Sunday, 15 August 2010

My ATZ Campaign - Day 7 - Quarantine Breakout

We last left Vampifan and his two friends, Big Sil and Gap, after they had successfully repulsed an attack from a bunch of looters. They made the joint decision that it would be untenable to stay put, so they loaded up Vampifan's pick-up truck with supplies and made an attempt to depart Mayhem City Centre. Unfortunately for them, City Hall and the Health Department had decided to quarantine their neighbourhood. Police roadblocks were set up in place to prevent any unauthorised personnel from leaving.
This is my version of the Quarantine scenario found in the ATZ:Haven supplement (see p.7). This scenario saw three firsts take place. It was the first time I used my newly made WWG Streets of Legend TLX ground tiles; it was the first time I used the Litko ATZ counters in a game. and it was the first game of ATZ that I played with an opponent. Rob, my gaming buddy (whom Gap is based on) decided he'd like to try out the game. So I let him control the Police, whilst I controlled everyone else.
As written, this is a scenario designed for Police characters. I decided to play it as such but with a special tweak to include team Vampifan. Here is the group of characters that were controlled by Rob -
From left to right they are Ronald Adams, a Rep:5 Veteran; Mike Shelly, a Rep:4 Officer; Frank Messina, a Rep:4 Officer; Stavros Katsirdakis, a Rep:4 Officer; Jennifer Hayes, a Rep:3 Rookie and Robert Kane, a Rep:3 Rookie. Adams was a Star, the rest were Grunts. All were armed with BA Pistols and handcuffs. Their three vehicles contained a shotgun each. You ought to recognise the non-Rookies as West Wind Police Officers, which I reviewed very recently. The two Rookies are very old Citadel cops from their 25mm scale Gangster range (now long defunct). Being 25mm scale they are smaller than today's 28mm scale figures, which made them ideal for portraying Rookies.
The cops were issued with three police cruisers. Unfortunately, I hadn't made any yet (my big bad!) and so I replaced them with what I had available - two police interceptors (classed as sports cars) and a police van.

