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Zombicide Scenario C23 Day Zero Part 2

ZOMBIES. Nine zombies responded to the cry of the Abomination. One Walker came from the north, two Runners from the east, three Walkers from the south and another three Walkers from the west.
AMY. "Hi, Wanda," Amy said as she greeted her waitress friend. "Hell of a morning, huh?"
"Tell me about it," Wanda grimaced, remembering her close brush with death in the diner. "Hey, there's some cool weapons in here. Wanna have a look?"
"Sure," said Amy as she moved closer to the trunk of the police car. "What have we got?"
"Oh, my God!" the young Goth exclaimed as she picked out a chainsaw. "Will you look at this!"
"Oh, Amy, that is a thing of beauty," Wanda beamed. "I've often dreamed about owning one of them. can I have it, please? Pretty please!"
"Sure, here you go," Amy said as she handed the chainsaw over to Wanda. "I like my katana anyway."
Josh takes the first of two Objectives from the store and advances to Yellow Level.
JOSH. The young street thug tried to keep as quiet as possible to avoid attracting the attention of the Walker in the office next door but something had alerted the zombie to his presence. The Walker growled and moved towards the store room with his undead eyes fixated on the teenager. Josh reacted in an instant and fired his double-barreled sawed-off shotgun from the hip. The shot from the first barrel hit the zombie square in the chest but the second shot was far more lethal and blew the top of the Walker's head off.
There was almost nothing that interested Josh in the storeroom. He was hoping to find another weapon or maybe some spare ammo but he was out of luck. Instead he picked up a glass bottle and stashed it in one of the pockets of his combat pants.
Phil makes good use of his Matching Set Skill to acquire a pair of SMGs
DOUG. The middle-aged office worker adjusted his glasses as he approached Amy and Wanda at the back of the police car.
"Doug, how nice to see you," Wanda said with a smile. "Have you come to tool up as well?"
"This is your one stop shopping venue for weaponry," Amy added, "and for one day only, it's all free."
"Good morning, Wanda," Doug replied as he nodded at both women. "Let's see what you've got."
"Now this has just made my day," he enthused as he pulled out a pair of 9mm Uzi sub-machine guns. "Thank you, Lord!"
NED. Ned the drifter was having mixed results with his newly acquired 7.62mm hunting rifle. 
It took him three shots to kill a pair of zombie Runners. He hit with his first shot, missed completely with his second and hit with the third. Still, they were fast moving targets and to get two head shots out of three at that range was good going.
PHIL. Phil took a short walk north to confront an African/American male slowly approaching him. From a distance he looked perfectly normal but close up the signs were all there - he was one of the walking dead. Phil cranked his shotgun and shot the Walker in the head.
He turned round and headed back to join up with Doug and Ned at the rear entrance to the general store.
"Another zombie?" Ned asked.
"Yeah," Phil replied. "At first I thought he was an ordinary civilian but he wasn't."
WANDA. The blonde-haired young waitress carefully considered the weapons still stashed away in the trunk of the police car. She tucked her sawed-off shotgun in the waistband of her apron and replaced it with a 12 gauge pump-action shotgun. It was heavier but it would take less reloading.
"Okay, guys, I'm going to head back to the diner now," she said. "Anyone want to join me?"
"Yeah, sure. I'll come with you," Amy replied as she watched Wanda skate away and re-enter the diner.
ZOMBIES. The Abomination lumbered out of the store's frozen food department into the trashed office to stand at the open doorway leading outside. As one, the survivors who saw him gasped in amazement and alarm. This was the stuff of nightmares. It shouldn't even exist!
The first Zombie Spawn card yields an unusual result. The Yellow option would affect two Tiles.
 Two Walkers clawed their way out of a manhole at the back of the diner.
 Whilst two more Walkers emerged from a manhole at the front of the general store.
 Elsewhere, four Walkers arrived from the east and two more came from the south.
Three more Walkers arrived from the west, not far behind another three. The horde was slowly growing.
