Sunday, 17 March 2019

Warlord Games Fourth Doctor & Companions

Here are the Fourth Doctor and some of his companions produced by Warlord Games. I know that Tom Baker is many people's favourite Doctor and I too like him very much.
At the far left is the Doctor (played by Tom Baker) and his faithful robot companion, K9 Mk II. Never without his trademark infeasibly long scarf and a bag of jelly babies, the Fourth Doctor was more distant and alien then his predecessors. His big almost maniacal grin and offbeat humour was often contrasted by a sombre and sometimes aloof personality.Defeating countless enemies old and new, including the Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons and the Black Guardians, he was declared Lord President elect of his home planet, Gallifrey and travelled the universe searching for the Key to Time. Charming, selfless and amoral crusader, the Fourth Doctor was a force to be reckoned with.
Next in line is Romanadvoralundar (Romana for short) (played by Mary Tamm). A fellow Time Lord, she often came across as snooty and authoritative, no doubt to her achieving a "triple first" from the time Lord Academy on Gallifrey. This sometimes led to inevitable personality clashes with the Doctor but she chose to stay with the Doctor and K9 long after their quest was completed.
Seemingly on a whim, Romana decided to regenerate into a new body taking on the appearance of Princess Astra (played by Lalla Ward) whom she had met during the events of The Armageddon Factor. Romana and K9 eventually decide to stay in E Space (a pathway between universes) after the Doctor escapes back into his own universe.
Fourth in line is Leela (played by Louise Jameson), a warrior of the Sevateem, a tribe of regressed primitive humans. Despite being offered the chance to become the leader of her society, her new found friendship with the Doctor led to her jumping aboard the TARDIS to join the initially reluctant Doctor on his travels. She had an understanding of the technologically advanced wonders of the universe, but often resorting to her primitive instincts and violence when faced with something she didn't understand - often with her knife or poisonous Janis thorns - much to the Doctor's distaste. This sometimes led to inevitable personality clashes with the Doctor, but she chose to stay with the Doctor and K9 long after their quest was completed.
Finally is Royal Navy medical officer Harry Sullivan (played by Ian Marter) who was amongst the first to encounter the Doctor shortly after his regeneration at UNIT HQ. This dashing, loyal and sometimes put-upon young man encountered the Wirrn, Cybermen, Daleks and other horrors of the universe, before deciding to depart the TARDIS after a deadly encounter with the shapeshifting Zygons.
I really love these figures. They are beautifully sculpted. I'm not at all surprised that Warlord Games chose the Fourth Doctor for their releases of the Old Doctors. Also, I was pleased to see that there will be a second release of the Fourth Doctor with companions, journalist Sarah Jane Smith, Nyssa of Traken, Australian air hostess Tegan Jovanka and young mathematical genius Adric. This boxed set costs £22 from the Warlord Games web store.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Black Scorpion Old West Terrors 03

Following on from my last post here are the last five figures from the Tombstone Undead faction produced by Black Scorpion. These zombie figures are all 32mm scale and are sculpted in resin.
At the far left is the Undead Deputy, who is a zombie 7th Cavalry Officer who is armed with a .45 Colt Cavalry revolver and a cavalry sabre. He is sold separately from the others.
Next in line is a female townsfolk who at a distance could pass as a normal human. She still holds on to her shopping bag but in her right hand is a .32 Smith and Wesson revolver.
In the centre of the group is a zombie preacher. He is armed with a .44 Winchester rifle. Note his exceptionally long pointed tongue sticking out of his mouth. Creepy!
Second from the right is a Mexican bandido and hanging victim. He is armed with a .45 Colt Army revolver. The crow feasting on his neck is a gruesome but so cool touch. Note that he also has a long pointed tongue.
Finally is a zombie plains warrior. Although he has a skeleton face I'm assuming the flesh was stripped off by zombies before he died or scavenging animals or birds. He is armed with a .45 Colt Army revolver and tomahawk. He also has a bow and quiver of arrows on his back.
These are a great bunch of figures and are very varied. The detail on them is very crisp, making them a joy to paint. Having more zombies is never a bad thing in my opinion. The zombie deputy costs £4.50 and the other four come as a set costing £9.60.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Black Scorpion Old West Terrors 02

When Black Scorpion ran their Tombstone Kickstarter, I was pleased to see that one of the seven factions was the Undead faction. As you should know I'm a sucker for Undead figures. The faction included the four Tombstone Terrors that I reviewed here . In this post and the next I'm going to review the new figures for this faction, starting with the skeleton gunfighters.
I start with the leader of the faction, a gunfighter armed with a .45 Colt Army revolver and a double-barrelled sawn-off shotgun.
There is also a mounted version of him, which I received as part of my Kickstarter package. I thought he might be riding an Undead horse but he isn't.
The next set of skeleton gunfighters has four figures who are similarly dressed and armed with a pair of .45 Colt Army revolvers. The exception is the one second from the right who has replaced his Stetson with a bowler hat and who is armed with a double-barrelled shotgun.
I think these are terrific figures. It is very rare to see skeleton gunfighters. Zombie gunfighters are much more common. The Tombstone rulebook does have stats for skeletons and zombies but I'm not a big fan of the rulebook. My two preferred Weird West rules are High Moon by Two Hour Wargames and Shadows of Brimstone by Flying Frog Productions. I will most likely just use their rules for zombies when I use these figures in a game.
The leader figure costs £4.50 for the foot figure and £9.60 for the mounted version. The four gunfighters cost £9.60 for all four.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Resident Evil 2 Heroes 01

