Sunday, 11 April 2010

Horrorclix Female Vampires

This is the first of a two part review of the 30mm scale vampires made by WizKids for their Horrorclix game. The three vampires shown in the two photos above all share the same body but their heads and weapons in their left hands are different, as is their paint schemes. These are known as Razorvixens, which presumably is the name given to their coven.
At the far left is Dominique. In the Horrorclix game she is an experienced Razorvixen, meaning she's better than a rookie but not as good as a veteran or unique character. She is armed with a pair of katanas and is dressed in skintight rubber or leather pants, a rubber or leather bra, thigh-length leather boots and a long leather coat that has slipped from her shoulders. Her reddish brown hair has been cut to shoulder length.
In the centre of the group is Angelique the rookie Razorvixen. Her favoured colour is blue and she comes armed with a katana and a whip. Her blonde hair has been styled into twin ponytails. The way her head has been sculpted makes her look younger than her colleagues.
Finally, we come to Natasha, the queen of the group and a veteran Razorvixen. In a stark contrast to her long black hair, her clothing is red. Her choice of weapons are the katana and a machine pistol, which looks very high tech. She also wears red-tinted glasses. Again, her face has been well sculpted and suggests power and arrogance. 
The vampire at the far left of the two photos above bears an uncanny resemblance to my favourite vampire - Vampirella. The figure's boots were originally painted red to match her dress but I repainted them black to tie in with Vampirella's colour scheme. This is Vampi's idea of putting some clothes on when she has been castigated for the skimpiness of her normal costume! The microskirt only barely covers more flesh. It certainly does not cover her backside fully as you can see from the rear view there is bum cleavage on display. Naughty Vampi! In the Horrorclix game she has not been named but for me, she can only ever be Vampirella. Will it surprise anyone if I say this is my favourite Horrorclix figure? I thought not!
Next to Vampi is Candy Striper. According to her background blurb, she has training as a nurse, although most of her patients end up drained of blood after one of her visits! None of which explains why she is dressed as a cocktail waitress and why she needs to arm herself with a 9mm automatic pistol. You can bet that the glass on the tray in her right hand is not filled with cherryade! Just note how tall she is compared to the ladies either side of her.
I was undecided about including the last figure of this group but in the end thought, why not? She is not a vampire but a succubus. Succubi do share a lot of traits with vampires so I thought I may as well review her here. Note the two little horns sprouting from her head. Far more noticable are her wings. She is dressed in a very skimpy black bikini, black leather boots and fingerless black gloves. Her main weapon is seduction.
As I mentioned in my reviews of the Horrorclix zombies, WizKids have pulled the plug on the Horrorclix range. However, the figures frequently pop up on auction sites, like E-bay, often at ridiculously cheap prices. The Razorvixens were part of the original Horrorclix range. Vampirella came with the starter set that contained the rulebook and two floorplans. Candy Striper appeared in the Freakshow expansion set and the succubus came with the Nightmares expansion set. I absolutely adore all six figures. For me, female vampires should exude sex appeal and these certainly do that in abundance. There sure is an awesome amount of cleavage on display here!
I have tweaked the paint jobs on all of them but not by much. For the most part, I was happy with their paint jobs, which is quite a compliment to pay as a lot of pre-painted plastic figures look ghastly. Next time, I'll review the male vampires.


  1. Vampifan, I can't find a way to contact you. I have a question about one of your props shown in this post:

    I posted a message in that area with my question. Is there a link to email you on this thing? :)

  2. Welcome aboard, Zodd. The easiest way to contact me if you're reading my blog is to leave a comment. I check the five most current postings at least twice a day for new comments. Posts older than that go too far back for me to regularly check on. So thanks for telling me you left a comment there at that old post. There is no link to my e-mail on this site but here it is anyway -

    Regarding your question, the answer is that the GW trees are very similar to the ones that railway enthusiasts use and yes, they are prone to shedding their leaves. The same holds true for the hedges, which come in the same pack as the GW trees. I hope that helps you decide whether or not they are worth buying. :)

  3. Nice job Bryan, you've sold me on the top 3 figs. I don't have those yet. I am missing the succubus but I think she is expensive and with the variety out there I'm passi8ng on her for now.

    I had heard someone picked up the clix license and was going to start producing them again. Have you heard anything about this. I would love more horrorclix.

  4. I too have heard rumours that the clix line has been purchased. I dunno by who or even if it's true. I'd definitely like to see the Horrorclix line re-released and then expanded. I quite liked the Heroclix figures but once Horrorclix was released I just about stopped buying Heroclix.