Wednesday 26 February 2014

Vampifan's Views 46 - Monthly Musings 27

Vampirella by Michael Bair. Nice water colours.
This month I want to give a big thank you to four  heroes of mine - friends and followers who have gone the extra mile for me these past few weeks. First up is one of my all-time favourite heroes, Carl Stoelzel. I mentioned to Carl that I wanted to make a small version of St. Trinian's School based upon his Haunted House model and I sent him a  photo of what the school looked like. Carl agreed that it would be ideal for what I wanted but there was just one problem. The Haunted House is a wooden structure, whereas St. Trinian's School should be a stone structure. Can you imagine my delight when a few weeks later Carl informed me that he added an upgrade to the Haunted House with stone exterior walls? Carl, I salute you! Now, the only problem I have is that I want to make both versions of the model - the one with wooden exterior walls for my own Scott Mansion haunted house and the one with the stone walls for my St. Trinian's School. Still, it's a nice problem to have. Believe me, no one does customer service better than Carl!

Not Yet Dead Schoolgirl Survivor.
I became friendly with a very talented sculptor called Toni Morey, who posts on the Board of the Living Lead forum under the name NotYetDead. Toni is unusual amongst zombie gamers, and possibly unique in that all of the figures he uses in his campaign are 1/35th scale.  He comes from Germany and his figures will be available for sale later this year. He posted a picture of this schoolgirl survivor you can see to the right and as soon as I saw her I knew I wanted her. I got in touch with Toni and he told me that he had produced miniature versions (i.e. 28mm scale versions) of her and five other survivors. They comprised three males and three females. He asked if I'd like free copies of them? Would I? I'll say! A few days later they arrived and I was just blown away by the quality of the sculpts. They are true 28mm scale figures and they are on my painting table right now. As soon as I paint them I shall review them on my blog. You can tell from the schoolgirl survivor just how talented Toni is. Toni, I'd like to thank you for the figures. I truly appreciate them and you are my second hero of the month. In case you're wondering, yes, this schoolgirl will be enrolling with St. Trinian's School.

My third hero is noted horror writer Craig DiLouie, who wrote the excellent zombie novel, Tooth and Nail. See here for my review of it -
I gave it an 8 out of 10 rating. Anyway, Craig got in touch with me and asked me if I'd like to review his new vampire novel - Suffer the Children? Oh yes, I was up for that. I like vampire novels even more than I like zombie novels. Suffer the Children is different to any other vampire novel in that here children start dying then coming back to life with an unquenchable thirst for blood. Without a regular supply of blood they will die again, only this time, for good. The question that Craig poses is this - as a parent, how far would you go to feed your child with the blood he or she so desperately needs? An interesting dilemma that raises some fascinating moral questions. From what I have read of other reviews of this book it is a rather harrowing tale. I have a PDF copy of it, which I only received yesterday, so I've only just started reading it. A full review will appear later

Private Security Force
My fourth and final hero of the month is Simon Hunter, who has  been writing to me for a few months now about the new figure company he has just launched this month - Project Zeke Miniatures. He has sculpted five figures - all humans for his initial release. More survivors and zombies will follow, including Zeke, the intelligent zombie and company mascot.
I should point out that Simon is not a professional sculptor and he is setting up his company more as a sideline than as a full-time job. The first batch of 28mm scale figures he has sculpted are human types that he wanted to see. The three Private Security guards would work well as security personnel in THW's scenario Highrise to Hell. 
Next up is William, a survivor with a hunting rifle with scope-sight. He has taped a carving knife to the barrel to use as a makeshift bayonet. He is my favourite figure out of the group.
Finally is Young Eddie. He is a limited edition figure. Once he sells out he will be replaced with Older Eddie, who will have a moustache. He appears to be armed with a multi-shot grenade launcher.
The set of three Private Security guards cost £7.00, whilst William and Young Eddie cost £3.00 each. However if you click onto the Project Zeke webstore at
Young Eddie
you will find a discount coupon offering you 10% discount on your first order. Just type in launch10 when you place your order.
I have some good news for all zombie bloggers. Simon has also offered a lifetime 10% discount to all of you who run a zombie gaming blog. Rather than reveal it here where anyone could access it I'll give you that code if you send me a personal e-mail message at vampifan at talktalk dot net. I'm sure you can work that out. Alternatively, you can contact Simon personally at hunterpest at hotmail dot co dot uk. It is an incredibly generous offer.
Simon is going to send me these five figures free of charge so that I can paint them, review them and promote his company, all of which I am very happy to do. I wish Simon all the best with his new venture.

