Sunday, 8 August 2010

West Wind Redneck Militia

These two photos depict the four figures found in West Wind's Road Kill set GRK014 Redneck Militia. Up until now, I haven't reviewed any Ganger figures, although some of the Survivors I've looked at could be used as Gangers. However, these good ole boys are definitely Ganger material.
At the far left of the group is the figure that I'd nominate as the leader. He would appear to be the oldest of the group. He's holding a can of beer in his left hand and has the beginnings of a beer-gut on him. His weapon is a 12 gauge Franchi SPAS12 pump action shotgun, which is my favourite shotgun. I just love the design of it. I have done ever since I saw Arnie use it in the first Terminator film. There is a neat little touch that the sculptor has added to this figure that I really like - the packet of cigarettes tucked into the rolled up sleeve on his left arm.
The big muscular brute dressed in the dungarees has a dopey look to him and it would be dubious if he could walk and chew gum at the same time! Looking at the muscles on his arms I reckon he'd make a fine pack-mule. He's been given the important duty of carrying the group's supply of liquid refreshment - a four pack of beer. He is armed with what looks like a 5.56mm SG540 SIG assault rifle with folding stock. The weird squiggles on his lower left arm is my attempt at depicting a tattoo. I'm not 100% happy with how it's come out but seeing as he's only going to be used for gaming purposes I'm leaving it as is.
Next up is a young-looking gang member in matching denim jacket and trousers. He's armed with a standard Remington 12 gauge pump action shotgun.with the butt sawn off. That'll make it easier to conceal but a lot worse to aim. I have painted these figures very similar to the colour scheme found on the West Wind website but whereas they all have different coloured caps I've painted the caps of my figures all the same, just to unify them as a group.
The final figure of the group at the far right has a crazed psychotic look to him. Just check out his eyes. This guy will shoot first and ask questions later! Seeing as he's armed with a 5.56mm Colt Commando assault rifle, I imagine he's going to go through a heck of a lot of ammo. Selective fire? What's that? Fully automatic is the only way to go with him!
Together, they make a great bunch of figures. I like them a lot as they are nicely sculpted and full of character. The facial expressions, in particular, are first rate. Games like ATZ needs Gangers just as much as it needs Survivors, Cops, Soldiers and of course, zombies. Gangers can come in all flavours and these four represent one kind that are instantly recognisable. They cost £6.00 for the set of four from West Wind. As ever, I will warn you that although they are advertised as being 28mm scale they are about 5mm taller.


  1. Now THESE are freaking cool! Being from East Texas I can truly appreciate these figs. I must get some of these.
    If the Zombie Apoc ever hits, the first thing you should do is find guys that look like this if you want to survive. Trust me on this one.
    Hey wait a minute, I kind of look like this.. Bryan, are you mocking me!?!?

  2. Mock you, sir? The very idea never entered my mind! I deliberately avoided mentioning Texas in my review, lol! Hey, are you saying that these are the kind of figures I should be looking out for to represent LTL Dad?

    Regarding your comment about looking for these guys once the apocalypse kicks off, I remember a comment by Ed in the ATZ:BDTZ rulebook - "if you are without adequate weapons you may choose to go to a retail "box" store, or if you live in Texas, your neighbour's house first!" :)

  3. So Bryan you've been to northern Kentucky I see... These are excellent portrayals of people that scare the hell out of me. Especially the first guy. The first fig is a real Gomer straight out of Hooterville. I have to get these guys to go with chainsaw girl, she's thar couzin, hee hee.

  4. "If the Zombie Apoc ever hits, the first thing you should do is find guys that look like this if you want to survive. Trust me on this one."
    I am not sure about this one. When I see these minis I have to think of "Deliverance" with Burt Reynolds. I think only "The Family" from Wargames Foundry is making me more nervous.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  5. @Roger. Sister Saw, the chainsaw wielding chick I reviewed recently, would be right at home with these. She's probably their sister or cousin!

    @Oliver. My thoughts exactly! I don't think I'd want these guys watching my back in a combat situation. Can you say "friendly fire?"
    The Family from Wargames Foundry are a bunch of psycho freaks more dangerous than the Hewitt family from the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" films. At least the Hewitts only had one chainsaw wielding maniac - The Family have two plus a huge brute with a power drill! I must review them soon!

  6. The Foundry guy with the leather apron, power drill / cleaver scares me a lot! I hope Mr. Whiteface will never meet him in the zombie-apocalyptic world...

    Does anyone produce a miniature with a modern bow (or crossbow)? I think I will need one when I meet this redneck militia.

  7. Tough question that, Oliver. I know that Sadie from Hasslefree's range of adventurers has a crossbow strapped to her back. The Horrorclix female vampire slayer is firing a hand held crossbow. I used both figures as Stars when I first played ATZ using the first edition rules as I liked the idea of ranged weapons that allowed silent kills. But I must admit I am struggling to think of anyone else who'd fit the bill. It looks you might have to go for a conversion, Oliver, unless anyone can suggest a better alternative. I'd be very interested in finding a figure with a modern bow.

  8. Hmm, I like HF Miniaures, but Sadie is not on my very long HF shopping list.
    There is a rioter with a crossbow from Offensive Miniatures, but I think they are more 25mm and not 28mm minis. It's a shame, their rioters and mounted cops would be perfect for ATZ: Haven.

  9. P.S.: I don't know why I am registered twice as a follower. Wish I know how to delete the older version.

  10. I noticed that I'd gained a new follower... but then I spotted that you were already a follower. Very strange! I have no idea how to delete followers. For the most part I don't want to but this would be the exception to the rule. I should stress that I'd only want to delete your earlier version, not both, Oliver!

  11. I have this doubles in some (not all) other blogs too. I did notice before that not all of my followed blogs were in my profile (although I was shown as a follower), but until now it wasn't a problem. Now I wanted to include everything in my blogger profile (not a new profile) which led to these doubles. I can't sign off with the old version, emails to the old version don't reach me. It's a zombie account...something between Google / Friend Connect / Blogger is FUBAR. I think I'll try to connect someone with more Brainnsss than me.

  12. Hey Rog, I stand corrected. I've been to N. Kentucky and you're right. If these were Texas boys they wouldn't be dressed so nice, and they damned sure wouldn't be color coordinated!