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My ATZ Campaign - Day 35 - Going Hog Wild part 1

Twelve days after Vampifan had recruited three new survivors and found a base to settle down, he led five of his team on a mission to forage supplies. These are the stats of those who took part in this mission -
Vampifan; Rep:6 Star; Nerves of Steel and Slow, armed with Assault Rifle, BA Pistol and Armour.
Big Sil; Rep:5 Grunt; Knifeman, armed with Assault Rifle, BA Pistol, Knife and Armour.
Angie Johannson; Rep:5 Grunt; Runt armed with Assault Rifle, Knife and Armour.
Hannah Vaughn; Rep:4 Grunt, Stone Cold armed with BA Pistol and Knife.
Jamie Vaughn; Rep:3 Grunt, Brawler armed with Pistol.
Billy Vaughn; Rep:3 Grunt, Wuss armed with Catapult.
The seventh member of the team, Gap, stayed behind to guard their home and he took no part in this encounter.
HOUSE RULE From now on I shall be using Oliver/Whiteface's house rule on when Ragers, Smarties and Psykers may appear. Very basically, at the start of each scenario you roll 1d6. On a roll of 6 Ragers appear as per the rules of the I, Zombie supplement. Otherwise, play on as normal. Smarties and Psykers can only appear after the arrival of Ragers. The full rules  can be found on Oliver's blog site here I rolled a 2 on the d6 so no Ragers would appear in this scenario.
The game was played on a 3' by 3' board divided into nine equally-sized sectors. Sector 1 was at the bottom left of the board, where the billboard was located, whilst sector 9 was at the top right of the board on the tile that contained two small groups of fir trees.
Do you notice something different about this set up? Yep, it's the vehicles. I normally use my cardstock vehicles in my ATZ scenarios, but this time, I thought that I'd give some of my die-cast vehicles an airing. I don't have many, so don't expect to see them appearing a lot. Incidentally, the truck and trailer came with a sleek black helicopter, which will definitely make an appearance in a future scenario.
Team Vampifan arrived on foot in sector 9, having left their vehicles a short distance away in a secluded spot. Before the game began I rolled for lack of sleep for each character. Hannah slept for just 5 hours on the previous night and only passed 1d6 vs. her Rep on the Lack of Sleep Table. This meant that she would suffer a -1 penalty for this encounter only, making her Rep:3, the same as her kids. No-one else was adversely affected.
Next, I rolled for placements and Reps of the three PEFs.
PEF:1 was Rep:3 and was placed in sector 6 at the side of the garage and out of sight of team Vampifan.
PEF:2 was Rep:2 and was placed in sector 1 at the corner of the small Folding Structure Unit.
PEF:3 was also Rep:3 and was placed in sector 5, next to the silver car parked in the garage entrance. (Note the name on the side of the van and you can see why I just had to buy it!) .

