Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Reaper Zombie Strippers

It constantly amazes how figure sculptors keep on bringing out zombie figures that you wouldn't expect to see. These three figures from the Reaper 28mm scale set 50213 Zombie Strippers surely fall into that category. Without any further ado, let's have a look at them.
I haven't named these figures but I think I ought to. For now, however, I'll identify them by their hair colour. At the far left of my two photos above is the Miss Brunette. She is, in my opinion, the prettiest of the three and the one who could most pass for being human. The mottled dead flesh and wound to her left side is a dead giveaway (pun intended) that she is a zombie. I'm rather pleased with how her stockings have come out. I painted them in zombie flesh, the same as the rest of her flesh but gave her legs a couple of coats of Citadel Gryphonne Sepia ink wash. Note the wad of dollar bills tucked into the stocking top of her right leg. 
In the centre of the group is Miss Blonde and from the absence of black roots in her hair, she seems to be a natural blonde. She has silver nipple tassels, which to me, denotes that she is a regular stripper. Miss Brunette had bronze nipple tassels, making her a rookie stripper. Hey, there's logic in my madness here!  She has ripped a guy's arm off whilst the dead hand still clutches a bunch of dollar bills. Class act, Miss Blonde! More dollar notes have been tucked into the left side of her panties. Her wounds are far more extensive and noticable, particularly on her legs. She has also been bitten in the side of her face.
Finally, is Miss Redhead, the veteran stripper and star of the show, as denoted by her gold nipple tassels. Only the best stripper in the show gets to wear the coveted gold nipple tassels! I love the way how the top of her right boot has curled down to give her legs a lopsided look. Like Miss Blonde, she has stuffed her cash gifts down the side of her panties. From the front, she could almost pass for human, especially in a darkened strip club. But from behind, you can see that a large portion of her back has been chewed away, revealing she is clearly no longer human.
All of the girls come with nipple tassels, of which I'm in two minds about. On the one hand I'd love to see bare boobies and nipples. Hey, I'm a boob man, what can I say? I'm sure if Kevin White had sculpted them for Hasslefree he would not have added the nipple tassels. On the other hand I accept that when it comes to nudity, Americans are more uptight about it than us Brits, and that naked breasts may well affect sales. Whether Reaper would sell more or less is open to debate! Also, I know from empirical research that some strippers do use nipple tassels in their acts, so their appearance can be justified in that sense. I did think about filing the tassels off one girl to give her bare breasts but then decided not to alter her. If I want more raunchy strippers I could always buy a second set to convert.
I have a very high opinion of these figures, even though I am aware that they won't be to everyone's taste. Mind you, considering the subject matter, these have been tastefully sculpted. The sculpting of all three really is of the highest quality. They were a total joy for me to paint and they give me another reason to build my Mayhem City Stripclub/Brothel. They retail for $9.99 from the Reaper website. For a second opinion on these fine figures check out Lord Siwoc/Johnny's review here
Whilst on the subject of zombie strippers I suppose it would be remiss of me not to mention two films closely related to the subject - Zombie Strippers and Zombies, Zombies, Zombies, aka Strippers vs Zombies. Be warned, both are utter pants! However, I can recommend Zombie Strippers for its humour (Robert Englund, who plays the owner of the stripclub gets all the best lines and is hilarious throughout) and it has fairly decent and gory special effects. The strippers are just okay, apart from the star of the show, Jenna Jameson, whom I found to be a complete turn off. Big plastic boobies - urgh!!! Jenna, put them away! Please!
As for Zombies, Zombies, Zombies, I can find very little to recommend it, other than a rather amusing performance from the black pimp (Anthony Headen). The story, the acting, the girls, the special effects, the dialogue were just too amateurish for my liking. I know its meant to be a tongue in cheek movie but so was Zombie Strippers and that made a much better job of things, even if it wasn't exactly fault free. Buy either film at your peril or if you're easily pleased. I'd rate Zombie Strippers 5 out of 10 and Zombies, Zombies, Zombies 2 out of 10, simply because I have seen worse and the pimp made me smile a few times.


