Sunday, 2 May 2010

Mega Minis Zombies 02

Here is set 2 of the Mega Miniatures 28mm scale range of zombie figures, which comprises 8 figures. I mentioned last time that the figures shown on their website were painted by Rogzombie. For roughly two thirds of the figures that I painted I have copied Roger's colour schemes. What can I say - I'm lazy and it's easier than thinking up my own!
Looking at the four figures above I loved how Roger had painted the logo SK8R on the T-shirt of the boy holding the skateboard. I thought it was a really neat touch. As regards the sculpting of the figure, what I particularly like about him is that his right arm is in a plaster cast. Now how often do you see that on a figure? Hardly ever! The zombies have left his wounded arm alone (probably couldn't bite throught the plaster!) and have ripped half of his face off. There is a large hole where his left cheek should be and blood has soaked his T-shirt and trouser leg. I like this figure a lot as he is so characterful. Plus he gets mucho brownie points for having a plaster cast!
Next up, could be a police patrolman but for me he is Paul Blart - zombie Mall Cop, lol! The zeds have really done a number on him. His left arm has been ripped off at the elbow and he has a massive stomach wound from which his entrails are slopping out. Messy! That'll teach him for starring in such a crap film!
Third in line is another zombie child. This little mite was playing hockey when the zeds caught up with him. Apart from a bite wound to his right arm, he is relatively intact. I pondered on whether to paint his hockey stick coated in gore or not for quite a while. In the end, I decided it looked too plain without it so it was on with the TCR (Tamiya Clear Red).
Last in line out of this group is the zombie fireman, whom I have painted completely different to Roger's version. He holds his fire-axe defiantly above him. He has also had a large chunk bitten out of his left cheek. In addition, his left hand appears to have been cut off. It is far too smooth a wound that it could not have been bitten off. Whether he cut his hand off with his own axe or someone else did remains a mystery. He is a very nicely sculpted figure.
The figure at the far left of this second batch of figures is one of my least favourites out of this group. He appears to be dancing, which rather puts me off him. On the plus side, he sports an impressive array of wounds, starting with a long and deep cut to his right arm. The flesh has been stripped from the right side of his back, revealing his ribs. Finally, he has a very nasty wound to his left leg. I painted a lot of blood coming out of his mouth and pooling around his neck area.
The SWAT trooper is the first of four that Mega Minis have included in this range and they all suffer from the same sculpting problem. Whover sculpted them forgot to give them shoulder blades! I have rectified this problem by adding modelling putty to their upper backs to make them bulkier. To be honest, this is a very poorly sculpted figure all round. The arms are far too long. Note how his left hand is level with his left knee! His legs are too short as well. The only thing that I do like about him is the fact that he is eating someone's entrails. I want to see more zombies doing this!
Next to him is the pointing zombie. Perhaps he has just spotted a new victim and he wants his fellow walking corpses to go attack them. If he could do that then that would qualify him for intelligent zombie status! His right arm has been so badly chewed that bone is now visible. His second wound is not so severe - a chunk has bitten out of his right cheek.
Roger painted the last figure of this set as a cop, which makes sense. I have gone down a different road and decided to paint him up as a survivalist in autumn woodland camouflage. It's the first time I've used this colour scheme and I like how it came out. He is holding a pump action shotgun in his hands (upside down admittedly but what do you expect from a zombie?) and he has a pistol in a holster at his right hip. His only visible wound is the bite to his left cheek, making him the fourth zombie in this set with a cheek wound. I see a pattern emerging here! I have added blood to his stomach to indicate he has either been bitten or stabbed in the belly. The shotgun barrel is hiding the actual wound.
Mega Miniatures employs four sculptors for their zombie range and some are clearly better than others. All six sets in the range are a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. Personally, I think there are more good figures in the sets than bad or ugly. The price tag of $10 or roughly £6.50 per set from their E-bay store makes them worth checking out if you're on a tight budget. Check out my previous review for further price options.


  1. Hi Bryan! I knew there would be more goodies to view this morning with my coffee. Every time I see a new figure review on your blog it reminds me of how bad I need to start my Studio Minis Zombie collection. Hopefully pretty soon!
    All in all these Mega minis still look pretty cool the way you have them painted up. After all we even play with legos so I can't be casting any stones!

  2. No disrespect to Roger, but the figures look far better in the flesh than they do on the Mega Minis website.
    You really can't go wrong with Studio Miniatures zombies. In the meantime, why not rebase your Horrorclix figures, ahem, cough, cough!?