Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Victory Force Zombies 04

I reach the halfway point of my review of 100 Victory Force zombies from their first zombie horde set. As usual, this batch of 20 figures features 5 female zombies and 15 male zombies organised into appropriate groups.
This group of five female zombies are all wearing pants, so I have named them the Pants. At the far left, Pants 1 is wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a Silver Persian cat, who looks remarkably similar to one of my own cats that I used to own. Coincidence? No way! She has been bitten twice in the upper right leg and her hands are smeared with blood.
Pants 2 suffers no obvious wounds but blood on her hands and around her mouth, neck and chest suggests she has been feeding.
The logo on the sweatshirt of Pants 3 reads, "Elle", which is French for "She". She has been bitten in multiple places - the right shoulder and both legs.
Pants 4 and 5 are almost identical sculpts but they do have slight alterations. Pants 4 has longer hair and has lost her right hand.
Pants 5 has short non-natural blonde hair and is mostly intact apart from a bite to her right shoulder. Both women wear sweatshirts, jogging pants and trainers and both have a "bum-bag" fitted around their waists. I believe Americans call them "fanny-packs". When I was holidaying in America, I found my "bum-bag" incredibly useful and convenient. Like these women, I wore mine at the front to make it harder for pickpockets to access.
This group of five male zombies have been grouped together because they are all wearing jumpers, so I named them the Jumpers. Starting at the far left, Jumper 1 is a young teen who has been bitten in the left thigh. He has fed recently as blood has dribbled from his mouth down his chin onto his chest.
Jumper 2 is another recently fed zombie. He has had a large chunk of flesh bitten from the side of his left thigh.
Jumper 3 has quite a beer belly on him and appears rather small. His left arm has been severed at the shoulder.
Jumper 4 is leaning forward. He has had his right arm severed at the shoulder and bled to death.
Jumper 5 was stabbed in the stomach and then bitten in the right thigh before he could find medical assistance. Tough luck!
This next group could also be called the Jumpers but for variety's sake I'm calling them the Sweatshirts. Going from left to right, Sweatshirt 1 sustained a gunshot wound to his right side and a knife cut to the left side of his neck. Either one could have killed him.
Sweatshirt 2 was bitten in the left shoulder and has scraped his knees badly enough to make them bleed.
Sweatshirt 3 is a young teenager with a vicious bite wound to his right thigh. Blood dribbles from his mouth onto his red sweatshirt.
Any similarity between Sweatshirt 4 and Wally (or Waldo if you're in America) of the "Where's Wally?" book fame is purely coincidental. Besides which, his hat is all wrong for Wally and he's not wearing his trademarked glasses. He died from a zombie bite to his right shoulder.
Sweatshirt 5 used to work as a store assistant. He still has his ID tag pinned to his chest. He has minor wounds to his right leg and his left shoulder and a deep bite wound on his left leg.
This group of zombies all sustained appalling wounds and for that reason I have named them the Wounded. Suffice to say, they were a lot of fun to paint.
Wounded 1, at the far left, had his right arm severed at the shoulder. In addition, he was shot in the heart and suffered a severe bite wound to his right thigh.
Wounded 2 lost his right arm just above the elbow. His right leg is a gory mess as a massive chunk was taken from his inner thigh, which severed his femoral artery.
Wounded 3 has had most of his internal organs removed from a massive hole in his stomach. It looks like some zombies fed well from him!
Wounded 4 would be classed as a zombie crawler. His left leg has been severed just below the knee and his left arm was severed at the shoulder.
Wounded 5 was an army veteran who lost both his legs when he was caught in the blast zone of an Improvised Explosive Device in the recent war in Afghanistan. Pensioned out of the army he ended up on the streets of Mayhem City as a beggar. The placard around his neck reads "Homeless and Hungry". (I didn't paint it on but used a fine-nibbed Rotring pen to write it on.) He had no chance of escaping the zombies when the apocalypse began. His throat was ripped out, ending his life of suffering.


  1. Another awesome array of zeds, Bryan, and you certainly now seem to be making up for you brief departure from all things Undead - hopefully these posts are giving you plenty of brush time with your "Rum'n'Bones" minis ;-) How you manage to paint each of these fellas differently and imbue them with such individuality really shows just how much you love the walking dead, and your patience to make up their own little stories is very much appreciated. It certainly makes them come 'alive' in my mind - if you can do such a thing with zombies.

    I have several faves amongst this bunch, such as the pony-tailed Wounded 3 or Pants 1. But did think that Wounded 2 had all the hallmarks of a William Shatner Star Trek uniform if you'd gone with the yellow shirt/black trousers combo :-) Great stuff all-round though once again, and looking forward to seeing more on your next posting!!!

    1. Great comments, Simon. I can't wait to paint some of my Rum & Bones figures but sadly, they must wait. I am just finishing painting the figures from my Castle Ravenloft game. Then I have the final batch of Berserker Zombies for Zombicide to paint before I can even begin on Rum & Bones. Patience, my friend. I will begin painting my pirates soon.

      The hardest part of painting this horde of 100 zombies was thinking up the colour schemes. Fortunately, I had just bought the complete range of Foundry paints so I had a fantastic palette of colours to work with. It's funny that you mentioned giving one of the zombies a Star Trek uniform because I was thinking the same thing. Look out for the fifth post in this series next Wednesday and you'll see my Trekkie zombie.

    2. "Look out for the fifth post in this series next Wednesday and you'll see my Trekkie zombie." - Bryan you can't leave me hanging like that, you tease ;-) I was already looking forward to your next post but next Wednesday is a lifetime away. Looking forward to those Ravenloft minis too :-)

    3. I am a tease, Simon. But it's worse than that. I have deliberately kept the best of this horde till last. Just wait until you see my male T-shirt zombies!

      There are a lot of coll minis in the Castle Ravenloft, including a wicked zombie dragon and a truly awesome dracolich! Sorry to tease again, but I'm keeping them till the last. Yes, I am a rotter!

  2. Terrific to see more zombies. 15 males and only 5 females, makes me wonder if men taste better from a zombies point of view if not our own!

    1. You'd expect to see a 50/50 split between males and females but most sculptors seem to favour male zombies over female zombies. Go figure!

  3. Another great gang of zombies Bryan. Your patterned clothing is really good Dude! Once again your gore effects are outstanding. Inspirational man!

    1. That's very kind of you to say so, Bob.

  4. Very nice additions to the horde Bryan :)