AMY. Amy followed Wanda into the diner and stopped in the kitchen. She briefly looked around, noting that Wanda was next door in the staff restroom.
DOUG. "What in God's creation are you?" Doug asked of no one in particular as he fully took in the monster looming over him just a few feet away.
"Don't just stand there, man. Kill it!" Ned pleaded in a panic-stricken voice.
"Holy Mary, mother of God!" Phil murmured from behind them.
Doug swapped one of his Uzis with his Molotov Cocktail and deftly lit the rag with a Zippo lighter. With all his might he hurled the flaming bottle at the Abomination. He was delighted to see it shatter against the monster's toughened and boney hide, covering it in liquid fire. The Abomination was engulfed in flames from the waist upwards and roared in pain. It staggered backwards clawing at its face. That only made things worse as it tore strips of flesh away. Its knees suddenly gave way and it crumpled to the ground, writhing in agony. It only took a few seconds for it to die but for the four humans who witnessed its death those seconds felt like minutes.
The death of the Abomination easily takes Doug into the Yellow Level.
The smell of burning flesh made Doug gag as he entered the store and examined his handiwork. The Abomination lay unmoving and still burning. He swallowed once and concentrated hard on not throwing up.
"Fuck me!" Josh exclaimed. "You fucking killed it! That was so fucking incredible!"
"Fuckin' A!" Doug replied. Bad language didn't bother him. He often swore at his co-workers. The office resembled a bombsite before he had thrown the Molotov. Now it looked even worse. It was highly unlikely that he'd find anything of use amongst the debris and rubble but today was his lucky day. Half buried under a chunk of plaster was a pistol. He pulled it free and recognised it as a 9mm M92 Beretta S8.
 He tucked it behind the belt of his trousers at his back as he stepped outside into the fresh air.
JOSH. The teenage tearaway was convinced there was still something worth finding in the store room. He had missed the metal strongbox tucked away in one corner on his first sweep of the room. But now he had seen it he wanted to know what was inside it. He prized it open with his crowbar and was delighted that his instincts were right. Inside was a 12 Gauge double-barreled sawed-off shotgun, almost identical to the one in his hand.
"I'm having you," he said as he removed it from its place of concealment. Now with a sawed-off shotgun in each hand he walked out of the storeroom, into the office, then outside, moving away from Doug, Ned and Phil towards six Walkers.
NED. Ned cautiously stepped into the demolished office of the general store, glancing suspiciously at the corpse of the Abomination. He half expected it to stand up but it didn't. He shivered involuntarily as he moved deeper inside and entered the frozen food department. He was sure he'd find something useful in here.
Ned takes the second Objective from the store and advances to Yellow Level. The scope fitted to his rifle meant he could target ANY zombie at range, ignoring the usual targeting priority.
He was right. First he stuffed his pockets with frozen rashers of bacon. He absolutely loved a bacon sandwich. His second find was totally unexpected and not the kind of thing anyone would expect to find amongst frozen food. It was a scope-sight for a rifle. What's more, it fitted his hunting rifle just perfectly. Now he had the perfect weapon for killing zombies from afar.
He felt far happier when he walked back into the office.
PHIL. The young police patrolman was not happy with his choice of weapons so he reorganised them. The 9mm pistol went back in his holster. The frying pan remained tucked into the back of his belt. He wasn't sure why he had it but he'd keep it for now. All of his ammo was kept in his belt pouches. That just left his rifle and shotgun. He held them in his hands unsure which one to pick. Ah, sod it, he thought, I'll use them both.
He too, had noticed the two groups of Walkers approaching from the west. It felt strange firing a rifle one-handed and he was not at all surprised when his first shot missed.
However, his second shot was unerringly accurate and it hit a female Walker smack between the eyes, killing her instantly.