And that's it for another month, folks. Thanks for reading and take care.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Studio Miniatures' Zombies 19 - Clowns

Followers of my blog will know that I have a large collection of figures of 28mm scale clowns. Most are human and some are zombies. Sunny the Killer Klown, who was responsible for wiping out Team Vampifan in my ATZ Better Dead Than Zed campaign was a demon from Hell. Killer Klowns are evil and most normal clowns are quite scary. But zombie clowns are both evil and scary. Studio Miniatures recently released a set of four zombie clowns and here they are.
At the far left is Chuckles in his bright orange and blue costume. He isn't smiling much now, is he? he doesn't show any obvious signs of wounding but there is a lot of blood around his neck, which could have come from a victim he was feeding on. I think he looks totally evil.
Crouching next to him is Giuseppi. This figure should have had a hook in place of his right hand but when I received my figure the hook had snapped off. No big deal, Rather than trying to glue it back on, I simply left his arm as ending in a stump. This was his obvious cause of death. In his left hand he holds a bloody internal organ, possibly a heart or a liver. Mmmm, feeding time! By the way, painting the stars on his jacket was not an easy task. Some look good but others are not so good.
Moving on, we come to Mr. Jolly, a fat clown who even in death, is smiling, despite the fact that half of his face has been chewed off. He is holding a ridiculously small umbrella and he wears a bowler hat that is far too small for him. Mr. Jolly has a massive wound to his stomach and his intestines are struggling to remain in place. Gross!
Finally we come to a clown whom I'm sure many of you will recognise. Yes, he is Ronald McDonald, the mascot of the McDonald's chain of fast food restaurants. I'm not sure how Studio Minis got away with making such an easily recognisable figure but perhaps because he is a zombie and not a human that's okay. Again, he shows no signs of injury but by his bloodstained mouth, chin and neck he has clearly been feeding.
I think this is a fantastic set of figures. I like clowns and I like zombies. Put them together, and for me, you have a winning combination. Sunny will definitely be recruiting these four to his gang of Killer Klowns.
This set called Die Laughing costs £12.99 From the Studio Miniatures webstore. I can highly recommend them. The sculpting is up to the usual high standard we have all come to expect from this company.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

EM4 Elfsera Undead Figures

I recently had to place an order with EM4 miniatures for some dice for my friend Mathyoo and for some counters for myself. It didn't amount to much so I thought I'd have a look at the figures they sell. Whilst checking out their pre-painted figures boxed sets I discovered amongst their Elfsera 28mm scale fantasy figures this set - set 5, the Undead. I don't know how I hadn't spotted them before. Most probably because I'm not that interested in fantasy figures. I already own some of their pre-painted figure sets and was very impressed with them. Given that I run a blog called "Vampifan's World of the Undead" I simply had to buy this set.
At the far left is a liche. As I said, these are all pre-painted figures and I have done very little work on them. They came with 25mm square slotta-bases but I have glued them to 25mm diameter slotta-bases, to which I have added sand and gravel. The only paintwork I have done on this figure was to add black lines around the bracelet on his right arm to help better define it. Liches are primarily found in fantasy settings so it's unlikely that I'll get much use out of this figure.
The mummy was just perfect so I haven't altered his paintwork at all. All I had to do was paint his base. He's my third favourite figure of this set and he may get used or he may not.
The vampire is almost certain to appear in one of my scenarios. I repainted his teeth and mouth as they didn't have much of a contrast. Other than that, he was fine. I should point out that these figures are made of pewter and not lead. As such, they feel a lot heavier than most metal figures.
Moving on, we come to my least favourite figure in the set - the wraith. I have nothing against the figure per se. He is very well sculpted and painted. It's just that I have even less use for him than the liche, who could always double up as an animated skeleton. Being by far the tallest figure in the set he is also the heaviest.
Finally we come to my favourite figure out of the set and the one whom I shall use the most. Yes, of course, he is the zombie. I repainted his eyes, which were originally red. All of my zombies have white eyes with no pupils showing. I also added some Tamiya Clear Red to his wounds to give them a wet look. When it comes to painting blood and gore on zombies (or most any figure) you simply can't beat TCR. His clothing is more fantasy based than contemporary but I don't think that'll matter if he's just part of a big horde. Who'd notice anyway? Don't answer that, Joe!
In addition to the five figures, the boxed set also included five d20 dice, with skull symbols replacing the number one. Elfsera set 5 - the Undead costs a mere £11.25, which in my opinion, is excellent value for money. They are well sculpted, well painted and you get five free exclusive dice. What's not to like?

