Wednesday 29 January 2014

Vampifan's Views 45 - Monthly Musings 26

Vampirella by Michael Golden - sexy and disturbing!
So we come to the end of the first month of the year and the time has seemed to have flew past. My love affair with all things to do with St. Trinian's continues. I thought I had all of the films on DVD - The Belles of St. Trinian's (1954), Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (1957), The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's (1960), The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery (1966), St. Trinian's (2007), and St. Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold (2009) - but thanks to the erudite knowledge of my good friend Joe, he informed me that I was missing one - The Wildcats of St. Trinian's (1980). The reason I missed it was that it was not listed amongst the St. Trinian's films on Amazon. This was because they didn't have it in stock and nor did they know when or if they'd be restocking it. Seeing as I wanted it to complete my collection I resorted to plan B - eBay. I found an American seller who had lots for sale at just $12.00 (roughly £8.00), and they were all Region 0, meaning it can be played anywhere in the world, so I ordered it and it arrived yesterday. I'll watch it this weekend. It's funny but the blurb on the back of the DVD describes it as "the forgotten St. Trinian's film." Very apt, I thought.
I have converted four Hasslefree Miniatures 28mm scale figures into four of the girls from the 2007 film, namely, Chelsea (the Posh Totty leader), Taylor (the Chav girl) and Tania and Tina (the first form twins).
I have been thinking which of the seven films is my favourite and it has to be that 2007 version. Why? For me, it has  the best cast of characters, with far greater emphasis placed upon the girls instead of the adults, as in the earlier films. Most of my figure collection are of characters from that film, so it seemed to me to be an obvious choice. I admit that I like all seven films (yes, including The Wildcats of St. Trinian's, which I saw on TV many years ago) but last weekend I watched the 2007 film again, and it just reaffirmed why I love it so much. My one and only criticism of it is the casting of Flash Harry by the obnoxious Russell Brand. What a tool!
Having built up a good collection of figures of the girls I am now concentrating on the staff members. I have found a few worthy contenders from Black Cat Bases and Turnkey Miniatures (who took over the moulds from the dearly departed Mega Miniatures). I have found my headmistress and Flash Harry from them, along with a few other teachers and yet more schoolgirls. This is growing into quite a collection!
I did say that I wanted to pit the girls of St. Trinian's against my zombie horde in a one-off ATZ scenario, but Joe came up with an even better suggestion - why not run a mini campaign with them? He said he could think of a few scenarios for them and I certainly can as well. I see no reason not to run a St. Trinian's campaign alongside my Team Vampifan campaign, with one set in the UK and the other in the USA. Hmm, the best of both worlds. This has set my creative juices flowing. As things are just in the planning stages now, I'll take on board any suggestions you might have for my alternative campaign. One major difference will be that firearms will be far less prevalent in the UK than in Mayhem City. Melee combat will take precedent over shooting.
And so to other news. I have finished painting a batch of zombies and corpses from Recreational Conflict, and a set of four zombie clowns from Studio Miniatures. Reviews will follow soon. I seem to have lost my mojo for making card scenery again but once I find it I'll go at it with a vengeance. I must finish making my Brummie's Burgers fast food restaurant. Then I want to make Carl Stoelzel's excellent Haunted House, which he kindly named Scott Mansion after me. And, just to add to the huge backlog of buildings I want to make Carl has just gone and released his first Wild West buildings set and I can say they are excellent. Damn you, Carl, why do you churn out so much great stuff? I can't keep up with this much awesomeness!
I tend not to comment on The Walking Dead TV series because I don't have satellite TV or watch it when it is repeated on terrestrial TV. Instead I wait for the DVD boxed sets to come out and then watch the whole season in a few mammoth sessions. By the time I've watched them most folk are watching the next series. However, my friendly window cleaner knows I am a huge fan of the show and he's even more of a fanatic than me. He's been recording series 4 and he lent me the first 8 episodes on DVD. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them and the 8th episode with the attack on Rick's prison by the Governor and his force was just awesome! Now, like everyone else, I can't wait for the mid-season break to end.
That's all for now, folks. Be happy. I know I am!

