Saturday, 13 June 2015

Zombicide Scenario C23 Day Zero Part 4

AMY. Amy saw three Runners arriving from the north and moved quickly to intercept them. She fired both triggers of Ma's Shotgun and practically beheaded two of them in the twin blasts.
"Josh, take over," she called. "I'm reloading."
JOSH. The remaining Runner tried to follow Amy as she swiftly retreated but Josh had advanced to block his way. He pointed one of his sawed-off at the zombie's head and shredded it to mulch with a lethal slug shot.
NED. "There are too many zeds for me to take out," Phil announced. "Care to join the party?"
"I'll try my best," Ned responded without much confidence. His sniper's rifle barked four times and he only missed once. Three kills out of four shots was a good score and more importantly, boosted Ned's fragile confidence.
PHIL. "Nicely done, Ned," Phil responded, pleased to see his friend back on form. His own shooting equaled Ned's - three kills out of four shots. The street was now clear of zombies.
WANDA. Wanda knew she could take out four Walkers with her chainsaw but it was so messy and she was sick of getting sprayed with blood and goodness knows what else. So she switched off the chainsaw and swapped it with her Remington 12 Gauge pump-action shotgun. Four times she cranked a cartridge into the breach, four times she fired and four times she killed a Walker.
"Now that was much better," she declared, happy not to have any more blood splash on her.
DOUG. With no zombies arriving from the west, Doug had nothing to do. He took a short breather, knowing this was just the calm before the storm. The zombies would be back soon.
ZOMBIES. The neighbourhood was clear of zombies but not for long. Two Walkers arrived from the north and three more from the east. Three Fatties along with three pairs of Walkers scrambled out of three separate manholes. Yet another Fatty and two Walkers shuffled in from the west side of the city.
AMY. As Amy watched a Fatty and two Walkers climb out of a manhole situated between her and Doug she contemplated which weapon to use to kill them - Ma's Shotgun or the chainsaw. She decided that the chainsaw would get the job done quicker and more efficiently. She charged at the Fatty with her chainsaw held high and deftly removed his head from his shoulders. A swift reverse swing beheaded a male Walker who was having trouble keeping his guts in his stomach.
That just a left a female Walker and she put up no resistance as Amy's chainsaw bit into the zombie's neck and beheaded her as well.
DOUG. The office worker was also facing a Fatty and two Walkers. He sprayed them with gunfire from his twin Uzi sub-machine guns. The 9mm bullets killed the two Walkers but barely scratched the Fatty. It was time for a change of tactics.
Doug replaced one of his Uzis with the fire axe he had stuffed behind his belt at his right side.
"Kiss my axe!" he roared as he swung the weapon in an overhead arc that struck the Fatty partly in the forehead and partly on the top of its head. It was a struggle to pull the axe free but by planting one foot on the prone Fatty's chest, Doug managed it.
JOSH. The teenager returned to the scene of many of his zombie kills - alongside the parked pimpmobile. Two shots from one of his pair of sawed-off shotguns wiped out a male and a female Walker who had only just arrived.
He saw the threat that was waiting for him at the rear entrance to the diner - a Fatty and two Walkers. He no longer had any Dragon's Breath ammo left to deal with the Fatty but he'd deal with that problem later. He moved closer to the two Walkers who appeared to be protecting the Fatty, even though he knew that couldn't be the case. He fired both barrels of his second sawed-off and hit the Walkers in the head, killing them easily.
NED. Three Walkers were slowly approaching Ned and Phil. Ned was hoping he could kill all three before they got much closer but only two of his four shots found their mark.
PHIL. Phil's confidence was far higher than Ned's and he was certain he could take down the third Walker with just one shot. But he missed. Not once but twice. He was able to save face when his third shot drilled a hole through the male Walker's forehead.
"Third time lucky," he said, sighing with relief.
WANDA. Once again, Wanda stood her ground and let her pump-action shotgun do the talking for her. She fired three times and scored fatal head shots on two Walkers and a Fatty who had just emerged from a manhole a few yards away.
ZOMBIES. Josh gulped in alarm as the bowler-hatted Fatty advanced on him and was swiftly joined by three Runners who seemed to have appeared from nowhere.
 Off to the east, five Walkers arrived, their eyes all fixed on Ned and Phil.
Wanda watched in dismay as two Fatties and four Walkers hove into sight off to her left. They weren't an immediate threat but they would need dealing with.
Doug was suddenly threatened by the arrival of three more Runners.