Sunday 16 February 2014

Hasslefree Post Apocalypse Scooby Gang

Way back in September 2011 I reviewed Hasslefree Miniatures' 28mm scale Scooby Gang. See here -
I have always been a fan of the TV series, Scooby Doo, Where Are You? and was delighted to see Kevin White sculpt these iconic figures. Since then Kevin has upgraded the gang as fully armed survivors from a post apocalyptic world. Here is my review of them.
At the far left of my two photos is Scooby Doo, the Great Dane dog and eponymous hero of the TV series. Here, he has been sculpted with head protection and body armour. Somehow, I don't think he's going to run away from a fight any more.
Scooby's owner and best friend is Norville "Shaggy" Rogers, who, like Scooby is renowned for his cowardice and gluttony. Here, he appears to have stepped up to the mark and "manned up." He holds a fireman's axe in his right hand and he has a Big Ass Pistol in a holster on his right hip.
I have a problem with the figure of Velma Dinkley. The sculpt is absolutely gorgeous and that's what concerns me - she is just too beautiful! Velma was always portrayed as the "Plain Jane" of the group with Daphne as the main eye candy. Here, Kev has sculpted Velma as a sexy-looking babe holding a chainsaw. If you check out my original review of the Scooby Gang, you'll see that I included an illustration of Velma and Scooby in a post apoc setting. In that picture, Velma is armed with a pump-action Shotgun and has a Machete in a sheath on her hip. She still looks like the "Plain Jane" of the TV series but that was the version I wanted Kev to sculpt. Maybe, just maybe, the apocalypse has forced Velma to rethink her appearance, so she has become leaner, meaner and a lot fitter. Hot damn, she is one sexy chick!
Fred Jones holds a 9mm Pistol in a two-handed grip and has a katana strapped to his back. I always regarded Fred as a bit of a dick and he was my least favourite figure of the group. This figure isn't a bad sculpt but it doesn't grab me as much as the others.
For some reason, Kevin sculpted two versions of post apoc Daphne Blake. The one I like the most has her holding a baseball bat. She also has a Pistol in a holster as a back-up weapon. Given that Daphne is a martial artist, she ought to be able to inflict some serious damage with her baseball bat. Fred and Daphne appear to have changed the least in this post apocalypse world.
The second version of Daphne sees her armed with a huge Gatling Cannon or a Minigun. How on earth she can even carry it never mind fire it is beyond me. Has this version of Daphne acquired super-strength? Whatever the reason, I think this figure is just far too over the top. I bought her for the sake of completeness but I doubt if I'll use this figure very often, if at all.
If you want to include the Scooby Gang in a zombie apocalypse type of game then these are "must have" figures. I suppose you  could paint them up differently and use them as a  normal survivor group, but knowing who they are meant to be, who's going to do that? Not me, that's for certain.
You can find all six figures in the Hasslefree Modern Adventurers range. Their individual codes are HFA082(b) Felicity (that's Daphne with the baseball bat), HFA086(c) Felicity (that's Daphne with the Minigun), HFA087(b) Barney (that's Fred), HFA088(b) Wolsey (that's Shaggy), HFA089(b) Louise (that's Velma) and HFA098 Post Apoc Hamlet (aka Scooby Doo). The humans cost £4.50 each, whilst Scooby sells for £4.00. Hasslefree do offer a good deal - HFA093 Post Apoc Gang, which contains five figures for just £20.00. The figure of Felicity/Daphne with the Minigun is not included in this set, but is that really a bad thing? I think not.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Vampifan's Kill Krazy Kommandos 02