Day 35 - Going Hog Wild part 1
This was day 35 of the campaign and it took place in a suburban area of Mayhem City during the hours of daylight. This was a straightforward Discover scenario. Note that any reference to the basic rulebook will use the abbreviation BDTZ, whilst references to the I, Zombie supplement will be abbreviated to IZ.
TURN 1.   Activation - Vampifan = 6, PEFs = 1  
Vampifan led his team to the back door of the red-brick garage. Vampifan, Big Sil and Angie had their Assault Rifles at the ready. Hannah held her BA Pistol by her side. Jamie had stuffed her little Pistol down the side of her pants but Billy held tightly to his Catapult as he looked round for zombies.
I rolled for all three PEFs. PEF:1 passed 1d6 on the PEF Movement Table and so moved in sight of Team Vampifan. I had to determine what it was before I could roll for the other two PEFs. I rolled a 5 on the PEF Resolution Table to give a result of Hostile Encounter. I rolled to see if they were human or zombie (50/50 chance of each) and scored in favour of the zeds. Next, I rolled to see how many there were and got a reult of one more than the heroes, i.e. 7. Each side took the Encounter Awareness Test, which Vampifan won easily, allowing his side to take an In Sight Test but with 3d6 instead of 2d6, counting the best two results. The four adults passed 2d6 each and could fire at the zombies. The two kids only passed 1d6, so they could snapfire. I decided it wasn't worth them bothering.
Vampifan opened fire first with a three round burst. He hit twice and scored two deaths. Big Sil did exactly the same, hitting twice out of three and killing both times. Angie wasn't as lucky. She fired three rounds as well, but only hit once. However, she too scored a kill. Remember the Easy To Hit rule (see p.34 of BDTZ), which makes killing zombies so much easier as you roll against your Rep instead of the gun's Impact to kill them. Hannah just fired once but her aim was way off target. This is what happens if you don't get a good night's sleep!
PEF:2 passed 1d6 on the PEF Movement Table and moved one sector diagonally to sector 5, taking cover at the side of the white van.
PEF:3 passed 0d6 and so remained where it was.
I rolled 10d6 for zombie reinforcements and scored four successes. Two appeared in the middle of the road by the front of the garage...
...and the other two appeared at either side of the flat-bed trailer.
TURN 2.   Activation - Vampifan = 4, PEFs = 5, Zombies = 2
The PEF roll was too high for them to activate. Vampifan took one step towards the back door of the garage and paused to fire a three round burst at the two zombies left standing from last turn. He hit them both and killed them with expertly placed head shots. Then he entered the garage. Big Sil and Angie also paused at the back door to fire single shots at the two newly arrived zombies by the flatbed trailer. They, too, put down their targets with some fine shooting. Hannah and her family followed and also entered the garage.
This, of course, warranted me using my Risks and Rewards cards. The top card that I turned over showed that the building was occupied by three zombies and that a Food Resource could be found there. I rolled on the Meeting Zombies Table to determine the Surprise scores. The zombies collectively scored 6, Vampifan scored 11, Big Sil scored 7 and Angie scored 10.  Team Vampifan were allowed to fire before melee combat was initiated.
They each chose to fire once and all three hit and killed their targets despite the Easy To Hit rule no longer applying. You must roll against the gun's Impact rating if charged by a zombie. Incredibly all three managed it - Big Sil scored an Obviously Dead result, whilst Vampifan and Angie scored Out Of the Fight (OOF) results, which count as Obviously Dead against zombies. Hannah found the Food Resource.
After the smoke had cleared I noticed that Team Vampifan had a clear Line Of Sight to PEF:3 at the side of the silver Ferrari 575M Maranello parked in the garage entrance. Rolling on the PEF Resolution Table I scored a result of NPC Interaction. I determined that the NPCs were also Survivors and that they numbered the same as Team Vampifan.
The leader of the new group was called Carver Hale, a Rep:5 Star with the Stone Cold and Axeman (a version of  Knifeman) Attributes. He was armed with a one-handed Axe and a Shotgun. He and Vampifan had to roll on the NPC Interaction Table (see p.117 of IZ) to see if they were friendly, neutral or hostile. Both leaders ended up scoring the same amount of successes (i.e. none) so they exchanged small talk and agreed to co-exist peacefully.