DOUG. Doug slotted his fire axe back behind his belt and swapped it with his second Uzi sub-machine gun. The Runners were almost within touching distance when he opened fire with both Uzis. One Runner crashed to the ground with a bullet in the brain.
Doug sprayed the other two Runners with bullets and hit them both in the head. He knew he had been very lucky and had come so close to death. It was a sobering thought as he retreated from the three corpses.
Josh uses his Slippery Skill to get away from the four zombies.
JOSH. The teenager was amazed when the zombies didn't try to grab him as he stepped back. He raised his twin sawed-off shotguns and blasted the three Runners.
"Amy, I need help here," he shouted as he moved further away from the Fatty and reloaded his sawed-off shotguns. "I've got a Fatty on the rampage."
AMY. "I've got your back, Josh," Amy proclaimed as she jogged past him and pointed Ma's Shotgun at the Fatty's head. The blast hit the zombie full in the face. His bloated body hit the ground with a resounding thump.
"Thanks, Amy," Josh said as he finished reloading and was joined at the T-junction by the young Goth Girl.
"We look out for each other," Amy said, reloading her own weapon. "We have to."
NED. In Ned's mind he seemed to be missing more often than he hit with his sniper's rifle. He thought that fitting the scope-sight to his rifle would make shooting a lot easier but that didn't seem to be the case. With five new Walkers arriving he would not have believed that he'd kill four of them with four shots... but that is exactly what he did. That was just the boost to his confidence that he needed.
"Great shooting," Phil complimented him. "You've got your mojo back."
"That I have," Ned said grinning happily.
PHIL. Phil easily killed the remaining Walker from the group of five with a well placed head shot.
"Hey, guys!" Wanda shouted. "I could do with some help here. It's raining zombies!"
"I'm on it, Wanda," Phil responded. He stepped forward and looked to his right. The problem was immediately apparent. Four Walkers shielding a pair of Fatties were shuffling slowly up the street. All six were looking at him. He raised his 7.62mm hunting rifle to his right shoulder and took a second to aim before pulling the trigger. His first shot was lethally accurate and a female Walker dropped down dead, closely followed by a male Walker as his second shot also found the target.
"Thanks, Phil," Wanda shouted back, "That's a huge help. I'll take it from here."
"Good luck!" Phil urged, hoping she was as confident as she sounded.
WANDA. He need not have worried. Wanda was on top form as she fired up her chainsaw and skated into action. The greatest threat were the two Fatties, so she attacked them first. Blood, brain and bone sprayed in a wide arc as she sliced off the top of the Fatties' heads. To Wanda's dismay it seemed like most of the gore hit her.
"Your turn next," she snarled angrily as she closed in on the two Walkers. She decapitated them with confident ease and skated back to the safety of the store front.
ZOMBIES. With the amount of noise the six survivors were making it was inevitable that they would attract the attention of another Abomination. The monstrous zombie who arrived from the north side of the city was joined by six Walkers from the east side, two Runners from the south side and two more Walkers from the west side.
AMY. "Fuck me!" Amy screamed in horror. "What the fuck is that?"
She hadn't seen the first Abomination arrive. She only saw its smouldering corpse in the general store after it had been killed. This was a totally new kind of horror to her. She was rooted to the spot.
JOSH. "It some kind of abomination," Josh replied, "but don't worry about it. I know what to do."
"Josh, for God's sake, be careful!" Amy cried in alarm as he moved closer to the hideous thing.
"Watch this," Josh said, chancing a quick glance back at the clearly scared teenage Goth Girl. He stuffed one of his sawed-off shotguns behind his belt and pulled out his Molotov Cocktail from a deep pocket in his combat pants. He lit the end of the handkerchief sticking out of the bottle top and waited a second for the flames to properly take.
"Frying tonight!" he yelled as he flung the bottle at the Abomination. The Molotov exploded in a mighty whoosh of flames against the huge monster's toughened chest. It bellowed in pain and let out a loud scream that sounded otherworldly and unnatural. It fell on its back and continued screaming as the flames quickly consumed its body.
As Josh walked back to Amy she ran at him and flung her arms around him. He was taken aback at her obvious show of affection but also pleased as punch. He wished this moment could last forever.
DOUG. Doug only had to deal with two Walkers and this he did with consummate ease. His twin Uzis spat lead and the Walkers dropped down with a 9mm sized hole in their foreheads and a much bigger hole in the back of their skulls where the bullets had exited.