As promised here is part two of my review of my Kill Krazy Kommandos gang. See my last post for part one. This time I'll showcase three more males and four females. All but two of these seven figures were sculpted by me. I'll point out the metal figures when I come to them.
The two figures to the left of this photo above were based on the Citadel 20mm scale figures from the Games Workshop short lived Dark Future game. At the far left is Jose Luis Chavez, who is armed with a pair of .44 calibre IMI Desert Eagle Big Ass Pistols. I think I've sculpted his head too big. I'm not very happy with this figure.
In the centre of the group is Wes Mosley, another non-Hispanic member of the gang. He is shouting out an insult at someone. In his right hand he holds a .44 calibre Smith and Wesson M29 Magnum revolver (counts as a Big Ass Pistol in ATZ). He also has a .44 calibre IMI Desert Eagle Big Ass Pistol in a holster on his right hip. The holster for his M29 Magnum is on his left hip and is aligned for a right hand draw. Wes is obviously right handed and not ambidextrous.
The figure at the far right of this group is Julio Cesar De La Hoya, and he is a metal figure made by Grenadier Miniatures for the Cyberpunk 2020 game. One look at the way he is dressed was enough to convince me that he had to be a Kill Krazy Kommando. That made the decision as to how to paint him very easy. He is armed with a pair of 9mm ASP M39 Pistols, which have transparent panels in the hand grips to allow the user to see how many bullets are left in the ammo clip. He was part of a boxed set of figures and I believe he is no longer available for sale.
Finally we come to the female members of the gang, starting with Linda Velasquez at the far left. She is one of the founder members of the gang and she is the partner of Chico Rivera. They are both bikers and mechanics and they own a repair shop that is used by the gang. Linda is a very tactile person; she likes touching people when she talks to them. She is armed with a .357 calibre AMT Automag Pistol and a 9mm Micro-Uzi Machine Pistol. She is skilled at firing both guns at once.
Next in line is Donna Ippolito, a lap dancer with surgically enhanced breasts and a high sex drive. For her, life is all fun and games. However, like most of the Kill Krazy Kommandos she is a nasty piece of work. She is armed with a 9mm Spectre M2 machine Pistol and a folding Knife, which she keeps in her leather jacket.
Third in line is Samantha Mercer, who lives in the same neighbourhood as the rest of the gang and who despite being a non-Hispanic and a woman, quickly earned her place in the gang, due to the fact she is as hard as nails. She's a biker chick and a veteran of many a barroom brawl and gang fight. She is armed with the standard array of weapons - a 12 gauge Franchi SPAS12 Pump-Action Shotgun, a .44 calibre IMI Desert Eagle Big Ass Pistol and a Knife.
The last figure on display is a metal sculpt by Denizen Miniatures. Their range of figures are 25mm scale but that works fine for her, as I wanted her to be a 15 year old teenager, newly recruited to the gang. Her small stature fits perfectly for her role. I named her Conchita De Santo and she has dyed her normal black hair blonde. Once again, the way she was dressed made me think she'd be an ideal candidate for the Kill Krazy Kommandos. Rather than give her a pair of jeans I painted her with a pair of skin-tight striped trousers, but the trademark leather jacket and red leggings remain in place. She is armed with a 9mm Glock 17 Pistol and a Flick Knife. Incredibly, after all these years Denizen Miniatures are still going. This particular figure can be found in their sci-fi range and she is SF28 Female Adventurer with Pistol. She costs a mere £1.00.
So, there we go - 15 figures in total and I reckon they'd give anyone a damned good fight. I like the suggestion by Lord Siwoc that I should run a turf war scenario with them in a game of ATZ-FFO and it's something I'll probably do. I have plenty of gangs for them to take on and with the distraction of a zombie apocalypse, I'm sure that quite a few gangs would consider that a perfect opportunity to settle some old scores. Yes, it has to be done! Mayhem City will live up to its name. Also, the scenario should take place no later than Day 20 of the apocalypse in order to allow the cops to intervene. This would work well with multiple players. Two, three or four gangs fighting each other and a horde of zombies attracted by the gunfire and finally, a heavily armed and armoured police SWAT team sent in to clean up the mess. Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Sunday 9 February 2014