Sunday 26 January 2014

Crooked Dice Doctor Who Figures 01

When I sent away to Crooked Dice Games for my St. Searle's Savage Schoolgirls I also ordered a selection of eight 28mm scale Doctor Who figures. And here they are.
First up is Doctor Who as played by Matt Smith. To avoid copyright problems Crooked Dice Games have called him Tweedy Mattison. He is very well sculpted and is posed holding up his sonic screwdriver, whilst his other hand is in his trouser pocket. He wears his trademark bow tie but thankfully not his fez. I don't care how often Matt Smith says that fezes are cool, they're not!
Standing beside him is his faithful companion, May Killan, whom we all know as Amy Pond as played by actress Karen Gillan. Amy has been sculpted in a WPC's costume, which she wore when she was first introduced to the series. Although we soon learned that she wasn't a WPC but a kisser-gram girl. That explains why she is wearing such a short mini-skirt. She is armed with a truncheon in her right hand.
Third in line is Amy/May's husband Rory Williams or as CDG call him, Mr. William Killan. Rory was played by Arthur Darvill in the TV series. At first he was Amy's boyfriend but later, after sharing many adventures with the Doctor, he married Amy. Sadly, Amy and Rory did not get to live happily ever after as they died battling the Weeping Angels. Rory's pose is very simple and if you're looking for a young male civilian he'd fit the bill.
Last in line is Group Captain Jim Barrowight, who is better known to both Doctor Who fans and Torchwood fans as Captain Jack Harkness played by actor John Barrowman. During his time with the Doctor, Jack became indestructible and couldn't be killed - a trait that came in very hand for an action hero like Jack. The figure is dressed in Jack's trademark RAF coat and he carries an old service revolver in a holster.
The second group of companions starts with action heroine Melody Lake as named by CDG but who is better known as River Song, played by actress Alex Kingston. This figure comes with a choice of two right hands, one holding the BA Pistol shown and the other holding a photonic spanner, which I suspect CDG have named instead of calling it a sonic screwdriver, which must be copyrighted.
Next up is the first of a trio of companions who reside in Victorian London. CDG have named her Eliza but there is no mistaking that she is Madame Vastra of the Silurian race of lizard-like aliens. Madame Vastra is played by actress Neve McIntosh. She helps Scotland Yard solve mysterious crimes and she is a skilled swordswoman. She is posed holding a katana in a fighting stance. This figure comes with a choice of two heads, the reptilian head shown in my photo or a human head.
Madame Vastra is controversially married to a human woman called Jenny Flint, who was her maid at one time. Same sex marriages in Doctor Who are incredibly rare. Jenny is played by Catrin Stewart and she possesses considerable melee skills. Just like Madame Vastra she is armed with a katana. CDG have named this figure Genevieve.
Finally, is Madame Vastra's butler and medic, Strax of the Sontaran race of aliens. Strax is played with great comedic effect by Dan Starkey. Strax is a member of the warrior Sontaran alien race forced to serve as a nurse, healing the injured as a punishment for being defeated by the Doctor during the Sontaran invasion of Earth. CDG have named this figure as Sachs and like Madame Vastra/Eliza, he comes with a choice of two heads, the Sontaran head as shown in my photo or a human male with very long sideburns.
It may seem odd for me to be reviewing Doctor Who figures on a blog devoted to all things undead but bear in mind, with the Doctor being a time traveller, he and his companions can pop up anywhere or anywhen in the universe. Also, the Doctor has already battled vampires in recent times so that alone is good enough reason for him to appear here. Who knows, I might just have the Doctor and friends make an appearance in my ATZ campaign.
Tweedy and WPC May cost £4.00 each but CDG offer the pair together for just £7.50. The same deal applies to William Killan and Melody Lake. Individually, they cost £4.00 each but buy them together and the price drops to £7.50. Jim Barrowight can only be bought separately and he too, costs £4.00. Eliza, Genevieve and Sachs will cost you £4.00 each if you buy them individually, but buy all three together and you save yourself a pound as they only cost £11.00. Any fan of Doctor Who will want these well sculpted figures in their collection.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Where's the Zombie? by Paul Moran

