Sunday, 10 July 2011

Foundry Street Warriors 01

For this figure review (and quite a few upcoming reviews) I'm going back to one of my favourite ranges of figures, Wargames Foundry's 28mm scale Street Violence miniatures. The pack I'm looking at is SV035 Young Plugs. I'm not familiar with the word "Plugs" in this context, but no matter, here they are.
One of the things I like about the Foundry Street Violence range is that every figure is given a name. Most times I use that name for the figure but sometimes I'll change it. You'll also find that Foundry will give their figures a Christian name or a surname but rarely both. Such is the case with this set. Everyone was given a Christian name but no surname. However, I have given them all surnames to make them more rounded characters.
First in line, wearing the brown leather jacket, is Denny Townsend. He is armed with a sniper rifle that I cannot identify. Note that it has a pistol grip and it has a big scope sight on top of it. He is dressed in casual clothing, as are all of this set. He stands in a relaxed pose with his rifle pointing to the ground.
Next up, in the orange hooded jacket, is Les Kemper. He is also blond and bearded. He appears to be armed with a 5.56mm 33E Heckler and Koch assault rifle, which is not a weapon you see very often. His pose is slightly more alert than Denny's.
In the centre of the group is a Goth guy, typically dressed all in black. He is named Ronnie Hitchcock and I painted his skin tones a lot paler than the rest of the group. He is armed with a 9mm Heckler and Koch MP5 sub-machine gun variant that comes with a pistol grip handle next to the gun barrel. Note how his hair flows well past his shoulders.
Fourth in line is Tracy Moreno, who I made of Hispanic origin. This little lady (she is far smaller than the others) is a real danger, being armed with a disposable rocket launcher and a holstered pistol. She wears a mini skirt to show off her fishnet tights (drawn on with a tiny-nibbed Rotring technical drawing pen). She is full of character and very much larger than life. She is my favourite character out of this group.
Last but not least is Vicky Ross. She comes armed with a standard MP5 sub-machine gun and a holstered pistol. Vicky is a keen skateboarder and music fan. I love the portable CD player she's wearing, although it does rather date the figure as technology has moved on since she was sculpted. Even so, she is a beautifully sculpted figure.
This is a very useful set to use as Gangers or Survivors in a game of ATZ. They don't have any unifying features, which makes them a group of individuals. That's not a bad thing for using them in ATZ where groups form from people with very different backgrounds. A word of warning for those of you who hate scale creep, although they are described as being 28mm most of them are nearer to 32mm. The exception is Tracy who is exactly 28mm tall from sole of feet to top of head. This set retails for £10.00.


  1. great figs,and paint job,Foundry make some stunning sets

  2. Great looking set Vampifan. As someone who is just getting into the lead gaming scene, I am very excited to see future posts of yours featuring Foundry miniatures. With their curretn 20% off sale, I recently purchased 6 sets from their site (including this Young Plugs). Keep the great posts coming.

  3. @Shintokamikaze. Foundry's Street Violence is probably the best rabge they make.

    @Adam. I have loads of Foundry Street Violence figures and in time I will review them all. I agree that now is a good time to buy with their 20% discount sale on.

  4. i love the street violence range when i get some money i Definitely will be buying a few sets.

  5. oh and great job on the figs the second one is my fav. but you did great on all of them you have some true skill.

  6. @Mike. Thanks for the compliment. I think what makes Les, the figure you like best, so good is the black and white stripes on his sleeves. They make a good figure a great figure. I admit that I enjoy painting figures.

  7. There is Goth in every city! Looking pretty good. Street violence is absolutely somethiing I have to look into.

    Again nice paintjob mate!

  8. My problem with Foundry miniatures (apart from the scale creep) is their heavy armament. Some minis are too over the top for ATZ.
    I guess the sniper rifle is a HK PSG-1, although the barrel is a bit short.

    I like your painting for Ronnie Hitchcock. He would be perfect for playing a little "The Crow" devil's night scenario.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  9. Nicely painted figures and nice review.

    I know what you mean about the scale creep but don't mind i like having the 'Heavy' types. I have the some SWAT, Back Street Militia and the B team to paint up. Sadly my B team I got off ebay I have two Murdocks and no BA grrr. LOL

    Look forward to more reviews.

  10. @Johnny. It's true what you say about Goths, every town and city has one (or more).

    @Oliver. Fair point about some of Foundry's figures being too heavily armed, although I haven't found it a major problem yet.

    Ronnie as the Crow? Yep, I can see how that could work.

    @Brummie. The A Team (or B Team) without BA just isn't right. Two Murdocks as well - man, that's bad luck! I feel your pain.

  11. He could work as either. Say, does anyone know of any company making a Not-Crow figure? I can't think of any.

  12. Foundry Street gang is a beautiful range, for me they are a little over armed, too much rifle and too few pistol..

    Overall is a great range :D

  13. Fantastic job on the skin tones Bryan, the first thing that stood out for me was Ronnie. Superb!

    With Zerloon on the armaments but still great models.

  14. @Zerloon. I think that is a criticism you can make of many of the Street Violence sets, although there exceptions. Check in on my next post and you'll see what I mean.

    @Adam. Somehow a tanned Goth seems like such a contradiction. There must be some law that says all Goths must be as pale-skinned as possible.

  15. Nice work Vampifan, they all look real good especially the guy in the black gear.

  16. Thanks. Ronnie's turned out to be quite a popular guy.

  17. HAha, I've never seen this show or what not, but I love little toys like this. Where did you find these?

    +followed ;)