Thursday, 2 April 2009

Victory Force Zombies 01

These figures are from the Victory Force 28mm scale Creatures range. From left to right are 333003 Mascot Zombie Dino, 333002 Mascot Zombie Chicken Man, 333007 Frankenheimer, 333008 Riot/Security Type Zombie and 333005 Secret Experiment Zombie. What attracted me to this range were the two zombie mascots. Just when you think you've seen every possible type of zombie along comes something to make you think again. The Dino mascot was just crying out to be painted as Barney the Dinosaur. I don't think that Frankenheimer is meant to be a zombie but his pose is classic zombie-like. The riot cop is missing his left arm, a nice touch. As for the secret experiment zombie, I painted him up as a convict. He has shackles on his ankles and around his neck. Although only a small range of zombies these make a nice addition to anyone's zombie horde. I should point out that there is one more zombie figure that Victory Force make in this range - 333004 Conjoined Twins Zombie. It is a figure that I am not particularly keen on.


  1. Very nice minis!!! I've never seen the Victory Forve range before. I like very much Zombies Dino and Chiken Man. They are really cool, and a very interesting option in any 'outbreak'.

  2. My favourite VF mini is the old boy on a mobility scooter with a rifle. This is my idea of a survivor, and from personal experience I know how deadly those things can be.