Wednesday, 5 May 2010

WWG Gold Bullion Van

Last time I reviewed the WWG ambulance and police van models. This week I'm going to review the gold bullion van from the Mayhem Bank set. You'll notice straight away that this is the same design as the ambulance and police van, although without the flashing lights on the roof. For a security van you would want a solid design and this has just that sturdy, robust feel to it.
The number plate is made up of numbers only - no letters here. Being a Brit, I'll admit to not knowing how the rules apply to American vehicular number plates. Also. I do not know if the fact that the red background to the plate is significant or not.
The bank that this van belongs to is called "Bronks" - a corruption of the word "Bronx." Bronks Banks rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Very alliterative. I like it.
Just note how wide the tyres are. I reinforced them with two pieces of foam board sandwiched between two pieces of mounting card/artboard. I was recently asked in the WWG forum how I get my wheels to look so round? I really ought do a tutorial some time.
In a zombie apocalypse setting, where money has lost its value, there would be no need for banks or their gold bullion vans. However, the idea of riding around in such a van has quite an appeal to me. It will surely be armour-plated, offering good defence against the zeds but more importantly, against hostile humans. I'd much rather ride in this than say, the Mystery Machine as used by the Scooby Gang! For those playing Heroclix or some other superhero RPG, this would make a tempting target for any supervillain.


  1. Hello,. Good revew as usual. Just a little thing. Is "Bronks" a corruption of "Bronx" or "Brinks" ? The two, perhaps.

  2. A very good point, Karl. I think the WWG crew are ripping off the Brinks bank here. I just checked Brinks on Wikipedia and apparently they are renowned for their bullet-proof armoured vans.
    See, my lack of American culture has let me down again! Apologies to all of my American readers and thanks for pointing out my mistake, Karl. What can I say, I'm a Brit!

  3. No problem, it can be worse : I'm french.

  4. The possibilities for mischief with that Brinks truck are countless :)
    Now all you guys need is a crazy Texan in the mix to get things really messed up!

  5. I so wish you had room to set up all this cool stuff. It would make an awesome display.

  6. @Willy. Crazy Texans are always welcome around here! The more the merrier!

    @Roger. I totally agree with you, mate. I am hoping to do some batreps later this month and if all goes well I'll be able to showcase a lot of my scenery, vehicles and new figures in action.