Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mega Minis Zombies 06

And so we come to my final review of the Mega Miniatures' range of 28mm scale zombies with a look at the eight figures supplied with set 6.
The little girl at the far left of the two photos above may once have been a beauty queen - Miss Junior Mayhem City perhaps - as she is wearing a sash over her right shoulder. When she was alive she may have been as cute as a button but now she is holding someone's brain in her tiny hands. "BRAAAAAAAINS!" Sorry, couldn't resist it! She is a fantastic figure and my favourite out of this set.
The second child zombie in this set is almost as good. I had to do a Google search to check up on the colour scheme for the uniform of the Boy Scouts of America. I had no idea what colours they were, being more familiar with the English Boy Scouts. This little chap has had his left arm ripped off and blood has soaked the left side of him as he bled to death.
The zombie farmer is an unusual figure and I did ponder whether to keep his scythe or remove it. As you can see, in the end I decided to keep it in place. He has been bitten in the left cheek and I am assuming he is gripping his stomach with his left hand to prevent his guts from spilling out. He looks quite emaciated and once again, is a great sculpt.
At the far right of this group is an elderly gentleman still holding on to his walking stick and about to take a big bite out of a fully intact human brain, held in his left hand. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that two figures in this set are holding brains. I love this figure but my one criticism of him is that his head is too big for his body. Maybe the beard makes it look bigger but to my eyes it just doesn't look right. The only wound to the figure is a small bite on his right leg.
The figure at the far left of the next two photos is another zombie jogger. There was a female jogger in set 5. I painted this guy as a silver-haired old timer whose fitness puts many a younger person to shame. He has a couple of appalling injuries to the right and left sides of his torso, with the one to the right being the most horrific. His intestines are spilling out of the huge gaping wound. I smeared blood on his hands and chin. He was a lot of fun to paint when it came to adding the gore effects!
Next up is another zombie SWAT trooper. He is just an averagely sculpted figure. He has had a large chunk of flesh taken from his right thigh. I also added a cut to his forehead. I have been desperately disappointed with all four of the zombie SWAT troopers from this range.
Moving on, we come to a young zombie male that I've painted up as a goth rocker. He has an odd-looking haircut - very long on the right side and cut very short on the left side. It reminds me of Phil Oakey from the Human League way back in the 1980's. His only wound is a horribly mangled right arm. He is not one of the better sculpted figures but he's passable.
Rather bizarrely, the final figure in this set is a swap of the previous figure. No, it's not a mistake by whoever packaged this set - you really do get two of the same figure. Why, I ask, and why this particular figure? This was clearly unacceptable to me as I want all of my zombies to be individuals so I was left with only one choice - conversion. The easiest way to convert him was to cut his head off and replace it. I had a lot of spare heads from my Wargames Factory plastic zombies, so I chose one of them and pinned and glued it in place. It's not a bad fit and a very simple but effective conversion. Note that I have also bent his left arm slightly. I painted him up as a much older gentleman with grey hair going white at the sides in the style of Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four.
So there we have it. Buy all six sets anf you'll have 47 unique zombies and 1 swap, which can easily be converted. You could just paint him differently if you feel you're not up to converting. Initially, I dismissed this range as being rather inferior and not worth buying but I'm happy to be proved wrong. They retail at a very reasonable price of $9.50 per set, which roughly equates to $1.20 per figure. For sure, there are some bad apples amongst them but don't let them put you off because there are some absolute gems as well. On the whole, there are a lot more good and great figures than bad or average. I think they'd be a worthy addition to any zombie horde and scale-wise, they fit in well with most other ranges.

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  1. It has been pointed out to me that the sculptor of the old man zombie with the walking stick about to eat a brain based the likeness on himself. My thanks to Rogzombie for that info.