Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mega Minis Zombies 03

This is set 3 of the Mega Miniatures range of 28mm scale zombies, comprising as it does of eight figures. Let's have a look at them in closer detail.
At the far left of the photos above is what the Mega Minis website amusingly calls a zombie organist! I guess that is purely down to the way his arms and hands are positioned. Actually, joking aside, I think this is one of the best sculpted figures out of the whole range. The way his emaciated face has been sculpted is superb. You really couldn't mistake him for being anything else but a zombie! His clothes are ragged and holed in many places. His most serious wound is the gaping hole in his stomach, but he has also suffered bite wounds to both arms and right leg as well.
Next up is a zombie goth girl. She doesn't have to be a goth, I just painted her up as one. She is the first of the zombie kids to be sculpted by a new sculptor, and I wish I could credit him as I think his sculpts are great. His kids are very finely sculpted and detailed. I know they are only kids but they appear to be a lot slimmer than the other figures. This girl's face is practically obscured by her hair. She has been wounded in the lower chest and has scraped the flesh from her left knee. In her left hand is her lunch box.
The black dude in the badly torn white T-shirt is a welcome addition as I like to see non-Caucasian zombies. It looks like he has been shot by a high calibre bullet through the chest and out his back. The style of his sculpting would suggest he was sculpted by the guy who did the zombie organist. I like him a lot!
The final figure out of this batch is the zombie hippy. He holds a severed lower leg in his left hand and from the way his mouth is smeared he's clearly been feasting on it. With his long hair and beard I had to paint his clothes in lurid colours. Pink and orange suits him well.
We start the second batch of four with a zombie hooker. She's no Pretty Woman this one. She may be ugly from the neck up but as someone once said, "you don't look at the mantlepiece when you're poking the fire!" Speaking of zombie prostitutes, I'm reminded of a short story by Joe R. Lansdale in the Book of the Dead anthology that mentioned a tawdry bar that offered the clientele zombie whores. All of the zombies had their hands chopped off and were muzzled so that they couldn't harm anyone. It's the kind of sick venture that a gang of criminals might want to consider in ATZ. They could hunt the neighbourhood for suitable female zeds to use in their brothel. Any takers? Getting back to the figure, she's relatively intact with just a few cuts here and there, and is quite well sculpted, despite her lack of good looks.
The zombie male next to her is lurching forward as if ready to pounce on a victim. He almost looks like he is running so he'd be useful if your game uses fast zombies like those found in 28 Days Later or the Zach Snyder remake of Dawn of the Dead. This guy has suffered! His right arm is covered in bite wounds; a chunk of his right cheek has been chewed off and he has deep cuts to his back and right leg.
The zombie American footbal player was sculpted by the same guy as the goth girl and it shows. I painted him up as an African American kid because I have so few of them. He has managed to keep a hold of his helmet but it offered no protection when the zombies caught up with him. They ripped his left arm off at the elbow and gutted him, causing his intestines to spill out. I was very impressed with him when I first saw him. He was one of the two sampler figures that Rogzombie sent me. You'll see what I did with the swap in my next Mega Minis review.
The final figure out of this set is zombie mum carrying a victim's left arm. Although she is wearing a hoody tracksuit, I don't think she was an ardent sportswoman as she is rather plump. Remember Columbus's rule from Zombieland - Cardio? He was right. The fat folk will get eaten first. She too has suffered grieviously once the flesheaters caught up with her! Her left arm has been yanked off. Interestingly, a bite has been taken out of her bum. You don't see that very often! Her right arm has been badly bitten and she has been wounded in the right side and belly. It looks like the zombies fed well off her! Again, she is another nicely sculpted figure.
This third set is a big improvement over sets 1 and 2 with no bad figures to speak of and a good smattering of outstanding sculpts. The price for set 3 varies depending if you buy it from the website ($9.50) or from the E-bay store ($10.00). Alternatively, you can buy the figures individually from the Mega Minis website for just $1.43 each. I must admit to rating this set very highly.


  1. Very nice job, Bryan and a great review. I especially like how you did the football player and the mom.

    You are getting me excited to paint these again. The first time around, I was still human and didnt know that much about painting zeds, lol. I should have a much more fun go this time around.

    I should note that I do work for Johnny and
    we both really appreciate the great reviews.
    I really think these figs are great for the price and people should get a chance to see them.

  2. Thanks, Roger. I'm pleased to hear that Johnny likes my reviews. Hopefully, they'll help to steer some more business his way. These sets are very good value for money and as I've pointed out, there are some absolute gems to be found in them.