Hale's team consisted of Sister Saw, Rep:5 and armed with a BA Pistol and a Chainsaw; Zack Norris, Rep:4 armed with BA Pistol, Knife and Gas Mask, Sergio Garcia, Rep:4 armed with a Shotgun and Pistol, Denzel Stephenson, Rep:4 armed with twin Pistols and a metal Baseball Bat and finally, Joelle Wexler, Rep:4 armed with a BA Pistol and a Knife. How sweet it would have been if they had teamed up with Team Vampifan on a permanent basis. But it was not to be.
 The two remaining zombies moved closer to the garage entrance. I rolled 8d6 for zombie reinforcements and scored two successes. One emerged from the burnt down building across the road from the garage. He is only just visible in the bottom left corner in the photo above.
The second zombie emerged from the woods in sector 9.
 TURN 3.   Activation - Vampifan = 2, Hale = 5, PEF = 6, Zombies = 3
The PEF had rolled too high to activate, so Carver Hale led his team outside. He charged the little girl zombie in the yellow dress. Being a Star, he automatically passed the Wanting To Charge Test and he smote the girl's head from her body with a mighty swing of his axe. Joelle also passed her Wanting To Charge Test and she used her lethal combat knife to decapitate her zombie opponent. As Team Hale moved further out of the garage they were able to draw Line Of Sight wityh PEF:2, lurking at the side of the white Ford Transit van. I was hoping this would be a false alrm when I rolled on the PEF Resolution Table, but it was another Hostile Encounter. This time the hostiles were human and they numbered half as many again as the heroes, in other words, nine. I should have rolled to see who they were but I didn't because I had a definite plan in mind for who they should be - a biker gang mounted on motorcycles! I've been wanting to try them out for quite a while now, having discussed such a meeting with some of my blog followers in previous posts.
This particular gang were called the Wild Hogs and were led by Boss Hawg, a Rep:5 Ganger and Star with the Transporter Attribute. He was armed with a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) and he rode the chopper bike in the middle of the front row of the gang. He was accompanied by three Rep:4 gangers on chopper bikes, armed as the figures were (Semi-Automatic Rifle, Sub-Machine Gun and Pistol), a Rep:5 Hard Case riding a normal bike in the middle of the back row, armed with a Shotgun. The rest of the gang, four of them, were Rep:3 Punks on normal bikes armed wirh either SMGs or Pistols.
Their backstory was that they had recently had an unsuccessful run-in with Carver Hale and his crew, which resulted in the Wild Hogs suffering heavy losses. One of their gang tracked Team Hale to this location and reported back to Boss Hawg with the news. He ordered those bikers still fit to travel to join him in gaining retribution. As they approached this particular suburb of Mayhem City, Boss Hawg ordered his gang to switch off their engines so that they could silently sneak up on Team Hale. It was only a short distance for them to freewheel their bikes to the small building across the street from the garage. It was from there that they waited to ambush Carver Hale. Now it was time for bloody vengeance!
Both leaders had to take the Encounter Awareness Test (see p.117 of IZ) with Hale suffering a -1 penalty to his Rep for being active. Both men scored two successes, meaning the inactive side, the Wild Hogs, could take an In Sight Test with 2d6. Boss Hawg and the two Rep:4 bikers either side of him passed 2d6 and could fire normally. From there it went downhill. the third Rep:4 biker (armed with the SA Rifle) passed 0d6 and couldn't fire. The Rep:5 biker with the Shotgun only passed 1d6, as did three of the four Rep:3 bikers and they had to snapfire. The last Rep:3 biker (with the mohican haircut and armed with a Pistol) also passed 0d6 so he'd take no part in this ambush. The biggest gun battle of my campaign, so far, was about to begin - 9 bikers against 12 Survivors with the bikers going first.
Boss Hawg let rip with his SAW, firing all four shots at Carver Hale. His dice rolls were 5, 3, 1 and 1, indicating a hit, a miss and run out of ammo. Oh, dear! His hit managed to knock Hale Out Of the Fight. I immediately rolled for Team Hale on the Leader Lost Table and they passed 2d6. They could carry on as normal and they swiftly elected Sister Saw their new leader. After all, she did have the highest Rep of those remaining.
