Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Black Scorpion and Black Orc Games Bikers

I posted a bunch of reviews of West Wind bikers just prior to my last two ATZ batreps, so I thought I'd stick with the theme. This time, I'm going to look at some human Gangers on motorbikes. At the left of the two photos above is one of my favourite biker models. It is the Black Scorpion 30mm scale Biker with Babe from their Desolation Row range of figures. This is a multi-part kit and it is not recommended for beginners. Instructions on how to put it together are not provided but if you refer to the photo on their website you'll get a good idea of where all the parts should go. Just a word of warning, I recommend painting the two riders and the bike separately, before glueing them together. The driver and his very attractive passenger are both armed with machine pistols, which closely resemble the Mini-Uzi. It is handy (no pun intended)  that the girl is left-handed, so that they can cover both sides. Note that the male has a Big Ass Pistol holstered at his right hip. The two figures and the bike are exquisitely sculpted. I decided to paint the bike and the driver's helmet metallic purple - a colour I very rarely use.
The next bike model features another Black Scorpion bike but the biker and his babe are by Black Orc Games. They are sculpted by Mario Zecca and I bought them when I ordered a load of zombies from their website. Seeing as the Black Scorpion bike comes with a rider and passenger, it seemed like an obvious choice to mount these two figures on this model. If you want to follow my lead, let me give you a word of warning. The male biker was a lousy fit for the bike. I had to cut his hands and feet off and remodel them in order to get him to fit perfectly. The joins on his hands were covered up with a leather bracelet and a chunky wristwatch. However, the female biker fit like a charm. Again, I painted both figures and the bike before I glued them in place. It has to be said that the sculpting of these two bikers is a lot cruder than that of the Black Scorpion pair but once they were painted I didn't think that they looked too bad. Also, neither of them are armed, but I didn't mind that. I normally base my bike models on the 25mm by 50mm rectangular plastic slottabases but these bikes are so long they wouldn't fit. So I've used a couple of the Games Workshop long biker bases which measure 25mm by 75mm. They fit perfectly on them.
The Black Scorpion Biker with Babe costs £10.00 from their website. The Black Orc Games Male Biker costs $1.30, whilst the Female Biker is cheaper at $1.05. The Black Scorpion biker with babe would be a worthy addition to any human biker gang. The Black Orc Games pair, less so. It all depends how much work you want to bestow upon them, because if you do buy them, you're going to have to find a bike to put them on. That may put a lot of people off buying them.


  1. Alright Bryan, now you've done it. You now have enough bikers to where it will be mandatory that you take a group photo for our viewing pleasure. I recommend an action shot of the whole gang riding into town on one of your beautiful set ups.
    Then, standing up ahead in the road, it is just Vampifan, patiently waiting to stop the gang in their tracks.

  2. Ah, Willy, if only you knew! I've only just started on showing off my biker collection - particularly in regard to my human bikers/gangers. I have LOTS more to show! In the ATZ:Haven supplement there are a few scenarios that call for a bike gang to harrass the forces of law and order. I have no problem in filling their numbers.
    Now about this idea of Vampifan standing in the road, waiting to stop them. How about if he had some biker back up of his own? I'll show you what I mean in my next post.

  3. Nice job. I like that purple. And good job on refitting the second rider. If you hadn't mentioned that you had to do it, I would never have known. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your bikers.

  4. QUOTE: "Nice job. I like that purple."
    I have to agree...and I am not a man for purple. The biker on the black bike looks as if he's just accelerating. Is this the Havasu Police Force?

    I guess all models are closer to 32mm than to 28mm.

  5. @Luckyjoe. Thanks. When it comes to painting minis, metallic purple has to be near the bottom of essential paints to own. But in this case, it does work. Getting the male biker to fit properly was quite a challenge. To be fair, I don't think he was designed to sit on a chopper-style bike.

    @Oliver. These figures are definitely closer to 32mm than 28mm. Yes, the Black Orc Games biker does look like he's accelerating. Either that, or he's incredibly laid back! Havasu police force? Could be. I have no intention of visiting there so it's not a problem for me.

  6. They look amazing, looking forward to seeing what you do with them and the next chapter for Vampifan and co.

  7. Thanks, Tecian. I'll be showcasing more bikers this weekend. As I hinted in my reply to LTL Dad, it will be something special.

    As for Team Vampifan's next outing, I'm hoping to do some more gaming towards the back end of next month.