The objective of the game for the Police was to prevent anyone from breaking through their cordon. The photo below shows the initial set up. Anything north of the wooden barricades (towards the top of the photo) was in the quarantine zone. Anything south of that barrier (towards the bottom of the photo) was in the clear zone. The encounter took place at night but the area was well lit, so visibility was normal. The Police crew had to last for 16 activations before they'd be replaced by a fresh team. During that time any result of doubles on the activation dice would result in a random encounter (see p.10 of ATZ:Haven). Each encounter could only occur once. Here's where I tweaked it. On turns 1-10 the encounters would be generated as per the rules. However between turns 11 and 14 any encounter would be replaced by team Vampifan appearing. If no encounter was generated between turns 11 and 14 then team Vampifan would automatically appear on turn 15. Obviously, Vampifan's objective was to exit the board from the quarantine zone to the clear zone.
The Police had a number of special rules that would greatly enhance their chances of survival and odds of succeeding in their mission. First up, no zombies would be generated by gunfire or loud noises. Believe me, this gave them one hell of an advantage! Secondly, they had the "Halt! Quarantined!" special rule, which could potentially halt anyone in their tracks - even zombies! I'll explain it in more detail when we come to it. The Police began the game with their pistols holstered. It would take one turn of activation to draw their pistols from their holsters or grab a shotgun from a vehicle.
As usual, any page numbers given refer to the ATZ:BDTZ rulebook, unless otherwise noted.
TURN 1.   ACTIVATION - Police = 6, Others = 4
A slow start. No one moves.
TURN 2.   ACTIVATION - Police = 3, Others = 4
The cops shuffle about and hope this will be a quiet shift.
TURN 3.   ACTIVATION - Police = 6, Others = 1
From left to right, the Police are lined up as follows - Rookie Kane, Rookie Hayes, Officer Katsirdakis, Veteran Adams, Officer Messina and Officer Shelly.
TURN 4.   ACTIVATION - Police = 3, Others = 4
So far so quiet.
TURN 5.   ACTIVATION - Police = 2, Others = 1
This photo shows a different view of the initial set up of the Police. Still no movement.
TURN 6.   ACTIVATION - Police = 6, Others = 3
With an encounter possible one in six times, the Police have been very lucky up till now. Can it last?
TURN 7.   ACTIVATION - Police = 2(1), Others = 2(4)
At last! An encounter! I rolled a 7 on 2d6, indicating either Runners or an Injured Civilian. A 2 on 1d6 determined that the encounter would be two Runners. I diced to see which building they would emerge from - the lawyers' offices or the warehouse. These were frustrated lawyers (both Rep:4 Civilians) who passed 2d6 on the Move Fast test, which allowed them to run 16".
However, as soon as they came within 6" of the Police they had to temporarily halt, whilst the Police made their "Halt! Quarantined!" test. Both sides roll 1d6 per point of Rep and after modifiers are applied, compare results. For the Police, Veteran Officer Adams would make this test. He got to add an extra 4d6 for each additional figure more than the opposition. Each 1, 2 or 3 rolled counted as a success. So it was 9d6 vs 4d6. Rob scored an impressive 7 successes, whilst I could only manage 2 successes. A result of two or more successes for the Police meant that any Unarmed Civilian would obey Police instructions. Naturally, Veteran Adams ordered them to halt and they did. He sent Rookies Hayes and Kane to handcuff the miscreants and put them in the police van. Having a police van with them meant they didn't have to wait 1d6 turns for a one to turn up, which was lucky. Veteran Adams and Officer Katsirdakis took up position behind police interceptor 01, whilst Officer Messina moved behind police interceptor 02. This placed Veteran Adams almost in the centre of the wide road.
TURN 8.   ACTIVATION - Police = 3, Others = 1
Rookies Hayes and Kane march their prisoners towards the police van.
TURN 9.   ACTIVATION - Police = 4(4), Others = 4(3)
Another encounter. This time I let Rob roll and he scored an 8, indicating either zombies or a zombie horde. I was praying for a zombie horde and thankfully, the dice gods heard me. Rob rolled a 5 on 1d6, meaning he'd be facing 2d6 zombies. I rolled and scored a 7 - an average result. The rules indicate that each zombie moves 2d6 from the table edge. I wasn't too sure if that meant rolling for each zombie separately or for the horde as a whole. To save time I just rolled once and scored a 6, which coincidentally is the distance a zombie can normally move. All six Police drew their pistols from their holsters. No dummies these cops!
Rookies Hayes and Kane had reached the back of the police van with their prisoners.
TURN 10.   ACTIVATION - Police = 5(6), Others = 5(2)
Yet another encounter. They're coming thick and fast now! This time I rolled for a Sniper with a grudge against cops and firemen. He was armed with a Bolt Action Rifle. He would fire once at a randomly chosen Police Officer. On a 1d6 score of 6, he'd hit the target. As soon as he fired he would disappear.
The dice determined that the Sniper would shoot at Officer Katsirdakis at the far left of the group. However, his shot missed. Even so, Officer Katsirdakis had to take a Received Fire test. Although he passed 2d6, he was still forced to Duck Back because the Sniper outgunned him. Note the use of the Litko Duck Back counter. This was the first time I used one in a game.
Officer Katsirdakis found cover to his left. The blue counter shows where he went. Meanwhile, the horde of zombies advanced. Because the Police rolled a 6 on their second activation dice, none of them could move or fire this turn.
TURN 11.   ACTIVATION - Police = 1, Others = 5
Rookie Hayes placed the first prisoner in the back of the van. Rookie Kane fired once at the closest zombie but missed.
The other four cops fired twice each and in a dismal display of dice rolling, only Veteran Adams and Officer Shelly hit, but they only scored knockdowns on two of the centrally placed zombies. Fortunately for them, the zombies couldn't activate this turn.
