Wargames Foundry's second set of bikini babes - set SV066 Gun Girls from the 28mm scale Street Violence range.
The girl who appears at the far left of the two photos above is Matty. I have decided to make her the leader of these girls and my previous set of Foundry Bikini Babes because she looks very different to the other figures in both sets. It's almost as if she was sculpted by a different person. Maybe she was. Her pose is far more dynamic than any of the others as she crouches down whilst advancing. Her weapon is a 9mm Heckler and Koch MP5KA5 Machine Pistol with a long silencer attached. To denote she was the boss, I gave her a gold bikini. Note that a) she is not a natural blonde, black roots are a dead giveaway, and b) she is the only lass to go bare-footed. I think if she wasn't crouching down so much, she'd tower over the other girls.
To her left is Lydi, a dark-skinned beauty in a yellow bikini and white strappy shoes. She is nonchalantly holding a 7.62mm Heckler and Koch G3 Assault Rifle in her left hand. I do like how the sculptor has made about half these girls left-handed. It's a good call.
The group's heavy weapon expert stands in the centre of the group. Effie has armed herself with a Hawk 40mm MM1 Grenade Launcher with a 12 round ammo drum. She wears a white bikini with red polka dots and white shoes. I simply had to paint someone with a polka dot bikini!
The girl in the purple bikini and pink shoes is Lulu. Her face looks Asian to me, so I painted her in bronzed flesh skin tones. Sadly Games Workshop have dropped Bronzed Flesh from their paint range. They have a bloody annoying habit of getting rid of useful colours! Lulu is armed with a 7.62mm AK47 Assault Rifle.
Finally, is Dodo, who is more civilian than ganger. She is armed with nothing more dangerous than a beach ball. With a name like Dodo, she'd soon be extinct if she got into a firefight! I've got nothing against the sculpting of this figure but I do question her inclusion. If she was part of a pack of unarmed civilian babes in bikinis that would be fine. But not part of a gang of well-armed women with military grade firearms.
It's an obvious thing to say but I'm going to say it anyway, if you liked the first set of Bikini Babes then you're bound to like the second set. If you're playing a scenario set on a beach these could prove useful. But, as Doug pointed out last time, you'll probably get far more use out of then if you use them as dancers for a strip club or a pole-dancing joint. This set costs £10.00 and is certainly not a must buy purchase unless you're collecting the complete Foundry Street Violence range, or if you have a specific need for the girls.


  1. A great set of figures, I agree with the strange inclusion of the beach ball babe, why?? Saying that, she looks nice anyway, I think she could have a small pistol nestling between her ample cleavage though!

  2. Thanks, Ray. I agree about the small pistol but if that is the case, one word of advice to her - chafing! LOL!

  3. Very good, maybe its secretly a beachball bomb.

    I do love these miniatures and your reviews are great I always like the fact you name your characters.

    Lydi is the one i have picked up off ebay and plan to convert. I may try and pick up some more of these depending on how my attempts at sculpting clothes go.

  4. Brummie, I like naming characters, but for these I've just gone with the names given to them by the Wargames Foundry crew. My own names would be very different and I certainly wouldn't lumber a poor girl with the name, Dodo!

    As for converting and giving them clothes, that shouldn't be too hard. If you add a pair of cut-off jeans they'd work well as trailer trash.

  5. Nice rack.... Of miniatures!

    I kind of like the civillian beachball girl.

    Again, well done on the painting mate!

  6. Good work on another quite unique set of figures, work well with Duke Nukem.

  7. @Johnny. I like Dodo and her beach ball, as well. I just think she'd work better with a set of civilians. Oh, and yes, they are a nice rack!

    @Fran. I might not know much about computer games, but even I've heard of Duke Nukem. Good call.

  8. For a moment I though Fran had posted on your page. :) Great review and superb paint jobs Bryan.

  9. Yep, Adam, I can certainly see why you'd think that! LOL!

  10. Chicks with guns ...theres a dangerous combo, nice work Vampifan, lots of eye candy ...

  11. Chicks in bikinis with guns. Now that is eye candy for you!