WANDA. Wanda fired up her chainsaw and used it to open the locked exit door. She only had the keys to the front door. Her dozy, inept manager kept the only keys to the diner's rear door. Two Walkers faced her outside but she gave them no time at all to react. She swung the chainsaw as high as she could in a sweeping arc that decapitated both Walkers at once.
She was laughing as she roller-skated down the street towards a garishly coloured convertible. She was amazed at how easily killing zombies made her happy. It shouldn't but it did.
ZOMBIES. The noise made by the six survivors attracted more and more zombies. The trickle of new arrivals was growing steadily and the sixteen Walkers already close by slowly advanced hoping to feast on the flesh of the warm-blooded humans.
Another nine Walkers joined the sixteen in small groups. Three from the north, one from the east, three from the south and two from the west.
AMY. Amy moved out of the kitchen of the diner and exited the building through the rear door that Wanda had demolished with her chainsaw. She trotted along the street to catch up with the waitress who was closely inspecting an open topped car that she did not recognise.
"Who does this belong to?" Amy asked.
"A local pimp," Wanda answered with a sneer. "The guy's a total asshole!"
DOUG. Doug walked alongside the parked police car to confront a trio of Walkers who were getting too close for comfort. He had selected the short burst option on his twin Uzis to conserve ammo. He knew it was so easy to empty the ammo clip in a second or two on full automatic. Despite the recoil from firing both sub-machine guns simultaneously his aim was incredibly accurate. All three Walkers dropped down with fatal head wounds.
He checked out what was left of the weapons in the police car's trunk. He could have taken a baseball bat or a machete but he was happy enough with what he had so he left them alone. He headed back to Ned and Phil.
JOSH. The teenage street thug stood his ground as a pair of Walkers, one male, one female, advanced on him. Their pace seemed to quicken the closer they got to him. He waited until they were a few yards away before raising one of his two sawed-off shotguns and pulling both triggers. The shot disintegrated the head of the male Walker.
The female Walker got even closer. From the amount of blood on her hands and around her mouth it looked like she had fed only recently. There was no way that Josh was going to let her feast on him. He raised his second sawed-off shotgun and blasted the Walker in the face. He liked the feel of having a pair of sawed-offs in his hands. The only downside to them was that they needed reloading each time he fired them. He ejected the empty cartridges and replaced them with new ones.
NED. From inside the store's office, Ned could see all the way along the street leading north. Three Walkers had suddenly hove into view. He raised his sniper rifle and took careful aim.
His first two shots were clean kills. He missed with his third shot but redeemed himself with his fourth shot and with that the zombie threat was eliminated.
PHIL. The patrolman had the same idea as Ned - eliminate the approaching Walkers before they got too close. He also had three Walkers in sight. They were too far away to hit with his shotgun but well within range of his hunting rifle. He killed a teenage Walker with his first shot.
His second shot went too wide but he corrected his mistake with his third shot and he killed a young female Walker.
WANDA. "So the car belongs to an asshole, huh?" Amy mused. "It would serve him right if someone stole it. Get in. I'll drive."
Wanda chuckled as she climbed over the side of the car into the front passenger seat. With her roller-skates on there was no way she could drive. As she settled down she noticed something nestling between the two front seats. It was a weapon, but a most unusual one. Someone had fixed a machete to a double-barreled sawed-off shotgun. On the handle was the inscription, "Ma's Shotgun." She wondered who Ma was. It certainly wasn't the pimp who owned the car.
"Hey, Amy," she called, "do you want this?"
"Too right I do!" Amy replied as she tucked her sawed-off shotgun at her left side behind her studded belt. She correctly guessed that Wanda must have wanted to repay the favour of her letting the waitress take the chainsaw that Amy had found earlier. "This is way cooler than my sawed-off. Thanks, Wanda."
ZOMBIES. Fifteen Walkers shuffled relentlessly forward to close in on the four male survivors. They were joined by four Walkers from the north, two Walkers from the east, two Runners from the south and a Fatty and two Walkers from the west.
