Sunday, 8 November 2009

Cold War Miniatures Zombies 04

Following quickly on the heels of my last review of the Cold War Miniatures 28mm scale zombies from their extensive The Dead Will Walk range I now present set 08 Run For It and set 09 All Dressed Up. As usual, each set contains five figures on slottatabs and separate 25mm diameter plastic slottabases.
The two photos above show the zombies from set 08 Run For It. Appropriately enough, I'll begin with the female at the far left of the group who was clearly a fitness fanatic before joining the ranks of the undead. She is dressed as if she has just stepped into her gym class with head band, vest, sports pants and trainers. Her hair has been tied back in a ponytail. She suffers from two injuries - one minor, a twisted ankle on her right leg and the other one major in that half of her face has been ripped off, revealing her skull. She is a great miniature.
Equally as good is the plump country boy dressed in dungarees and T-shirt. This guy is overweight, although by no means fat. Perhaps if he'd exercised more he'd have been able to "run for it" and avoided the zeds. Remember Jesse's first rule of survival in Zombieland - "Cardiac." Be fit and you'll outrun the zombies. This guy wasn't and now he's paid the price. He is relatively unharmed, apart from a few bites on his lower legs. I'm betting he died of a heart attack whilst trying to run away to safety.
In the centre of the group is Cold Wars' second child zombie, only this time it's a little girl. In her right hand she retains her teddy bear (missing one leg) and she points at something with her left hand. There a couple of holes near the hem of her dress but her once pretty face is now a complete mess. Her right eye hangs out of its socket giving her a very ugly look. She is an outstanding sculpture, in my opinion, as we see far too few zombie children.
Staying with the keep fit theme, that is obviously a part of this set, we come to the male body builder. This guy is even more muscular than the "Mr. Muscles" bro' that I reviewed last time in set 05 Downtown. He is dressed in nothing more than a posing pouch (I just had to paint it gold). He has gone down to a massive wound to his neck and has obviously bled to death. Also, note the way his left leg is twisted at the ankle.
I'm not sure what the last figure in the group has to do with the "Run For It" theme, but all the same, he is very well sculpted and perhaps, he was what the others were running from! He is a male of indeterminate age dressed in a polo-neck jumper and torn trousers. His wounds are extensive. His left eye dangles from a gaping hole in his face. In addition, he has bites to his stomach, arms and right leg. He wields a chewed off lower leg in his right hand. It's his trophy and no-one else can have it!

Set 09 All Dressed Up is a perfect complement to the country half of set 06 Town and Country in that all of these zombies came from the upper strata of society. Let's be honest, race, religion and class mean nothing to a flesh eating zombie. As always, I'll begin at the far left and move across to the far right. First in line is a gentleman dressed in a tuxedo, bow tie and shirt. Even as a zombie, he still looks down his nose at those around him! A clever bit of sculpting or just a coincidence? The hole in his chest is quite large and at first glance would appear to be caused by a high calibre bullet. I dismiss this theory due to the lack of exit wound in his back, so I think it is a bite wound. He has another big bite wound on his left thigh.
I would assume that the lady standing next to him was his partner for the evening. She is elegantly dressed in a LBD (Little Black Dress), long gloves, high heels and a pearl necklace. She holds her purse in her left arm. her dress has been badly torn and holed as her zombie attacker savagely bit her in the right thigh. The hole in her thigh is clearly visible. I think she is a terrific zombie, my favourite out of this set.
Holding centre place is a toff dressed in his summer garb of straw boater, blazer, shirt and casual trousers. Now this chap could well have been shot in the stomach as there is a massive wound in his lower left side, possibly the exit wound of a high calibre round. Or he might just have been bitten! One thing is for sure, he certainly suffered at the hands and teeth of the flesheaters, as there is a large bite wound on his lower left arm and most of the left side of his left leg has been eaten away.
I have mentioned before that one of the great things about this range are the number of unique zombies you'll never find anywhere else. Here is another case in point - a Scottish laird dressed in a traditional kilt and jacket. I'd take my hat off to the sculptor if I was wearing one, for his sheer originality. It brings a smile to my face when I see something so different that no one else has thought of making. However, this is not the best of sculptures, being rather flat and undynamic but it gets a big thumbs up from me just for being so unique. This zombie has a small bite/bullet wound to the stomach and a much bigger bite wound to his left thigh.
The final figure out of this group is a female dressed in her evening gown. We can see that she neglected to wear a bra as her dress has been pulled down to show a naked right breast. Tits out for the lads! Sorry, that was uncalled for! There are three large holes  that reveal extremely nasty bite wounds to her legs. By giving her a white dress, the blood stains really show up. Blood also trickles from the corners of her mouth. This is another extremely well sculpted figure.
Costing just £7.00 per set, these are very good value for money. As always, you have the option of buying each figure individually for £1.75 if there are some you don't want or perhaps you might need duplicates of some of them. I think that both sets deserve a place in anyone's zombie horde. Both sets contain outstanding individuals, which for me are the little girl from set 08 and the female in the LBD from set 09. Although a few others come close as well. Set 08 Run For It will probably see more use in a game then set 09 All Dressed Up but I'm quite happy to own both sets.

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  1. There's not enough kiddy zombies IMHO, and yes the toff range is rather special.