The biker to the left of Boss Hawg fired his SMG at Joelle Wexler. Only one of his three shots hit and that merely caused a Knockdown result. Joelle rolled on the Recover From Knockdown Table and passed 2d6. She was just Stunned.
The Johnny Reb biker to the right of Boss Hawg fired his Pistol twice at Sister Saw and missed with both shots. She should have taken a Received Fire Test but I totally forgot about it as I was so caught up in the moment. Oops, slapped wrist for me!
The Rep:5 biker armed with the Shotgun also fired at Sister Saw but he fared very badly. Out of 6d6, he rolled four 1s and his other two shots were misses. So, he was well and truly out of ammo. With a roll that bad, I determined that his Shotgun was jammed and unusable for the rest of this encounter.
Because they were snapfiring, the three Rep:4 bikers left had no chance of hitting anyone as they'd need a 10 to hit and the best they could roll was a 9. However, all was not lost. The Pitiful Shot rule (see p.9 of BDTZ) gave them some hope. Any roll of 6 allowed the firer to roll against his Rep and if successful the shot hits. As it was, it made no difference. None of them hit. On the bright side, none of them ran out of ammo for their SMGs!
Team Hale had survived the ambush remarkably well. Now it was their turn to open fire. Remember they were still active and the four still standing had not fired this turn. Sister Saw drew her huge .50 Magnum Pistol and fired twice at the biker who'd shot Joelle. Both shots hit. One caused a Knockdown result but the other was an Obviously Dead result.
Standing next to Sister Saw was Zack Norris, an ex-US Marine. He was also armed with a BA Pistol and he fired twice at Boss Hawg. He hit once but only scored a Knockdown on the biker leader. Boss Hawg passed 2d6 on the Recover From Knockdown Test and was stunned. This temporary loss of leader necessitated the gang to take the Leader Lost Test. They passed 1d6, meaning that they had to Halt and choose a new leader when next active.
At the other side of the silver Ferrari were Sergio Garcia and Denzel Stephenson. Sergio fired his Shotgun at the Johnny Reb biker to the right of Boss Hawg. He hit three times, scoring a Knockdown and two OOF results.
Denzel drew one of his twin pistols and fired once at the fourth biker on a chopper bike, situated right in the middle of the biker gang. He hit but only scored a Knockdown result. However, the Wild Hog only passed 1d6 on the Recover From Knockdown Test and thus went OOF.
Clearly, Team Hale had fared far better than the Wild Hogs.
Now it was the turn of the zombies to move. The female teenage zombie moved out of the woods.
The male zombie from the burned down building charged at the biker on the amber coloured bike. The biker only passed 1d6 on the Being Charged Test and was not allowed to fire at the zombie. He'd have to engage it in melee.
On the first round of combat both sides scored one success and so had to fight on. In the second round, the biker scored one success but the zombie scored none. Scratch one zombie as it crumpled to the ground with its skull bashed in.
At last it was the turn of Team Vampifan to activate. They all Fast Moved out of the back door of the garage and sprinted to the side of the white van, keeping out of sight of the biker gang. I expected Vampifan to be bringing up the rear because of his Slow Attribute but he rolled well on 1d6 and he outpaced young Billy.
 All that was left to do this turn was to roll for zombie reinforcements. I totted up all the shots fired this turn and it came to 35. With great trepidation I rolled 35d6 and scored 14 successes, an above aversge result. Nine appeared as shown in the photo above with three of them at the rear of the Wild Hogs within charge distance.
Another four appeared behind Team Vampifan. Were they in charge range as well? One clearly wasn't (the female zombie in the black dress) but I'll keep you in suspense about the other three! Yes, I am a sod!!!
The 14th zombie shuffled out of the woods in sector 9 and wasn't too far behind the female teenager zombie. On the next turn, winning the Activation roll would be absolutely crucial. One thing can be guaranteed - there's going to be a lot more blood spilled before the day is over.