TURN 12.   ACTIVATION - Police = 5(6), Others = 5(3)
Yet another encounter, but this time there was no need to dice for it. Remember I said before that any encounter between turns 11 and 14 would be team Vampifan arriving. The speed of his pick-up truck was determined randomly by rolling 3d6. I scored a 5, which quite frankly was pathetic!
The two knocked down zombies stood up and the rest of the horde moved forward another 6". This time, it was the Police who failed to activate.
TURN 13.   ACTIVATION - Police = 3, Zombies = 4, Vampifan = 1
The zombies were forced to halt at the wooden barricades, as that placed them 6" away from the Police. This of course triggered a "Halt! Quarantined!" test. The Police would roll 7d6 (5 for the Rep of Veteran Adams and +2 for having weapons drawn whilst the other side was not armed). The zombies would roll 6d6 (4 for being Rep:4 and +2 for outnumbering the Police by 7 to 5. Why not 7 to 6? Well, Rookie Hayes was out of the confrontation as she was still trying to get her prisoner incarcerated.) Both sides passed 3d6, which resulted in a roll off between the leaders of both groups. They had to roll 1d6 each and add their Rep score to the result. The Police only just won by one point. Very lucky! As a consequence, the zombies had to halt.
Now it was the Police turn and this time the five patrolmen facing the zombie horde all fired twice. Yet again, Rob's dice rolling let him down very badly. Officer Messina and Veteran Adams managed to knockdown the two female zombies at the far left of the group. Officer Katsirdakis rolled double 1 and found he'd run out of ammo! (The black bullet token indicates he is out of ammo) Rob was not a happy bunny, I can tell you! Before anyone reminds me about the Easy To Hit rule (see p.34) I know it. Actually it should be called the Easy To Kill rule but in any case, Rob's dice rolling really was abysmal! Rookie Hayes finally got the second prisoner into the back of the police van.
Finally, this turn, Vampifan got to move. A pick-up truck can normally move 18" in a turn. This is what Vampifan, who was driving the vehicle, intended to do. The blue rinse zombie was in his way and so he had to take a Vehicle Charge test. Being a Star he was allowed to choose how many dice he wanted to pass. Naturally, he chose to pass 2d6. Zombies never take the Being Run Down test and are assumed to have passed 0d6. This meant that Vampifan hit the zombie with an Impact of 5 (the Bash value of the pick-up truck). I rolled a 1 for damage and the blue rinse zombie was totally obliterated. Zombie kill of the day! Vampifan had to take a Lose Control test because of the collision. He passed 1d6 but because he'd only hit a pedestrian he was able to carry on driving (see p.27 and Vehicle QRS).
At this point, Veteran Adams issued a "Halt! Quarantined!" warning against Vampifan. He would roll 7d6 ( 5 for his Rep and +2 for outnumbering team Vampifan by 5 to 3. Once again, Rookie Hayes was not included in the equation). Vampifan would roll 6d6 (4 for his Rep and +2 for being in a vehicle whilst the other side weren't). Big Sil had his Machine Pistol drawn and ready to fire so both sides cancelled each other out for being armed. As before, both sides passed 3d6, which resulted in a roll off between Adams and Vampifan. This time Adams lost by one point, so Vampifan could fire at the cops but instead opted to carry on driving. Again, he had to take the Vehicle Charge test and again, he chose to pass 2d6. The pick-up truck hit police interceptor 01 with a Bash Rating of 8 (5 for its Bash value and +3 for T-Boning the target), whilst the interceptor had a Bash Rating of 3 (its Bash Value) (see p. 25 for vehicle stats and p.27 for the Bash test). Not surprisingly, Vampifan scored 3 or more successes (4 vs 1 was the actual result) and so he plowed through the interceptor his full remaining distance. As Veteran Adams and Officer Katsirdakis were in Vampifan's path, they had to take the Being Run Down test. They passed 2d6 and were able to fire at the driver before dodging out of the way and dropping prone. Unfortunately for Rob, Officer Katsirdakis was still out of ammo, so he couldn't fire and Veteran Adams missed his shot. Marksman ship training would be high on the agenda if the cops survived this encounter! All that was left to do this turn was to see how badly damaged police interceptor 01 was. For that, Rob rolled on the Bash Damage table (see p.28) and passed 1d6. The car rolled over and was irreparable. Ow, costly!
TURN 14.   ACTIVATION - Police = 2, Zombies = 6, Vampifan =4
Vampifan drove off the board, very relieved at surviving this encounter and escaping intact! Veteran Adams and Officer Katsirdakis got back to their feet. The other four cops each fired twice at the zombies. The two rookies missed with their four shots shots. Officer Messina hit with his first shot and scored a knockdown against the zombie with the hook replacing its right hand. Officer Shelley also hit with his first shot and scored a kill against the zombie in the chicken suit (at last!) but missed with his second shot.
TURN 15.   ACTIVATION - Police = 1, Zombies = 4
The zombies charged the police lines and this time the "Halt! Quarantined!" test did not stop them. Rob rolled badly, I rolled well! The female zombie at the top of the photo above and the hook handed zombie stood up this turn. Both sides had to roll on the Meeting Zombies table (see p. 44) with the zombies getting a +1 bonus for passing the "Halt! Quarantined!" test by 1d6. The zombies rolled 1d6 + 4 (3 for the number present and +1 for their bonus), whilst the Police rolled 1d6 + 5 (for the highest Rep involved). The scores ended up 7 apiece, which meant that because the humans didn't beat the zombie score the zombies could melee the humans without being shot at. Veteran Adams, Officer Messina and Rookie Kane were the targets of the zombie attack.
The melee did not go well for the zombies. All three policemen killed their assailants. Officer Katsirdakis reloaded his pistol.
TURN 16.   ACTIVATION - Police = 4, Zombies = 3
On the last turn of the game, the Police finally had some good results with their shooting. Veteran Adams hit and killed the last two remaining zombies with two shots from his Big Ass Pistol.