This is a review of a book that I would have loved to have received as a Christmas or birthday present. The book is called Where's the Zombie? and it is written by Jen Wainwright and illustrated by Paul Moran. It is, if you hadn't guessed already, a Where's Wally? (or if you're American, Where's Waldo?) type of book. The book contains 17 double page spreads packed full of figures (humans and zombies for the most part) and your job is to find 10 family members who are all zombies, 10 first aid kits and 5 special items that are listed at the back of the book. That gives 25 separate things to find in each picture, meaning hours of fun.
The zombie apocalypse began when Joel Peters, a scientist at Hart Laboratories, New York, got exposed to a deadly virus named ZX-5, which he was developing. He was sent home and quarantined. However, he spread the infection to his family and they all somehow escaped. The Hart family consists of Joel, his wife Martha, four children (an older daughter, a son and two female twins), Joel's father and mother, and their two pets, a cat and a dog. Yes, even the animals were zombified. You can clearly see all ten members of the Hart family on the front cover above.
Please note that the front cover has a parental advisory notice because the book contains gruesome scenes. This is true. There is a lot of gore in the book, so it may not be suitable for very young children. The back of the book shows the answers to where the family and the first aid kits can be found, but it also gives you a further five items per scene to find and these are not shown in the answer pages. Most of them are easy to spot but some are fiendishly difficult. The family members are not too hard to find, although the cat, being the smallest, can be rather tricky to find. Finding all 10 first aid kits is a lot harder because they are so small.
I must admit that I found this book immensely enjoyable and it kept me quiet and busy for hours as I searched for the 25 items per scene. I was pleased to note that the book gave a nod to the original Wally/Waldo, in that he appears in one of the scenes (the fourth one set in Ringhill High School). He's the geek with a suitcase, one of the five special items you're asked to find. He isn't wearing his trademarked red and white hooped top but the face is definitely him. A very nice touch, I thought.
The book costs £9.99, but I bought my copy much cheaper at for just £4.97. I'll  give it an 8 out of 10 rating. The illustrations are excellent but I do wonder if, once you find everything, would you go back to it again? Anyone looking for inspiration for survivor figures, civilians and/or zombies, or just colour schemes, could find much inspiration in here.

Sunday 19 January 2014

Vampifan's St. Trinian's Schoolgirls

St. Trinian's seems to be the flavour of the month for me. Having recently purchased the two recent remake films on DVD I also bought the boxed set containing the four original films from the 1950's and 1960's. So I am now well qualified in the subject of St. Trinian's. I thought I'd revisit four figures that I showed on my blog five years ago. Since then they have been repainted and one of them (Froggy) has had a name change. These four girls were sculpted by me about six years ago. They are based on set Girl001 Sorority Twisted Sisters from Graven Images’ Dystopia range of 40mm scale figures. Being 40mm in size these were far too big to use in my collection of figures. So, I resculpted them in 28mm scale, meaning these four figures are totally unique! Once again, I came up with their names and none of them are based on characters from any of the films.
The first girl in this set of four is Sabrina Sykes. She is armed with a 9mm FN Browning High-Powered HP-35 pistol and a flick knife, which is hidden in her skirt pocket. She is an incredibly accurate shooter. She is wearing opaque black tights, which I always regard as passion killers!
Second in line is "Froggy" Fraser. "Froggy" was so named because she looks like a frog! She too, is armed with a 9mm pistol and a flick knife. She is also the group’s medic and she carries medical supplies in her pink backpack. Rather than leave her bare-legged I painted her wearing stockings and a suspender belt, which many of the St. Trinian's sixth formers wear.
Third in line is Rosalie Alexander, a bubblegum-chewing miscreant with a serious attitude problem. At first glance she appears to be unarmed but hidden in her blazer, which she has slung over her back, are six sticks of dynamite, a flick knife and a spray-can of paint. She is the scrounger of the group and has a bad attitude. She is another girl who favours stockings and a suspender belt.
Finally, is Bridget Strong, the psychopathic bully of the group. Although armed with nothing more than a baseball bat, she is more than a match for most fighters. Her particular non-combat skill is breaking and entry. In ATZ-FFO she'll have high Melee and Savvy skills. She is wearing black opaque hold-up stockings. All four of these girls are blondes but none are natural blondes. They all have black roots showing.
I enclose a photo above of the four 40mm Dystopia figures from their website so you can compare my sculpts with the originals. None of these will win any beauty contests, will they?  I'm not sure if these are still available for sale - I suspect not. Those of you with long memories or who have been following my blog since the start may well remember that I ran a scenario using these four girls plus two of my Copplestone Castings schoolgirls in a scenario for a set of zombie rules that I was play-testing. The rules got no further than the play-testing stage but if you want to check it out here is the link to it -
This concludes my reviews of my St. Trinian's schoolgirl figures... for the time being. Last week I placed an order with Hasslefree Miniatures for four more girls, which I will convert. I also sent off for their pack of five hockey sticks. As soon as I get them converted (which I have already started on as the package arrived yesterday) and painted I'll review them. Look out for them soon. Then I must bow to pressure and run a scenario pitting the girls of St. Trinian's versus a zombie horde. That should be fun! The zombies won't know what's hit them!

