Wednesday, 26 May 2010

WWG Old Style Sedan Cars

Last time I reviewed the old style roadster from the Shellendrak Manor set. This week I'm staying with the theme of vintage cars and looking at the two sedan cars that come with the WWG Mayhem Bank set. To me, these seem to come from a later period than the roadster, possibly 1930's or 1940's.
The body of the car looks very thin when you see it constructed, however, once you add the four wheel cowlings it suddenly becomes a lot bulkier. Appearances can be deceptive.
The wheel cowlings give the car its distinctive look, but they were a devil to make. Very fiddly critters, more so if you reinforce them with mounting card as I do. Even the main body was a little harder to make because of its many angles. Just look at the roof - it has four folds to it; front, back and two in the middle.
Note how the rear of the car is almost curved, making construction that much harder. Also, note the absence of number plates again. I'll put that down to an oversight. A lot of people wouldn't notice unless it was pointed out to them.
As with the old style roadster, the most obvious use for these would be in a Roaring Twenties gangster campaign. However, I'll be using them in my upcoming ATZ campaign, which I'm hoping will kick off in a couple of day's time. Yippee! I should point out that the Mayhem Bank set also contains a taxi variant of this car, coloured yellow, of course. I could see no use whatsoever for the taxi in a contemporary setting so I didn't make it. Even these two that I've made would be classed as rareties or oddities in modern times but no matter, I still think they were worth making and adding to my vehicle pool.


  1. I cant say I'm a big fan of the roaring twenties but you really did a bang up job on these babies!

  2. Thanks, Roger. I can see the appeal of gangster gaming having dabbled in it in the 1980's. However, it seems highly unlikely that I'd go back to it now. I just have so many other things to do and stuff I want to do.

  3. I'm in the same boat Bryan. I'd love to do gangsters but where does it stop? My plate is way too full.

  4. Gangsters, Wild West, Pirates, Gladiators, Weird World War Two, Judge Dredd are all games I'd love to play and make scenery for but it is just not possible to do them all. Sigh, ain't real life a bummer when it intrudes on you having fun?!