Vampifan's Kill Krazy Kommandos 01

Over the next two posts I want to show you a set of 28mm scale figures that I sculpted about 20 years ago. They are all part of an extremely violent Hispanic criminal gang, who operate out of East Central Los Angeles, USA, and are known as the Kill Krazy Kommandos. The origins of this gang are unusual. The Kill Crazy Commandos first appeared in Dark Future, a not very successful Car Wars type of game designed by Games Workshop. I believe they should have produced the game's vehicles and figures in 28mm scale but instead they opted for 20mm scale. A big mistake, in my opinion. Of all the gangs that appeared in Dark Future the Kill Crazy Commandos were my favourite. I changed their name to the more alliterative Kill Krazy Kommandos. Some of the figures that I made were copies of the Citadel 20mm scale figures, whilst others were based on this rather nifty illustration from the rulebook.
Left to right are Hector Lopez, Ricardo Santana (gang leader), Chico Rivera, Linda Velasquez and Leon Hedoya. You'll see my sculpt of Linda next time.
The leader of the gang is a vicious psychopath called Ricardo Santana. His primary goals are anarchy and the eradication of the black street gangs of L.A., especially the Crips, for whom he has a deep hatred. A large group of Crips gangstas wiped out his former gang whilst Ricardo was serving time in prison. Ricardo is armed with 5.56mm Colt M16A3 Assault Rifle, a .44 IMI Desert Eagle Big Ass Pistol and a Bowie Knife. His gang fights cops, other street gangs and anyone who gets in their way. They have a reputation for shooting first and asking questions later. They rarely ever take prisoners or hostages. The gang's primary income is through the selling and distribution of illegal drugs.
Standing next to him is Leon Hedoya, his trusted second-in-command. Leon is responsible for over 20 murders, mainly of negro gangstas. He often smokes in "no smoking" areas just to provoke a reaction. He is armed with a 9mm Heckler and Koch MP5A1 Sub Machine Gun and a Knife.
Second from the right is Jesus Escobar, a typical gang member, armed with a 12 Gauge Franchi SPAS12 Pump-Action Shotgun and a Knife. Like most of the Kill Krazy Kommandos he is skilled in Tae Kwon Do street fighting.
At the far right is Chico Rivera, one of the gang's founding members and a very close friend of Ricardo Santana. He and his partner, Linda Velasquez, run a back street repair shop for the gang, well away from prying eyes. He is armed with a 12g Franchi SPAS12 Shotgun and a .50 calibre IMI Desert Eagle Big Ass Pistol.
The second batch of figures starts with Miguel Castillo, another typical gang member. He holds a 12g Franchi SPAS12 Shotgun and has a Flick Knife hidden in his leather jacket.
Next up is Hector Lopez, who works a pizza delivery man. Although he likes being out on the road, he hates being told what to do and where to go. It is only a matter of time before he gets fired. He is also armed with a 12g Franchi SPAS12 Shotgun and a Flick Knife.
Third in line is Judd Emerson, one of only a few non-Hispanic gang members. He has a job as a haulage driver. He is also a Neo-Nazi supporter with a deep hatred of all blacks. He is armed with a 5.56mm Ruger AC556 Assault Rifle and a .44 calibre IMI Desert Eagle Big Ass Pistol.
The final figure on show is Diego Callazo. He could be wounded, he could be smashed out of his skull on drugs or alcohol or he could just be taking a rest. The weapon that lies alongside him is a 66mm M72A2 Light Antitank Weapon. The Kill Krazy Kommandos have an impressive arsenal of weapons at their disposal.
I have used this gang quite a few times in various games and more than half of them have fully developed GURPS character record sheets. Ricardo is a particularly powerful NPC in GURPS, costing 500 points. To put that into perspective, most starting PCs have just 100-200 points. It wouldn't be too difficult to move this gang to Mayhem City for my ATZ campaign. I suspect they'd survive very well in a zombie apocalypse.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Pretty When they Collide by Rhiannon Frater

Pretty When they Collide is a novella by Rhiannon Frater set before the events of the Pretty When She Dies trilogy.
The back cover describes the plot thus - "Cassandra is a dhampire - the offspring of a vampire and a mortal woman - and a thief of occult relics.
Aimee is a full-blooded witch that is bound to a powerful vampire who traffics in the slavery of supernatural beings.
Both are powerful, lonely and trapped in the dangerous world of vampires.
When Cassandra steals a relic from Aimee's vampire master, he targets her as his next acquisition. What he doesn't realise is that a chance encounter between Cassandra and Aimee ignited a spark between them that they cannot deny.
To survive, the women must find a way to band together and fight against the ruthless evil that conspires to enslave them forever."
Essentially, this is the story of how Aimee and Cassandra met and fell in love. It is a novella running to a mere 126 pages, but even so, it is well written, full of action and suspense and as a reader I was rooting for Aimee and Cassandra throughout. Both are very likeable characters. Rhiannon has this to say about them in the author's notes at the back of the book - "I won't lie. These two are probably my second favourite couple after Glynis and Ignatius in the Vampire Bride series. Their dynamic and chemistry is just so vibrant and real and pours off the page. Individually, they are really awesome characters, but together they are magnificent."
I haven't read her The Vampire Bride series but she has intrigued me enough that I want to buy this series. I love vampire novels and the Pretty When She Kills series was easily the best vampire trilogy I've read. So naturally, I wanted to read this spin off book and I was not disappointed. My only criticism, and it is a very minor one, is that I wish the story went on far longer. I hope Rhiannon writes more books in this series. She has said if the fans want them she will write them.
This novella costs £5.89 but I got my copy for £5.60 from Amazon. Not much of a saving, I know, but any saving is better than none. I'd rate this book as 9 out of 10. With a higher page count it would probably have got a 10 out of 10.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Crooked Dice 7TV Agents 01

