Saturday, 11 December 2010

Blue Moon Zombies 03

This is the first of another two part review looking at the second box set of 28mm scale zombies from Blue Moon Manufacturing, namely BMM111B Box 8 "I Just Can't Seem to Get a Good Night's Sleep." In Box 7, half of the figures were unarmed, whilst in this set, all of them are unarmed.
I'll start off by looking at the female zombies that come with this set. In Box 7, there were just three females. This time, there are seven. At the far left in the two photos above, is the woman in red whom I mentioned in my last review. (She appears on the cover of both boxes but it is with this set that you actually get the figure.) What struck me the most when I first saw her, is how badly deformed her left arm is. It looks like her upper arm from elbow to shoulder is missing! Very strange and I can't decide if that was a deliberate choice or a mistake by the sculptor. Her dress seems to be far too large for her but death does reduce a person's weight, especially if the person has been dead a long time, so don't take that as a criticism. She looks like she's been dead a very long time and she is covered in bites, cuts and scratches.
Next up is a more elderly-looking woman with an almost skull-like face. Her pose is a classic as she lunges forward with outstretched arms. She is well dressed in a blouse, long skirt, and knee-length boots. She has bite wounds to both arms and her right cheek.
In the middle of this group is the first of two one-armed female zombies. This woman has lost her left arm and a large portion of the left side of her torso has been eaten away. She is dressed very similarly to the previous zombie, wearing a blouse and long skirt but ankle-length boots.
The second one-armed female zombie has lost her right arm. Also, note her right eye, as the eyeball hangs from its socket. Most blondes that I see today are "bottle blondes." The black roots are a dead giveaway. For this lady I decided she'd only bleached half of her hair to give a two-tone look, which I have seen in real life. It is a striking look but not one that I particularly like. For me, the natural look is always best, but hey, I'm just an old-fashioned git! What do I know about women's fashion?
The last of this batch of five females can best be described in two words - trailer trash! I must admit, that for a zombie, she has a very shapely figure! If you ignore her wounds, from the neck down she is quite a looker! But with a massive bite wound to her stomach, the left half of her face chewed off, a deep and long wound to her lower left arm and a couple of small bite wounds to her left leg it is impossible to ignore her wounds. As with quite a few of my zombies, I have smeared her hands in gore.
In the next two photos (shown above) at the far left is a crouching female wearing a very brief crop-top and a badly torn midi-dress. Note the absence of any footwear. It could be that she's attempting to stand up as she has a massive wound to her right leg that reveals bone. Her left leg is little better with one major and a couple of minor bite wounds. She is another zombie in this set whose face closely resembles a skull. Her nose is completely absent. 
Next to her is a zombie of indeterminate sex. He/she has long hair and a flat chest, neither of which is proof of gender. However, I've decided that she is a female, simply because I want more female zeds. Her dress could be a long loincloth but somehow, I doubt it. Just like the previous figure, she too, is lacking any footwear. She has a long cut to her left thigh and the front of her blouse is covered in blood, indicating she has had her throat ripped out.
In the centre of this group is the first of the thirteen males available with this set. I'm sticking with the theme of bare-footed zombies. He wears tight trousers and a very ragged shirt, which exposes a horrific torso wound to his right side. He has also been wounded in the left shoulder. His pose is that of a staggering drunk as he appears rather unsteady on his feet.
With the next figure BMM once again backed away from offending by omitting genitalia from this partially nude figure. I don't suffer such prudishness and have sculpted his "meat and two veg" back on with modelling putty. He has wounds all over his body, including a large chunk of flesh that has been chewed from his backside! Ouch! Anyone thinking, perhaps he had his manhood bitten off, don't! If he had, there'd be a gaping hole in its place and not the smooth groin area this figure originally had.
Finally is a guy wearing knee-length trousers, a belt and nothing else. He sports quite a few wounds all over his body but they all appear to be minor. I guess they must have had a cumulative effect, although even one minor bite wound is enough to infect a person. He is not an outstanding figure by any means but neither is he a turkey. Mr. Average Zombie would sum him up nicely.
The price for this boxed set is the same as box 7, which if you can't be arsed to check out, was $40.00 if you order direct from Blue Moon Manufacturing. I'll give further price details next time when I review the second batch of figures from this set.


  1. Very nice VtG! But "At the far right in the two photos above" - shouldn't that be at the far left? Just posted my first batrep, btw ...

  2. Very nice. I'm glad to see more female zombies, too, especially with one of your paintjobs.

  3. @Colin. Of course you're right - it should be "far left" and I've edited it accordingly. I've left you a comment on your ATZ batrep on your own blog but many congrats on taking the plunge.

    @TLA and LJ. Many thanks, chaps!

  4. Hi Bryan,
    You guys freezing yer arses off? I've been stretched a bit thin lately with Mom being sick and am having ATZ withdrawals. All these great Zombie posts are killing me.

  5. Willy, if I never see another drop of snow it'll be too soon! Godammit, but I HATE the snow! Give my kind regards to LTL Mom. I've only just recovered from a lousy cold that really laid me low - hence no posting last Wednesday.

    ATZ withdrawal I can understand, so my sympathies to you. On the plus side, you did get to attend that great gaming con you mentioned recently on your blog. That's one more con than I managed to attend this year1

  6. Welcome aboard, ArmChairGeneral. I love it when new blood arrives!