  1. Team Vampifan stuck in the middle of a gangfight.. And zeds showing up left, right and well just about everywhere!!!

    This is looking pretty damn good mate!!!

  2. Thanks, Johnny. The next turn proves to be the most pivotal of the game, which is why I stopped my batrep at the end of Turn 3. There's loads of action still to come.

  3. w00t w00t, more Vampi and gang goodness. Unfortunately unable to fully read the full bat rep right now (did a quick scan) due to having to make a call for work here in a couple minutes. Will read it after the call is made and pull out my Vampi and gang roster to note any new additions and new equipment.

    Terrain and minis look as great as always, until I get a chance to actually read the Bat rep, keep up the great work.

  4. Doug, I echo your opening remark - WOOT! WOOT! indeed. It's always a pleasure to post a batrep.

  5. Wow! very interesting report, can't wait for part II. Not to mention, makes me want to dust off all my Mordheim stuff, get off my ass and finish the modular gamestable, and foray into the ruins to grab some Wyrdstone...

  6. Maybe just maybe i am able to write a comment from my mobile. I am always there and reading but i couldn't write anything for some time now. Blogger = FUBAR.

    What a great cliff hanger! This is a dangerous situation even if team vampi isn't directly involved at the moment. I hope you have enough zed minis for all those zombies generated by noise in the next turns ;o)

    Whiteface / Oliver

  7. Sorry for spamming, but: Hah! I am still here.

  8. Hehe it worked!!!

    And yes.... Bryan needs a bucket for the next round of zed reinforcements!!!

  9. Great!

    What a situation, I can't wait to see how Vampifan get out of this mess! :D

  10. What a slug fest, behind team Vampifan all the way. I like the back story input. Well the terrain and figures go without saying! This campaign is developing brilliantly. Just like 'The Walking Dead'. I'm taking a stab in the dark here but I bet your a SOA fan?

  11. @Squeeck. Thanks. If this has inspired you at all then I'd say, go for it. Dust down your Mordheim table, get playing and above all... HAVE FUN!!!!

    @Oliver. Coole mobile phone you have there, mate. It worked and not only did you post here once, you sent me another post. If you were a woman I'd say "how sweet!" You're just going to have to settle for a "how cool!"

    Yeah, this is a tense time to leave the batrep. If the zombies go first next turn three of them could attack our heroes IN THE REAR! Not a nice thought, even if Vampifan is Rep:6. As for having enough zeds for the reinforcements, well, I think 625 should be enough! That's how many painted zombies I have in my collection. Worryingly, I've just bought about 100 more this past month or so!

    @Johnny. Without giving anything away on turn 4 I had to roll a lot more zombie reinforcement dice than I did in turn 3, so your suggestion of using a bucket is quite a good one!

    @Zerloon. Tune in on Sunday for the action-packed conclusion.

  12. @Irqan. Sorry, I missed your comment as I was answering the other guys. To compare my campaign to The Walking Dead is the highest praise I can imagine, so many thanks for that. Pardon my ignorance but who or what is SOA?

  13. What a great batrep, bikers and all, loved it and looking forward to more and hopefully ragers.

  14. @Fran. As I mentioned in the batrep, I've been looking for a good excuse to use some of my biker figures. I make no apologies for ignoring the dice to include them. As for Ragers, there won't be any in this scenario. Most of them are infesting Mayhem City Centre.

  15. I need to wait sunday??? I mean SUNDAY???? It's not fair!!!! ;P

    Scott Trawlers ltd... Just brilliant!! :D

  16. Awesome battle reports yet again mr V. Looking forward.... No..... can't wait for part 2

  17. Another great report, I love reading these.

    And I think SOA means Sons of Anarchy, an HBO program about motorcycle gangs, similar to The Sopranos.

  18. man who new bat reps could be so edge of your seat exciting. very intense and the inclusion of the bikers was a great idea and the back story for the to groups is great. keep it up and i hope team vampifan comes out on top. also hope carver and his group make it.

  19. thats a sticky one, i hope you can get out of it

  20. Just got to reading the full Bat Rep. Ended up downloading the Honest Hearts DLC for Fallout New Vegas, figured would work towards finishing Dead Money with the character I started, so I can get to the new DLC. Havent started the Honest hearts DLC part yet, will soon, only have a couple more things to do in the Sierra Madre Casino before I get to the vault and can make my escape (played the DLC once, playing again to get all the comps from the casino).

    Great game so far, hopefully Vampi and gang make it out ok, along with Hales gang. Luckily if I need to roll that many dice I will cheat and use a dice roller app that I downloaded for my phone.

    Can't wait for part two.

  21. Great batrep, you left us with a real cliffhanger!

    @Whiteface: Blogger = FUBAR? I had a problem last week with HTTPS-Everywhere and Blogger. HE can block Google Services, just open the options for HE and uncheck Google Services. Hope that helps.

  22. @Vampifan:
    This wasn't a post about how cool my mobile is, but about me not being able to post comments for some days / week(?) now. Was pretty frustrating.
    A game with 600+ zombies would be...painful.

    Thank you. I changed some options and now I am able to posts comments from my PC again.

    Hello world!

  23. @Fabio. I know it's not fair and I know you want it now but you're just going to have to learn the art of patience! To be fair, if the roles were reversed, I'd be clamouring for more as well!

