Sunday, 2 August 2009

Spinespur Zombies 01

This is just a short review - well, not all of them will be as long or as picture heavy as my WWG semi-detached houses review! Today I'm looking at three Spinespur 28mm scale naked zombies. Spinespur is a near future horror game by Comfy Chair Games, who can be found at this website here -
This is set CFC0126 - The Torn, who are, according to the Spinespur website - "Enemies of the Dark Faith who fall in battle often find themselves brought back from the dead to serve that which they once fought against. This thought often drives the individual to attempt freeing themselves by ripping apart the prison cell they once called a body." So they're zombies with serious mental problems then!
It was a no-brainer what colour to paint them as they so closely resemble my Eureka Miniatures Toxic Zombies, so that meant green skin. The figure at the far left of the trio has had the flesh of the front of his torso completely removed. Given the description above, can we assume that he has pulled his own flesh off? I don't know the answer to that, but he looks far from healthy. As if that horrendous wound wasn't bad enough, his left arm has been ripped off at the elbow and he has bites to both lower legs, his lower right arm and the side of his head.
In the centre of the group is a female, who has not fared much better. Her legs and arms are covered in cuts and bites. However, her major wound is only revealed when you look at her from behind, as the flesh has been stripped from her back. Surely that couldn't be self-inflicted? I love the way her face has been sculpted. She looks incredibly gaunt and malnourished.
The final figure of the group certainly complies with Spinespur's description of the Torn as he is in the process of ripping the skin away from his face. His arms and his legs especially, are covered in cuts and bite wounds.
These figures were a joy to paint as you can really go to town with the gore effects. I did wonder about how much skull to leave uncovered on the third figure. If I'd completely covered it in TCR (Tamiya Clear Red - possibly the best paint to use for blood) would it still look like a skull and would you be able to tell what he is doing? In the end, I erred on the side of showing more white skull, but only because that was how it was done on the Spinespur website. These three figures are exceptionally well sculpted and, to be honest, put the similar looking Eureka Miniatures to shame! They are quite delicate looking and a lot smaller than I was imagining they'd be. For some reason I thought that the Spinespur range was a lot taller. Maybe the others are, maybe they aren't, as these are the only Spinespur figures I own, but these zombies are perfectly sized 28mm scale figures so you'll have no problem fitting them in with like-sized figure ranges, like Studio Miniatures or Hasslefree, for example. The set of three figures cost $9.99. Just because the Spinespur background has them as mentally unstable undead, there's no reason why they should be in whatever game you play. For me, they're just another group of toxic zombies.


  1. Thanks, Slobberblood. Some figures are an absolute joy to paint and some a real chore. These easily fell in the first category.