Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Foundry Street Girls 01

Wargames Foundry makes more sets of SWAT Troopers in their 28mm scale Street Violence range with five sets so far. (I've yet to review them but they will get covered soon.) Following close on their heels, with four sets are the Street Girls and it is them that I'll be reviewing today and next time.
The two photos above show set SV015 Mistress Trude's Street Girls. At the far left of the photos is Mistress Trude Lovemore, dressed in long leather coat with the sleeves rolled up, thigh length leather boots, micro-mini skirt, tight T-shirt showing her nipples, leather gloves and an SS Officer's cap. I'm going to assume she is a natural blonde of pure Aryan stock. Her weapon is unusual in that it is a 9mm Heckler and Koch MP5KA5 Machine Pistol with a silencer fitted.
Her stable of girls include Clare Faulkner dressed in red lingerie and white leather boots and white gloves. her hair has been tied in a ponytail. Her weapon is the same as Mistress Trude's but without the silencer. Note that she holds it in a two-handed grip to better control recoil.
Next up is black PVC leather-clad Cherry Goodnite. She has dyed her long hair a bright red and it hangs down to her backside. Her weapon of choice is also made by Heckler and Koch. It is the 9mm MP5 Sub-Machine Gun fitted with a large scopesight and a silencer, which greatly adds to its length. Check out her platform soled boots.
To her left is Fifi Lamour, an obvious alias, dressed in a French maid's costume. She's styled her hair in twin ponytails. She is the only person out of this group not to be armed with a Heckler and Koch weapon. Instead, she has chosen the 5.56mm Steyr AUG Assault Rifle. Nice choice!
Last in line is Rollergirl, whose real name remains a mystery. She has emphasised her considerable cleavage by wrapping her boobies in a tightly tied, short-sleeved cut-down shirt. Clearly she believes if you've got it, flaunt it. Her mini-skirt leaves little to the imagination either. Her ensemble is completed with grey sweatbands on her wrists, grey socks and a pair of roller skates. She is armed with a pair of MP5KA5 Machine Pistols, both of which are fitted with silencers. You must admit these girls like silenced weapons.
The next set, shown above, is set SV022 Fast Lucy's Street Girls. Fast Lucy Speed, the leader, can be found at the far left of the two photos above. She is dressed in a red jumpsuit and she has added two blonde streaks to her red hair. We're back to Heckler and Koch for her weaponry. In her right hand is a 9mm MP5 SMG, fitted with a scopesight and underslung torch. In her left hand is the 9mm MP5KA5 Machine Pistol with a silencer attached.
Dressed in a pink and black PVC leather costume, Penny Blanchart looks like she shops at the same place as Cherry Goodnite from above. Her black hair has been tied into two ponytails. She must be the group's sniper as she is armed with a 7.62mm Model 85 Parker-Hale Sniper Rifle.
Standing in the centre of the group is Tammi Gunn, dressed in redleather jacket and boots, as well as black mini-skirt, T-shirt and gloves. Like Mistress Trude, she's either feeling the cold (it's nippy outside!) or she's smuggling raisins. Yet again, we see a street girl armed with the MP5KA5 Machine Pistol and silencer. Did these girls capture a case of them?
Nikki Payne also wears a Nazi officer's cap. her rather saucy costume, consists of black basque trimmed with red, black panties, a red suspender belt and stockings trimmed with red at the top. She is the best armed girl out of these ten figures. As well as the 5.56mm Steyr AUG Assault Rifle with long barrel and bipod, she carries a whip in her left hand plus a holstered pistol on her left hip.
Finally, is Honey Wilde, another street girl who likes to rollerskate. She has swapped the mini-skirt, as worn by Rollergirl, for a pair of hot pants. She is armed with a standard 9mm Heckler and Koch MP5 SMG.
There is no doubt that these girls will add a great deal of sex appeal to your gaming table. I like them a lot. What's not to like about a group of sexy females with guns? Their weapons aren't too over the top, unlike the skinhead gangs I reviewed last time. One thing that might irk some of you is that the five girls in the second set are clearly alternate versions of those in the first set. I'm not bothered by that as I think the remakes are sufficiently different to warrant buying them.
In a world gone mad like a zombie apocalypse, I can see the sense of gangs sticking together for defence. I see no reason why a group of streetwalkers wouldn't do the same thing. Their pimps probably ran away at the first sign of trouble. Better still, maybe the girls fed their pimps to the zombies!
As usual these sets cost £10.00 each from Wargames Foundry's webstore. Next time, more of the same.


