Strontium Dog

Here are all of the posts featuring figures, vehicles and scenery from my Strontium Dog collection, as well batreps of scenarios played. They are listed in chronological order. Just click on the relevant link to view the post.
  1.  The Stix Brothers
  2.  Johnny Alpha
  3.  Wulf Sternhammer & Gronk 
  4.  Max Bubba & his Gang 
  5.  The Weerd Brothers 
  6.  Assorted Humans & Mutants 01 
  7.  Solar Farm 
  8.  Scenario 01 - Introduction part 1  
  9.  Scenario 01 - Introduction part 2
  10.  Durham Red & Middenface McNulty
  11.  Blubberlips, Kid Knee & Maeve
  12.  Rogue SD Agents 
  13.  Darkus's Howlers 
  14.  Build a Mutie Set 01

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