AMY. Goth Girl Amy climbed into the driver's seat of the pimpmobile and deftly hot-wired the ignition. An ex-boyfriend had taught her that useful trick.
"Let's rock and roll!" she roared as she pressed one foot hard on the accelerator. The car lurched forward, quickly gaining momentum.
A car kills any zombie with one Wound on the roll of 4+. Incredibly, Amy scored 4 successes!
Amy took the corner at speed and deliberately drove the pimpmobile at the four Walkers blocking the road. By a piece of amazing good fortune she hit and knocked down all four zombies. With a sickening crunch the wheels crushed the skulls of the Walkers. Amy hit the brakes and skidded to a halt. She and Wanda spun round in their seats and looked on in awe at the carnage behind them.
"Holy shit!" Amy exclaimed, climbing out of the car. "I got them all!"
"How did you do that?" Wanda asked incredulously. "I've never seen anything like that before. That was just amazing!"
"Pure luck," Amy replied honestly.
Amy's 4 kills advances her to Yellow Level.
DOUG. Doug caught up with Josh who was facing three Walkers.
"I thought you might need a hand, kid," he said, stepping closer to the undead trio.
"Go for it," Josh replied, happy to have Doug's company, but more importantly, the extra firepower.
Just as before, Doug fired two short bursts from his twin Uzis, and killed all three Walkers.
The dice gods redress the balance by giving Doug 6 misses to make up for Amy's 4 hits.
Two more Walkers were just a short distance behind the three he'd just slain. He moved closer to them, confident he would wipe them out. To his utter amazement he missed with every shot.
JOSH. "Un-fucking-believable!" Josh taunted as he came to stand alongside the crestfallen office worker. "This is how you do it!"
He fired both sawed-off shotguns at once and blasted the two Walkers in the head.
NED. The drifter exited the general store and came to a stop next to Phil.
"There's more of them coming all the time, Ned," Phil remarked. "Wanna give me a hand to thin their numbers?"
"Only too happy to oblige, Phil," Ned responded. A 7.62mm bullet from his sniper rifle blew a large hole in the back of the skull of the nearest Walker.
He fired again but caught his target in the shoulder. The Walker gave no indication that he had been wounded. Ned concentrated even harder on his third shot. Success! He hit the Walker in his left eye and blew his brains out.
PHIL. "That was some good shooting," Phil acknowledged. He raised his own hunting rifle and permanently put down a male Walker.
"Get that last one," Ned urged. Phil duly obliged with another neat head-shot, killing a female Walker.
Phil advances to Yellow Level courtesy of that second kill.
A lone female Walker further away than the four Ned and Phil had just killed was the only zombie left in sight. It was a difficult shot to take at this range but Phil was more than up to the task. He shot the Walker in the forehead and splattered her brains over the road.
WANDA. "I want to check out that store, Amy," Wanda announced as she climbed out of the pimpmobile.
"Fine. You go ahead," Amy replied. "I'll catch up with you later. Stay safe."
Wanda skated past Ned and Phil into the smouldering wreckage of the store's office. She shivered as she saw the still burning corpse of the Abomination. She did not want to know what it was or who it was. She quickly moved through the frozen food department into the main store. Acting on instinct, she searched behind the counter and was rewarded by finding a box of ammo that was full of shotgun cartridges. What a lucky find, she thought. She only just managed to squeeze the ammo box into her apron pouch, which was now full.
The main entrance into the store was locked. The key could be anywhere and she wasn't going to waste her time looking for it. She fired up her chainsaw and demolished the lock. The door swung open, letting in a welcoming waft of fresh air. She breathed in deeply, savouring the moment.
 ZOMBIES. Seven Walkers ambled closer to Ned and Phil. They were joined by two Runners.
Meanwhile a Fatty and two Walkers moved much closer to Doug and Josh. Three newly arrived Walkers followed them. Elsewhere, a lone Runner sprinted into view from the north; three more Walkers joined the small horde approaching Ned and Phil and a single Walker arrived from the south.

