Sunday, 24 July 2011

Foundry Street Girls 02

Moving on with my review of Wargame Foundry's 28mm scale Street Girls from their popular Street Violence range are two more sets - SV038 Mistress Medusa's  Dominatrix Coven and SV053 Mistress Olivia's Street Girls.
I'll begin with Mistress Medusa's Dominatrix Coven, shown above in the first two photos. Mistress Medusa Rowntree is the first African/American street girl we've encountered in these two reviews. She has a leather fetish, as she is dressed in a red leather cat suit with thigh length red boots, a red spiky leather backpack and a long black leather duster. She is armed with a 5.56mm M16 Assault Rifle. With her huge afro, which I'm sure I made larger with modelling putty. You have to think of 1970's "Blaxploitation" movies when you see her.
Her chief lieutenant, Pandora Jones, really stands out in her yellow lingerie, boots and gloves, which contrasts well with her brown skin. Equally striking is her blonde hair, which certainly isn't natural. She is armed with a more compact Assault Rifle than Medusa - a 5.56mm Colt Commando.
In the centre of the group is the third African/American Street Girl - Peach Sunday. With a name like that, I had to give her peach coloured hair, which she wears in two very striking ponytails. She is also armed with a 5.56mm Colt M16 Assault Rifle. In addition, she has a pistol in a holster on her right hip. Note her black mask worn around her eyes.
Fourth in line is the very cheeky Molly Mojo. She wears a blue rubber dress (with golden yellow admiral's cuffs and epaulettes), which has been styled to show off maximum cleavage, of which hers is most impressive. What really makes you sit up and notice her is when she turns round. Two panels have been cut out to reveal her back and her bum. Very nice, I say! Her choice of weapon is unusual - a 9mm M2 Benelli Machine Pistol.
Finally, is the group's submissive girl - Justine Markowitz. If you have dominatrices then you need someone for them to dominate. This is where the submissives come in. It is often said that it is really the subs who are in control. Justine wears nothing but a pair of rubber panties, with a zip at the front. She has been manacled at the wrists and ankles and a gag has been attached to her mouth. A chain hangs between her breasts from nipple to nipple. Her only use in a game of ATZ would be as bait, which would be a callous tactic but may be enough to distract a horde of zeds long enough to escape from them.
The fourth group of Foundry Street Girls (or second in this review) are Mistress Olivia's Street Girls. At the far left of the next two photos above is Mistress Olivia Tate, who to me, bears more than a passing resemblance to singer Beyonce, or as I call her, Bouncey! Mistress Olivia is dressed in a long, brown overcoat, a fishnet bodysuit, black lingerie, black boots and black gloves, topped off by sunglasses and a black peaked cap. She has a pair of pistols in holsters strapped to her thighs.
Standing to her left is Martha "Red" Berry, who wears identical clothing to Mistress Medusa, although her coat has a fur collar. She has a big shoulder bag slung over her left shoulder. In her right hand she carries a 7.65mm Model 61 Skorpion Machine Pistol.
In the centre of the group is the most heavily armed of all the Street Girls (including the ones reviewed last time). This is Pam Lebenzon, who wears fishnet lingerie and black leather boots, gloves, cap and choker. the most noticable aspect about her is her 5.56mm Colt M16A1 Assault Rifle with underslung M230 Grenade Launcher. "Say hello to my leetle friend!" as Al Pacino so memorably said in the film, Scarface. As a back up weapon she has chosen the 9mm Heckler and Koch MP5 Sub-Machine Gun. She has plenty of ammo pouches on her belt. This girl means serious business!
Next up is a Sarah Jane Reeves, a figure that has been remodelled from Molly Mojo. Sadly her sexy rear cutouts have been replaced. Maintaining the nautical theme I painted her dress white and kept the golden yellow cuffs and epaulettes. A backpack has been added to her and she is now armed with a 7.62mm Kalashnikov AK47 Assault Rifle.
Fifth in line and the final figure from these sets is Denise "Cop Girl" Cooper. She is a conversion of Rollergirl and Honey Wilde, whom I reviewed last time. Her Cop Girl outfit of rollerskates, hotpants, cropped shirt and peaked cap would appear to have been designed by a porn film director. Still I admire her choice of weapon - the 9mm Heckler and Koch MP5 SMG with scopesight.
If you combine these two sets with the previous two that I reviewed last time you'll have a company of 20 well armed and sexy fighting females... well 19 to be exact. Justine the submissive is hardly a fighter. Perhaps she's the club mascot!
My three favourite figures from all four sets are Fifi Lamour the French maid from the first set (a French maid with a Steyr AUG Assault Rifle - awesome combo), Molly Mojo (purely for her blatantly sexy costume) and Pam Lebanzon (an incredibly sexy woman with a fantastic pair of weapons (insert own joke here!)).
If you liked the first two sets it goes without saying that you like these two sets as well. Personally, I'm a big fan of all four sets and I'd like to feature them in my ATZ campaign.  I seem to remember a good while ago that Doug suggested I have Team Vampifan helping a madame and her girls to defend their brothel or strip club against a horde of zombies. Well, I've got the heroes, I've got the street girls, I've got the zombies. All I need is to build a brothel or a strip club. Sigh, I'll put it on my list of things to do!
The price for sets SV038 and SV053 are £10.00 each.


