Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Rumbleslam Free Agents 01

Over the Christmas holidays I added to my collection of Rumbleslam figures with a few new purchases from TT Combat. These three characters are all Free Agents, which means they are not affiliated to any one casino and thus can be hired by any team without affecting their important sponsorship bonuses.
 First up is Big Andy, who is clearly inspired by the dearly departed Andre the Giant.
"Contrary to his kind’s scary and angry nature, he has been known to play with his fans, carrying them on his shoulders as he walks about! Children love Andy and aspire to be as strong and tall as him when they grow up! But it is not wise to prod this slumbering titan. Even the calmest can lose their cool at times, but most don’t have punches that can break stone and arms thick as tree trunks!”
Big Andy is a great all-rounder superstar. He's not quite as dangerous as some (Trihorn, I'm looking at you), but his Dosh cost is barely higher than a regular Weight 3 wrestler. For that little bit more Dosh you get some incredible special abilities like Underhook Suplex and Body Slam which cause the all-powerful Knockdown. And because of his Walking Stupor passive ability, Big Andy is immune to the Dazed special rule, meaning he's very hard to take down.
Big Andy costs £8.00 and comes in three parts - body and two arms. I'm not a fan of the clear bases that come with these figures , so I have stuck all of my Rumbleslam figures on MDF bases.

In the centre of this trio is Granite. He could team up very well with the Golem from a Runic Thunder team (double the Stoneskin!), or could join in with The Cold Bloods for a little one-man flexibility that can hold his own without relying too heavily on the rest of the lizards for support. 
"This resilient superstar has it all: power, toughness, size, charisma... There are few wrestlers in the ring that can match a natural charm and presence which have enthralled and captivated the hearts of countless viewers. He's even been known to break the rules to deliver a better show for his adoring fans. If he sees that the crowd is getting bored, he'll perform a dirty move, or kick an opponent when they're down. Cheers or boos, he only wants to entertain, as that's the only way to fill the seats of an arena.
With one of the best Defence stats in the game, you know Granite is tough to deal with. Combined with his Stoneskin Passive Ability he's almost entirely impervious to Brawl attacks.
His real draw is the Face Heel Turn Passive Ability though. Granite can choose each turn to be a face or a heel, gaining a stat boost to go along with it. That gives him a lot of flexibility, starting off as a face and getting extra attack power, then finishing the match as a Heel when it's time to throw the opponent out. Or you can go for a Crowd Pleaser to have your cake an eat it too! If successful in wooing the crowd, Granite may choose both choices, gaining extra attack and grapple, and getting the HEEL special rule too! Now that's a walking mountain with flexibility!
Granite costs £10.00 and comes in five parts, body, arms and legs. His legs were incredibly fiddly to fix to his body and in the end I had to use Milliput to secure them in place.
Finally, is Ice. So what teams is he best in? The Raging Beasts and The Green Bruisers benefit a huge amount from his presence, as he counters their low defence stats.
"A slippery superstar possessing a cool demeanour, Ice has chilled the hearts of his opponents for many years. Men and women can't help but shiver as he makes his glacial way towards the stage where his powerful figure gleams in the limelight. Try as they might to grapple or lift his monstrous mass, his glassy exterior seldom allows opponents to find purchase, whilst his hard as steel hide deflects all but the strongest of blows."
What Ice may lack in grappling and dodging, he more than makes up for in Defence. And defending himself isn't all he's good for! His Glacial Skin Passive Ability makes him extremely hard to grapple, and The Wall is a Passive Ability that allows him to share his Defence value with any wrestler in base contact. Just think on that for a second. You can take high offensive wrestlers or great grapplers, then just hug up to Ice and be extremely difficult to take out.
Ice costs £10.00 and he comes in four parts - body, head and two arms. 

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Strontium Dog - Wasters

The last set from Warlord Games' wave 3 of Strontium Dog figures are the Wasters set. This blister pack contains three human figures.
Wasters appear in the lists for the Outlaws and the Pirates/Slavers on pages 82 and 83 of the Strontium Dog rulebook and are all armed with Basic Hand Blasters. However, these figures are armed with a Club, a Basic Hand Blaster and a Basic Blaster Rifle respectively. I like the fact that they all have different weapons as it makes each one an individual.
Wasters are not the most reliable of Allies. They are cheap, however. I like them a lot. They are well sculpted and definitely fit in well with the rest of this range. They could easily fit in other sci-fi games as starport scum or street gangers. As I said, they come in a blister pack and don't have any stat cards or Armoury and Chicanery cards. This set costs £8.00, which is pretty good value for money.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Strontium Dog - Build a Mutie Set 01

