Wednesday 29 July 2009

WWG Semi-detached Houses

Of all the WWG buildings that I have made so far this is the one that has attracted the most comments. It first appeared in my Zombie Rescue Mission battle report but did not feature very prominently. People were curious to know what they were. I made two sets of semi-detached houses that are predominantly based on the WWG Shellendrak Manor set. From the outside both sets look identical but on the inside all four houses are very different, although the room layouts remain the same, as you'll see below.

Shellendrak Manor does not come with the sloped roofs that I've used here. However, WWG does sell the sloped roofs as a kitbash for the manor. It was this kitbash that inspired me to make these buildings.

The side doors are a WWG kitbash called appropriately enough Side Doors. They are available for Shellendrak Manor and Return to Shellendrak Manor. I use both sets so that they can match my interiors. Oddly enough, my front doors are also from the Side Doors kitbashes. The difference with my side doors is that I've removed the arched windows above the doors. Outside the side door I've added a dustbin, which comes from the WWG Bits of Mayhem set.

At the back of the houses I trimmed the ivy down so that it didn't obscure the windows, except for house 4. You'll see why below, as house 4 is a bit... special!

I added the paving around three sides for two reasons. First is because of the dormer windows at the front of the houses and second is to give it a 7" by 14" footprint as most Mayhem buildings have a 7" square footprint or some multiple of 7". This makes it easier to fit on my modular gaming boards. The paving came from the WWG Mayhem Police set.

Here we see an overhead view of the ground floor of house 1 (to the right) and house 2 (to the left). The floors and interior walls came from either the Shellendrak Manor set or the Return to Shellendrak Manor expansion set. The stairs are from the Shellendrak Manor set, as is most of the furniture. The front rooms are combination dining room and lounge, whilst the back rooms are kitchens.
The two dining tables are kitbashed from the tables in the Shellendrak Manor set. Those tables were twice as long so I scanned them into my computer and cut and pasted the images to make them seat four people. The posh sofas and all the chairs you see are from the Shellendrak Manor set. In the kitchen, the sink unit and cooker comes from the WWG Mayhem Armoury set. The cupboards above the sink are from the WWG Mayhem Police set, cut so as to make them the same width as the sink unit. In the corner of both kitchens by the external doors is a washing machine. This comes from a very interesting website called Jim's Printable Minis, which can be found at This website concentrates on doll's house furniture in a variety of scales (1/6, 1/12, 1/24 and 1/48) 1/48 scale is roughly the same scale as used by WWG. The best thing about this site is that all of the downloads are free. I've used it a few times to add extra furniture items and bits and pieces to my interiors. Well worth a browse in my opinion. You have the option for top loader or front loader washing machines. I chose top loaders, as that is what I have at home. The circular kitchen tables are part of the Shellendrak Manor set.

In house 1 against the side wall right at the top of the photo are four pieces of furniture in the lounge. The glass-fronted cabinet and grandfather clock are from the Shellendrak Manor set. The TV comes from the Mayhem Armoury set, although I've changed the picture to show a scene from Doctor Who. The cabinet it sits on is the wall unit from Mayhem Police, cut in half. In the kitchen by the outer door is the fridge from the Mayhem Armoury set.
To the right of the front door in house 2 is another TV atop the same cabinet as in house 1. The wall cabinets that come with the Mayhem Police set are very versatile and don't have to be mounted on the wall. As you can see, they work just as well on the floor. The TV set that comes with the Mayhem Armoury sets shows a totally naff picture of a WWG model. I went into My Pictures folder and took about 20 pictures I liked and scaled them down to use as screen images for the TV set. I'd recommend doing the same thing for your own TV sets. Incidentally, far better TV pictures and more high-tech TV sets can be found in the WWG Mayhem Mega Mall set. That set was not available when I made these houses, otherwise, I'd have probably used some of them instead.

In house 2, which you can see in the top half of this photo, note the two pieces of furniture in the lounge against the side wall at the very top of the photo. First is a light grey chest of drawers that comes from the Mayhem Police set. Next to it is a large bookcase. This is one third of the bookcase that comes with Shellendrak Manor. That particular bookcase is very long and far too big to fit in this house.