I hope I've shown how you can tweak a scenario not designed for Survivors so that you can use them anyway. It was a fun game to play, especially as I was playing against an opponent for the first time. Rob enjoyed the game but was convinced that my dice were cursed. Who can blame him? He had a lot of bad dice rolls on the day. On the plus side, he didn't lose any of his force, although I suspect the higher command of the Mayhem City Police won't be happy at him letting someone break out of the quarantine zone! Vampifan did not have a lot to do in this scenario, and Big Sil and Gap had nothing to do, but he did enough to escape from the dangerous city centre and that was his number one priority.
My final thoughts on this scenario are these. I love how my TLX tiles look. This scenario was meant to be played on a 3' square board, which I was able to achieve easily. With my old 2' square boards that would have been very difficult.
The Litko tokens were useful but didn't get much use.
The special rules were clearly designed to make life as easy as possible for the Police. No zombie reinforcements from gunshots and other loud noises gave them a massive tactical advantage. I'll admit to having reservations about the "Halt! Quarantined!" rule. Fair enough, I can see it working against humans, but against zombies?  I doubt it. Still it was only for this one scenario so I'm not complaining too loudly. All in all, Rob and I enjoyed playing the scenario and that's all that counts! Hopefully, we might get some more games played together as It makes a world of difference to have an opponent to game against.


