Wednesday, 28 April 2010

WWG Ambulance and Police Van

Staying with the theme of vans, here are two that are very different to the ones reviewed in my previous posts - an ambulance and a police van. As can be seen, they share the same body design. The ambulance can be found in the Emergency Response kitbash set that I mentioned last time in my review of the Channel 5 News van. As you might guess, the police van is one of the vehicles found in the Mayhem Police set.
These are much chunkier and larger vans than the civilian vans reviewed earlier. Note how the words "AMBULANCE" and "POLICE" have been reversed on the bonnets (hoods if you're American) of the vans. This is standard procedure on emergency vehicles so that the words can be read the proper way round in the mirror of any vehicle in front of them.
Due to their shapes, these models are a lot easier to make than the civilian vans. No sloped sides here, just a nice simple box shape. The hardest parts to make on these were the wheels but once you've made a few it becomes a lot easier to make them. Mind you, they're still fiddly critters!
The ambulance comes with a set of red flashing lights, whilst the police van has blue and red flashing lights. I'm not sure if there is a right or wrong way for how the blue and red lights should appear on a police vehicle. I doubt if it really matters, just so long as you are consistant.
Both of these vehicles can be classed as emergency response vehicles and should be a welcome addition to any contemporary gamer's vehicle collection. In a zombie apocalypse game, these will be in the frontline once the balloon goes up and all hell breaks loose. They would also make tempting targets to loot if their owners end up as zombie fodder! If you are just starting out in the wonderful hobby of card modelling, I'd recommend these two kits for any novice to try their skills on. For more experienced modellers, you'll find these refreshingly easy to make.


  1. Hi Bryan,
    It has been a long week at work for me and I've missed a couple of posts. Great job as always.
    I just noticed that your Zombies always look more ferocious than mine. I think I need to crank up the gore a little.

  2. Hi, Willy. Sorry to hear work has had you offline. Let me pass on the secret to making your zombies gory monsters. Tamiya Clear Red or TCR as it is often called on the forums is the zombie painter's best friend! It's wonderful stuff and once you've used it, you'll never use anything else for blood effects ever again. Mix it with a bit of crimson (like Citadel Scab Red) and/or black ink for darker blood. Mixing TCR and black ink gives you a good congealed blood effect. Be sparing with whatever you're mixing with your TCR.
    It is so easy to go over the top with the gore when painting zombies, but to be honest, some figures are just crying out for buckets of blood!
    Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment.

  3. You know, these vehicles look better than diecast, all the weathering on them is done so well. I wish I had the patience to make these.
    Better selection of realistic cars, too.

    I agree about the TCR but I am still experimenting. It makes a big difference immediately.

  4. Thanks, Roger. What makes the WWG models a cut above the rest is the texturing. The weathering on the vehicles and the realistic way they do glass all adds to the quality of the models. And, as you say, and as I've said before, they have such a wide selection of stuff. Many of their vehicles are very difficult, if not impossible in some cases to find in die-cast metal.