AMY. "Let's see what you can do," Amy said to herself as she slowly walked towards a zombie Runner. Ma's Shotgun bucked in her hand with the recoil from both barrels firing at once. However, Amy had enough control of the unique weapon and one blast shredded the head of the Runner.
She reloaded as she walked back to where Ned and Phil were standing. Seeing a small horde of zombies approaching, and knowing that Ned and Phil had her back, she advanced to within a few yards of the horde and raised Ma's Shotgun. She fired both barrels and whooped with joy when she saw two Walkers fall down with fatal wounds to the head.
DOUG. Doug knew he had to redeem himself in front of Josh after his embarrassing miss earlier. He fired two short bursts from his Uzis and killed the female Walker accompanying the Fatty.
He shifted his aim to the male Walker and scored another killing blow, even though most of the bursts missed. He sighed in relief, then grinned at Josh. Josh nodded once and smiled back.
"I'm going back into the office, Josh," he said, "The Fatty's all yours."
"Gee, thanks," Josh replied unenthusiastically.
Doug opened the second locker in the lobby. He had not searched it before and he was curious to know if it contained anything useful. It did. Inside was a selection of canned food and a small jerrycan full of gasoline. Having seen what a Molotov Cocktail could do to an Abomination he wanted the gasoline. The canned food would also be useful if the world was really going to hell but there was no way he could carry them all. He made a quick decision and discarded his pistol to make room for the jerrycan of gasoline.
JOSH. The Fatty loomed large as it slowly advanced on the teen but Josh was ready for it. He waited until the monster was just a yard away and shot it in the head with one of his two sawed-off shotguns. The Fatty's head exploded in a welter of gore.
Two Walkers were closely following the Fatty. Josh put a stop to their advance by jogging up to them and dispatching them with both barrels from his second sawed-off. He moved back to where the headless Fatty lay.
NED. Ned was aware that the greatest threat facing him and his friends were the two Runners lurking just behind a trio of Walkers. He took great care to get the leading Runner's head in his sights before pulling the trigger. It was a clean kill.
He shifted his aim to the second Runner and took it out with another head-shot.
His third shot killed one of the three Walkers.
"Wanna go four for four?" Phil asked.
"Absolutely" Ned replied confidently. He had every right to feel confident as his fourth shot blew a 7.62mm sized hole through the skull of a second Walker.
PHIL. "Finish them off, Phil," Ned urged with a grin to the patrolman.
Phil said nothing. Actions meant more than words. He easily killed the nearest Walker with a head-shot from his hunting rifle.
The only threat remaining on the street were two Walkers much further away. His first shot at them missed. He adjusted his aim and this time killed a female Walker.
"A full house!" he called out as he shot and killed the last Walker in sight.
"Heh, I can't argue with that," Ned said approvingly.
WANDA. As Wanda exited the store she spotted a lone Walker standing at the junction leading up to her diner. "Easy meat," she said as she skated speedily towards him. She brought her chainsaw down on the top of the Walkers skull and sliced the head in two. She deftly skated around the Walker as it fell to the ground and she skated back the way she had come.
ZOMBIES. Just three Walkers remained and they turned round the corner between the side of the store and Ned's bunker to face Amy, Ned and Phil. Two Runners suddenly appeared behind them. Further afield, two Walkers arrived in the neighbourhood from the north, four Walkers arrived from the south and another Runner came speeding in from the west.