Acting purely on a whim, Doug decided to take a quick time out to have a look in Amy's apartment. The front door stood wide open and so he stepped inside.
The only item he found that interested him was a flashlight. Although he already had one, he figured he could give the second flashlight to one of the other survivors, most probably Ned or Phil.
NED. Once again, Ned was having mixed luck with his shooting. He fired his sniper's rifle four times and killed three Walkers with his first three shots but failed to hit anything with his fourth shot.
PHIL. Phil moved in close to finish off the three remaining Walkers from the group of six. At this range his Remington 12 Gauge pump-action shotgun was a better choice than his hunting rifle. Just like Ned, he also killed three Walkers with four shots. His third shot was the one that missed, or rather it hit but failed to kill.
It had to happen sometime. Wanda rolls 5 misses with her chainsaw.
WANDA. Wanda skated up to intercept a pair of Runners. They were far quicker and far more agile than any other zombies she had faced so far. Her first flurry of blows failed to cause any significant damage.
With rolls of 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1, Wanda should have only scored one kill but thanks to her +1 to Dice Roll: Melee Skill the 4 was boosted to a 5 and so she scored two kills. Go Wanda, go!
"You are not getting the better of me!" she roared in defiance as her chainsaw struck flesh and bone and horizontally sliced the first Runner's head in two. The second Runner foolishly grabbed her chainsaw and instantly lost his fingers.
"Serve you fucking right!" Wanda shouted in anger as she thrust the chainsaw at the Runner's face. It went straight through his head and out the back in a spray of blood and bone fragments. Rather than pull the chainsaw free she just cut upward through the head and freed it that way.
ZOMBIES. Six Walkers advanced on Amy and Josh at a faster pace than normal. Something had riled them. Perhaps it was the death of the Abomination. Or perhaps they were especially hungry.
During this Zombie Spawn Phase, all Walkers gained an extra Turn.
Three more Walkers moving equally as fast advanced on Phil. At the opposite end of the street one Runner ran towards Doug.
AMY. "Leave these to me, Josh," Amy said as she confronted six Walkers. She first whittled them down by shooting and killing two of them with her Ma's Shotgun combi-weapon.
Four Walkers became two as she charged at them with her chainsaw whirring. Blood flew in the air as she sliced their heads off.
Spinning and slashing with a berserker-like fury, she swiftly dispatched the remaining two Walkers.
"Impressive," Josh said, full of admiration as Amy walked back to him. She bowed her head and smiled.
DOUG. With only one Runner to deal with, Doug thought, this is too easy. He could of killed the zombie with a single short burst from one of his twin Uzis but he had gotten so used to firing both at once. The Runner died in a hail of bullets. Doug walked back to the T-junction where Amy and Josh were.
JOSH. "I'm just going to pop back into the store," Josh told Amy as he walked away from her and back into the ruined office of the general store. He did find something but it was not what he was hoping to find. A male Walker suddenly rushed him. Josh barely had time to raise one of his sawed-off shotguns before the Walker was on him, grabbing his upper arms. The teenager rammed his sawed-off under the Walker's jaw and pulled both triggers. The blast blew the top of the Walker's skull off. He released his grip on the teenager as he crumpled to the debris-strewn floor. Shaken and angry, Josh turned round and stepped back outside.
NED. "Are you okay, kid?" Ned asked as he watched Josh exit the store.
"I'm fine," Josh lied.
Ned walked over to the clearly frightened youth and put a comforting hand on Josh's shoulder.
He entered the store and saw the fresh corpse. He quickly put two and two together and correctly surmised what had happened. Whilst there he gave the room a quick search. He seemed to have a knack of finding stuff that other people had missed. This time he found a box of ammunition that was compatible with his sniper's rifle. He stuffed it into one of his coat pockets and exited the store.
PHIL. The young police patrolman fired his pump-action shotgun three times at a trio of Walkers. They all died from fatal head wounds in quick succession. Phil headed back to team up with Amy, Doug, Josh and Ned.
 ZOMBIES. Three Runners came hurtling down the street towards the group of four survivors.
 Another two Runners sprinted towards Phil.
Note that all Runners got an extra Turn during the Zombie Spawn Phase. It was just bad luck that I spawned three groups of Runners!
Finally, two Runners charged at Wanda.