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Crooked Dice Games St. Trinian's Schoolgirls

Having introduced you to my collection of 28mm scale St. Trinian's schoolgirl figures last post it's time to take a look at the bulk of my collection, eight figures from Crooked Dice Games (CDG). With the exception of one figure (Misty) these are all quite new figures, having been released last November. As soon as I got them they jumped to the front of my figure painting queue. Well, would you want to argue with them?
We start off with three fourth formers and at the far right, a fifth former. They are all original figures in that none of them appeared in any of the St. Trinian's films. Most of their names were invented by me.
First in line is Nikki Thorpe, a member of the Chavs tribe. I told you last time that the girls of St. Trinian's are divided into numerous tribes. She is nicely posed firing her catapult. Note that she has used her tie as a belt rather than wearing it round her neck. The little rebel!
Next, is "Violent Elizabeth" Crompton. Violet Elizabeth Bott was a character in the Just William books by Richmal Crompton. But this character, whilst sharing a similar name is far more dangerous, hence her nickname, "Violent Elizabeth." She has been beautifully sculpted screaming her head off because she hasn't got her own way. Someone will suffer for upsetting her! She'll "thcweam and thcweam until I'm thick" Yes, she does have a lisp but it is unwise to mention it or even worse, to mock it! Translated, she means she'll scream and scream until she's sick.
Third in line is Lucy Parker, another Chav. She is just so full of character. She carries a catapult in her right hand. Her left hand is giving someone the finger and her face has been sculpted in a scowl that just screams "Screw you!" I like this figure a lot. She is the only figure out of these two sets to wear a hat.
According to CDG, Dorothy Thorpe (I added her surname) loves sport and cooking. She's armed with a baseball bat and a backpack full of home made explosives! Most St. Trinian's schoolgirls prefer the hockey stick as their weapon of choice but Dorothy is a bit different. Note that she is wearing a leather biker's jacket - hardly regulation school-wear!
Next up are four hockey stick wielding schoolgirls. All of them are sixth formers and just one of them (Polly) appeared in the 2007 St. Trinian's film.
At the far left is Jackie Grimshaw, a sporty lass who loves hockey, but who rarely plays by the rules. She is holding her hockey stick aloft as she shouts defiantly at the opposition. In her left hand she holds a dagger with a wicked looking blade. I wouldn't want to face her!
Next in line is Polly Cole, the geek and a bookworm. Polly was a character in the 2007 St. Trinian's film and was played by Lily Cole. Lily is also known as a supermodel, so she was clearly cast against type. Polly didn't have a surname so I just pinched Lily's surname for her. This figure bears a remarkable similarity with Polly and I'm sure the sculptor was inspired by her. She holds her hockey stick nonchalantly over her right shoulder and is far more absorbed in reading her book. CDG suggests she is reading A Clockwork Orange.
Third in line is April Stevens, whom CDG describe as "the looker" - and who am I to disagree? She has to belong to the Posh Totty tribe of girls. She is certainly the most beautiful of the eight girls featured here. But the way she holds her hockey stick in a two-handed grip suggests she means business and is not to be messed with.
Finally, we come to Misty the Zombie Hunter, her nickname according  to CDG. She came out long before the other seven girls but she does fit in well with the others. I gave her the surname "Winters" as I see her as a darker version of Buffy Summers aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Misty is not unlike Faith the Vampire Slayer when she went off the rails. I see Misty as a fearless fighter but she also has a soft side as witnessed by the teddy bear she has  strapped to her belt. Misty is the best melee fighter in St. Trinian's and is something of a legend.
Crooked Dice Games use these girls as part of their fictional St. Searle's School. Ronald Searle was well known as the illustrator of the St. Trinian's novels from long ago, so Crooked Dice have cleverly kept the St. Trinian's connection alive. I have simply transferred the girls from St. Searle's to St. Trinian's. All of the figures shown here can be purchased separately for £3.25 each. However, if you buy each set of four - Savage Schoolgirls Set 1 and Savage Schoolgirls Set 2 - then they cost just £12 per set, saving you a pound on the price of buying them individually. Set 1 contains the 3 fourth formers and the fifth former. Set 2 contains the 4 sixth formers with hockey sticks. I can highly recommend them.