To be continued.


  1. Are you just very good at Zombicide...... or are the survivors incredibly and amazingly lucky throughout the entire of this scenario?

    Go Amy for her driving skills woooot!!!!!

    Love the narrative, love the unfolding storyline, and love Zombicide more and more every day that goes by.

    Will write more on this episode later (as time allows).

    Fabulous Bryan. Outstanding, as usual.

    1. Thanks for the kind words as always, Steve. To answer your first question... it's a bit of both. I AM very good at Zombicide because I have played it so many times and I know what tactics work and what doesn't. I can't stress enough how important tactics and good teamwork are. Sometimes the dice can be great (Amy killing four Walkers with the pimpmobile) and sometimes the dice can be incredibly cruel (Doug rolling five ones and a three with his twin Uzis). It tends to even out in the long run.

      Amy's driving was one of the coolest moments of the whole game. Who could have predicted that outcome?

      I'm totally with you, Steve, on just how good Zombicide is. I'm delighted that you're enjoying the game as much as I do.

      I'll chat later.

  2. Fantastic continuation Bryan!
    The whims of the dice gods can sometimes make a mockery of the best laid plans. The gang's doing very well at the moment, let's hope they stick together and this continues.
    Again great narrative and photography Dude.
    There is one, no two small points I must pull you up on though Dude!
    Firstly when Doug found a pistol, it has the dual wield symbol, so with his Matching Set skill he would have found two of them.
    Secondly when Josh killed the Fatty with the Sawn Offs, this could not have happened as they are only a strength 1 weapon and Fatties need at least a strength 2 weapon to harm them.
    I don't mean to nitpick but these things can't be left as others will follow your mighty example and possibly learn the rules incorrectly.
    Apart from these very minor points this adventure is going from strength to strength, and I'm loving it. Keep it up Dude you are doing wonders for this great game and genre.

    1. Thanks, Bob. Let me address the two points you raise. First up when Doug found the Pistol I was fully aware that with his Matching Set Skill he should have got a second one for free. The problem was he only had one free space left to stash away equipment. I had no intention of him losing any of the four items he already had. Maybe he did find two pistols but he only took one. I'm not sure if it is mandatory to take matching weapons if you have the Matching Set Skill. Plus, he didn't really need twin Pistols when he already had twin SMGs.
      Regarding your second point, I have no defence. I screwed up. I should have looked closer at the stats on the Sawed-Off card. I knew that Shotguns and Ma's Shotgun did two points of damage. I mistakenly assumed Sawed-Offs were the same. My big bad! Sorry!

    2. No worries Dude! To err is to be human, we are not machines. I was not trying to rain on your parade Bryan and I hope you took on board the positive aspects of my comments too. These batreps are great, long may they continue.

    3. Bob, I always appreciate constructive criticism. You were right, I was wrong, and I'm glad you pointed out my mistake. I know you meant well and I have no qualms in you pointing out anything you think is at odds with the rules. Hopefully it won't happen again, although having said that, Josh does kill one more Fatty in this scenario with his sawed-off shotguns. I winced when I read my notes and realised I'd made such a cock-up. It's too late to change it now so let's just pretend Josh is using special high-powered ammo in his sawed-offs.

  3. Ah, those abominations ain't so tough, are they? This seems like a holiday camp; the 6 humans are enjoying themselves too much for them to have any real sense of danger:-) .

    1. To be fair, Hugh, a Molotov Cocktail is the ultimate zombie-killing weapon. No other weapon from Season 1 will kill an Abomination. The group are certainly having fun but that has a lot to do with the zombies appearing in low numbers and being so spread out. Plus, the survivors are very well armed. Survival is a lot easier at the Blue and Yellow Danger Levels. It gets harder at the Orange Level and incredibly hard at the Red Level.

  4. roll on part three if it is as good as parts 1 and 2. You are getting me interested in this game, alas though far to many projects to contemplate a new zombie one. Keep up the good work

    1. Cheers, Clint. I know the feeling of having too many projects on the go.

  5. What an assault upon the sense, Bryan. An avalanche of awesome photos, witty writing and clearly you having the time of your life playing the game. Great stuff once again :-)

    1. Thanks, Simon. Honestly, I really am having the time of my life with all of the gaming I have done this year. Super Dungeon Explore was great fun. A Touch of Evil was a wonderful change of pace and so enjoyable. But without doubt, Zombicide tops the lot.

