Sunday, 16 May 2010

Mega Minis Zombies 04

This week's review of the Mega Miniatures' zombie range of 28mm scale figures features set 4 plus some bonus stuff. So, on with the review.
Starting with the four figures in the two photos above, at the far left is a zombie businessman. His suit and tie and the briefcase he still retains mark him out as a businessman. His right arm has been bitten and I added a cut to his forehead. I must admit that I am not very impressed with the sculpting of this figure. For starters, his head is way too big for his body. His hands are very poorly done and I think the briefcase is slightly too small. Stick him in a large horde and he might just blend in. Otherwise, he gets a thumbs down!
The zombie baseball playing kid is much better, although not as good as the roller-skater coming up soon. He has a small hole in his back and a much larger one in his chest, suggesting he was killed by a bullet to the back. He was probably classed as collateral damage by the trigger-happy mook who shot him.
The zombie mum with the rolling pin looks like a fearsome adversary. She exudes a "don't mess with me" attitude. She comes with no obvious wounds so I gave her a slit throat. Nasty! I also smeared blood on her rolling pin as if she has used it to bash someone's brains out. I like this figure.
I also like the zombie male holding the length of two by four. This time, I resisted the temptation to smear blood on his length of wood. As with the previous figure, there are no obvious wounds on him. I decided to leave him unbloodied. After all, not every zombie has to be soaked in gore.
The zombie SWAT trooper shown at the far left of the two photos above suffers a similar problem to the other SWAT troopers in this range, namely that he appears to have lost his shoulder blades! I have corrected this oversight by adding a small amount of modelling putty to his upper back. It just goes to show that the quality of the sculpting in these sets vary from the poor to the excellent. This is a consequence of Mega Minis employing four sculptors on this range. The wounds on this guy are quite hoffific. He has been bitten in both arms and his has been disembowelled. His body armour is failing miserably to contain his internal organs.
Now we come to the zombie roller-skater that I mentioned earlier and she is easily the pick of the bunch in this set. From the front it looks like she is wearing a red T-shirt, but she's not. It should be white but because both of her arms have been ripped off her t-shirt is covered in blood. The quality of the sculpting on this figure is just top notch. She is an absolute gem!
Next up is something unusual - a zombie ninja! His kung fu skills were not enough to defeat flesh eating zombies. I painted him black, as you'd expect, but I have dry-brushed on a mix of black and red to give his highlights a reddish brown tint. I once read that historically speaking, ninjas never wore black, they wore dark reddish brown.A large part of his right side has been chewed away and a coil of intestine is escaping from his stomach. He's an average sculpt but I'm not sure why he has been included in the set.
The final figure in this set appears to be some sort of delivery man, possibly a postman. His right leg and left arm have severe bite wounds. A chunk has been taken from his left breast and finally, his left knee is bloodied. Like the ninja, he's no more than an average sculpt.
Now we come to the bonus material. First up is Grosso the Clown. He is one of four personality zombies that Mega Minis make. The others are Filthy Harry (an absolutely dire Dirty Harry zombie), Scary Potter (a passable Harry Potter) and Thriller (a passable Michael Jackson). Grosso was the only one that piqued my interest. His costume has been holed in the right elbow and right knee. He sports a cut to the top of his skull. I am one of those folks who think that clowns are scary and evil. So a zombie clown must be doubly scary and evil!
The two kid zombies I've shown here are the two samplers that Rogzombie sent me. After buying the six sets I was left with swaps of these two so I decided to do a bit of converting. With the football player I added modelling putty to his hair to make it frizzier and painted it ginger. I also drilled a big hole through his upper chest, showing that he'd been shot by a high calibre bullet. You can see all the way through this bullet wound! If you look at last week's Mega Minis zombies review you can see what the original figure looked like. This kid wears the same uniform - the Mayhem City Maulers.
The obvious thing to do with the roller-skater was to give her her arms back. So I drilled a hole through her upper chest from the side and inserted a piece of metal, cut from a paperclip, through the hole. This gave me a solid frame to add the modelling putty. I added a bite wound to her right arm. It was a relatively simple conversion. I painted her very differently to the little girl featured above.
The four personality zombies retail for $2.00 each if you order them from Mega Minis' E-bay store. However, if you order them from Mega Mini's online store they only cost $1.89 each. They are very much a mixed bag. I liked Grosso the Clown a lot. Scary Potter and Thriller were okay but in the end I decided against purchasing them. Filthy Harry is alas, one of the worst sculpted figures I've ever seen. He doesn't look remotely like Harry and worse still, he doesn't even look like a zombie. Be warned, avoid! As for set 4, this too is a mixed bag with two poor sculpts (the businessman and SWAT trooper), two average sculpts (the ninja and delivery man), three good sculpts (the baseball kid, the mum and the guy with the two by four) and one outstanding sculpt (the girl roller-skater). See last week's review for price details and remember, you can buy the figures individually from the online store if you want to avoid some of the poorer sculpts from this set.


  1. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!!.............................................

  2. Thanks, Karol. I do my best!

    NOTE: Above post has been edited after I inadvertantly called the Harry Potter zombie Barry Potter. He should have been called Scary Potter. My thanks to Rogzombie for pointing that out to me

  3. Vamping an did you see MegaMinis is running a sale and selling a 40pack of zombies or survivors (your choice) for $50. At just over a $1 a figure it makes tolerating some of the poorer sculpts much easier.

    1. Yes, I did see their sale and it most certainly is a good deal.