  1. Great figures but the rejects keep a tight reign on my modern stuff but i love these figures, great sin city pieces.

  2. Great review and paintjob as usual.

    Maybe not a mascot....bait...perhaps or even a captive by zombie worshipping cultists.

    Ha must stop reading these strange books.

  3. I don't like them very much, but I must confess I never thought of a Sin City settings... mumble mumble...

  4. @Fran. Ever since you mentioned Sin City last time, I'm amazed I didn't think of that, because I loved the film and the graphic novels.

    @Brummie. Justine the sacrificial lamb. Or perhaps she's some poor innocent who the girls wanna have fun with. Or perhaps she's a masochist and enjoys the pain and humiliation of being tied up and abused. Hey, I read strange books too!

    @Zerloon. It's no big deal if you don't like them, mate. I admire your honesty. But you must admit they'd work well in a Sin City setting.

  5. Well I can Imagine the old hag to keep the poor lady as Zombie bait, just in case things go bad...

    Say what? You are absolutely right about a sin city setting, especially with this:

    This is worth a though...

  6. Sin City girls!!! Good paintjob as usual.

    Hehe... Team Vampifan would be frozen in place if these girls came runnning by!

    "What?! Erm... Zombies... Need to...Erm..."

    "Could we join your group?"

  7. @Zerloon. Thanks for the HF link. I've got the figure of Harby but he's stuck on my unpainted figure mountain. Still, how hard can he be to paint? Black and flesh and you're done.

    @Johnny. I'd like to say you're totally wrong about Team Vampifan... but... you're not!

  8. More nice looking minis Bryan. I still like Miss Trude's Girls best, but there are some gems in here too. I think Peach is my favourite here. Justine, while a cool concept, would not get used very much I think.

    This was a fun series, I'm guessing SWAT may be up next?

  9. Thanks, Adam. I have to agree that Mistress Trude's Girls were the best set overall but as you say, there are some gems here. As for what's coming next, I'm going with a summer theme - and that means Bikini Babes!

  10. Bryan- Don't recall mentioning Vampi and gang rescuing a madame and her girls, or anything similar, but knowing me I probably did.

    I know I want to eventually build a strip club for my ATZ games, and I am actually unlucky (*or maybe its lucky) enough to be familiar with the workings of a strip club, since I was a bartender at one for about 2 years. If you build one you will want the main stage, the dressing room (door can be close to the stage or across the club), the Doorman's station (preferable out of sight of the "action", the DJ's booth (can also double as a managers booth), the Bar, and VIP/Couch Dance booths (VIP dances are basically extended couch dances that might last for say 30 minutes or more instead of 4 or 5 minutes, and VIP Booths should be a little larger then the couch dance booths), and of course the Managers office (maybe with a monitor bank so the manager can watch the "action" going on in the booths). If you were feeling a little more adventurous you can include a Boutique that carries "Marital Aids", outfits for the dancers, movies, and "reading" material for customers and the girls to purchase, along with Arcade booths and live peep show booths. Some clubs in addition to the main stage will have a smaller satellite stage (or two) for girls to dance on when the club is busy. Some of the fancier clubs may have a second floor dedicated to VIP/Couch dances or even a second main stage that is used for Bachelor, Birthday or VIP parties, or the second floor could even be a balcony overlooking the main stage, and be host to high stakes poker or black jack games (with scantly clad and naked girls prancing about to help distract the players so the house gets more of their money).

    My plans for the strip club I want to build calls for two stories, the second story will be the balcony over looking the stage and also some rooms for VIP dances. I am debating whether or not to include some peep show booths that are accessible from the "lobby" area of the club, for those customers who want to see live girls but don't want to be seen themselves.

  11. Doug, that is outstanding background info! Thanks for the inside story of what should be included. If I am to include everything you mentioned the building would have to fill a large area, 2' by 2' at a minimum and preferably bigger. Also, it must have two stories, possibly three, with the top floor for all the VIP clients. Hmmm, this has huge project written all over it and I'm still working on my current huge project - Mayhem Police Station. Making furniture for such a large building is a tedious chore! I easily get distracted and do something else instead of plowing ahead and finishing the darned thing.
    You've given me plenty of food for thought here, Doug. Many thanks, good buddy.

  12. Nice paint jobs on the models. I always like your color choices.

    Any chance of some preview pics of the Police Station?

  13. Thanks, Luckyjoe. I'll see what I can do about showing a Work in Progress photo (or more) of the police station. The exterior is just about finished but the interior is missing a lot of furniture.

  14. Not as good as Mistress Trude's set but still some good models. Nice work Bryan.

  15. I have to agree with you, Adam.