  1. Thanks you ba..... No w I need to buy these as well!

    Solid paintjob as usual! ANd a great review of them.

  2. Hee, hee, thanks, Johnny. What's worse, is that there's a part 2 to this review. More street girls to ogle, sorry, admire on Sunday.

  3. These are also great sets, full of sassy minis. I prefer the first set (Trudes) myself, and it is part of my Foundry order en route. Anything with a French maid has got to be good.

    I'm a big fan of how the MP5K comes across in miniatures, looks really good.

  4. Very nice paintjob. I love the fact you know what are all the weapons are I wouldn't have clue tbh. Keep up the good work as always.

    I'm painting two sets of the SWAT at the moment will have them finished the weekend hopefully and up on my own blog

  5. @Adam. French maid = very good. French maid with Steyr AUG Assault Rifle = much better. I dunno, there's something about beautiful babes with guns that I find so appealing. I agree with you. Of the two sets I prefer Trude's as well. If you like the MP5K you should really like these minis.

    @Brummie. My knowledge of firearms recognition is purely down to having some good RPG supplements. However, there are still a lot of firearms that I can't recognise and if that is the case, I say so.
    I look forward to seeing your painted SWAT troopers on your blog. I plan on photographing my own so that I can review them.

  6. Very nicely painted women of negotiable virtue, maybe a Sin City posse.

  7. It looks like Soho just emptied out - now you need some politician or court judge figures to go with the. :-P

  8. @Fran. Good suggestion on the Sin City posse.

    @Shelldrake. LOL at the politicians and judges suggestion. Where sleaze is concerned they're nearly always in the frontline.

  9. Very nice. I like Trude's group best. I also like Fran's idea of the Sin City posse.

  10. Hi, Luckyjoe. Another fan of Mistress Trude's girls. The Sin City connection is so obvious when you think about it. Congrats to Fran for thinking of it first.

  11. I had a couple of basic painting questions for you Bryan since you seem quite accomplished.
    First, in general do you prime your miniatures in White or Black?

    And with the Foundry minis, do you remove them from the integral base? Or do you just work with it. I was thinking of removing mine from the base, but not sure how difficult that will wind up being.


  12. Hi Adam. I'm only too happy to help you. I almost always prime my figures in black. An obvious exception would be someone wearing a white biohazard suit, for example, in which case it would make more sense to prime them white. But on the whole, black is my prefered choice.

    With the Foundry Minis or any other figures that come with integral bases, I leave the base alone. I'll stick the figure onto a slottabase and add Milliput modelling putty to the base, to smoth it down from the figure's base to the edge of the slottabase. Naturally. this makes such figures slightly taller than those with slottatabs, but I'm prepared to put up with the slight height discrepancies. I would imagine that cutting a figure from its base will be fraught with difficulties and certainly not an easy option!

  13. black PVC leather! This is perfect, I have been trying to get this look since Trinitys coat in the Matrix. Is this a trade secret you can share :) I could never get this right.

    BTW all the girls look fantastic!

  14. No secret, Roger. The PVC leather effect was achieved by painting her with gloss black paint. A similar effect could be achieved by painting her with Citadel Chaos Black and gloss varnishing the PVC bits. I've got a pot of Humbrol gloss black paint that I've had for years. I mainly use it for painting sunglasses and highly polished leather items, especially those worn by police patrolmen.

  15. Wow, thats so simple its ingenius! And the effect is real thats why it looks so good.
    I have gloss cote that should work great.
    Thanks :)

  16. Glad to be of help, my friend. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

  17. Great job Bryan. Trude is still my fave! :)

  18. Thanks, Adam. I can think of two reasons to like Mistress Trude!

  19. Just looking over some of your posts, and thought it was funny that I just posed my French Maid, and also opted to name give her the last name L'amour. I guess it just seems like the appropriate name for a French Maid.