And so we move from the ground floor to the upper floor, with an overhead shot showing all eight rooms. Each house contains a landing, bathroom, master bedroom and guest bedroom. Once again, the walls and floors come from either Shellendrak Manor or Return to Shellendrak Manor.
The beds that appear in the two master bedrooms come from the Shellendrak Manor set but have been reduced in size. The double bed in that set is enormous, and in my opinion, far too big. I did a simple kitbash on it by scanning it into my computer. I reduced it in size so that it was 2" in length and I played about with the colour balance to produce four beds of differing colours. The two cupboards were also kitbashes that I made. They are based on the Shellendrak Manor bookcase, with the two sides duplicated to make the front and the door handles cut and pasted from the lower drawers that come with the bookcase. I was able to fit nine of them on an A4 sheet and they were used a lot in all four houses. Next to them is a bedside chest of drawers taken from the Shellendrak Manor set. There is another one in the guest bedroom of house 2 just next to the door.

The master bedroom of house 2 shows a chest by the window that came from Shellendrak Manor. In the guest bedrooms the single beds come from the Mayhem Police set. The guest bedroom in house 1 shows a small bookcase, which also comes from Mayhem Police and a foot locker that is from the Ebbles Ambient Elements - Storeroom set. I made use of quite a few Ebbles pieces in my Armoury building. Here, there is not so many.

Both guest bedrooms feature a desk, chair and laptop computer, all of which come from the Ebbles Ambient Elements - Barracks set.

The bathrooms contain a bath, a sink and a toilet from the Shellendrak Manor set. You could just as easily replace the sink and toilet with those found in the Mayhem Police set.

Now we come to house 3 (to the right above) and house 4 (to the left above). As with my previous two houses all interior walls and floors come from Shellendrak Manor and Return to Shellendrak Manor. House 3 is very similar to house 1 and 2 but for house 4, I decided to have a bit of fun. This property is owned by the neighbours from Hell. First thing you'll notice about it is the dilapidated state of repair it's in. Second thing you'll notice (or maybe it was the first!) is the blood stains on the kitchen floor. These are not good signs, are they?

The main difference in house 3 to houses 1 and 2 is that the two tables come from the WWG Castles and Keeps set. Again, I had to greatly reduce the dining room table in size so that it fit in the dining room/lounge. Houses 3 and 4 make use of the black leather sofa that comes with the Mayhem Armoury set. In house 4, I've taken a second sofa and cut it in half to make a comfy chair. The drinks cabinet in the lounge of house 4 is the liquor cabinet that is supplied with the WWG Pubs and Inns set. What's your poison?
At the top of the photo in the lounge of house 4 are a bookcase, half-size wall cabinet and filing cabinet from the Mayhem Police set and another Mayhem Armoury TV. In the kitchen of house 4, next to the stairs is the "torture" table from the Shellendrak Manor set with a variety of blood stained instruments on its work surface.

The lounge of house 4 contains the blue heater that is part of the garage furniture in the Mayhem Armoury set. In house 3, in the alcove by the three windows, I placed a cabinet, trimmed to fit, that came from the Shellendrak Manor kitchen furniture.

The small table in the lounge of house 4 came from the Castles and Keeps set. On the table in the kitchen of house 3 is a tray of bread and cheese that came from the Pubs and Inns set. The rather creepy picture on the side wall of the lounge of house 4 is a motivational poster that says "Wounded. It ain't a build unless you bleed." Hmm, not a sentiment I share! It can be found on the Mayhem Police Bonus Add-Ons set, which is a free download.

Moving upstairs we see that things are no better in house 4. As before, all walls and floors are from either Shellendrak Manor or Return to Shellendrak Manor. Return was great for the badly kept floors and walls of house 4. It seemed such a shame not to use them and so the idea of a house where psycopaths live was born. Most of what I said about houses 1 and 2 apply here, so I'll just mention the differences.

The big cabinet in the master bedroom of house 3 comes from the master bedroom of the Castles and Keeps set. I suppose you could use that in place of the cupboards that I kitbashed but be aware that it is slightly wider. The guest bedroom of house 4 contains just one piece of furniture - the blood-stained bed from Shellendrak Manor. Or is it an autopsy table?

The master bedroom of house 4 contains the two single beds found in the Mayhem Police set. The bath, sink and toilet of house 4 are all from the Shellendrak Manor set but none of them are the clean versions. The sink is splattered with blood, the bath is rust coloured and let's not talk about the toilet!
In the guest bedroom of house 3, I've placed the TV on a triangular shaped shelf (simply an offcut of mounting board painted light blue). The TV is showing Scooby Doo. Perhaps Scooby and the gang could investigate what's going on next door!