The Great Atom War of 2150 decimated Britain's population and saw a massive increase in mutant births due to the fallout of the radioactive isotope, Strontium 90. Mutants are vilified, shunned and segregated into mutant ghettoes, away from decent normal folk.
Mutations can range from the mundane to the extreme and this set allows you to build your own mutant miniatures - either to use as S/D Agents or as downtrodden muties railing against the draconian laws passed by the Norms. A variety of arms, legs, torsos, heads and weapons allow you to build five mutant models in a myriad of different configurations.
This set contains, five sets of legs, five sets of torsos, ten heads and over ten right and left arms mostly with weapons. They are all fully interchangeable, giving you a near infinite variety of combinations. I have based my figures on those shown on the back of the boxed set and the Warlord Games webstore. In addition, you get three Armoury cards (Anti-grav Chute, Medipack and Frag Bomb) and two Chicanery cards (Angry Mob and Sneak Attack). This boxed set costs £20.00

Saturday, 12 January 2019

The Walking Dead Corpses

When I placed my last order with Mantic Games for the Here's Negan board-game, I also ordered a set of The Walking Dead Corpses. This set comprises of six figures - 4 zombie corpses, 1 human corpse and a dying human. All are sculpted on 25mm diameter bases and are made of resin. The detail on them is very good.
At the back is the kneeling human. I painted him with his eyes closed. He would make a good hostage. To his left is the dead human. She hasn't turned yet and bears no obvious wounds. I painted her with a very pale flesh for her skin to show she is still human. The four zombies at the bottom of the photo are very obviously undead. They all have multiple wounds and their faces look very gaunt and emaciated. All of the figures have been cleverly sculpted to fit on their bases with their legs bent.
This is not an essential purchase as they serve no purpose in the game. However, for me, in any zombie apocalypse game, corpses are an essential part of the scenery. Like zombies, you can never have too many corpses, in my opinion. This set costs £14.99 from the Mantic Games webstore, so they're not cheap by any means. Although sold as a The Walking Dead accessory set, they could be used in any zombie apocalypse game.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Nemesis Intruders 01

As promised in my last post, I'm showcasing the Intruders that appear in the Nemesis board-game. As in the Aliens films, the Intruders mutate, becoming larger and more dangerous as time passes. I present them from smallest and weakest to the largest and most deadly.
Hatching from eggs laid by the Queen are the Intruder Larva. There are three Larva on each base. These are very easy to kill - one shot is all it takes to kill them. Rolling the combat dice you have a 5 in 6 chance of wounding them. However, they can infect a crew member and that is not a good thing, although surgery can remove them. You get six of these figures in the game.
Next up are the Intruder Creepers. These are much tougher opposition and can have anywhere from two to six wounds, depending upon which card is drawn when you score a hit on them.Rolling the combat dice you have a 4 in 6 chance of wounding them.
You get three of these figures in the game. They rarely make an appearance but when they do they can prove a deadly threat.
By far the most numerous of the Intruders are the Adults. These are the Intruders that the crew members are most likely to encounter. Once again, they can have two to six wounds depending upon which card is drawn when they are injured. Each time you injure an Intruder you draw a card to determine how many wounds it has so it can vary in a single turn if you injure it multiple times. Rolling the combat dice you have a 3 in 6 chance of wounding them.
There are four versions of the adults and you get two of each version, giving a total of eight Adults. The two standing Intruders have bits of debris sculpted on their bases with pieces fixed to their legs and hands to add strength to their sculpts, otherwise they might snap at their ankles. It is a wise decision that the sculptors made.
These are three Intruders you least want to encounter. Two Breeders stand on either side of the mighty Queen. When you injure one of these figures you draw two cards to determine how many wounds it has. This gives them a range of four to twelve wounds depending upon which cards are drawn. For both of them you only have a 2 in 6 chance of wounding them on the combat dice.
In one game I played all of my crew had completed their missions and had gathered in the Hibernatorium at the end of the game to enter their hibernation chambers when I drew an Intruder token from the bag and it was the Queen. It could not have appeared at a worse time. The crew did not defeat it but did force it to retreat, which was lucky. They all suffered wounds and were lucky no one died. You get two Breeders and one Queen in the game. It is very rare that they appear but when they do it is brown pants time!
To give you some idea of just how big the Intruders in this photo are I have placed one of each of their types against all six crew members. They really are a frightening sight and their sculpts are just incredible. The detail on the Queen's base is amazing, with Larva emerging from openings in the floor. I also like how she is holding a Larva in her left hand. In real life she would probably be over 20 feet tall!
The Queen was the first figure I painted out of this set and I decided against painting them all black, which seems the most obvious choice for them. I liked the idea of giving them a metallic sheen, so painted them with a base of Foundry Black Shade 34A then dry-brushed them with two coats of metallic blue with the second being lighter than the first. I was very happy with the results so I quickly painted the rest of the Intruders. I have to say, they were some of the easiest figures I've had to paint.
I really love these figures. I'm thinking that they would fit in perfectly with the N.E.W. supplement Xenomorphs: the Fall of Somerset Landing. They would be great figures to represent the various types of Xenomorphs, who look very similar to these Intruders.