JDMG Batreps

Here are all of the posts featuring batreps in Comic Life 3 format from my Judge Dredd Miniatures Game campaign. They are listed in chronological order. Just click on the relevant link to view the post.
  1. JDMG Scenario 01 - The Barko Brothers
  2. JDMG Scenario 02 - Scaring the Scabies
  3. JDMG Scenario 03 - Breaking Bones
  4. JDMG Scenario 04 - Meet Malexica
  5. JDMG Scenario 05 - Robot Rebellion part 1
  6. JDMG Scenario 05 - Robot Rebellion part 2
  7. JDMG Scenario 06 - Devereux's Debut
  8. JDMG Scenario 07 - Citi-Def Suspects

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