Sunday, 23 May 2010

Mega Minis Zombies 05

Here I go with another set of Mega Minis' 28mm scale zombies to look at. These eight figures come from set 5. Don't worry, just one more set to review after this and then I'll move onto something completely different.
At the far left of the two photos above is a zombie mum holding a large pair of scissors. The idea for painting the handles of the scissors orange came about very easily. I have a large pair of scissors with orange handles on my painting/modelling table. Although the figure has no visible wounds I added a stab wound between her breasts. I'm of the opinion that anyone wearing an item or items of clothing coloured white deserves to be covered in gore! She is a very nicely sculpted figure and with a different paint job could be painted as a survivor.
Next in line is a beautifully sculpted child zombie, possibly a paper delivery boy, as he holds a folded newspaper in his right hand. It's just a minor point, but I like the way his head has been tilted to one side.  He has a small bite wound to his left leg and I smeared blood around his mouth.
The zombie biker is no more than an averagely sculpted figure. He is holding some unidentifiable body parts in his hands. Whatever is in his left hand is big and may well be a few internal organs that he's ripped out from a victim. He has a large tear in the right leg of his denims, revealing a bloodied knee.
The final figure in this group is a female jogger. However, seeing as her left foot has been bitten off I fail to see how she can still be running, much less standing up! In addition to the obvious missing foot she has bite wounds to her left arm and right side of her torso. Despite my misgivings about her pose, she is nicely sculpted.
We start this second batch of zombies with what has to be my favourite figure from Mega Minis' complete zombie range. This is a child ballerina who has suffered the ultimate loss - her legs! Her left leg has been chewed off above the knee, whilst her right leg is gone from below the knee. What a cruel fate to befall an aspiring ballet dancer. The sculpting of her is simply superb and she comes with my highest recommendation. If you only ever buy one Mega Minis' zombie then buy this one!
Standing next to her is another high quality sculpt and yet another zombie child - three in this one set! That gets a big thumbs up from me. He's had both arms ripped out at the shoulders. For a long time now, I've been meaning to paint a zombie in a Gap T-shirt. I'm not a fan of the company at all so he became a fashion victim in more than one sense!
The SWAT trooper zombie is another disappointing sculpt. Whoever sculpted the four SWAT trooper zombies in this range has a poor grasp of anatomy. Yet again, I had to add modelling putty to his upper back to show that he does possess shoulder blades! It was any easy thing to do but it's not something that should need rectifying. The figure has suffered very little - just a bite to his left cheek and another one on his left leg. I smeared his hands with blood.
The final figure out of this set is a young looking female. The sculpting of her is good apart from her arms, which are slightly too long. A large amount of flesh has been bitten from her left leg. Nice figure, shame about the arms!
As usual, what we have here is another mixed bag, although there are more good sculpts than bad or average in this set. The three zombie kids are superb. Given how few there are on the market, I'd recommend buying this set for the kids alone. Of course, if you visit the Mega Minis' online store, you have the option of buying all the figures in this set individually. If you wanted all eight it is cheaper to buy the full set but if, for example, you just wanted the kids that would be the option to go for. Individually, they cost $1.43; collectively, they cost $9.50.


  1. You're Zeds are truly scary looking!

  2. I'll take that as a compliment, Willy!

  3. Very nice, Bryan, great review and paint job.
    The ballerina is just so...vile ha ha ha! It may be the best damn zombie mini ever made!

    Now guys go out and buy some of these great figs, for the price you can have a horde going in no time.

  4. No question, Roger, that ballerina is certainly a strong contender for the best zombie miniature! I think the idea of making her legless is just sick, plus such damage to an adult would be horrific but to a young girl... it's freaking awesome, man!

    Heed Roger's words, folks - buy these figures and boost your horde!

  5. This is absolutely brilliant stuff - no question about it - well done Vamp!