Wednesday 22 January 2020

Vampifans Views 126 - Enforced Absence

On Friday December 20th, I was admitted to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, as an emergency patient, for an operation which resulted in me having my big toe of my right foot amputated. As a result, I missed Xmas and the New Year and I am still recovering in hospital. This was officially the worst Xmas of my life.
I am bored to tears having nothing to do in hospital and I desperately miss the internet. I hope to get out soon and get back to blogging but I don't currently have a discharge date. I am undergoing Physiotherapy and I am well on my way to recovery.

Hope to speak to you soon.



  1. Hope you are discharged soon and able to get back to everything you enjoy!

  2. Phew! Not a great time indeed, Bryan. But as you're back to at least providing a quick update so we know you're on the road to recovery. Get well soon :-)

  3. Your sudden absence had me wondering. Sorry to hear about your rough time of it. At least you are on the mend now. Hopefully they will give you the nod soon.

  4. You take care and take as long as it needs to recover.

  5. I wondered about your unusual absence.I'm sorry that things have gone so awry but you are in the best place. get well soon.

  6. Sorry to hear your bad misfortune Bryan, get well soon.

  7. Oh dear! I hope it all works out well and you can get back to blogging and hobby stuff soon. Take care!

  8. Dude that sucks. Here’s to a speedy recovery 💪

  9. Been worried. Sorry to hear about the time you've had, but glad it's not worse and you're recovering well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  10. I had feared it might be something serious. It's unlike Bryan to not have any new posts on his sites with no warning. Focus on recovering and don't let boredom get you down. Maybe we can smuggle in some minis and paint?

  11. Glad to read the update, Bryan. I had been wondering if you were okay, so thanks for letting us know. Take care.

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  13. I am glad to hear you are getting better. Get well soonest. I have missed you.

  14. Sorry to hear about your bad luck, get well soon!

  15. Bryan I'm really pleased to hear from you and that you are on the road to recovery. Have to say I was worried about you and with such a long absence feared it might be worse, although missing a big toe is not a good result.
    Get well soon.

  16. I have been wondering where you were Bryan, as its not like you to miss posting for this long, so sorry to here about your medical woes and hope you are on the road to recovery soon, we miss you mate, even if I don't post comments that often these days I always love reading of your latest "Wargames exploits", all the best to you and get well soon!

    Cheers Roger.

  17. Good to hear that you are back at it Bryan. You are so dedicated with your blog I was wondering if something had happened. Shame about Christmas and the boredom but good to know you are back on your feet. Get well and make up for some of that lost hobby time 😁.

  18. Get well vampifan and I wish you a swift recovery.

    And to Unknown Feb 17, 03:06:00 pm GMT:
    Get Lost! And take your SPAM somewhere else.

  19. Yeah, it's bad when you see the comment count go up and hope it might be an update, but it's just a spambot.

    (I also realize the irony of increasing the comment count here). Miss you Vampy!

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  26. You are missed.

    I am painting a Vampi in your honor.

    Rest well.

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