Wednesday, 19 May 2010

WWG Old Style Roadster

Last time I promised you something different for my WWG vehicle review, and here it is - an old style roadster. This very spiffy car comes from the Shellendrak Manor set, making it perfect for a 1920's or even 1930's gangster campaign.
The instructions mention that two headlights mounted at the top of the front engine grille are optional, due to the fiddly nature of their construction. Hah, as if that was going to put me off! Of course I added them, although I will admit that I glued them in place using Cyano-Acrylate superglue, instead of the Uhu glue I normally use.
It has to be said that this a much more difficult vehicle to make than most modern day vehicles. The running board and wheel arches, in particular, were challenging. This is where patience becomes a virtue. Take your time and don't try to rush things.
Do you notice something missing from this car? Yep, no number plates! An oversight, I'm sure. It could be easily rectified by using a spare from one of the other vehicle sets, or if you're up to the challenge, making one yourself using Photoshop or a similar graphics program. Or, you could just leave it as is and hope no one notices!
I ought to point out that if you purchase the Return to Shellendrak Manor expansion set you get three variants of this car. They are all the same design but are painted black, green and red and all come with white roofs. I have not made any of the variants and I'm not sure if I will. Although I use my WWG models almost exclusively for a contemporary setting, I could still see this car fitting in. To me, the most obvious use for it is as a bridal hire car for those seeking some old style nostalgia or maybe a vintage car enthusiast has restored it. Whatever the reason it still looks good and is a very elegant design. It is certainly not the easiest of vehicles to build but I welcomed the challenge.


  1. I've said it before and I say it again; pure witchcraft! You are really getting truly amazing at this cardstock modeling Bryan. That car reminds me about how cool the Copplestone gangsters series figures are. I wish so bad I could do ATZ in the 1920's! But that would require a tremendous amount of work on the table terrain. Something to aspire to in the future when the kids are out being idiotic teenagers and I have some peace and quiet from the constant gaming.

  2. Thanks, Willy - no witchcraft involved! Just lots of patience and total enthusiasm for the hobby.
    Does anyone remember the old TSR Gang Busters RPG or the FGU Gangsters RPG? I'm showing my age here but I played them both way back in the 1980's. I liked the Gangster genre back then but the stuff that was available for it in terms of figures, scenery and vehicles was very limited. Nowadays there is a much greater selection. I'd like to get back into it but I doubt if it'll happen as I have so much to do with my contemporary campaign. Playing ATZ in the 1920's is not something I'd ever considered, but what a great idea! Suddenly the Valentine's Day Massacre takes on a whole new meaning!

  3. These posts of yours, Bryan, always add some joy to my day and they often need it. Another great job and something totally different as well!

  4. Thanks, Brendan and Roger. Comments like yours warm the cockles of my heart! Erm, just what are the cockles of the heart?