ItalicIn the guest bedroom of house 3 I used a set of bunk beds from the Ebbles Ambient Elements - Barracks set for that family's kids to sleep in. As you can imagine there was an awful lot of work involved in getting these four houses completed. I made houses 3 and 4 straight after the first two, as I knew what was involved, plus I was keen to get to work on house 4. All told, I reckon there is about three months work here, working at a couple of hours per day. What they do show is the sheer versatility of the Shellendrak Manor set and its expansion, Return to Shellendrak Manor.

Sunday 26 July 2009

Rezolution Zombies

Rezolution is a sci-fi game by Aberrant Games. I haven't played it and don't know much about it but when I saw the two sets of zombies that they've produced for the game I knew that I had to have them. You can view their complete range at their website here at First up for review is ABG6005 Toxic Zombies Pack 1, which is part of the Mercs range.
The figure at the far left has been painted as one of my toxic zombies. All of my toxic zombies get painted with GW's Rotting Flesh and have a distinct greenish tinge to them. This bald-headed gent has had his throat ripped out and his left hand is missing. His most obvious wound is of course, his stomach, which has been eviscerated. I particularly like the really evil expression on his face. It just screams menace and danger!
In the centre of the group is my favourite figure from this range. Any figure that tells a story is worth having and what a story this guy could tell! You actually get two figures here - the walking zombie SWAT trooper and his colleague whom he is dragging behind him. The set comes in three pieces - main zombie, his left arm and rifle and the zombie victim. When I first saw them in the flesh I was dubious about whether they'd fit on a 25mm diameter slotta-base... but they do! Full marks to the sculptor for getting them to fit so well. The level of detail on the pair is amazing, especially on the victim, whose wounds are just gross! Being near future figures I don't recognise the trooper's rifle but it looks like a souped version of the CAR-15. Whatever it is, it looks good and is well detailed. The walking zombie does not appear to be too badly wounded. He has a few rips and tears in his uniform. However, one look at his face and you couldn't mistake him for a normal human. This guy is definitely a zombie. As for his colleague, I'm not sure if he's still a zombie or just a corpse. A zombie could survive having both legs and his right arm ripped off, as this man has. His head is twisted too far to the left to be natural, but again, that wouldn't kill a zombie. Neither would having your left eye plucked out, as he has. However, what does make me question whether he's undead or truly dead is the hole in the back of his skull. I think it's a bullet hole - and that would kill him outright. If so, why is his colleague still dragging him along? Is it a vestige of loyalty, in that you don't abandon your brothers in arms? I don't know the answer but this set of figures is crying out for a backstory. They are a sublime sculpt!
The final figure out of this group is certainly the least useful to any collector of contemporary zombies as he is part (or perhaps wholly) android. Think Terminator robots and that's what you have here. He has been ripped in half but instead of trailing bloody entrails he shows the lower part of his clearly metallic spine. His left arm has been stripped of all flesh to reveal that it too is metallic. Finally, there is a metal plate atop his skull. It is a well sculpted figure and I will use it in my games. I'm always after zombie draggers, especially as they feature so prominently in the rules I'm playtesting. Let's be honest, if you place this figure in with your zombie horde, most people won't even notice that he's not fully human.