  1. Hey, have you noticed what happens if you left click on a photo or picture now? As well as enlarging the picture, the blog stays in the background and you get little thumbnails of all the pictures from that particular post at the bottom of the page, making it much easier to move from picture to picture. Very helpful for when I post a batrep. Cool move, Blogger! I like this feature a lot!

  2. These are very nice figures. You have painted them beautifully. Its much better this way I used to get annoyed at being halfway through a big post, looking at a piccy then having to find where i had read to.

    I don't know whether its because they are naked but do they seem quite tall or is it me?

  3. You raise a good point about their height, Brummie, that I should have addressed in my review. Although Reaper describes them as 28mm scale on their website they are not. I've just measured one and she stands 32mm from the sole of her feet to her eyeline. Total height is 35mm. Hardly 28mm scale, is it?

  4. Very nice post Vampifan. The trio of zombie strippers will fit in great, especially once you have your club complete. This set is likely going to be in my next purchase (along with BJ's Thugz).

    The new format of blogger pictures seem nice. Until this point I had always been uploading to photobucket first, but with this new option, I think I'll be taking the time to up load to blogger itself.

  5. Good paint job - as always *sigh.
    The figures themselves look very well proportioned (no innuendo intended), but possibly slightly easier to acheive due to their size. As they wear "tassles" on their nipples perhaps they would be better described as "Burlesque" dancers rather than strippers ?
    Reinforecing your view on the two films mentioned, feels like we followers have had a two - for one deal !
    Good review.

  6. @Adam. Thumbs up from me for making these and Bobby Jackson's Thugz your next purchases. Good call, my friend!

    I was quite surprised to see this new feature of Blogger, but it's one improvement that meets with my whole-hearted approval.

    @Joe. I won't argue with the "Burlesque" label but as I mentioned, I have seen "ordinary" (if there is such a thing) strippers using them in their performances.

    Regarding the film reviews with this post, I knew that if I didn't mention them some one else would in their comments. Glad to hear that you think you're getting a two-for-one deal. See how I spoil you!

  7. Wow! Really like the effect on the legs of the first one.

    Good painting, as usual!

  8. Funny but they look like my last three girlfriends, before I married the Mrs of course!!!!
    Love the stripper in tights!!!

  9. @Zerloon. It's the first time I have painted stockings using that method. I'm very happy with the result.

    @Ray. I hope your wife looks nothing like these three, mate. I know what you mean about the zombie in the black stockings. She is rather cute.

  10. Well I guess I have to chime in on the whole strip club thing having had experience working at one.

    Now here in the states not all strip clubs operate on equal footing. Its all based on Local and State laws. Some states allow, like Michigan only allow the girls to go topless if the establishment serves alcohol, where as if no alcohol is served the girls can get totally nude, though even then there is technically supposed to be no alcohol on the premises, though its not uncommon for the dancers to have some booze stashed away in the dressing room. Now iirc other states such as Texas allows the girls to dance totally nude as long as the alcohol in the establishment isn't sold by the club, the customers can bring their own in, though I may be misinformed, other states may allow total nudity and alcohol to be served, though those states may be few in number as most states dont allow total nudity along with alcohol sales. Now some communities have even stricter laws, stating that no nudity at all, that means panties and pasties (tassles) at all times while on stage or walking the floor. There are ways to get around this as one strip club I believe in Florida found. As long as the nudity is performance related (as in theatrical productions) then you can have nudity, this club actually has the dancers put on theatrical performances, such as scenes from McBeth or other play.

    Now the club I worked at was a totally nude strip club since we didn't serve any alcohol. Yet the one across the street was only topless, because of the alcohol sales, same with the other clubs in the area.

    I think Reaper decided to have the pasties on the strippers since there are a number of communities here in the States that do prohibit even showing bare breasts in a strip club, plus I am sure if you really wanted to you could easily take a file and carefully file the pasties off. Unfortunately it is a shame that here in the States we are more close minded in most cases then the rest of the world when it comes to the human body.