I recently showed you my Savage Schoolgirls and not-Doctor Who figures that I'd bought from Crooked Dice Games (CDG). This review completes my round up of figures that I have bought from them but it certainly won't be my last as I plan on buying yet more figures from them. This batch can be classed as 7TV Agents. 7TV is the name of the rules set devised by CDG for use with their figures. It has spawned numerous spin offs and supplements. Despite me being very interested in their rules I have yet to get any of their rulebooks or supplements. I expect that will also change later this year.
First up is someone whom CDG have called the Man from 2000. Fans of Gerry Anderson's 1970's TV series UFO will instantly recognise him as Commander Ed Straker. Ed is in command of the Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation or SHADO as it is usually known as. This organisation is tasked with defending Earth from alien invaders. The figure is standing in a casual relaxed pose but he holds a pistol behind his back. I was a huge fan of UFO and I'd love to see CDG make more figures from the series, especially the female Moonbase crew. I had a huge crush on Lieutenant Gay Ellis played by Gabrielle Drake. With their metallic purple wigs they were very striking.
I'm not sure why, but I received two versions of this figure. I guess it was just a thank you gift, seeing as I did place a rather large order with CDG. CDG have given the Man from 2000 a name, Darius, so that is what I shall call this figure. Note that the figure comes with a choice of three heads and the option to give him a pistol in his right hand. I see Darius as some kind of business man, probably the CEO of a successful company. He makes a fine addition to my growing collection of civilians.
The third figure in line is called the Man from 3000 and he can be purchased with the Man from 2000. Collectively, they are known as the Men from the Future. He is instantly recognisable as Number Six, Patrick McGoohan's character from cult TV series, The Prisoner. I was not a fan of this show so it seems highly unlikely that I'll use this figure as anything more than a civilian.
The final figure of this group is Melissa Temple. CDG call her Ms. Temple, so I added her first name. CDG describe her as a fiery redhead with quite a temper who works in an office. It has only just occurred to me who she is based on - Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate), one of Doctor Who's many female assistants. I can't believe that I have only just spotted that one! So, technically, I should have posted her when I did my review of CDG Doctor Who figures. Once again, she works well as a generic civilian character.
The next batch of figures come in two pairs. First up is Pandora King, a martial artist and agent for Department X. I suspect she is based on the character, Annabelle Hirst as played by Rosemary Nichols in the TV series, Department S. Alternatively, she could be based on any one of Tara King (Linda Thorson), Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) or Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman) from the 1960's TV series, The Avengers.
Her male partner is Hugo Solomon, who is unmistakably a not-Jason King (Peter Wingarde) from the TV series Department S, as well as spin off series, Jason King. He was always a debonair ladies man, as well as being good in a fight. In CDG's alternative reality, he is also an agent for Department X. He is armed with a pistol.
Next up is the head of Project Time Lift, Benton Troad, a well-meaning, somewhat overweight man who cannot shake years of immersion in ministerial bureaucracy. I think he is a character unique to CDG's 7TV universe, although the fact that he is wearing a badge with the number two on makes me wonder if he also appeared in The Prisoner.
Troad's assistant is Bambi Gascoigne, whom CDG describe as being cool-headed and an all round good egg. She is dressed in casual but smart clothing. Both her and Troad could double as ordinary civilians.
These are a nice collection of figures with multiple uses, making them quite versatile.
They all retail at £4.00 each if you wish to buy them separately, However, the cheaper option is to buy them as two-figure sets - The Men from the Future, Hugo Solomon and Pandora King, and Benton Troad and Bambi Gascoigne. Each set of two figures costs only £7.50. At the time of writing the figure of Ms. Temple is out of stock.