    Re: Scott's Trawlers Ltd. It was in half price sale at a local model shop. As soon as I saw the name on it I had to buy it. It cost me £10.

    @Brummie. Thanks and as for not being able to wait for part 2 see my reply to Fabio above.

    @Adam. I did a Google search for SOA and there were so many options I didn't know which one applied. Your suggestion sounds right. I think you can guess that I haven't seen the show but I do have a fondness for biker gangs so I probably would like it.

    @Mikestarfighter. Oh, I've read some very exciting batreps. If you get it right they can be a lot of fun to read. I can't say anything about the fate of Teams Vampifan and Hale just yet, but I like Carver and his crew as well.

  24. @Shintokamikaze. Who survives and who falls depends very much on who goes first next turn. By the way, I've added a link to your blog site in the sidebar to the left of here.

    @Doug. When faced with rolling loads of dice I tend to split them into manageable numbers. For the 35d6 I rolled 10d6 thrice, followed by 5d6. I have enough dice to roll over 100d6 in one go but I'd never do that. As for an electronic dice thrower, I say no,no,no! That's taking all the fun out of it!

    @Drew. Thanks. I like cliffhangers!

    @Oliver. No wonder you've been so quiet. I can't begin to imagine how frustrating that must have been for you. You have my deepest sympathies but I'm glad it all seems to have been sorted now.

    A game with 600+ zombies is something I am relishing very much!

  25. Bryan! This my friend is awesome! Loving the appearance of the die-cast cars, they look great and the trailer is fantastic. You've really dipped a red-hot poker into the hornet's nest now sir! I'm sensing that the recent loss of one gang member is not the last time we say goodbye to someone, but I hope not. I'm on the edge of my seat here Gnotta said...SUNDAY!! :)

  26. Thanks, Adam. I'm glad you liked the die-cast cars. No question about it, they are better than my cardstock vehicles but on the other hand they are a lot more expensive. Yes, I know you can get some good bargains at toy shops and supermarkets, etc. but I invariably found out about them after they've sold out! Ho-hum.

  27. Sorry mate, SOA 'Sons of Anarchy' a cheesey biker hour long prog on sky. It's not that bad as a soap, but not up to the realistic hype they give it.
    PS I've two boys who are growing up, many modern solid cars here. If you want half a dozen 'pot luck' let me know.

  28. Hey check out this guys.

  29. Hi, Irqan. Thanks for confirming what Adam (see above) thought that SOA meant. I don't have any form of satellite TV so I haven't seen the show but if it came to terrestrial TV I'd certainly give it a view.
    You have modern die cast cars for sale? Consider me interested. You can e-mail at and we can discuss payment details.
    I've checked out the link you sent me and I must admit to being very interested. Many thanks for getting back to me.

  30. Awesome report Bryan. I love seeing the figs in action. I'm getting 4 dead links, though, you might check it out.

  31. Thanks, Roger, I've fixed the four dodgy links and all seems to be working now. I put it down to Blogger playing up again.

  32. Wow Vampifan, this is great stuff, I've never seen a batrep where the humans outnumber the Zeds in these numbers, looking forward to Sunday mate.

  33. It doen't last long, Extraordinarii. By the end of the next turn the zombies are easily the most numerous force. Just wait until you see how many dice I had to roll for zombie reinforcements at the end of Turn 4. It's more than the 35d6 I rolled at the end of Turn 3.

  34. I'm joining the ATZ world for real, my avatar is ready to kill some zeds ! I even play tested (no attributes from BDTZ or IZ, some narrative parts [RPG like]) the beginning of the campaign (initiation at home for one of my blog followers who asked), ending in Ulu (Rep 3) getting bitten and infected (Fred [playing as himself : "gendarme" or policeman but with military training and so access to weapons at the beginning], his wife and my girlfriend got no harm (will post some pics later) .

    (scroll down to see Ulu Elsomalien in miniature and in real life)

  35. @Ulu. Welcome to the club and congrats on getting your first game under you belt... even if it didn't turn out well for your character. First games rarely go to plan.

    I looked at your own photo and the photos of your mini-me and I commend you on a job well done. I can highly recommend converting an alter-ego figure for you to game with.