Sunday, 16 August 2009

Alpha Forge Zombies 02

When looking for zombie miniatures it pays to thoroughly check out a company's catalogue. A few months ago I reviewed the Alpha Forge range of zombies and survivors (see here at ). These were all part of Alpha Forge's modern horror line. Whilst browsing their sc-fi range I came across these two figures - DMZ0M1 Female Death Mask Zombie and DMZ0M2 Male Death Mask Zombie. They can be found amongst the range of Mephalians and are described thus - "the Mephalian aliens use the strange 'Death Mask' drones. These ancient artifacts, when activated, seek the corpses of fallen enemies upon the battlefield and re-animate them. The Mephalians then send them back into combat against their former crew members!"
As you can see from my photos these two will fit into a contemporary setting with no problem. They both appear to be military types from their clothing, or perhaps they were survivalists.
The female wears combat trousers, boots, sweat shirt and has pads on both shoulders and her right elbow. There is a gaping hole in the right side of her head, which ought to be a fatal wound but clearly isn't. I know nothing at all about the Mephalians other than the blurb above, so perhaps they can reanimate someone who has been shot in the head. She also sports another nasty wound, this time to the stomach. A coil of intestine is worming its way out of the wound.
The male is dressed in a combat jacket, opened to reveal a vest or t-shirt underneath, combat trousers, boots and a bandolier of ammo pouches slung over his right shoulder. His right arm has been ripped off at the elbow. His trousers have a large tear over the left thigh but I restrained myself in painting the gore here and just gave him a slight cut or scratch.
These 28mm scale figures are not bad sculpts but neither are they anything special. Average is an apt description for them. They certainly fit in well with the other Alpha Forge zombies. The two packs cost $3.30 each. If you haven't placed an order with Alpha Forge yet I'd recommend adding them to your order for the zombies and/or survivors. If you weren't specifically looking for them you'd easily miss them.

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