Last month I finished painting the four Hero characters from the Resident Evil 2 game by Steamforged Games. Each character comes with multiple figures. Made of hard plastic, they are 32mm scale and are realistically proportioned, meaning they do look slimmer than many other 32mm scale figures like those from Mantic's The Walking Dead range.
First up is Claire Redfield, a college student who is looking for her missing brother, Chris. The figure at the far left is the one you get with the starter boxed set. She is armed with a pistol and a knife. The figure in the centre was a Kickstarter exclusive and has Claire armed with a grenade launcher. The third figure in line was a Kickstarter stretch goal and has Claire armed with a revolver.
In the game, her special ability is Made in Heaven. Once per scenario, Claire can spend an action to heal another character on the same tile by two levels.
Next up is Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie police officer who arrives in the doomed Raccoon City late for his first day on the job only to confront a zombie outbreak first hand. As the main protagonist of the video game, he comes with four figures. The one at the far left comes with the starter boxed set and has him armed with a pistol and knife. Next in line is a bandaged version of Leon carrying a custom pistol. He was a Kickstarter exclusive. As was the third figure in line, which is a more stripped down version of the first figure in line. Finally is another Kickstarter exclusive which has Leon armed with a shotgun and in civilian clothing.
In the game, Leon's special ability is Cool Under Fire. Once per activation, Leon may use an item while one or more enemies are in his square without making an evade roll. Note, this includes any weapon he is carrying.
Next up is Ada Wong, a spy for an unnamed rival company who is sent to recover a sample of the deadly G-virus from Umbrella's lab in the zombie-infested Raccoon City. The figure of her at the far left is the one you get with the starter boxed set and she is carrying a pistol in one hand and a key in the other hand. The alternative version was a Kickstarter exclusive with her armed with a bow gun. In the game she has two special abilities. First is Reckless. At the end of any character's activation (including her own), Ada may take an out of sequence activation. After doing so, she must forfeit her following activation. Secondly, she has Intrigue. Once per scenario, Ada may discard a card drawn from the tension deck without resolving the effects.
Finally, is Robert Kendo, the owner of a gun store in Raccoon City. The figure of Robert armed with the shotgun is the one that comes with the starter boxed set. The other version was a Kickstarter exclusive that has him armed with a high calibre Magnum pistol. His special ability is Marksman. Once per activation, Robert may re-roll all of the dice from an attack roll, providing the weapon used was not a knife. He must keep the results of the second roll.
I do like these figures. They are well sculpted and posed and I do like having multiple figures of a character. Being realistically proportioned, their facial details are a bit soft. Rather unusually, they all come on 20mm diameter bases, which makes a change from the usual 25mm diameter bases. I knew Claire, Leon and Ada from the Resident Evil films but had never heard of Robert before. I had to check up his background on Wikipedia to find out who he was. The four work well as a team and I was delighted that all four survived my first play-through of the short campaign from the starter box.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Firefly Adventures - Heroes 02

Last month I finished painting the figures from the two expansion sets for Firefly Adventures by Gale Force Nine, Respectable Folk and Wanted Fugitives. These two sets include the four passengers of the Serenity captained by Mal Reynolds. Respectable Folk contains Inara Serra and Derrial Book, whilst Wanted Fugitives contains siblings River and Simon Tam. Once again, the figures come in two sculpts for each character - Casual and Heroic.
A member in good standing of the Companion's Guild, Inara Serra brings a level of refinement to any system, city or room she enters. Out on the fringes of the 'Verse. Companions are the stuff of stories and fantasies. Inara is uniquely capable of negotiating with friend or enemy. If your crew needs to talk their way out of a situation, Inara is the person most likely to succeed.
With a love for spaceships with character, Shepherd Derrial Book is travelling in search of his place in the 'Verse. While not all of Serenity's crew welcomes the message of the Good Book, his past connections with the Alliance can pull some useful strings. A man of God can provide a certain amount of cover in heroic situations. Even violent thugs pause before doing harm to those in the company of a preacher.
Simon Tam's skill as a doctor is only matched by his awkwardness outside the medical bay. Given how common bullets and blood seem to be, putting up with him is worth it to have a real doctor around to patch the Crew back up. Simon's ability to heal two Wounds with one Action can be crucial in tough jobs. River is not able to Act Casual without Simon's trusted presence. If you need River to keep calm and quiet, you'll need to have Simon nearby.
Calling River Tam a prodigy is a vast understatement. Taken by the Alliance at a young age, military scientists subjected River to experiments that enhanced her prodigious abilities and shattered her grip on reality. Now, only her connection with her brother, Simon, and the rest of the Crew anchors her enough to not destroy everything around her.
For the most part these figures are nicely sculpted and posed. What does let them down is their facial detail, which is very soft. In the case of River, it is virtually non-existent. These four figures complete the crew of the Serenity, so are useful additions to the game.
The two boxed sets each contains 2 Casual plastic figures, 2 Heroic plastic figures, 1 building (the bottom of the box), 11 tokens, 10 equipment cards, 2 Crew character cards, 2 Downed cards and 3 Job Briefings (scenarios). I bought my two boxed sets from Amazon UK for £15.00 each.