  1. Another entertaining batrep! Thanks!

  2. Nice AAR.(about halt quarantined rule) Perhaps zombie didn't know they could encounter some resistance from their meal... so they get surprised. But it's very far-fetched ^^

    Bad day for the cops. Why people ever try to escape quanrantined area : the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence (there are zombies too).

  3. Thanks, Brutpaul and Ulu. With the "Halt! Quarantined!" rule I think someone with a commanding voice and presence like Judge Dredd may be able to pull it off but but for your average cop, I just can'r see how it's possible. The big flaw with the rule is that it assumes a zombie understands the command. Still, as I said, It only applies to this one scenario... thankfully!

  4. I just finished reading the quarantine scenario when I read your AAR. It's very didactic. Your figures and your paper town are great.

  5. @Kobayachimaru. Thank you. Anyone who describes my post as didatic has my respect (for those who don't know, it means intended to instruct) and clearly understands my intent.

  6. It is not every day you see twin Lambos used for a roadblock! Expensive is an understatement. In one mission Vampifan has managed to cost the taxpayers more dosh than LTL Mom and Dad combined over an entire campaign. Good job!
    Incredible layout as usual Bryan.

  7. Ha ha, that's a good point, Willy. I guess Vampifan won't be flavour of the month with the MCPD!

  8. Great batrep, as usual. I've been reading your stuff for a month or so now and am working on my own ATZ paper town. You inspire!

    I'm new to THW and have a rules question. When the cop takes the 'received fire' test after the sniper fires, shouldn't the other cops within 8" also have to take this test? (ATZ:BDTZ pg. 13) Or maybe the other figures were not able to see the cop get shot at? Just curious...

    Thanks again for the great stuff you post. I enjoy it thoroughly!

  9. HALT, I AM THE LAW!!!

    Another wonderful batrep!
    Did your opponent know what kind of different random encounters could happen? If not, he must have been shocked to see a sniper firing on his cops.

    Team Vampifan did a real cool job! You didn't even hurt a police officer. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

    Whiteface / Oliver

  10. @PD. Welcome aboard. I'm glad that my work has inspired you to build your own stuff.

    Regarding your question, you've just about answered it yourself. Received Fire only applies to the person being shot and those within 8" who CAN SEE the person being shot. The cops behind the cars and with 8" of Officer Katsirdakis were all focussing their attention on the zombies ahead of them. Naturally so, I'd say. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. I'm more than happy to answer.

    @Oliver. Again, thanks for the kind words. This was the first time that Rob had played any THW game, nevermind ATZ. He had not (and has not) seen the BDTZ rulebook or the Haven supplement, so the random encounters were a complete surprise to him. I did tell him about the possibility of team Vampifan appearing between turns 11 and 14. Yes, the sniper scared the crap out of him and he wasn't too happy to see so many zombies in one encounter but he coped well for a newbie.

    I'm rather proud of the fact that team Vampifan resisted the urge to fire on the cops. Yes, it is great when a plan comes together!

  11. Thanks! I guess I should have been able to figure that out for myself...

    Anyway, it's good to back in the gaming world. I started back in the 70s with the original Metagaming OGRE. Played hex games and RPGs through highschool. Discovered miniature wargames in college. Got sucked into the world of 40K for about 20 years. Got bored/frustrated with that and with life's changes/pressures just drifted away from it all three years ago or so. A friend turned me on to THW a couple months back and I've discovered a whole new world of miniatures! My son is 13 and we've been having a blast with ATZ.

    So, that's me (at least my gamer self) in a nutshell. Nice to meet you! Keep up the great work! I look forward to your next post. Peace.

  12. Wow, PD, you've been gaming as long as I have! Thanks for letting me know about yourself. I'm always interested in other folk's gaming experiences. I started in the 70's as well, with the original D&D. At the present I am becoming more and more turned off by GW and everything they do. Don't start me on an an anti-GW rant! As for the THW games, they are the gaming future for me, with ATZ being my number one favourite. If you haven't looked at their other stuff you really ought to. They seem to have all gaming genres covered.

  13. Yes, I've been looking at THW's other genres. I'm probably going to buy 'Nuts!' at some point. Takes me back to the days of Squad Leader... I started early with D&D too! Even drew my own graph paper back in the day! This THW stuff has the same feel to those days. I really like the RPG/Wargame combo of the game system. That's how I like to play anyway. To me it is all about the story telling, not just kitting out some uber force and crushing opponents.