To be concluded.


  1. Ah... excellent stuff Bryan... I've been sat patiently waiting at my PC for you to post this and this latest instalment certainly doesn't disappoint at all. I thought Wanda was zed fodder at one point when her chainsaw let her down, but its good to see the roller disco queen still up and about (for now at least). Shame about your bowler-hatted Fattie as he was another of your conversions which I'm a big admirer of... But them's the breaks when you're dead!! Great to see plenty of runners too - really brings home the speed and excitement which the undead can bring, and very reminiscent of that cracking movie "World War Z" ;-)

    1. Many thanks, Simon. I finished typing part 4 this morning and decided to post it a day early rather than wait until tomorrow. Wanda would definitely have died if she didn't have her +1 to Dice Roll: Melee Skill. That made the world of difference - thank God!

      You're such a funny guy for thinking "World War Z" is a "cracking movie." Please, pass me the sick bag! :-O

    2. It'd be a very boring world if we all like the very same things, Bryan :-) Just settling down to watch Christopher Lee's first four Dracula movies - cracking stuff :-)

    3. It would indeed be a very boring world if we all liked the same things. Variety is the spice of life. As a big fan of Christopher Lee, I was very saddened to read of his death earlier this week. Did you know he was an avid historical gamer?

    4. No I didn't. I knew his long-time friend Peter Cushing was as can be seen here: Hopefully we'll both get to rival Mr Lee's age - and post plenty of BatReps as a result :-)

    5. It is well worth reading Steve's comment below, regarding Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Yes, I'd be very happy if I could live as long as Mr. Lee.

  2. Awesome! Installment and that body count is ramping up even more :)

    1. Thanks, Simon. At this point in the game they are all fairly close to reaching the Red Danger Level. Once that happens just watch the zombies come flooding in.

  3. *timidly raises a hand*

    I really like World War Z as well. Actually, I think I`ll watch it again this week sometime... I`m in the right mood for that film. And a LOVE the old Hammer House of Horror Dracula films.... Werewolves, Mummy, and the while kit and caboodle.

    Yeah Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing were both not only good friends, but also shared a life long deep passion for historical wargaming. Chris was really into fantasy as well, especially Middle Earth (he was quite an expert and a long term honoured member of the Tolkien Society... like me); where as Peter really enjoyed making up quasi historical imaginary countries to play out his games.... called Imagi-Nations.

    Two very fine, gentle....gentlemen.

    Part 4 of Day Zero was awesome. I thought Wanda was toast there for a while. She just keeps pushing her luck with that chainsaw hehe. But I`m beginning to think YOU Bryan are far too good a Zombicide player to loose anyone now. I think they are all gonna live.... I do hope so. I`ve grown rather fond of the characters in this story.

    1. To me, "World War Z" ranks as one of the worst zombie films ever made. It has more holes in its plot than Swiss cheese! But, in the spirit of generosity, each to their own.

      I wholeheartedly concur with you about Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing - "two very fine, gentle... gentleman."

      Wanda's luck held out purely because of the skill she chose at Orange Level. I can't possibly say who lives and who dies (if anyone) at this stage. All will be revealed next week in the final part.

  4. Excellent! This is turning into a saga of epic proportions Dude. Love the Slaine reference too. Let`s hope the team can make it through to the end, `cos when it hits red things can get a little crazy. Top work to photograph and record all of this, no small undertaking Bryan.

    1. Much appreciated, Bob. It was nice to see someone get my deliberate Slaine reference. Oh, I know full well how things become once Red Level is reached. I knew things would get bad but I never expected to come so close to running out of figures to place on the board. Jeez, the zombies just keep on coming in unprecedented numbers. It's going to be quite an ending!

  5. As always....Epic story telling! And Zombiecide is just such a great game to play! Taking mine down to the club tomorrow and we will be having a go!

    1. I totally agree, Johnny, Zombicide is a great game to play. Have fun at your gaming club.

  6. Dang, but that was close. The zombies only need to get lucky once - and I can't believe that this hasn't happened yet! There's no way that all the survivors can carry on surviving under this onslaught!

    1. That was a close call, Hugh. Can the survivors' luck hold out? You'll find out next time when I post the final installment.

  7. Replies
    1. It is a blood-fest! And bloody great it is, too!