  11. Hehe, did you notice the recent post on 2 Hour Blog. What a coincidence.

    Great paintjob, as usual. I just love your zed skin colour.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  12. Hellooo Ladiesss! great paint jobs Vampifan, I'm liking the colours used and they have painted up real nice, did you say you dont like Jenna Jameson? .......Hmmmm, shall I send you one of her other (wink, wink) movies? *rolls eyes* lol

  13. @Doug. What an awesome reply. I'm indebted to your insider knowledge. When I eventually get round to making my Mayhem City Strip Club, I'll be adopting the full nudity and serves alcohol on the premises policy.

    @Oliver. I saw that post and was astonished at the coincidence.

    @The Extraordinarii. I most certainly do not like Jenna Jameson. What I saw of her on "Zombie Strippers" was enough to put me off her for life. Yes, I do know she's big in the porn industry but if you have any of her other movies, please keep them to yourself. I'd rather have my eyes poked with needles than watch her strip off again! LOL!

  14. Hahaha ! Geez buddy you could do a lot worse.... believe me, but, point taken.

  15. lol they look great, reminds me of that crap 90s flick frakenhooker.

  16. @The Extraordinarii. Who was it who once said "why have beefburger when you can have steak?" The analogy stands!

    @Shintokamikaze. I know what you mean, Mind you, you are going back a bit.

  17. Bryan- I believe the main reason why most state and local laws here in the states seem to prohibit Alcohol sales and total nudity is for the "protection" of the girls. The laws logic is this, if you have alcohol being sold and consumed on the premises and the girls are totally nude then you will have customers trying stuff with the girls especially if the club allows for the customers to purchase drinks for the girls. Realistically the logic fails, since 1) if the customers can't purchase alcohol at the club they will sneak their own in or come in drunk already (both common at the club I worked at especially on Friday and Saturday nights were the bars and other clubs closed at 2am, we were open till 4am, and it was also common to find empty Whiskey, Jagermeister, beer, etc... bottles under the tables or in the corners) and 2) most cases the girls themselves are drinking back in the dressing room.

    As for Jenna Jameson and her fake boobs, yes she did have work done on them a couple times, once when she was 19 starting out in the industry she had the implants put in then again to further enlarge them, again to reduce them, and finally again to remove the implants entirely. IIRC she stated in an interview that she regrets ever getting the implants int eh first place.

  18. Thanks for mentioning my blog mate. And nice to know that I got you to buy them. If memory serves me well, you did not have any reaper zeds at that time?

    A good job on the painting, as is usual from you mate!

  19. @Doug. Mate, you are just a fount of knowledge and I'm extremely grateful for your input on this topic. Even before you mentioned the drawbacks to the law as it stands regarding nudity and alcohol, I could see flaws in it and ways to get round it.

    On the subject of fake boobs, I have my list of turn ons and turn offs in a women, and for me fake boobs is second in my list of turn offs. Women who smoke is my number one turn off, by the way. I am not surprised to hear that Jenna says she regrets ever having a boob job done in the first place. I've yet to meet any male I know who thinks fake boobs are a good thing. So often when I see photos of glamour models before and after having implants fitted, they always look far prettier in the before shots. I just don't understand the attraction of fake boobies.

    @Johnny. Yes, you were responsible for me wanting to get this set so much. These are indeed, my first Reaper minis, so, a big thank you to you.

  20. I was waiting to see what you did with these Bryan.
    Very nice job, I love the skintones especially.

  21. I'm glad you like them, Roger. They were a lot of fun to paint. I'm very grateful to you for sending me them. Many thanks, my friend!

  22. It was my pleasure to see them painted so nice.
    They came out alot more interesting than I thought they would.

  23. Great scuplts and I love your grey flesh treatment. I agree with you, Zombie Strippers is the more worthy of the two, with some genuinely amusing gags.