Saturday 11 January 2014

Assorted St. Trinian's Schoolgirls 01

Two of my favourite films are the two recently made St. Trinian's films of 2007 and 2009. They are such a lot of fun and hugely entertaining. I bought them both on DVD just after Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them again... especially all the special features. St. Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold has an extra disc full of extras, lasting longer than the film. Great stuff! This assortment of four 28mm scale St. Trinian's schoolgirls features two members of the films and two girls that I have invented.
At the far left of these two photos is Annabelle Fritton (played by Tallulah Riley). In the first of the two new St. Trinian's films she was the new girl - a fish out of water and a proper little daddy's girl. For her it was sink or swim time and when she discovered that her father was a crook she became a true St. Trinian's schoolgirl. She got a sexy make-over not unlike the figure shown above. This figure from the Copplestone Castings Future Wars  set FW46 Corporate Babes 2 is a very close likeness to Annabelle. Okay, so she should be wearing sexy stockings and suspenders instead of those boring white socks but I can live with them. She still looks sexy and dangerous with her katana. Admittedly, she never used a katana in the films but who cares? I love sexy Annabelle and I love this figure.
Next up is Kelly Jones, (played by the wonderful Gemma Arterton - drool!) the head girl of St. Trinian's in the first film (Annabelle becomes head girl in St. Trinian's 2) and an agent of MI7 in St. Trinian's 2. She is quite the action hero and she believes in leading from the front. This figure from Copplestone Castings Future wars set FW27 Corporate Babes is a really good likeness of Kelly. The hair is just perfect. Obviously, this is Kelly as head girl. She is armed with what looks like an old broom-handled Mauser pistol. In her left hand she holds a pink mobile phone. Once again, my only criticism of this figure is that she should have worn stockings and a suspender belt instead of white socks. Even so, it's still a great figure. Kelly rocks!
Third in line is Rachel Smith-Edwards, a unique figure made up by me and converted by me. She was originally a figure from Copplestone Castings Future Wars set FW45 Bodyguards in Bikinis but I added her skirt, shirt and tie from Milliput modelling putty. She belongs to the Posh Totty tribe of girls in St. Trinian's. The girls of St. Trinian's are divided into numerous tribes, often at odds with each other but united when their school is threatened. Rachel is armed with a 9mm pistol. Because she had bare legs it was very easy to paint her with stockings and suspenders. Yes, I admit I am a fan of stockings and suspenders! I'm sure I've mentioned this before.
The final figure in the photos is Regina Hilton. Her name was made up by me and like Rachel she does not appear in any of the films. This is a rather strange figure. A couple of years ago I sent away for the complete range of Ground Zero Games rather naughty Gentleman's Club 28mm scale figures. The good folks at GZG sent me about half a dozen complimentary figures, free of charge with my order. One of them was this lass. Try as I might, I can't find her anywhere on the GZG website. With her hockey stick held high as she charges forward, tie and ponytails streaming behind her, she is a perfect St. Trinian's schoolgirl. I just wish I knew more about her.
I must admit that I am not a big fan of Girls Aloud but I absolutely love this song of theirs. This is the first time I have added a video to my blog and I was surprised at how easy it was to upload. Thanks, Blogger. The song is the St. Trinian's Theme played at the end of the first film. It also appears on the soundtrack of St. Trinian's 2. So who wants to sing along to this incredibly catchy song? What's that? You don't know the lyrics. Well here they are -
Make us worthy, make us proud
Teach us not to be too loud
We'll try and fit in with the crowd
But we are St. Trinian's