  14. PD, you are a man after my own heart! Your attitude to gaming is the same as mine and I must add, most other THW gamers that I know. I used to draw loads of maps on graph paper so that they doubled as floor plans for my figures. I often dream what it would be like to go back in time with the scenery and figures I have now or alternatively, transport my old gaming buddies to my house now. They'd be completely blown away!

  15. PD,
    Vamp is hugely responsible for pushing me over the brink into Zombie gaming, and I may possibly be even worse than him at this point. I just won't ever have as many Zombies as him! Or as nice a quality of buildings. Or as nicely painted figs.. Or..

  16. Hmm, I am wondering what's coming next. Will Team Vampifan have to break another (military controlled) barrier, will they get into a riot or will they travel to the countryside? I better go and fetch some popcorn...

    Whiteface / Oliver
    (Into roleplaying games since 1985, first miniatures in the very early 90's )

  17. Looks like the 'old guys' rule this Zombie genre! ;) It is great to meet everyone.

    @LTLDad: I've read most of your blog too and it is great! I especially like the batreps with the whole family along. Great stuff! I've painted hero minis for my family and am going to do a campaign with them. I've got a plan in my head for building a foamcore version of our house to defend. I think even the wife will like it - at least she likes the figure I chose for her (Hasslefree's Dionne with trench coat...)

    @Vampifan: Holy cow! If I would have had World Works Games stuff back in the day I'd have a warehouse sized paper city by now! Gaming has come a long way but I like the 'back to basics' approach of THW. Lots of freedom in the rules to just play and have fun. I'm fortunate to still see some of the guys I gamed with in high school. They are usually amazed at the figures I paint and that I STILL enjoy minis. They either don't game at all or have gone to video. Kinda sad, actually...

    @Whiteface: I agree! Looking forward to what Team Vampifan will encounter next!

  18. @PD: Hasslefree's Dionne with Trenchcoat?! I thought she was Mrs. Whiteface! ;o)

  19. What's next for Vampifan? Well, he's still stuck in Mayhem City. Zombies are popping up all over the place and in greater numbers. Street gangs and the military are becoming more prevalent and an encounter with one or both is on the cards for the next episode.

    @PD & Oliver. Hasslefree's Dionne in the trenchcoat is a gorgeous figure and very worthy of Star status. I think you both have excellent taste!

  20. I love your bat reps have been working thru all of them for ideas of my own campaign, i would like to point out tho (might have been addressed somewhere else or i might be misunderstood) but i believe your doing melee combat wrong. Pg 21 "How to Melee" states that Each figure retains any result of 1, 2, or 3 and re-rolls them. The way im understanding your written battle reps you just count the initial combat roll for the differences in combat where according to the rules you should roll down till one side has 0 successes. Of course feel free to correct me or if this was a house rule I did not catch or am misunderstood in reading of the rules or battle reps let me know. :) but thanks for your great bat reps as well as reviews for miniatures and terrain, I have used your site as a major resource for starting my own ATZ games.

  21. Hi, Peter, and welcome aboard. You are absolutely right about how melee combat works. For the most part that is how I've been doing it as written in the rulebook. If I have erred, it was just a momentary blip as I got caught up in the action! Slapped wrists for me and an eagle-eye award for you! I'm happy to have any mistakes pointed out to me so I don't repeat them. I'll be more careful in future, I promise you!

  22. Darn it PD, I really hate it when I'm described as an "old guy". It just reminds me that I am in fact getting older. But the good news is that mentally I'm not a day over 12. Just ask LTL Mom.

    ATZ is a great vehicle to grab gamers. Just get them to play once and you will have a good shot at repeat miniatures gaming out of them. I know with the kids even, if given a choice between video games and miniatures, they go with minis every time.

  23. This is why I am here! I am in my late 30's and I guessed I am the youngster around here! ;o)

  24. @Vampifan
    Thanks for your warm welcome! Hey you play it how it works for you :) Looking forward to reading more battle reps and reviews im sure you will hear from me again!