The first thing you notice about the second set, ABG6006 Toxic Zombies Pack 2, is that the figure at the far left is a duplicate of the figure at the far left of the first set. I don't know why Aberrant Games decided on this policy and it is slightly annoying but not an insurmountable problem. The obvious solution is to paint him up differently to the other one and this is what I've done. In addition, I've slightly altered the position of his arms by gently bending them. This figure has been painted up as a "normal" zombie with pale grey skin. Another alternative would be to paint him as a dark-skinned zombie.
The fat zombie in the centre is covered in large blisters that suggest he is some kind of plague carrier, as if being a zombie wasn't bad enough! His right arm has been ripped off just above the elbow and the resulting wound has been impressively sculpted. Once again, I like the way his face has been sculpted. These zombies really do look mean and angry. I've smeared blood around his mouth to suggest that he's recently fed.
Finally, we come to the only female of the group. She appears to be quite tall but look closer at her feet and you'll see she has platforms on the soles of her shoes. That might explain why she appears to be tottering forward as if off balance. I'm all for more female zombies. There aren't enough of them being made. This one, I like a lot. From her costume, I'm guessing she was a cheerleader or perhaps a dancer in her former life. She sports a very unusual hairstyle, which just adds to her uniqueness. As for her wounds, they are suitably gory with bites to the right lower arm, left arm and left thigh and a huge stomach wound from which her intestines are spilling out. Grisly but great fun to paint.
These 28mm scale figures are worth seeking out. Even if you have no use for the android zombie that set is worth buying just for the two SWAT troopers alone. It may well be a small range but it's a darned good range. Prices are $12.99 for pack 1 and $11.99 for pack 2. I ordered mine from an English distributor for roughly £7 per pack. It might pay you to search the Interweb for a local distributor

Wednesday 22 July 2009

WWG Mayhem Garage

My second review of my World Works Games buildings features the second model I made - the Mayhem Garage. This building can be found in the Mayhem Armoury set, along with an apartment and four pick-up trucks.

The garage has been built according to the instructions with two extras not found in the basic set. They are the curved roof and the garage door track, both of which are kitbashes that are available from the WWG website store.

These three photos of the front of the building show my garage door closed, half-open and fully open.
Getting the roller door to work properly was quite a challenge. You can leave it closed if you want or the default solution is to hinge it along the top so that it can swing inwards or outwards, depending on how you fit it in place. My door makes use of the garage door track kitbash and slides open like a real sliding garage door.

This side view shows the curved roof. I mentioned in my previous review that I make my buildings out of mounting board and glue the pieces to it. However, there are times when mounting board will not work. This is particularly true of curved structures, like this roof. Mounting board is simply too thick to bend and hence I use a thinner card to reinforce my photographic paper. I use thin card that comes in a variety of colours and sizes from any good art supplier. If you're stuck to find any, a good alternative would be to use a breakfast cereal box. That's about the same thickness as what I use.

Likewise, all of my doors are glued to the same thin card. This is because I prefer my doors to be not as thick as my walls. I stick one side of the door to the card then cut it out. If there is a window in the door, like in the back door shown above, I use transparency paper for the window. Before sticking the reverse side of the door in place I stick a couple of pieces of masking tape to the card. These form the hinges. If you overlap the door by about an inch that works well for sticking the masking tape to the mounting card. It is important to stick your doors in place before you glue the interior wall in place. I also use the same thin card to make the door frames. This is very fiddly work because the frame is no more than 2mm thick. A good tip is to edge the door frame before gluing it in place.

The roof has been stuck to a piece of foam board so that it fits snugly in place.

Here you can see the interior of the garage. The furniture (table and blue heater) are part of the model. You can see the two upside-down L-shaped door tracks on either side of the main door.

I cut out the dartboard and notice board that you see on the back wall and glued them to mounting board before sticking them back in place. This just adds to the "realism" of the model.

The front wall is made out of three pieces of mounting card stuck back to back. The outer and inner walls have the door opening cut to its normal size. Sandwiched in between them is a piece where the opening is about 5mm wider on the two sides. I stuck the door to thin card. There is a 4mm square tab at either side of the bottom and top of the door. The lower tabs fit into the groove on either side of the door opening. The top of the door is reinforced with a strip of mounting card. I glued the long door track strip this piece. This gives you something to grip when you slide the door up or down . You can see horizontal lines all the way up the door. I carefully scored these with a blunt knife so that the door could bend when it opens. As you can see, this is a complicated piece of engineering to get it to work, but I'm please to say it does work. If you were to think it's just not worth the hassle I wouldn't blame you! This is a conversion for experienced modellers only.

When the door is fully open I tuck the long strip at the top of the door under the two door tracks to keep it in place as shown above. The door tracks have enough flexibility in them to allow you to move them to one side slightly so that you can place the strip underneath them. I'm proud of my conversion although I am certain it is not how the creator of this kitbash intended it to be used! Sadly, this kitbash does not come with instructions, which has caused much scratching of heads as to how it is supposed to work on the WWG forum.

Note the blue toolbox to the right of the table above. The front of the box was part of the wall decoration. This was no good to me - it should be three-dimensional! So I cut it out and made a small box out of mounting board. I stuck the front of the toolbox in place and then painted the top and two sides to match the front. Yet another example of my going the extra mile to get the best build possible!