We can't feel the way we feel
We were born to keep it real
Hockey sticks and balls of steel
We are St. Trinian's

You bite us we'll bite you back
Better be scared when we attack
Feel the fear, we're maniacs
St. Trinian's

Check out our battle cry
A song to terrify
No one can stand in our way
We are the best
So screw the rest
We do as we damned well please
Until the end
St. Trinian's
Defenders of anarchy

So scam all the toffs
The neats and the freaks
Blackmail the goths
The slappers and the geeks
And if they complain
We'll do it all again
We do as we damn well please

The ASBOs and the chavs
The emos and their mates
To torment the slags
We offer special rates
And if they complain
We'll do it all again
Defenders of anarchy

We are the best
So screw the rest
We do as we damn well please
Until the end
St. Trinian's
Defenders of anarchy

Next time I'll be reviewing the eight Crooked Dice 28mm scale St. Searle's schoolgirls who have all transferred to St. Trinian's. Defenders of anarchy - you better believe it!

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Copplestone Castings Urban Cowgirls

These five 28mm scale figures have been in my collection for many years now but it is only quite recently that I got round to painting them. They are from the Copplestone Castings set FW33 Urban Cowgirls from the Future Wars range of figures. Sadly, I haven't got round to naming any of them yet, which is an oversight on my part.
 The first three ladies in this set are all armed with six-shot revolvers and could possibly fit in with a 19th Century Wild West setting. At the far left of the group, dressed in purple hat, neckerchief and trousers is a pretty brunette, wielding a pair of revolvers. She has been sculpted in a walking pose.
Next to her is a blonde, showing off a lot of cleavage. Well, if you've got it, flaunt it! Her right hand rests on the butt of her holstered revolver, whilst her left hand rests on her hip. She is also slowly walking forward. Her clothing is more in keeping with a contemporary setting. 19th Century women did not wear mini-skirts.
In the centre of the group is the lady in pink. Her frilled dress shows off a lot of leg. Oddly enough, although she is holding a revolver, she doesn't have a holster for it. I guess she just tucks it in her belt when she isn't using it. If I had to nominate one of these as the group leader it would be this young woman. Her costume makes her stand out from the crowd.
The final two figures are dressed similarly in denim jeans and denim crop tops. The figure second from the right is armed with a holstered revolver and a 9mm sub-machine gun that looks like a Heckler and Koch MP5. Her Stetson rests on her back.
The last figure in line is a bbw (big beautiful woman, which I always thought stood for big-breasted woman). This figure certainly has big boobies and shows an impressive cleavage. She is armed with a holstered revolver and a pump-action shotgun, possibly a Franchi SPAS12.
Okay, so these are a bit different to your usual bunch of survivors or gangers, but I can still see them working in a post-apocalypse setting, especially one set in or around Texas. At a pinch you could use them in a traditional Wild West setting, although the lass with the SMG would have to have her firearm swapped for something more appropriate. I like this set and as usual, Mark Copplestone shows a deft hand in his sculpting of the female form.
This set of five figures costs £8.50 from the Copplestone Castings webstore.