    Sorry to disappoint but because im commenting now-a-days that makes me the youngest. A 16 year old youth turning 17, but don't let me age berate you, im much more mature :P

  25. Willy, I don't mind being called the "old guy" as, no matter who I've gamed with, I've always been the oldest. I've had to put up with a lot of comments (not all of them kind!) about my age and it's just water of a duck's back. Frankly, I don't give a damn. Never did, never will.

    Peter, I don't half envy you your youth. I wish I was about 20 again but with the knowledge I have now. Enjoy your life to the full - it's the only one you'll get!

  26. Good words, Vamp. Age is just a state of mind. I know 'old' people in their 30s and 'young' people in their 80s. It really is about how you view it and what you do with it. Life is good, folks, and it's all about the attitude you choose...

    @LTL Dad: sorry for the 'old guys' comment. Meant no harm. Peace.

  27. Hey PD, none taken, when you know me better you will know that I am never serious. I treat everything like one big Hobbit walking party.

    Hey Bryan, you know, I think we have set a record here fore the longest comment post in blog history!

  28. Willy, I have never had more than 20 comments on a post before. This is evolving from a blog into a forum! LOL!

  29. wow it took me as long to read the comments
    as the batrep
    as far as i know im the youngest here 15 and i will be 16 in feb so i'm expecting zeds as presents
    as for the halt qurrantened rule i think a stern loud voice from the 'food' could confuse the zombies momenterlly
    imagen your chrismas turkey stood up and made turkey noies wouldent you be stunned for a moment

  30. Zombie Hunter, congrats on leaving the 30th comment on this post! I never expected to get 30+ comments on any post! Also, I think you win the prize for being the youngest follower. Thank you for your support.

  31. a prize!! what is is zombies?....cookies?....
    zomie cookies!?
    yeah 30th post i think thats a record, but thats between about 10 of us so thats fair
    your certanly poupular vampifan

  32. Zombie cookies? LOL!
    Have a rat-on-a-stick instead!
    You can wash it down with some of Ole Dawgie's bath water! That'll sort the men from the boys, hee, hee!

  33. rat on a stick? ha! read this just after seprating rats from the traps round my aunts garden(im staying there and using my laptop to check in on all these greate blogs)
    didnt eat one though i'm halfway through a peperoni piza at the moment. life is good
    so if you dont have any zombie cookies i'll hapily accept any 25mm zombies,survivor,ganger or jesus minatures

  34. Okay, I'm feeling generous! Drop me a line at vampifan(at)talktalk(dot)net with your name and address and I'll send you some of my 25mm scale zombie and survivor swaps.
    Hey, am I good to you or what?

  35. Vampifan sometimes your too nice haha :P I got one upped but thats alright :D Congrats Zombie Hunter!

  36. Its even my birthday! :P well friday! Anyways back to talking about on terms things... When can we expect another Bat Rep mr Vampifan?!

  37. Soon, Peter, very soon. I'll be spending this weekend playing lots of ATZ. I hope to get at least two scenarios played. All being well I'll post my next batrep on Sunday 5th of September.

    Oh, and happy birthday. I hope you get lots of shiny new toys and hopefully some zombie goodies too!

  38. thanks again vampifan.i e-mailed you the adress
    are the ones your sending on this site or not i would like to see them.
    good luck for the weekend you might need it cant wait to read the batreps
    i have played a few test games and i still have trouble whith ranged combat and the reaction tests,could somone post a quick post on the eact procedings in ranged combat it would be greatley appreiated, ive spent more time painting and modeling.thanks

  39. I have reviewed some of the figures I'll be sending you. If you go to the column marked labels in the sidebar and click on Twilight Creations Inc you'll see the zombies I'm going to send you... although obviously not the ones you have from your Bag o' Zombies. The running zed is actually a human. You can use him as a survivor or do as I did and paint him as a zed. I'll send you a couple in case you want to do both. There are some armed survivors I'll send you but I don't have photos of them. Hey, it'll be a surprise for you!