    2. I think your love for "Zombicide", as "SDE" etc, really shines through these postings, Bryan. Certainly you have been the inspiration or rather cataclyst for me making some big buys this year (not just gaming but minis as well - "I'm Popeye the Sailor man, toot toot"), and we haven't even seen "Rum & Bones" or "Black Plague" yet :-)

    3. Simon, it is comments like yours that gladdens my heart. Inspiring others is what this blog is all about. But, I have to admit, it is not just a one-way street. I get inspired by other blogs including your own. I would never have bought the "Uber" graphic novels if it hadn't been for your positive reviews. There are other comics and TPBs that are on my shopping list all because of your own love of them.

      It is funny that you should mention Popeye and co. I have them on my painting table right now.

      I have quite a few Kickstarter products I'm waiting for. Next up should be Studio Minis Zombie horde (not a game but lots of really cool figures), followed by Rum & Bones, Thunderbirds (I just couldn't resist!) and Ninja All Stars. Next year will see Black Plague being released. Exciting times ahead. I repeat my earlier comment, I'm having the time of my life!

  6. I think it is comments like Bob`s that makes great articles (like on this Zombicide blog) makes us all really feel like we are all participating in Bryans game. I completely missed the shotgun thing until Bob pointed it out... its constructive things like this which really makes us feel like we are a part of something larger; and sharing in the fun (and least Bryan, you know we REALLY are carefully reading what you write hehe).

    {{"It's too late to change it now so let's just pretend Josh is using special high-powered ammo in his sawed-offs."}}

    But don`t beat yourself up Bryan. Think of it like a role playing game... think of it like Dungeons and Dragons; I love things like: throwing a lone Monster at my player party, but giving the creature different stats, haring the players cry out in anguish "but, dude, Orc`s don't have levitation of fire ball spells?" My reply would usually be: "this one does" ^^ I love breaking rules to make new ones :)))

    Okay, this shotgun was an error hehe, if you`re sticking to the `rules`. But hey, this is role play, this is story telling.... indeed, survivor using the weapon probably got real lucky and picked up a precision piece custom made one off collectors item (maybe the owner was in a gun club and won prizes for his art. When he was alive, hey, he was probably totally in love with his amazing collection of guns.... actually, hmmmm, wonder if he has any more like it. Would be interesting to go back and search his wallet to see if it contains his home address in it somewhere. Might be darn useful to find that guys private stash?.... *coughs* new scenario right there *cough*)

    1. I totally agree with you, Steve. Constructive criticism like Bob's is always welcome and it is nice to know there are people out there looking out for my mistakes. I don't make many but when I do I'd much prefer to have them pointed out than ignored. That way, I won't make them again.

      Looking at the scenario overall my mistake with the sawed-offs made little difference to the outcome. Josh kills two Fatties with the sawed-off - one in the post above and one next time. If he didn't kill them someone else would, most likely Amy with Ma's Shotgun. Now Ma's Shotgun is also a sawed-off, so how come it does more damage than a normal sawed-off? A better quality gun or better ammo? Both are possible. I like your suggestion that Josh found a custom made sawed-off shotgun. Perhaps it's an expensive Purdey.

      He, he, I love your suggestion to seek out the gun owner's address and see what else he has stashed away. A new scenario? Most definitely!

      I'm not happy that I made a mistake. I should have been more vigilant. But I am reminded of the wise words of Steve Jackson, creator of GURPS, "when the rules get in the way of good storytelling, ignore them and go with the story."

  7. excuse my typo strike above... wrote that while chucking to myself with ideas, and eating my breakfast toast and sipping tea (*shrugs* yep its after mid day and I`m still in my dressing gown... tut tut...terrible, terrible ^^*)

    1. Typo excused, Steve. It is so easy to do. Breakfast at midday? You lazy sod! LOL!

  8. Lol awesome. This is a total bloodbath so far :)

    1. Thanks, Simon. If you think this is a bloodbath just wait until the next parts. Chuckle!