Sunday 5 January 2014

Assorted 28mm Scale Vampirellas

This is a bit of a self-indulgent post, seeing as I seem to be the only fan of Vampirella. Mind you, I do know of one follower, who resides in Slovenia, who has been badgering me to post this and you'll see why later. Anyway, I thought I'd start 2014 off with a look at my collection of 28mm scale Vampirella figures.
At the far left of this photo above is my oldest Vampirella figure (or should that be non-Vampirella figure, seeing as none of them use her name for copyright reasons). She is also the smallest, given that she's actually a 25mm scale figure. I bought her in the 1980's from a German firm (now long defunct) called Metal Magic. She isn't as well sculpted as more recent figures but she still has a certain charm about her and I do like the bat she's holding. Her boots are too long but I can forgive that. For many years she was my only Vampirella figure and so I'll always view her with fondness.
Next in line is another non-Vampirella figure with thigh length boots. She comes from Black Orc Games and is called Paloma (no, I don't know why). She was sculpted by someone with the initials PF (Paloma Faith, perhaps, LoL!). She is nicely sculpted and rather slim but her costume isn't quite right. Apart from her boots being too long, her costume doesn't show enough stomach. Unforgivably, you can't see her tummy button. However, what I do like about her is her hair. She is ridiculously cheap, costing a mere $1.00.
Far and away, the sexiest of this figure collection is the third in line, produced by Blood Moon Miniatures (who appear to be no longer trading). She is the tallest of my Vampirella figures and unquestionably, the bustiest. Whoever sculpted her has overcompensated her in the boobs department. Contrary to many people's opinion, Vampirella is not a busty female. Her vital statistics are a nicely packaged 36C-24-36. She stands 5' 11" tall and weighs 115lbs. Hey, only someone called Vampifan would know that! Her hair isn't quite right but my God, she has curves in all the right places! She is one incredibly sexy figure. I'm not sure why there is a piece of red cloth between her feet. It seems to serve no purpose.
The fourth figure in line is by Ground Zero Games and can be found in their adult-rated Gentleman's Club range of figures as GC25 - Vampyrelle. Hmm, who are they trying to kid? Of course, she's Vampirella. She is in an almost identical pose to the figure by Blood Moon Miniatures but seems to be more in proportion to what Vampirella should look like. You can still buy her and she costs £2.40 from the GZG webstore. It is interesting to see that she is baring her fangs.
Moving on to the second batch of figures, I start with another Out Of Production figure. The female vampire in the red mini-dress was made for the Horrorclix game by Wizkids. She was one of the six unique figures who came with the original starter figure boxed set. You may well ask yourself, did Vampirella ever wear a dress like this? Well, yes, she did. I can remember her wearing this very dress in one of her adventures in New York in her short lived Vampirella magazine series produced by Harris Comics. Sometimes, Vampirella did go incognito by wearing normal clothing, although I think she'd attract just as much attention if walking down a street in that red mini-dress as in her skimpy costume.
Second in line is a figure produced by Armorcast - LL21610 Sexy Female Vampire. Well that certainly gets round any copyright problems! The main problem I have with this figure is that I think her head is too big for her body. From the neck down, she is perfect. It is such a shame. She is available for sale from the Armorcast webstore for $3.00.
The penultimate non-Vampirella figure is produced by Black Cat Bases. You can find her in their webstore under the heading of "Vampires" and she is listed as Vampire Girl, priced at £2.00. Her hair is good, her costume is good, her pose is different but her boots are wrong. They're too long and not tight-fitting. I should make mention of Vampirella's skin tone. Vampirella is not a traditional vampire. Garlic, religious icons and sunlight do not affect her. Apart from when she grows her fangs, long talons or wings, she can easily pass for a human. She does not have the anaemic pallor found in most vampires. So I tend to paint her as a healthy looking human female. This is consistent with how she appears in the colour comics.
The final figure in line is unique and holds a special place in my heart. She is a conversion based on HFL503 Hasslefree Female Armature (price £2.50) and was a present for me from Mathyoo (aka Matevz). He wanted to get me something special as a thank you for letting him stay with me last year. Those of you who have seen Mathyoo's blog will know that he's not a bad sculptor. So he added the hair, costume and boots to the Hasslefree armature figure to create something unique. He covered the base in static grass but I added a few pieces of rubble so that she fits in with my other figures. Mathyoo painted her for me, which explains why she is so pale looking. I don't mind that at all.
So, out of these eight figures which one do you think is my favourite? It's that oh so sexy Blood Moon Miniature. Pure sex on legs! Mathyoo's version comes a very close second.