Super Dungeon Explore

Here I present links to all of my posts about Super Dungeon Explore. They are listed in chronological order. Just click on whatever link you want to view.
  1. Super Dungeon Explore Overview
  2. SDE Heroes 01 - Royal Paladin, Hearthsworn Fighter and Claw Tribe Barbarian
  3. SDE Heroes 02 - Hexcast Sorceress, Riftling Rogue and Ember Mage
  4. SDE Heroes 03 - Glimmerdusk Ranger, Deeproot Druid and Angry Bear
  5. SDE Scenery Items 01 - Spawning Points and Treasure Chests
  6. SDE Monsters 01 - Kobold Flingers and Gougers
  7. SDE Monsters 02 - Kobold Knuckleheads and Ironscales
  8. SDE Monsters 03 - Kobold Dragon Priests and Kobold Ogres
  9. SDE Monsters 04 - Dragons - Hatchlings, Whelps, Wyrmlings and Starfire
  10. SDE Heroes 04 - Celestial Herald, Sister of Light, Von Wilding and Von Wilder
  11. SDE Scenery Items - Von Drakk Manor Spawning Points
  12. SDE Monsters 05 - Necromancer, Witches and Toads
  13. SDE Monsters 06 - Dust Mages, Rattle Bones and Skullbats
  14. SDE Monsters 07 - Bone Heads and Dread Knights
  15. SDE Monsters 08 - Crypt Spider and Death Spectre
  16. SDE Monsters 09 - Von Drakk and Nocturne

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