In a similar vein, there is a spare tyre that is part of the floor decoration. Again, I cut it out and glued it atop four pieces of circular mounting board.

I did exactly the same with the ladders, fan, clock and tool-board that you can see on this far wall. At first glance this looks like it should be an easy model to make and for most people it will be. I can't imagine that many folk will want to go to the same amount of time and effort that I took to complete my model, but, hey, I enjoyed the challenge and I think the results are outstanding.

Saturday 18 July 2009

RAFM Zombies

RAFM are a company based in Canada who have been going for many years. This pack of four 30mm+ scale figures that I'm going to review come from set RAF02822 - Zombies. These figures have been available for a long time and come from the USX Modern Day Heroes range who can be found here -
I only got round to buying them two months ago and as it is my mission to review every undead figure I own I thought I'd feature them now in my latest review.
First in line is the only female of the group. She is dressed in a skimpy slip and is bare-footed. The first thing I noticed about her was she had an enormous backside ("Does my bum look big in this?" "Oh, yes!") and her boobs are threatening to spill out if she bends forward any more. She has more curves than a Formula One race track! She might have been a beautiful woman in life but not now. Her right eye appears to have popped out of its socket. A bite has been made to her left thigh and the flesh has been stripped from her right knee, revealing bone. She holds the arm of a victim in her left hand and is chewing away at the fingers. This could have been a very good figure but it is let down by the right arm, which appears to be too long and far too muscular. It is way out of proportion for the rest of the body.
Next to her, is what appears to be a constuction worker and he is huge! He measures 36mm from base of feet to the top of his head. This does not bother me as it seems fitting that he should be the tallest of the group and I don't like to see every miniature the same size, so I'm happy to mix and match scales as long as they are roughly equal in height. The way his head is bent at an angle hints that his neck has been broken. Likewise with his left arm, which isn't hanging naturally. A large piece of his lower right arm has been chewed off, revealing the radius and ulna bones. Look carefully at the fingers of his right hand and you can see that some have been bent out of place.
Shuffling along next to him is the old man of the group. I like the way his head protrudes from his body and his baseball cap has been knocked off centre, which is a nice touch. The left side of his face has been torn apart. Note the tongue sticking out of his mouth. His most obvious wound is the right arm, which has been pulled off at the shoulder and which he carries in his left hand. The right hand still grips a stop sign. The word "STOP" is actually sculpted onto the sign. He has been bitten in the calves of both legs. I really like this figure, although there is something dangling between his legs that I'm not sure of. Oi, you at the back, stop sniggering! It looks like a backpack or a bag of some sort but what is it doing there? And how is it there, as I can't see what's keeping it in place. Whatever it is, he isn't holding it in either of his hands and it doesn't appear to have a strap to attach it to his belt, for example. Curious!
The final figure of the group is the little boy zombie. I've noticed that a lot of sculptors don't depict many (or indeed, any) wounds on children. It's as if it is bad enough to have zombie kids but to show wounds on them is step too far. Well, not in this case. This poor lad has had his stomach ripped open and his intestines are dribbling down his left leg. In the fight with whoever killed him he lost his right shoe and sock. Because of his diminutive size he will fit in with any zombie horde. The sculptor has cleverly captured the vacant expression of his face. He's an absolute gem of figure.
There is an amazing amount of detail on these four figures and I'm very pleased to have them in my collection. From a size point of view, they'd fit in well alongside the Griffin Miniatures zombies and the slightly taller Horrorclix range. The pack of four figures costs $9.95 on the RAFM website. If you live outside of Canada it may pay you to look for a local distributor to buy them from. I wish I had, as I was unfortunate in that I had to pay customs charges for my set - the only time this has ever happened to me when ordering figures from abroad.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

WWG Mayhem Armoury

This is something of a departure from my normal postings but it is the first of what will be a regular series of reviews of my World Works Games scenery that I use in my games. I have had a number of requests for just such articles, especially from the good folks on the WWG forum. Whilst some may think what has this got to do with the "World of the Undead?" I'd say it is worthy of inclusion. Just look at my battle reports of my zombie games and try to imagine them without the scenery. Good scenery can make a game come to life and add the "wow" factor.

