Sunday, 23 August 2009

Studio Miniatures Zombies 03 - Mob 3

Studio Miniatures released their fourth boxed set of 28mm scale zombies earlier this week. Expect a full review soon, once I get them painted. But first, I need to review the third set, which as usual contains eight finely detailed zombies - five male and three female.
Starting with the male zombies in the photos above at the far left is a grey-haired negro zombie, holding a pistol in his right hand. Two things spring to mind regarding that pistol. First, he was almost certainly holding it when he died - cause of death would appear to be two bullet wounds to his chest, presumably from a small calibre gun as there are no exit wounds in his back. Second, it seems doubtful that he knows how to use it any more. I love to see non-Caucasian zombies as they are poorly represented by miniature companies.
The zombie to his left suffers a horrendous neck wound that has caused his head to hang limply on his left shoulder. That wound runs deep! In addition, he has lost his right hand and both knees have been cut, scraped or bitten. You decide.
Next up is a bare-chested zombie who appears almost skeleton-like, especially in regards to his head. His lower left arm has been heavily bandaged. But that didn't help him at all, as the zombies have certainly feasted well on him. His stomach has been ripped open to reveal his internal organs. It's a wound that is so common to zombies nowadays. I guess sculptors just like sculpting intestines. However, what is very rare, is his back wound. The flesh from his back from the top of his spine to his backside has been stripped away to reveal his spinal column. Now that is nasty! And as a gore fan I mean that in a good way! Finally, a large chunk has been taken out of his left lower leg.
The final member of this group wears an aviator's jacket, which is a nice touch. He too has the obligatory stomach wound with intestines spilling out. I've smeared the lower half of his face in blood to show he's been feasting. Aren't zombies such messy eaters?!

In the next group of figures, we start with my favourite figure out of this set - the guy in bobble hat and parka. Looking at his face, he reminds me of Charlie from Land of the Dead. Thankfully, Charlie never got turned into a zombie, as I liked his character. One look at this figure and it's obvious how he died - a meat cleaver to the heart (or is it a spade with the handle snapped off?). There is a small bite to his right lower arm and his left eye is hanging out of its socket. You don't see many figures in parkas or winter clothing so I welcome him to my zombie horde with open arms. More like him, please!
Now for the females. The lass in the brown skirt has had her right foot bitten off and her lower right leg is all chewed up. Still, she limps onwards in search of fresh meat. The loss of a foot is not going to stop her.
In the middle of the trio of females is a corporate type dressed in what was once a smart business suit. Now it is torn and blood-stained. Her left arm has been ripped off at the elbow and she has a bite wound to the side of her face.
Do you remember my review of the headless zombie in the Zombiesmith range? I did not like him being headless so I added a spare head to the back of his neck, supported there by a few sinews of flesh after being inspired by a scene from Land of the Dead. Well, Studio Miniatures have done exactly the same thing with this female zombie. Her head has almost been decapitated but enough flesh remains so that it hangs between her shoulder blades. Like the bare-chested male above, she was once bitten in the arm and has had the wound bandaged. Also, like the same male, she has had her stomach ripped open. She is a mess, but also a wonderful figure!
Zombie Mob 003 costs £15.99 if you want metal figures or £24.99 if you want resin figures. I've stated before that I think the Studio Miniatures zombies are the finest on the market today. I still maintain that opinion, but it must be said that this is the weakest set they have produced yet. Why? Well, as far as I can tell only two of the figures - the zombie in the aviator's jacket and the zombie in the parka - are original sculpts. The other six are conversions of figures from sets 1 and 2. I know this practice bothers some people but less so for me. Even though six of them are conversions, they are still excellent conversions and fine figures in their own right. You really shouldn't let that fact put you off buying them. These deserve to be at the forefront of anyone's zombie horde.


  1. Nice review, Vamp. Like you I was a bit put off by the number of conversions in this pack, but my opinion has softened a bit having seen your painted examples. They're still top-notch minis, and they'll be added to my collection in due course.

  2. I'm sure we'd all like to see more original figures but as John said in his interview with you, these are fillers for the horde, so let's not be too harsh. And these are still high quality sculpts. Set 004, which I got earlier this week is more of the same - a mix of originals and conversions but it came with a freebie that frankly, surpasses their George Romero zombie. It's Bub the intelligent zombie from Romero's Day of the Dead film. Man, that is just mega-cool!!!!!! Review coming soon, as these figures jump to the front of my queue of figures waiting to get painted.