Wednesday, 9 September 2009

WWG Mayhem Small Park

This week's review of my World Works Games collection features another kitbash from the modern buildings section of their store, the Mayhem Small Park. This very simple model consists of a 7" by 7" ground tile with brickwork in all four corners and a path running from top to bottom and side to side. In addition, two concrete benches are included with the set along with eight small wall sections to occupy the corners.

To me, a park implies greenery of some description. I did not want a park that was just brick and concrete. So my first decision was to include some shrubs in my park. These came from the Citadel trees and hedges set of scenery designed for Warhammer. I used a set of wire-cutters to cut short pieces from the hedges and glued them atop the four corner walls as can be clearly seen in the photo above. Where the wire that formed the framework for the hedges showed, I painted it dark green.

I placed the concrete benches diagonally opposite each other where the paths meet. They can be used either as benches or perhaps as picnic tables. Nonetheless, I still wanted more seating for my park and I found just what I wanted in the Mayhem Rail set. The eight orange seats that I made came from that set and were ideal. Nothing too fancy or expensive looking but surely more comfortable than sitting on a slab of concrete. I placed two in each corner of the park. They blend in well with the brick walls because they orange-coloured but once you know what they are you can easily make them out.

Every park needs a litter bin (or more depending on size). The Bits of Mayhem set comes with loads of street furniture, which includes a litter bin, ideal for use in this project. The obvious place to position it was in the centre in between the two concrete benches.

Finally, I decided to add a streetlight. The Streets of Mayhem set comes with two types of streetlights and the smaller of the two with the light on the sloped arm could have worked here. But I wanted something less modern looking. Having bought the huge Citadel Warhammer 40,000 Imperial City boxed set I had plenty of streetlights that I could borrow from there. However, once again, I did not like the look of them. I did not like the light hanging from a pole - I wanted the light on top of the pole. What I did was to cut off the light from the pole, along with the arm it was on, the power cable and the spike at the top of the pole. I took the long light from the wall hanging light set (there are two wall lights - a long thin one and a squat circular one) and cut it from its arm. The top of the light now became its base as I turned it upside down and stuck it onto the pole. This makes the lamp pole a lot bigger and is just the kind of look that I wanted. It has a Victorian-era feel to it. If you have any of these streetlights, it is not a hard conversion to do. If you don't or if you don't fancy trying the conversion then use the WWG streetlight I mentioned earlier. There was only one place the streetlight could go, and that was diagonally opposite the litter bin.

What I like the most about this conversion of mine is the addition of the hedges. Not only do they make the place look more park-like but they are tall enough to allow any visitors to the park a degree of privacy as they relax away from the stresses of city-life. This little terrain piece adds a welcome splash of colour to the drab greys of my cityscape.


  1. Really a great piece of work. I have also brought some WWG Sets but due to printing and lack of foamcore I am not able to make really great models like yours.

    Though your work is a good inspiration for me.


  2. Nice to hear from you Aditya and thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I've been building WWG models for about a year and a half now and I'm totally hooked on them. There is so much I want to build and just not enough hours in the day. I can understand how not being able to readily get hold of foamcore can be a hindrance but having said that, a lot of my models don't use it. This park, for example, uses no foamcore. I'd recommend reading through my past reviews of WWG models (if you haven't already) and hopefully you'll pick up some useful hints and tips. I wish you well with your own builds and if you do build something you're proud of don't hesitate to post it on the WWG forum. They are a good, friendly crowd over there and very helpful.