One of the first WWG buildings that I made was the Armoury building from the Mayhem Armoury set. My philosophy in making my WWG scenery is this - wherever possible, go the extra mile to make the best model possible. What this means in practice is that all doors should open and shut; windows should be printed on transparency paper; all buildings should have interior detail. I print all of my WWG models on 130g Matt double-sided photo-graphic paper. Once I have cut out the components, I stick them onto mounting card, a very thick cardboard. This doubles my workload but gives my models great strength and durability.

Most of the time I use UHU clear adhesive for the vast majority of my gluing purposes but if I have a large section to glue down, like for example, a floor, I use 3M Photo Spray. UHU glue can be a bit stringy if you're not careful but that is the only downside I've found in using it. I like the nozzle on the tubes, which allow for great control when gluing small fiddly pieces. Best of all, it gives a permanent bond. Once a piece is stuck it stays stuck.

An important part of the art of making card models is "edging." This is the process of coloring the edges of your models to blend in with their surroundings. Failure to do this results in very noticable white edges that just look wrong. A thick marker pen is generally good enough to run along the edges. Black will work for most cases but for others you'll need coloured markers. Because my builds are stuck onto mounting board the edges are even more noticable. I always use acrylic paints to edge them. It's slower than using a marker pen but it means I can perfectly match the colours.

All upper floors of my buildings are reinforced with foamboard. Foamboard is roughly 5mm thick and absolutely must be cut with a sharp knife. If the blade is not sharp it will tear the foam, which is sandwiched between two layers of thin card. The main reason that I use foamboard on the floors is to keep them in place when stacked on the storey below. Some people use foamboard for the walls aswell but the big disadvantage of that is you lose floor space on the interiors. I lose about 1mm of floor space per wall, which is acceptable to me.

Okay, enough background info, let's take a closer look at the building itself. The billboard on the roof was an optional detail that I decided to add and it seems both appropriate and in keeping. Shown above is an overhead view of the ground floor interior. Everything in here comes from the Mayhem Armoury set. I love the textures of WWG models and the little details they add. Note the muddy footprints on the floor and all of the spent cartridge casings.

What, sadly, is not visible from my series of photos is behind the cashier's desk on the top shelf is a sawn-off shotgun, well hidden from any customer or would-be robber. This is what I mean about the little touches that make WWG such a great company

I had to move the accessories sign and shelves below it to the far end of a blank wall in order to accomodate the staircase. On the second shelf down is a row of helmets. I sculpted them all out of modelling putty to give a proper 3-D effect, rather than using the flat card models. Another example of "going the extra mile."

The two gun display cases at the front of the shop were very difficult to make due to the "roof" and "front wall" of them being made of transparency paper. Still, the extra effort was well worth it.

All of the interior signs and wall-mounted gun cases were cut out and stuck onto mounting board. Likewise, the props on the cashier's desk

Here is an overhead view of the upper floor of the shop and it is here that I deviated from the WWG instructions to come up with something totally original. This floor is split in two, with a storeroom for guns, ammo and accessories and the living quarters of the owner, whom I see as being a single ex-military man. He has a combined kitchen/lounge as well as a toilet/shower room and a small bedroom.

The shelves against the back wall come from the Ebbles Ambient Elements - Storeroom set. Ebbles make a great range of sci-fi furniture that does not look out of place in some contemporary settings - like here! The toilet and sink are from the Ebbles Ambient Elements - Barracks set. The black and red tiled floor comes from a WWG Shellendrak Manor Kitbash set - More Floors. The television is part of the Mayhem Armoury set, although I have changed the picture to one of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. I can just imagine the owner being a fan of Lara!

The cooker, sink unit and fridge all come with the Mayhem Armoury set. The overhead cupboards came from the WWG Mayhem Police set. The dining table and chairs are part of the Ebbles Barracks set.

The long set of lockers can be found in the Ebbles Storeroom set. I imagine the owner keeps his rifles, sub-machine guns and shotguns in these. The shower is something I created and is not commercially available, although I may submit it to WWG as a kitbash. The desk and laptop are from the Ebbles Barracks set.

The bunkbed, foot locker and assorted boxes you see are, of course, from the Ebbles Barracks and Storeroom sets. I should point out that all of the Ebbles models are to the same scale as the WWG models, which makes them totally compatible.